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RIDE ON THE FIRE (M137) 火燎腚 (Retired)

C. Fownes / Rating: 57

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PPG / b / g / 12 yrs / NZ
Owner: Financial Combination Syndicate
Last win: 30-05-12
Health: Lame right fore foot. (27/03/2011) Became fractious, lunged forward and broke open front gates, completed a circuit riderless and was withdrawn from race. (17/04/2011) Unacceptable performance. (21/03/2012) Heart irregularity after finishing treadmill ECG. (02/05/2012) Lame left front leg on the morning after racing. (28/11/2013) Lame left front leg. (16/12/2013)
Sire: O'reilly
Dam: Shaya Moya

Past Performances
Total Starts: 39: (4-5-6)
ST 1000m: 5 (0-1-0)
ST 1200m: 4 (0-0-1)
ST aw 1200m: 3 (0-0-1)
HV 1000m: 19 (3-4-2)
HV 1200m: 8 (1-0-2)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
27-11-13195HV tf g/f C+3100049C. Fownes128Z. Purton3TT GOLDEN BAUHINIASHARP HUNTERLOVELY BOY0:57.322.9 12.64 21.81 23.951-1-96.51116572.22.5
09-10-1366HV tf g/f A100042C. Fownes126Z. Purton10TT GOLDEN BAUHINIARIDE ON THE FIREMR AWARD0:57.523.3 12.59 21.62 23.401-1-2H1129557.44.1
04-07-13745HV tf g/f A120044C. Fownes133Z. Purton11TT FORZATRUE COURAGESIGHT BELIEVER1:10.123.8 23.46 22.84 24.122-2-421094601523
01-07-13732ST tf g A+3100046C. Fownes131M. Chadwick13TT WELL FITGOLDEN ADDICTIONHAYHAY0:57.123.1 13.23 20.78 23.671-1-63.251109606.45.7
19-06-13710HV tf g/f B1200311C. Fownes115C. K. Tong12TT GOLDEN HARVESTGOOD GOOD VIEWMI SAVVY1:09.123.0 23.52 22.73 24.753-2-1111.51104621591
02-06-13661ST tf g/f A+31200313C. Fownes115C. Y. Ho5TT BOBO DRAGONGLORIOUS SUNDAYFIERY WHISPERER1:09.021.5 25.14 23.12 22.6710-11-13121122622365
06-03-13439HV tf g A100033C. Fownes112C. Y. Ho4TT TOUCH GOCROESUSRIDE ON THE FIRE0:57.423.3 12.75 21.34 23.431-1-30.751132626.46.5
06-02-13374HV tf g A100032C. Fownes114C. Y. Ho6TT SUPER FRESHRIDE ON THE FIRETHE PRINCE0:57.323.2 12.55 21.61 23.411-1-21.251124619.610
23-01-13339HV tf g C120037C. Fownes120T. Clark10TT SUNNY FAYGENUINE LEADERLOADS OF JOY1:10.323.0 24.19 23.14 23.741-1-74.51121631012
12-01-13308ST tf g C+3120033C. Fownes120T. Clark8TT MR GINGERULTIMATE WINNERSRIDE ON THE FIRE1:09.823.6 23.49 22.66 24.101-1-32.51129631520
01-01-13285ST tf g B+2120034C. Fownes113C. Y. Ho2TT FIONN'S TREASURERED COURAGEBOMBER JET1:10.622.9 24.72 23.02 23.041-1-40.751122631641
12-12-12237HV tf g B120033C. Fownes119T. Clark6TT TURF MAGICPROLIFIC CHAMPIONRIDE ON THE FIRE1:10.523.7 24.19 22.58 24.091-1-31.751108631319
02-12-12211ST tf g C+3100036C. Fownes121T. Clark9TT DREAM BUILDERJUN DAOPO CHING KING0:57.323.6 13.12 20.67 24.091-1-631096651641
28-11-12200HV tf g C+3100035C. Fownes119T. Clark1TT GOLD RACERROMANTIC CITYSEASONS STAR0:57.723.7 12.64 21.61 23.814-2-521122659.414
04-11-12137ST tf g/f C+31000314C. Fownes121T. Clark5TT ULTIMATE WINNERSXI YING MENBUNDLE OF LOVE0:57.022.9 13.35 21.39 24.244-8-1412.51109651818
01-10-1258ST tf g/f C+3100032C. Fownes119T. Clark7TT CASTLE HERORIDE ON THE FIREJUN JU0:56.822.5 13.45 20.87 22.872-2-221114652337
19-09-1233HV tf g B100039C. Fownes116M. Chadwick2TT SILVER OSMANTHUSGOLD RACERRED LUCKY STAR0:57.323.5 12.59 21.19 24.271-1-94.51098658.712
11-07-12756HV tf g/f B100035C. Fownes121C. K. Tong6TT EVER BEAUTYSMART KIDSGAMEKEEPERS0:57.123.3 12.69 21.34 23.513-2-52.51092651421
30-05-12648HV tf g C100041C. Fownes133B. Prebble1TT RIDE ON THE FIREASSURECHINA GOOD0:57.722.7 12.70 22.31 22.752-1-1H1084605.24.1
15-04-12541HV tf g/f B1000311C. Fownes112C. K. Tong2TT MERRY ANNIVERSARYHAWTHORNEEASTERN PROMISE0:57.223.2 12.56 21.37 24.513-1-117.751092606.48.4
21-03-12490ST aw g -1200411C. Fownes131K. C. Leung10TT ALL FRIENDSO'HALOOYSTER1:10.124.6 23.39 22.43 28.221-2-1124.251097601116
14-03-12471HV tf g C100041C. Fownes128T. Clark2TT RIDE ON THE FIRESECRET OF WINNINGGOLD EDITION0:57.423.1 12.67 21.62 23.172-1-1Nose1113555.13.8
22-02-12420HV tf g C+3100042C. Fownes126T. Clark5TT MI SAVVYRIDE ON THE FIREPILLOWIN0:57.223.1 12.71 21.68 23.242-4-22.251109559.68.2
01-02-12364HV tf g A100041C. Fownes120T. Clark1TT RIDE ON THE FIREMI SAVVYDEPOSER0:57.423.1 13.20 21.49 22.798-3-10.51090509.212
08-01-12297ST tf g B+2100047C. Fownes125D. Beadman5TT ULTIMATE WINNERSKING PENDRAGONSUDDEN THUNDER0:57.723.2 13.66 21.02 23.9710-6-75.51089522147
27-12-11268ST tf g/f C+31200412C. Fownes128M. Guyon11TT GOLD RACERCAPITAL CHAMPIONTAKE THE RAP1:10.523.1 25.05 23.34 24.6310-10-1215.251100542034
30-11-11206HV tf g C+31200412C. Fownes130N. Callan9P-/TTGLORY HORSIEGOLD WINNERSUNSHINE KID1:10.823.1 24.93 23.82 22.958-9-125.251097561519
16-11-11168HV tf g B100048C. Fownes133O. Doleuze9P HAPPY CHAMPIONWISERSURFER BOY0:57.923.7 12.81 21.43 24.242-2-83.51093586.411
12-10-1187HV tf g/y A120044C. Fownes128C. Y. Ho1P SHIBALABREEZE OF LUCKPAR EXCELLENCE1:11.424.3 23.88 23.21 24.902-1-43.251101603.14.3
28-09-1149HV tf g C100046C. Fownes128C. Y. Ho8P SPICY SHRIMPSOLDIERGOLD WINNER0:58.123.2 13.03 22.04 23.493-2-62.251108603.32.6
18-09-1122ST aw g -120043C. Fownes128C. Y. Ho7P1 SMART CHOICELUCKY TYCOONRIDE ON THE FIRE1:09.524.2 23.34 22.00 24.742-1-33.251110601011
22-06-11725HV tf y C100035C. Fownes114C. K. Tong5TT- ETERNAL BEAUTYMILLION DARLINGINVINCIBLEKINDNESS0:58.223.3 13.11 21.88 23.682-3-52.751094616.98.3
15-05-11624ST aw w/s -120039C. Fownes114M. Du Plessis11TT CHEETAH BOYCENTURY SUPER STARMING HOI GLORY1:09.023.7 22.97 22.25 25.871-1-9131100617.910
04-05-11594HV tf g A100034C. Fownes114M. Du Plessis2TT GOLDEN BAUHINIACHARITY SPIRITJUN DAO0:57.623.9 12.60 21.10 24.123-1-4111026133.6
17-04-11554HV tf g B10003WDC. Fownes114G. CheyneTT GOOD BOY BOYGOLDEN BAUHINIASPACE RACE0:57.223.1  1101617.2 
16-03-11473HV tf g B120043C. Fownes126C. Y. Ho11TT HOT PEPPERASSURERIDE ON THE FIRE1:10.523.6 23.86 23.06 23.721-1-30.51086606.47.1
23-02-11416HV tf g C120041C. Fownes127B. Prebble5TT RIDE ON THE FIREAMAZING CHOICEGOOD SMILE1:10.123.1 23.97 23.06 23.161-1-10.51072541.32.1
26-01-11351HV tf g C+3100042C. Fownes125M. Guyon3TT1 GOOD BOY BOYRIDE ON THE FIREDANE PATROL0:57.423.0 12.94 21.77 22.905-3-21.51063527.87.6
12-01-11317HV tf g B1000411C. Fownes124M. Guyon5 STALLION SUPREMEORIENTAL COURSERTURIN CHAMPION0:57.723.1 13.20 21.68 23.893-3-116.51068524.24.9
23-12-10268HV tf g C+3100043C. Fownes125M. Guyon4 HAWTHORNEORIENTAL COURSERRIDE ON THE FIRE0:57.823.3 12.96 21.78 23.295-4-31.251055524.711

HKJC Comment

Hard ridden forward to take the fence and led by a neck at fast sectionals, stayed on until 200M flattened badly. (Questioned for disappointing performance)