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PILLOWIN (L357) 枕住贏 (Retired)

A. T. Millard / Rating: 25

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
SG / b / g / 12 yrs / AUS
Owner: David Hui Cheung-wing
Last win: 27-11-13
Health: After being loaded became fractious, got its head down and struck its head forcefully in the gates before rearing and sitting down, withdrawn from race. (17/10/2010) Lame left hind foot. (08/11/2010) Lame right fore on the morning after racing. (23/06/2011) Right fore cellulitis. (05/09/2011) Substantial blood in the trachea after racing. (30/11/2011) Lame right hind. (30/04/2012) Surgery to right hind splint. (20/06/2012) Lame right front leg with wounds to right front medial cannon after racing. (02/03/2013) Moderate right front digital flexor tendon sheath effusion. (08/03/2013) Right front tendon mild fibre disruption. (09/01/2014)
Sire: Dehere
Dam: Big Step

Past Performances
Total Starts: 31: (2-1-1)
ST 1000m: 2 (0-0-0)
ST 1200m: 4 (0-0-0)
ST 1400m: 8 (0-0-0)
HV 1000m: 10 (2-0-1)
HV 1200m: 7 (0-1-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
27-11-13193HV tf g C+3100051A. T. Millard111H. W. Lai3V/TT PILLOWINGREAT ALEXANDERSERENDIPITY0:57.523.0 13.08 21.57 22.867-3-10.51221187.74.9
24-11-13186ST tf g/f C140054A. T. Millard111H. W. Lai4V/TT FORTUNE TERRITORYBOLD TACKIDYLLIC WIND1:23.523.8 36.15 23.52 24.033-4-1-411232184169
09-11-13147ST tf g/f A1400513A. T. Millard112T. H. So14V/TT AMAZING ALWAYSRECORD HIGHSOLAR DRAGON1:22.823.8 36.59 23.34 24.5213-13-13-13101229214478
23-10-13101HV tf g/f C120057A. T. Millard116J. Moreira7V/TT TELECOM TOP STARFRIENDS OF YAN OIYOUNG SUPREME1:10.523.2 24.69 23.43 23.058-8-73.751233231015
11-09-1311HV tf g A100056A. T. Millard115H. W. Lai7V/TT FRESH AIRMIGHTY EQUUSDIAMOND KNIGHT0:57.122.4 13.46 21.73 22.944-5-661233231722
23-06-13714ST tf g A120058A. T. Millard121T. Angland7V/TT FIERY RAIDERMEGABUCKSSOLAR BOY1:10.623.3 25.25 22.95 23.0314-14-83.51235281832
08-06-13674ST tf g/f B+2140059A. T. Millard123K. C. Leung7V/TT IDYLLIC WINDSHAREMA FEELINGTELECOM TOP STAR1:23.222.9 37.08 23.92 23.573-3-8-98.51228311944
02-06-13655ST tf g/f A+3120058A. T. Millard119C. Y. Ho3V/TT DRAGON CHOICEYOUNG HAPPYBERNARD'S CHOICE1:09.823.1 24.96 22.21 23.4310-9-84.751241342629
26-05-13640ST tf g A1400513A. T. Millard129A. Suborics2V/TT JUST GOODALP'S GLORYDRAGON PINS1:23.023.3 36.58 23.67 24.599-6-5-13111256362432
01-05-13573ST tf g C+3100055A. T. Millard131A. Suborics13V/TT CITY OF LIGHTSBARCELONA TOOHAPPY GOAL0:57.923.1 13.94 21.17 23.269-5-52.751267381917
02-03-13425ST tf g C1400514A. T. Millard125K. C. Ng7V/TT CITY DELIGHTALP'S GLORYGORGEOUS LIFE1:24.723.7 38.44 23.57 23.857-10-11-147.25125438158.5
20-02-13399HV tf g B100056A. T. Millard133R. Fourie4V/TT MARVEL PLUSCITY OF LIGHTSASMODAI0:57.823.2 13.21 21.90 23.086-5-62123440106.2
02-02-13363ST tf g C140045A. T. Millard117R. Fourie4V/TT GOOD GOOD VIEWDRAGON PINSTHANKSGIVING1:23.223.0 36.89 23.82 23.0010-9-9-53.251252429999
12-01-13311ST tf g C+3140047A. T. Millard108C. Y. Lui7B-/V1KEEP-A-PINSUPREME GENKIDOUBLE MOON1:23.122.9 36.78 23.94 23.8011-10-8-78.51250445099
24-10-12113HV tf g/f C120048A. T. Millard117C. Y. Ho8B/TT SILVER DRAGONPURE FORCEMAKE IT1:10.722.9 24.72 23.76 22.977-8-84.751233462923
10-10-1276HV tf g A100047A. T. Millard119M. Chadwick2B/TT SECRET OF WINNINGCALL ME ACHIEVERSPICY SHRIMP0:57.423.1 13.21 21.63 23.189-7-73.751252464.95.3
22-02-12420HV tf g C+3100043A. T. Millard120T. Angland9B/TT MI SAVVYRIDE ON THE FIREPILLOWIN0:57.223.1 12.91 21.24 23.497-2-32.251242492564
21-01-12336ST tf g C+3140049A. T. Millard124B. Doyle12B/TT MEGA CHAMPIONCLEMENT SPIRITDR SUPER1:23.524.0 36.67 23.74 24.1814-14-13-96.251225514579
08-01-12300ST tf g B+2120047A. T. Millard128W. M. Lai6B/TT PERFECT FITDELISHSUNSHINE BOY1:10.323.3 24.32 22.66 24.243-2-75.751233535127
30-11-11204HV tf g C+31000410A. T. Millard124C. Y. Ho7B/TT LUCKY TURBOSECRET OF WINNINGASSURE0:57.622.9 12.89 22.15 23.774-4-107.51206552735
16-11-11170HV tf g B1200412A. T. Millard128C. Y. Ho12B/TT CHATER POWERGOLD WINNERFORTUNE TOGETHER1:10.523.7 24.48 23.15 24.4310-10-129.251208573031
23-10-11112HV tf g B1000411A. T. Millard128O. Doleuze11B/TT PROSPEROUSTRUE VALOURSPICY SHRIMP0:57.623.3 13.10 21.93 24.138-8-119.751216572729
22-06-11722HV tf g/y C1200411A. T. Millard132D. Whyte9B/TT TOMODACHIFLASHING GUYCONFUCIUS CLASSIC1:11.223.2 25.01 23.64 23.806-7-117.51223575.75
08-06-11686HV tf g A120042A. T. Millard129D. Whyte11B/TT HIGH RETURNPILLOWINMASTER KEY1:11.023.9 24.88 23.07 23.0911-7-2SH1224552011
07-05-11601ST tf g/f B+2120045A. T. Millard130D. Whyte11B/TT HAPPY FOREVERTOUT VA BIENSPEARHEAD1:09.523.2 23.92 22.44 23.642-2-52.75121056268.4
06-04-11524HV tf g A100046A. T. Millard132G. Cheyne11B/TT VINTAGE HUSSLERLINKED WINHEXAGON0:57.123.1 12.99 21.26 23.637-4-64.51198566.37.6
16-03-11472HV tf g B100049A. T. Millard130G. Cheyne11B/TT BEST FITSUPREME DE UNIONMEGABUCKS0:57.223.0 12.89 21.53 23.883-4-96.51205564.15.6
02-03-11433HV tf g C+3100041A. T. Millard121G. Cheyne2B1/TTPILLOWINLUCKY RECORDREAL DRAGON0:57.722.4 13.11 22.15 22.482-1-121204487.46.2
12-02-11388ST tf g C+3100047A. T. Millard123M. Guyon5 DANE PATROLGENERAL DANROADNOBLE VISION0:57.122.9 13.69 21.00 23.697-8-77.51208502628
12-01-11316HV tf g B120048A. T. Millard125W. C. Marwing7 YOUNG TURBODIAMOND RAINBOWHOME WITH GLORY1:10.523.8 24.29 22.95 23.967-7-84.251218524218
15-12-10252HV tf g/y C1200412A. T. Millard125W. C. Marwing11 CAGA BOYHOT PEPPERGO LEGEND GO1:11.224.1 23.86 23.29 25.172-2-1271218521450
17-10-10105ST tf g/f A+310004WDA. T. Millard128W. C. Marwing MY MELODYXI YING MENCROWN WITNESS0:56.922.9  12155225 

HKJC Comment

Very sluggish at start and given reminders early in midfield, took closer order up the Rock to track the leader into straight, asserted authority inside final 30 metres.