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ALL VICTORY (M107) 大家勝利 (Retired)

A. S. Cruz / Rating: 66

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PPG / b / g / 12 yrs / AUS
Owner: Lam Chok-fai
Last win: 19-09-12
Health: Stumbled badly near the 800M, became unbalanced in its action for some distance and was not ridden along for the remainder of the race, lame right fore the following morning. (20/02/2011) Lame left fore: thickened pastern. (04/04/2011) Substantial mucopus in the trachea after track work on raceday morning, withdrawn from race. (19/06/2011) Left front tendon injury. (22/07/2011) Lame left hind: pelvis sore to palpation. (12/08/2011) Lame left front leg on the morning after racing. (10/10/2011) Lame left front leg on the morning after racing. (29/11/2012)
Sire: Antonius Pius
Dam: River Princess

Past Performances
Total Starts: 30: (4-1-4)
ST 1000m: 1 (0-0-1)
ST 1200m: 12 (3-0-2)
ST 1400m: 4 (0-1-0)
ST aw 1200m: 4 (0-0-0)
HV 1000m: 4 (0-0-0)
HV 1200m: 5 (1-0-1)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
26-06-13728HV tf g/f C100038A. S. Cruz126C. W. Wong4TT THE PRINCEHAWTHORNEEASTERN PROMISE0:56.822.8 13.21 21.82 22.6810-10-85.51148711412
22-05-13633HV tf y C1000310A. S. Cruz125C. W. Wong6P-/TTSUPER FRESHCROESUSB CHOICE0:57.223.0 13.14 22.15 22.857-9-105.51132741529
01-05-13579ST aw w/s -1200312A. S. Cruz133G. Mosse12P2/TTDANEWIN TIGERDREAM BUILDERSUPREME FALCON1:09.423.1 24.04 22.82 24.129-10-129.751132762344
10-04-13525HV tf g/y C+3120039A. S. Cruz131M. Chadwick5TT VICTORIUSTOMODACHIHAPPY CHAMPION1:11.223.3 24.72 23.79 23.259-9-93.51133781116
02-03-13431ST tf g C120039A. S. Cruz131M. Chadwick8P-/TTSEA DRAGONSECRET SHAMSMART KIDS1:10.223.0 24.71 22.91 23.677-6-96.751141801723
02-02-13365ST aw g -1200310A. S. Cruz129M. Chadwick5P1/TTGREEN ZONERUMBA KINGNEW GLORY1:08.923.4 24.10 22.49 23.168-9-104.751134822035
06-01-13295ST aw f/t -120038A. S. Cruz129M. Chadwick12TT TURIN CHAMPIONGREEN ZONEMENTOR1:08.423.3 24.31 22.16 23.1612-12-871132832760
28-11-12202HV tf g C+3100028A. S. Cruz112M. Chadwick7TT LONDON CHINA TOWNCHARITY SPIRITGOOD BOY BOY0:57.623.3 13.33 21.91 22.949-10-83.5114283136.4
21-10-12109HV tf g/f B100035A. S. Cruz129K. C. Leung3TT FREDERICK ENGELSSIMPLEGLORY HORSIE0:57.223.1 13.17 21.99 22.387-8-521129831612
19-09-1235HV tf g B120031A. S. Cruz130M. Chadwick3TT ALL VICTORYBEST WINGLORY HORSIE1:10.123.6 23.93 22.95 23.253-4-1Nose1126786.47.4
08-09-128ST tf g A120039A. S. Cruz133T. Angland10TT COSTA DEL SOLGLORY HORSIEWINNING BOY1:09.922.7 24.63 22.90 22.867-7-92.51147785.27.4
15-07-12766ST tf g A120033A. S. Cruz130M. Chadwick4TT BE-FABULOUSFIRST IN COMMANDALL VICTORY1:09.722.5 25.02 22.68 22.197-7-311139778.59.2
01-07-12730ST tf g/f B120035A. S. Cruz129M. Chadwick13TT LUCKY RECORDFIONN'S TREASUREBUNDLE OF LOVE1:09.822.7 24.48 22.91 23.049-7-53.51141771719
17-06-12695ST tf g/y C+3120033A. S. Cruz127M. Chadwick6TT HAPPY CHAMPIONKEEN MARIEALL VICTORY1:10.723.8 24.38 22.58 23.891-1-30.51126761112
12-05-12618ST tf g B+21400314A. S. Cruz131M. Chadwick13TT SEA DIAMONDFOREVER ELATIONDEEP THINKER1:22.623.6 35.59 23.42 24.962-1-1-148.51119773242
28-03-12511HV tf g A120037A. S. Cruz128M. Chadwick11TT FRESH AIRGLENEALY STARMY GOAL1:10.123.9 24.60 22.89 22.9611-12-71.751116781735
19-02-12409ST tf g A120038A. S. Cruz133G. Mosse12TT RACING REWARDCOSMIC BOOMGLORY HORSIE1:09.923.5 24.32 22.48 23.755-5-83.51110781110
08-02-12385HV tf g B120033A. S. Cruz132G. Mosse4TT LEGENDARY DRAGONMONEYMAKERALL VICTORY1:10.323.8 24.09 22.42 23.891-1-30.51119765.64.5
25-01-12345ST tf g/y A120034A. S. Cruz132G. Mosse9TT TALLEY CLOSECOSTA DEL SOLKEEN WONGCHOY1:10.823.9 24.16 23.00 24.195-4-431122767.58.3
08-01-12302ST tf g B+2120031A. S. Cruz125G. Mosse3TT ALL VICTORYLIBERTY VALANCEMASTER GUNNER1:10.323.3 24.45 22.59 23.331-1-111116693.32.9
27-12-11273ST aw g -120034A. S. Cruz123M. Chadwick8TT ROYAL DOCTORMASTER RIOELEGANCE KLAMMER1:09.323.6 24.04 22.55 23.396-6-44.2511057054
20-11-11183ST tf g B+2140036A. S. Cruz125M. Chadwick13TT VIVA FREEDOMALADDIN PRINCEPLENTIFUL1:22.723.3 35.55 23.99 23.702-2-2-63.251112702011
09-10-1183ST tf g A1400313A. S. Cruz123G. Mosse2TT SCARLET CAMELLIAVIVA FREEDOMCHAMPAGNE DAYS1:23.123.2 36.39 23.72 24.036-4-4-136.251117704.84.7
25-09-1146ST tf g B+2140032A. S. Cruz120M. Chadwick4TT FIONN'S DRAGONALL VICTORYBEST CITY1:23.524.2 35.51 23.80 24.251-1-1-2H1104686.76.8
11-09-115ST tf g A120041A. S. Cruz131M. Chadwick8TT ALL VICTORYDELISHFORTUNE TOGETHER1:10.524.1 24.17 23.01 23.398-8-11.511156086.8
19-06-11714ST aw g -12004WDA. S. Cruz127M. ChadwickTT FIVE CLUBSFORTUNE GENERALSKY MASCOT1:09.723.5  1120608.5 
20-02-11406ST tf g A1200410A. S. Cruz131M. Chadwick13TT THE PRINCEMISTER HORSEFORTUNE GENERAL1:11.023.9 23.98 23.82 24.914-9-1010.751089605.44.2
05-02-11370ST tf g B+2120044A. S. Cruz131M. Chadwick2TT SUPREME KNIGHTTOMODACHISOLAR BOY1:10.423.0 24.34 23.11 23.163-2-41.251075602.93.3
23-01-11342ST tf g A120041A. S. Cruz126M. Chadwick11TT ALL VICTORYHOT PEPPERSHIBALA1:10.123.3 23.92 22.88 23.361-1-10.51079521011
09-01-11305ST tf g C100043A. S. Cruz123M. Chadwick3TT THE PRINCEEAGLE REGIMENTALL VICTORY0:57.823.1 13.83 21.35 23.058-11-32.51074529.610
08-12-10232HV tf g B120047A. S. Cruz123M. Chadwick9TT1 SURFER BOYFIONN'S DRAGONFORTUNE SPIRIT1:10.623.6 24.57 23.19 23.369-9-731093529.414

HKJC Comment

Hard ridden to keep up at back, 6Ls off the good pace along the fence, ran on fairly.