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GURUS DREAM (M246) 夢仙 (Retired)

C. H. Yip / Rating: 95

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PP / b / g / 13 yrs / NZ
Owner: Calvin Chan Wah-sun
Last win: 24-03-13
Health: Lame left hind after falling during race. (12/02/2012) Fractured left hind distal tibia. (14/02/2012) Surgery to left hock. (22/02/2012) Repeat left hock arthroscopic surgery. (27/03/2012) Lame right front leg after racing: incomplete condylar fracture. (18/05/2013) Standing surgery to repair right front lateral condylar fracture. (21/05/2013) Failed vet exam, lame right front leg. (10/02/2014) Left front suspensory avulsion fracture. (29/03/2014) Eight years of age at season end. (24/07/2015)
Sire: Ishiguru
Dam: Kessem's Dream

Past Performances
Total Starts: 30: (4-3-3)
ST 1000m: 2 (0-0-0)
ST 1200m: 4 (1-0-0)
ST 1400m: 12 (2-1-2)
ST 1600m: 5 (0-1-1)
ST aw 1200m: 1 (0-0-0)
HV 1200m: 5 (1-1-0)
HV 1800m: 1 (0-0-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
14-02-16404ST tf g C+3120028C. H. Yip127C. Schofield9 AMAZING KIDSLUCKY BUBBLESSECRET COMMAND1:09.122.3 24.91 22.61 22.7910-10-871074992492
17-01-16336ST aw w/s -120019C. H. Yip115K. C. Ng11 MASTER KOCHANWONGPABLOSKYDEHERE'S THE LOVE1:08.023.0 23.77 22.21 22.939-9-95.2510891014099
01-01-16299ST tf g B+21400G311C. H. Yip114M. L. Yeung1 MULTIVICTORYPACKING PINSCONTENTMENT1:21.222.4 35.50 23.73 23.017-8-9-116.2510861033970
13-12-15252ST tf g A1400111C. H. Yip125D. Whyte12 SUN JEWELLERYMULTIVICTORYLUCKY BUBBLES1:22.222.0 37.41 23.74 22.0610-10-12-11610761042836
14-11-15177ST tf g A+3140013C. H. Yip127D. Whyte9 DASHING FELLOWSUN JEWELLERYGURUS DREAM1:21.822.9 35.75 23.67 22.719-9-11-31.7510741044136
10-10-15100ST tf g C140022C. H. Yip133D. Whyte4 PACKING PINSGURUS DREAMAMAZING KIDS1:20.923.5 35.42 22.50 23.3510-8-8-22.2510771033453
13-09-1527ST tf g/f C140019C. H. Yip124C. Schofield4 BEAUTY ONLYDIVINE CALLINGKABAYAN1:21.822.2 37.33 22.92 22.266-8-9-94.2510681033490
12-07-15775ST tf g/f B+21600110C. H. Yip125N. Rawiller10 CONTENTMENTBEAUTY ONLYFANTASTIC KAKA1:33.622.0 48.93 23.17 22.567-6-8-106.510721043995
17-06-15706HV tf g/f C1800110C. H. Yip120D. Whyte8 RAINBOW CHICFLAME HEROJAZZY FEELING1:48.323.1 61.17 24.62 23.337-9-9-105.2510701041726
24-05-15644ST tf y C+3160014C. H. Yip119G. Mosse2 TRAVEL BROTHERKABAYANFLAME HERO1:35.824.0 48.48 24.00 23.759-8-9-4210621041813
08-03-15448ST tf g/f C+31400G33C. H. Yip122O. Doleuze13 ARPINATIPIKACHUGURUS DREAM1:21.623.2 35.99 22.95 22.6913-13-12-3SH1089993758
21-02-15408ST tf g A+3140014C. H. Yip124U. Rispoli6 REAL SPECIALISTDIVINE CALLINGSUPER LIFELINE1:22.921.8 37.43 23.76 21.983-2-2-41.510661001615
15-02-15400ST tf g A160025C. H. Yip133Z. Purton1 LUGERARPINATISANTA FE SUN1:34.922.4 49.44 23.75 22.497-7-9-54.510911008.713
18-01-15321ST tf g/f A+3140015C. H. Yip123G. Mosse6 SECRET SHAMDUNDONNELLKABAYAN1:21.723.0 37.53 22.24 22.278-8-8-5210881005.58.1
14-12-14242ST tf g/f A160022C. H. Yip132G. Mosse12 WHAT YOU DREAMGURUS DREAMSELKIRK STAR1:35.022.8 49.05 23.64 22.4713-13-13-20.751091991829
15-11-14165ST tf g/f A140016C. H. Yip123G. Mosse13 BEAUTY FLAMEDUNDONNELLLUCKY DOUBLE EIGHT1:21.123.2 36.08 22.78 22.4812-13-14-61.510801002549
19-10-14102HV tf g/f A120026C. H. Yip129G. Mosse10 PENIAPHOBIAIMPERIAL CHAMPIONMY NAME IS BOND1:09.523.3 24.69 22.44 22.6610-10-61.510691002150
14-09-149ST tf g/f A100028C. H. Yip128K. C. Ng12 BUNDLE OF JOYLONDON CHINA TOWNCHARITY JOY0:55.722.0 13.41 20.61 22.466-6-84.2510741004999
05-03-14453HV tf g A120019C. H. Yip131D. Whyte11 BUNDLE OF LOVEGREAT SPIRITGOLDEN HARVEST1:10.522.8 24.93 23.29 23.236-6-95.510631042028
18-05-13625ST tf g C160013C. H. Yip120D. Whyte1 PENGLAI XIANZIMAJESTIC FALCONGURUS DREAM1:34.422.9 49.01 23.16 22.295-5-5-3N109710333.9
24-03-13486ST tf g A+3140011C. H. Yip119D. Whyte9 GURUS DREAMRICH TAPESTRYHAPPY ERA1:21.723.1 36.44 22.77 22.519-10-10-10.51071965.42.6
24-02-13416ST tf g B140021C. H. Yip123D. Whyte7 GURUS DREAMTOUR DE FORCEKA YING KID1:21.323.3 35.14 23.27 22.907-8-7-111084886.24.9
27-01-13351ST tf g B120024C. H. Yip124D. Whyte4 SOLAR GREATLITTLE COWPRETTY ONE1:09.522.6 24.83 22.64 22.226-8-411087878.35.6
06-01-13296ST tf g C100027C. H. Yip108K. C. Ng2 GO BABY GOSTRAIGHT GOLDRICH TAPESTRY0:57.022.9 13.92 21.08 22.6213-12-73.51093874725
11-02-12398ST tf g C+31400214C. H. Yip125C. Y. Ho7 FLEET COMMANDEASY WINNERVIVA FREEDOM1:22.523.7  --FELL108787137.2
29-01-12362ST tf g A+3120025C. H. Yip110K. C. Ng8 WINDICATOR POWERPIZZAZZCHATER MIKADO1:09.623.4 23.75 22.57 23.721-2-52.75110787106.2
30-10-11135ST tf g B+2120031C. H. Yip119K. C. Ng11 GURUS DREAMCROWN WITNESSTIME AFTER TIME1:09.422.8 24.24 22.55 22.672-2-1H1077818.34.3
14-09-1118HV tf g A120029C. H. Yip116Y. T. Cheng11 FLYING COLOURSLONDON CHINA TOWNELITE SIXTY-SIX1:10.323.7 24.08 22.83 23.864-3-92.51088814.94.7
01-06-11671HV tf g C+3120031C. H. Yip125T. Angland2 GURUS DREAMSHAHJEEVINTAGE HUSSLER1:10.222.8 24.21 23.42 22.653-4-121074712.73.2
04-05-11593HV tf g A120032C. H. Yip121D. Whyte2 TIME AFTER TIMEGURUS DREAMBET ON ME1:09.823.6 24.01 22.39 23.564-3-20.751064683.22.9

HKJC Comment

Jumped with field but no early pace, settling towards rear in one-off position. Switched out in straight to make run but only one-paced.