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GLOBAL FAME (M335) 蜚聲國際 (Retired)

R. Gibson / Rating: 28

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PPG / b / g / 11 yrs / NZ
Owner: Richard Lee Ho-kee, Chan Wing-kwong, Henry Chow Foo-cheong & Matthew Lai Kin-hon
Last win: 28-06-14
Health: After being boxed became fractious, reared and got both front legs over the front gates and then subsequently over the partition into the adjoining stall, withdrawn from race. (04/03/2012) Lame left front leg. (23/09/2014) Right front fetlock small displaced bone fragment. (11/10/2014) Lame left front leg. (11/07/2015)
Sire: Faltaat
Dam: Comic Song

Past Performances
Total Starts: 44: (3-1-4)
ST 1200m: 2 (0-0-0)
ST 1400m: 10 (2-0-0)
ST 1600m: 27 (1-1-4)
HV 1650m: 5 (0-0-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
24-06-15719HV tf g C+3165055R. Gibson123K. Teetan5V/TT BEST JADE TRIUMPHSOUTHCHINA COMMANDSAFARI MAGIC1:40.024.7 51.98 24.37 24.269-9-8-53.51167302949
31-05-15653ST tf g/f A160056R. Gibson126K. Teetan4V/TT BAMBOO DANCESTREET CATZACHARY1:35.123.0 48.93 23.52 23.697-6-6-66.251180324452
21-03-15479ST tf g C+31400511R. Gibson127N. Rawiller9V/TT CHINA GOODSOLAR DRAGONJUN HAO1:24.023.6 36.70 24.13 23.907-9-8-114.251154342636
04-02-15365HV tf g A165057R. Gibson129O. Doleuze8V/TT AMAZING GIFTBRIGHT CONCEPTNEW PET1:41.423.9 53.61 24.96 23.8310-10-10-761157369.936
04-01-15284ST tf g/f C+3160057R. Gibson131O. Doleuze1V/TT TRIUMPHANT DRAGONCOOL PALCOLOURFUL PROFIT1:35.923.5 48.76 24.50 23.4110-10-12-74.251153381423
17-12-14243HV tf g/f B1650510R. Gibson133O. Doleuze10V/TT NO TIESRISING POWERVIVA GUY1:40.724.1 52.91 24.12 24.8411-12-12-1011.251164401730
02-11-14135ST tf g/f C1600413R. Gibson109K. C. Ng8V/TT TERRIFIC MASTERGRAND HARBOURTOP ACT1:34.723.8 48.62 23.27 24.6412-13-12-1311.251151412669
22-10-14106HV tf g B165045R. Gibson114K. C. Leung1V/TT VERDANEPLAIN BLUE BANNERLOVING STAR1:40.924.3 52.32 25.01 24.267-7-8-53.751159412628
24-09-1434ST aw g -16504WDR. Gibson115W. M. LaiV/TT HURRY HURRY UPIMPERIAL CONCORDESAFARI MAGIC1:40.623.3  114341  
14-09-147ST tf g/f A140047R. Gibson114K. C. Leung4V/TT HIDDEN VALUEGRAND HARBOURVARA PEARL1:22.923.0 36.18 23.91 23.496-5-5-741153412020
28-06-14741ST tf g/f A140051R. Gibson129O. Doleuze4V/TT GLOBAL FAMEGOOD LUCK WINLA COTE DE BLEU1:22.724.0 36.04 23.29 23.4114-12-11-1H1157361210
08-06-14685ST tf g/f B+2140056R. Gibson129O. Doleuze2V/TT HIT A HOME RUNPOSITIVE ENERGYGOLDWEAVER1:23.123.7 36.56 23.45 23.4710-9-9-62.251151368.37
10-05-14612ST tf g/y C140051R. Gibson122O. Doleuze9B-/V1GLOBAL FAMEHIT A HOME RUNYOU AND M1:23.323.9 36.76 23.38 23.207-9-8-11.251165297.412
13-04-14546ST tf g C140054R. Gibson124T. Angland12B/TT RECORD AGAINOPTIMIZATION STARYOU AND M1:23.024.2 36.37 23.27 23.8810-9-9-431159311331
16-03-14472ST tf g A160059R. Gibson127O. Doleuze2SR-/BGOLD TARTINIFUNNY FORTUNESTARLIT WARRIOR1:37.224.0 49.18 24.83 23.8713-12-11-94.251162336.18
01-03-14435ST tf g B+2160057R. Gibson128O. Doleuze4SR1/TWIN ITDANESOUTHBAMBOO DANCE1:36.323.4 48.85 24.70 23.6310-7-7-75.251170355.98.4
05-01-14298ST tf g C+3160059C. S. Shum130O. Doleuze6TT TELECOM PRINCEAMBITIOUS TREASURESTREET CAT1:36.623.6 49.43 24.19 23.759-10-9-94.251197371113
26-12-13267HV tf g/f A1650510C. S. Shum126C. Y. Lui5TT YOUNG HAPPYCASA JUNIORMARVEL PLUS1:41.623.9 53.73 24.68 24.128-9-9-105.751196401215
21-12-13257ST tf g/f A+3160058C. S. Shum133D. Whyte9TT YUAN'S FORTUNETELECOM PRINCEGOOD TIMES ROLL1:36.723.7 49.08 24.52 23.928-10-11-851207406.26.9
17-11-13169ST tf g/f B+2160047C. S. Shum113M. L. Yeung4TT KHAYAKISSMETTHANKSGIVING1:36.023.4 48.46 24.57 23.527-6-7-73.51213421628
27-10-13111ST tf g/f B+2160045C. S. Shum114C. Y. Ho14TT KEEN TACTICSCLASSY VICTORSOLDIER1:36.523.7 49.98 23.47 23.3014-14-11-51.51204432826
01-10-1349ST tf g/f C+31600411C. S. Shum117K. Teetan4TT KEEN TACTICSSOUTHERN SPRINGSFOREVER AHEAD1:35.022.6 49.15 23.85 22.7710-10-7-114.751214441819
15-09-1323ST tf g/f B160048C. S. Shum118K. Teetan6TT JACK'S GEMPERFECT MOMENTSPURS ON1:35.423.4 49.71 23.27 23.0812-13-12-841194441718
01-07-13733ST tf g A+3160048C. S. Shum117M. Chadwick4TT SUPER HORSEKING HARADASUNSWEET CORNER1:34.924.0 47.72 23.69 24.0410-10-10-83117644117.3
18-05-13620ST tf g C160051C. S. Shum133D. Whyte2TT GLOBAL FAMELUCKY ARMYNOBLE FLIER1:37.622.7 50.86 24.18 22.585-5-3-10.751186394.65.2
07-04-13511ST tf g C160053C. S. Shum133D. Whyte6TT HAPPY KAISERCLEMENT SPIRITGLOBAL FAME1:36.123.8 48.72 24.17 23.568-8-8-31.751180393.45.1
24-03-13484ST tf g A+3160047C. S. Shum112M. Chadwick3TT AMBASSADORSHIPRIO WILLIEALL BOUNTIFUL1:36.223.4 48.81 24.37 23.3510-8-9-721171415.68.3
10-03-13448ST tf g C+3160046C. S. Shum112M. Chadwick1TT LITTLE MENTHANKSGIVINGSUPER HORSE1:36.122.6 50.28 23.82 22.499-9-8-62.751173415.48.1
12-02-13384ST tf g C+3160042C. S. Shum113M. Chadwick13TT HECO RIDERGLOBAL FAMEFOLLOW THE WIND1:36.022.8 49.39 24.29 22.8014-9-7-231173419.59.3
27-01-13342ST tf g B160053C. S. Shum133D. Whyte4TT REALLY THE BESTBAMBOO DANCEGLOBAL FAME1:36.624.0 48.63 24.45 23.6510-9-8-30.511814032.8
20-01-13324ST tf g A140056C. S. Shum133T. Angland4TT LOTUS LOVEJUST GOODDR UNION1:23.423.3 37.18 23.48 23.5310-8-9-64.751187404.34.2
22-12-12264ST tf g A+3160044C. S. Shum113M. L. Yeung5SW-/TWINNING INSTINCTFOLLOW THE WINDALWAYS SOMETHING1:36.524.6 47.90 24.61 24.5710-10-10-43.2511714267.5
25-11-12190ST tf g/y C160044C. S. Shum117R. Fourie2SW1/TBLOSSOM DAILYTHE FAST LANEALWAYS SOMETHING1:37.323.7 49.01 24.96 23.718-7-6-42.251176427.26.8
28-10-12122ST tf g/f B+2160046C. S. Shum117R. Fourie13TT GOLDLAND DANCERALL BOUNTIFULTOWERING STORM1:36.423.3 49.71 24.04 23.0612-13-11-62.251188435.76.9
01-10-1259ST tf g/f C+3160043C. S. Shum119R. Fourie11TT BREEZE OF LUCKMERIDIAN TREASUREGLOBAL FAME1:35.123.7 48.81 23.31 23.4411-11-9-32.51183436.46.5
08-09-122ST tf g A160044C. S. Shum113M. L. Yeung4B-/TTGOOD THINKERGLORY OF INDIATELECOM SUPREMO1:37.323.1 50.62 23.83 23.123-5-5-41.251179431417
15-07-12764ST tf g A160045C. S. Shum120Z. Purton8B/TT SOLDIERGLORY OF INDIAALP'S GLORY1:35.822.8 49.40 24.11 23.1811-11-11-55118847916
24-06-12713ST tf g A140047C. S. Shum124M. Du Plessis3B/TT SUMMER DASHINTELLECTUALSTRIDEBLESSING WIN1:23.522.8 37.75 23.68 22.6911-11-10-74118149109.7
03-06-12661ST tf g B1600413C. S. Shum122O. Doleuze13B/TT WINNING MASCOTCOSMO ONEELEPHANT MAGIC1:37.323.2 50.61 24.82 23.3713-13-13-139.51185495.78.4
12-05-12614ST tf g B+2160043C. S. Shum121O. Doleuze7B/TT GOLD TARTINIBLOSSOM DAILYGLOBAL FAME1:36.124.0 48.84 23.81 23.676-6-7-311178486.66.7
29-04-12575ST tf y A140045C. S. Shum122Z. Purton1B/TT EMPIRE CITYLUCKY CHEVALIERCOOL BEAN1:23.423.6 36.20 23.99 23.5713-9-7-521171491422
01-04-12517ST tf g B+2160048C. S. Shum124T. Angland4B1/TTTHE ONLY KIDHIGH RETURNFOLLOW THE WIND1:35.923.9 49.08 23.70 23.7811-10-10-83.51159519.712
04-03-12444ST tf g B+216004WDC. S. Shum127Z. PurtonB1/TTCHAMPION MOUNTFERRABOSCOMOON CHASER1:36.324.3  1146516.6 
25-01-12347ST tf g/y A140049C. S. Shum127T. Angland4TT GREAT PEGASUSLUCKY CHEVALIERFORTUNE BRAVO1:24.224.8 36.39 23.68 24.9012-12-9-94.751138525.83.2
27-12-11268ST tf g/f C+3120044C. S. Shum126D. Beadman5TT GOLD RACERCAPITAL CHAMPIONTAKE THE RAP1:10.523.1 24.93 23.34 22.779-9-42.751134521318
11-09-115ST tf g A120049C. S. Shum125D. Beadman13TT1 ALL VICTORYDELISHFORTUNE TOGETHER1:10.524.1 24.49 23.01 24.0011-11-95.751154526.611

HKJC Comment

Settled worse than midfield, pushed along to improve near 500m, kept to rail in straight and finished off one paced.