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FIONN'S TREASURE (M386) 芙蓉之寶 (Retired)

C. S. Shum / Rating: 62

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PPG / b / h / 11 yrs / NZ
Owner: Yeung Kwong-fat
Last win: 08-06-13
Health: Lame left front leg: sprained shoulder. (13/01/2012) Lame left front leg. (17/06/2014) Failed vet exam, lame left front leg. (26/08/2014) Left front medial sesamoid stress fracture. (06/11/2014) Unacceptable performance. (24/05/2015)
Sire: Elusive City
Dam: Yankee Gold

Past Performances
Total Starts: 38: (5-4-3)
ST 1200m: 22 (4-4-2)
ST 1400m: 8 (1-0-1)
ST aw 1200m: 2 (0-0-0)
HV 1000m: 1 (0-0-0)
HV 1200m: 5 (0-0-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
27-06-15733ST tf g/f C+3120033C. S. Shum113K. C. Ng4 WHY WHYFOREVER ACCURATEFIONN'S TREASURE1:09.021.9 24.40 23.02 22.273-6-33.751141631731
24-05-15641ST tf g C+31400313C. S. Shum118C. Y. Lui8 LUCKY SCEPTERSOLAR KINGDOMULTIMATE GLORY1:22.322.8 35.79 24.58 25.824-7-12-1323.751154663556
26-04-15570ST tf g/f A120038C. S. Shum116C. Y. Lui14 BLIZZARDTRAVEL RENYITONYBOY1:09.222.5 24.81 22.61 22.548-9-84.251143683099
12-04-15531ST tf g C1200311C. S. Shum114K. C. Ng9 QUATERNION EAGLEAMBER DRAGONWHY WHY1:09.322.9 24.60 22.46 22.998-10-114.251149716299
29-03-15502ST tf g A+31200313C. S. Shum121H. N. Wong10 AMBER DRAGONGOOD LUCK BOYLET ME DO1:09.323.0 24.83 22.42 23.0813-13-136.251143742538
04-03-15437HV tf g A1200312C. S. Shum127H. W. Lai11 CLEVER BEAVERGENTILISRAINBOW FIGHTER1:10.123.9 24.52 22.83 24.2611-12-129.51154763784
07-02-15379ST tf g/f C+3120037C. S. Shum119C. Y. Lui9 GOLDEN DEERSUPREME FALCONCALIFORNIA BOUNTY1:09.022.6 24.29 22.53 22.916-6-74.251162782058
22-10-14110HV tf g/y B1200310C. S. Shum133D. Whyte10 APOLLO CAVALIERCHOICE TREASUREGRIMMY1:11.023.9 24.75 23.33 23.819-10-105.51132801836
24-09-1436ST tf g/f C120038C. S. Shum133Z. Purton7 I'M IN CHARGEGENTILISBRAVE BROTHER1:08.822.3 24.89 22.41 22.678-8-86.751132806.47.2
28-05-14665HV tf g/f A1200212C. S. Shum120O. Doleuze12 BUNDLE OF JOYEXCITING DREAMCAGA FORCE1:09.322.6 24.41 23.24 24.017-9-1214.251153853156
13-04-14555ST tf g/f C1400213C. S. Shum128K. C. Ng8 OVETTSICHUAN VIGOURROMAN SOLDIER1:21.923.4 35.79 23.00 24.672-3-4-139.751141853246
30-03-14515ST tf g A+3120024C. S. Shum118C. Y. Lui6 TOUR DE FORCEOUR FOLKSFABULOUS NOVEMBER1:08.922.9 23.86 22.60 23.014-5-431148879.78.5
23-02-14424ST tf g A+3120024C. S. Shum115C. Y. Lui2B- AEROVELOCITYOUR FOLKSHYPERSONIC1:09.222.7 24.13 22.62 23.124-5-43.51155892714
05-02-14372HV tf g A100024C. S. Shum118C. Y. Lui1B CHARITY SPIRITBEAUTY SPARKLETOUR DE FORCE0:56.822.3 13.16 21.82 22.295-4-43115390 19
26-01-14360ST tf g/f B+2120029C. S. Shum118C. Y. Lui14B AEROVELOCITYSUPER JOCKEYHAPPY ERA1:09.222.7 24.81 22.38 23.0612-11-96.251160922857
26-12-13273HV tf g/f A120015C. S. Shum118M. L. Yeung1B HAPPY ERAGOLDEN HARVESTSTRAIGHT GOLD1:09.923.8 23.77 22.58 24.064-3-52.751143942217
01-12-13209ST aw g -120029C. S. Shum122M. L. Yeung6B1 LORD SINCLAIRGREAT SPIRITSILVER GRECIAN1:07.422.2 24.00 22.53 22.488-12-99.751142952122
17-11-13174ST tf g/f B+2120027C. S. Shum132G. Mosse6 MY FAVORITESUPER JOCKEYDINING WORLD1:09.123.0 24.38 22.61 22.773-3-741140958.313
06-10-1364ST tf g/f A120022C. S. Shum122C. Y. Lui4 SMART VOLATILITYFIONN'S TREASURETOUR DE FORCE1:09.022.6 23.83 22.51 22.803-1-20.75114093118.5
15-09-1327ST tf g/f B120022C. S. Shum121C. Y. Lui8 TOUR DE FORCEFIONN'S TREASUREJUN GONG1:09.122.7 24.30 22.30 22.633-3-20.51159901514
08-06-13682ST tf g/f B+2120021C. S. Shum115K. C. Ng1 FIONN'S TREASUREKEEN WONGCHOYABLE SPEED1:09.222.5 24.38 22.54 22.363-3-1H1147851912
18-05-13628ST tf g C1400211C. S. Shum113K. C. Ng10 FLAGSHIP SHINESTERLING CITYDEEP THINKER1:21.622.6 35.82 23.50 23.774-4-6-118.751147863125
20-04-13552ST tf g C+3140024C. S. Shum114K. C. Ng3P- SEA DRAGONSTERLING CITYVOILE ROUGE1:22.223.8 35.37 23.17 23.842-3-3-411146864634
07-04-13515ST aw g -120027C. S. Shum117K. C. Ng2P1 BUNDLE OF LOVECOSMIC BOOMSILVER GRECIAN1:08.323.0 23.79 22.25 22.949-9-74.251147871716
17-03-13465ST tf g/f A120027C. S. Shum122T. Angland5 STERLING CITYNEW DEERFIELDCALIFORNIA BOUNTY1:09.322.1 24.74 22.75 22.453-6-73.75115187138.4
24-02-13416ST tf g B140029C. S. Shum115K. C. Ng8 GURUS DREAMTOUR DE FORCEKA YING KID1:21.323.3 34.66 23.47 24.532-2-2-98.5115487139.3
20-01-13332ST tf g A140033C. S. Shum126K. C. Ng9 BEST WINSEA DIAMONDFIONN'S TREASURE1:22.423.6 35.61 23.37 23.473-5-3-3N1152851620
01-01-13285ST tf g B+2120031C. S. Shum126K. C. Ng11 FIONN'S TREASURERED COURAGEBOMBER JET1:10.622.9 24.84 23.02 22.812-2-1H1136807.33.6
09-12-12227ST tf g A120026C. S. Shum113H. W. Lai4TT- FREDERICK ENGELSRICH TAPESTRYEL ZONDA1:09.322.7 23.64 23.02 23.211-1-63.251144822010
21-11-12184HV tf g C120038C. S. Shum131Z. Purton10TT1 IMPERIAL ROMEGOOD WORDSSUPER PLUS1:10.623.6 24.26 23.09 23.864-4-83.751121835.95.5
14-10-1292ST tf g/f A+3140029C. S. Shum116R. Fourie2 FLEET COMMANDMY NAME IS BONDKYARA1:21.523.7 35.06 22.82 24.132-2-2-931132835.24.4
16-09-1228ST tf g/f B120023C. S. Shum119W. M. Lai3 MENTORRICH TAPESTRYFIONN'S TREASURE1:09.622.7 24.22 22.69 22.842-1-30.51143823.72.9
01-07-12730ST tf g/f B120032C. S. Shum133Z. Purton8 LUCKY RECORDFIONN'S TREASUREBUNDLE OF LOVE1:09.822.7 23.84 23.27 22.871-1-20.751140794.64.4
21-04-12561ST tf g C+3120031C. S. Shum129Z. Purton3 FIONN'S TREASURERUMBA KINGSEA DIAMOND1:09.922.8 24.54 22.70 22.702-2-1Nose11417343.1
25-03-12504ST tf g A+3120032C. S. Shum126Z. Purton8 THE PEAKFIONN'S TREASURESTERLING CITY1:09.923.1 23.80 23.03 23.112-2-2SH1136706.15.6
26-02-12433ST tf g A+3120034C. S. Shum123Z. Purton11 MONEYMAKERHAPPY INDEXENDURING1:10.624.1 24.08 22.78 24.017-8-41.51135702.62
17-12-11249ST tf g/f C1400Gri1C. S. Shum121G. Mosse5 FIONN'S TREASUREBEAR HEROWAH MAY STAR1:22.124.2 34.75 23.37 24.061-4-3-1H1118622.62.2
13-11-11158ST tf g A120041C. S. Shum128Z. Purton9 FIONN'S TREASUREGLORY HORSIEEN MASSE1:10.322.8 24.12 23.40 22.802-1-12.251118521112

HKJC Comment

Just off the pace tracking along the 2-path, stayed on mildly to go 3rd near the line.