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PRETTY ONE (L418) 旺當家 (Retired)

T. P. Yung / Rating: 79

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PPG / b / g / 13 yrs / AUS
Owner: Raymond Tse Kwai-cheong, May Tse Wai-yee & Eddie Tse Kin-yip
Last win: 18-09-11
Health: After being boxed became fractious and got its right hind on the platform, withdrwan from race. (17/10/2010) Lame right knee. (22/02/2012) Heart irregularity and substantial blood in the trachea after racing. (04/05/2014)
Sire: Exceed And Excel
Dam: Royal Scam

Past Performances
Total Starts: 37: (4-4-5)
ST 1000m: 3 (0-0-0)
ST 1200m: 21 (4-4-3)
ST 1400m: 5 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1200m: 3 (0-0-0)
HV 1200m: 5 (0-0-2)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
04-05-14598ST tf g A+31200314T. P. Yung132B. Prebble10CP-/TSUN PINSLANG TAI SINGBERLINSKI1:09.923.2 24.45 22.73 25.095-7-1414.51185798.89.4
23-02-14421ST tf g A+3120034P. F. Yiu132B. Prebble1CP PRECISION KINGBEAUTY JOURNEYHONG KONG DANCER1:09.523.2 24.36 22.30 23.206-7-42.251200795.35.2
11-01-14321ST tf g A120032P. F. Yiu133N. Pinna6CP MERIDIAN TREASUREPRETTY ONESILLY BUDDIES1:10.423.3 24.66 22.93 22.845-5-2SH1203771714
29-12-13282ST tf g/f B+2120032P. F. Yiu128U. Rispoli14CP AFFLUENCE OF RAINPRETTY ONETURIN CHAMPION1:09.823.5 23.94 22.42 23.541-2-20.5119875115.9
15-12-13241ST tf g/y C+3100035P. F. Yiu130U. Rispoli1CP ART OF SUCCESSORIENTAL PROSPERPLENTY OF SPEED0:57.423.1 14.03 21.22 22.829-9-541208772825
27-11-13198HV tf g/f C+3120034P. F. Yiu131N. Callan9CP HAWTHORNEMY NAME IS BONDCOUR VALANT1:10.322.7 24.02 23.76 22.952-2-42.251197781311
06-11-13145HV tf g A1200310P. F. Yiu133G. Mosse12CP REGENCY CHAMPIONFORMULA WONGENUINE LEADER1:10.123.8 23.86 22.86 24.473-4-106.751194799.810
09-10-1370HV tf g/f A120033P. F. Yiu125C. Y. Lui2CP SICHUAN CHARMSNITZEL KIDPRETTY ONE1:10.623.3 24.46 23.49 22.907-6-31.51191797.33.7
15-09-1321ST tf g/f B120032P. F. Yiu123C. Y. Lui9CP/TTJOYFUL THE GREATPRETTY ONEMASTER SOMMELIER1:09.322.5 24.14 22.76 22.492-2-20.51179776.67.1
08-09-138ST tf g A120034P. F. Yiu126C. Y. Lui8CP/TTSMART VOLATILITYDANEWIN TIGERGLACIER BLUE1:09.523.1 24.21 22.73 22.984-5-42.251188779.113
01-07-13738ST aw w/f -120024P. F. Yiu109C. Y. Lui2SW1/TRUMBA KINGNOBLE ALPHASLICK BULLET1:08.923.5 24.16 21.97 23.3811-7-43.51186812114
29-05-13653HV tf g/f C+3120033P. F. Yiu131B. Prebble5TT NORDIC ONENEW GLORYPRETTY ONE1:09.623.1 23.84 22.99 23.324-5-331168821815
18-05-13628ST tf g C1400213P. F. Yiu107C. Y. Lui3TT FLAGSHIP SHINESTERLING CITYDEEP THINKER1:21.622.6 35.82 23.42 24.343-5-5-13121171833944
20-04-13550ST tf g C+3100028P. F. Yiu119O. Doleuze6TT CALIFORNIA BOUNTYLITTLE COWAMBER SKY0:56.622.8 13.39 20.82 23.177-9-84.751172851515
24-03-13488ST tf g A+3140027P. F. Yiu130A. Suborics2TT SEA DIAMONDWINNING LEADERTOUR DE FORCE1:22.822.6 36.60 23.83 23.065-3-5-741167861616
17-02-13398ST tf g A120024P. F. Yiu120N. Callan3TT WINDICATOR STARCOSMIC BOOMSTERLING CITY1:09.922.1 24.89 23.16 22.154-4-41.51171851610
27-01-13351ST tf g B120023P. F. Yiu118M. L. Yeung1TT SOLAR GREATLITTLE COWPRETTY ONE1:09.522.6 24.43 22.64 22.564-3-30.51166831419
06-01-13296ST tf g C100028P. F. Yiu111M. L. Yeung4TT GO BABY GOSTRAIGHT GOLDRICH TAPESTRY0:57.022.9 13.48 21.04 23.305-7-84.751167853441
22-12-12268ST tf g A+31400214P. F. Yiu118H. W. Lai11TT FLASH KNIGHTGREEN EAGLETOUR DE FORCE1:22.223.6 35.09 23.81 26.001-2-4-1416.51158864787
18-11-12176ST tf g B+2120023P. F. Yiu117H. W. Lai2TT THE PEAKCOSMIC BOOMPRETTY ONE1:09.222.1 24.75 22.76 22.446-6-34.51163861718
06-10-1273ST tf g A120024P. F. Yiu121H. W. Lai4TT EL ZONDAKEEN MARIEBERIO1:09.522.8 24.56 22.36 22.776-4-411176862621
12-09-1218HV tf g A1200210P. F. Yiu117H. W. Lai6TT LEGENDARY DRAGONAMIGOHORSE GALORE1:10.123.3 24.32 22.96 23.625-5-104.51174861917
08-07-12749ST aw g -120027P. F. Yiu124C. K. Tong8TT RICH TAPESTRYHAPPY INDEXEARL OF LEITRIM1:08.123.0 23.83 22.35 23.165-5-77.251174893847
24-06-12718ST tf g A120026P. F. Yiu127M. Zahra2TT EL ZONDAFAT CHOY HONG KONGADORATION1:09.422.5 24.46 22.65 22.655-5-62.251174901711
19-02-12415ST tf g A120028P. F. Yiu125Z. Purton9TT BEST ELEVENARRIVED AHEADSTRAIGHT GOLD1:09.622.9 24.12 22.85 23.392-3-84.251200921646
21-01-12340ST aw g -120017P. F. Yiu122M. Guyon10TT KING MOSSMANCROWN WITNESSHORSE GALORE1:09.023.5 23.87 22.40 23.368-11-73.751192942347
11-12-11238ST tf g/f A120029P. F. Yiu130M. Barzalona1TT MAJESTIC FALCONPIZZAZZCHATER MIKADO1:09.423.3 24.27 21.97 23.884-3-941190951212
30-10-11138ST tf g B+21400212P. F. Yiu125K. C. Leung14TT NEW VISIONEASY WINNERMAJESTIC FALCON1:22.022.7 36.45 23.55 24.3212-11-12-1214.251175951721
09-10-1182ST tf g A120026P. F. Yiu128Z. Purton3TT LONGWAH SUPREMEKING MOSSMANCAPTAIN SWEET1:09.722.9 24.39 23.07 22.878-7-63.51179951815
18-09-1126ST tf g A+3120021P. F. Yiu120B. Prebble11TT PRETTY ONEHAPPY REUNIONLUCKY BRAVO1:09.223.3 24.14 22.13 23.015-6-11.511648654.9
10-07-11767ST tf g/f B+21400210P. F. Yiu121B. Prebble14TT SWEET ORANGEADORATIONPERFECT GEAR1:21.922.9 36.72 23.11 23.1014-14-11-106.251181867.77.5
05-06-11681ST tf g/f B+2120022P. F. Yiu118P. Strydom8TT ABLE SPEEDPRETTY ONEPROLIFIC CHAMPION1:09.022.4 24.22 22.42 22.562-2-21.2511738495.6
01-05-11588ST tf g A+3120025P. F. Yiu118B. Prebble10TT ABLE SPEEDSHINING VICTORYTAILWIND1:09.821.9 25.76 22.72 21.609-9-51.51188842.91.9
03-04-11516ST tf g C120031P. F. Yiu131B. Prebble7TT PRETTY ONEADORATIONNUGGET WARRIOR1:09.922.2 24.79 23.02 22.126-4-10.751172752.22
06-03-11443ST tf g B+2120031P. F. Yiu120B. Prebble8TT1 PRETTY ONEAFFLUENCE OF RAINROCKET PROUD1:09.623.1 24.71 22.18 22.766-5-10.751175662.42.1
01-01-11288ST tf g B+212003WDP. F. Yiu120W. C. MarwingTT1 POCKET ROCKETSPIZZAZZTOPPING LIGHT1:09.924.1 --1180662.31.8
12-12-10239ST tf g A120033P. F. Yiu118B. Prebble13 AFFLUENCE OF RAINPAGANINI'S SOULPRETTY ONE1:10.023.1 24.71 22.57 23.017-7-31.751200652.31.9
06-11-10152ST tf g/y C+3120041P. F. Yiu125B. Prebble4 PRETTY ONEHOT PEPPERSAMMY'S FALCON1:10.423.3 24.71 22.81 22.906-6-14.251183528.14.9
17-10-10104ST tf g/f A+312004WDP. F. Yiu125B. Prebble CAPTAIN SWEETRACING LEGENDHOT ASSET1:09.422.8  11805211 

HKJC Comment

Pressed forward from wide draw to sit behind early pace but wide. Started to give ground shortly after entering straight. Found to be suffering from irregular heart rhythm and had substantial blood in trachea.