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GO BABY GO (N033) 跑寶貝跑 (Retired)

C. H. Yip / Rating: 71

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PPG / b / g / 12 yrs / AUS
Owner: Peter Lam Kin-ngok & Stephen Ip Shu-kwan
Last win: 03-05-15
Health: Eight years of age or above at season end. (21/07/2016)
Bloodline Relations: nil
Sire: Medal Of Honor
Dam: Miss Whirl

Past Performances
Total Starts: 56: (8-3-2)
ST 1000m: 22 (8-1-1)
ST 1200m: 18 (0-2-1)
ST 1400m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1200m: 4 (0-0-0)
HV 1000m: 2 (0-0-0)
HV 1200m: 9 (0-0-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
25-01-17369HV tf g C+31200310C. H. Yip126N. Callan3 I'M A WITNESSHARRIER JETDIEGO KOSTA1:10.523.0 24.30 23.52 23.413-3-104.251118731934
01-01-17306ST tf g/f B+2140036C. H. Yip126T. H. So10 SEASONS BLOOMREGENCY BO BOBEAT THE CLOCK1:22.422.5 36.28 23.86 23.222-3-4-661113752369
11-12-16250ST tf g A120035C. H. Yip126T. H. So11 WATER DIVINERENDEARINGJING JING WIN1:09.423.6 24.33 22.19 23.0710-10-51.251109755799
27-11-16215ST tf g C120037C. H. Yip120H. T. Mo2B- HAPPY AGILITYCONVINCIBLETOP SCORE1:09.423.0 24.02 22.64 23.613-4-751102779.617
12-11-16182ST tf g A+31000311C. H. Yip127K. K. Chiong13B WATER DIVINERFORTUNE BO BORED KYLIN0:56.923.0 13.71 21.14 23.4211-14-118.51104796.710
12-10-16101HV tf g B120034C. H. Yip133N. Rawiller5B FANTASTIC FEELINGCHEVALIER STARCOURAGEOUS BROTHER1:10.3523.5 23.99 23.02 23.533-3-41.251090801530
08-10-1690ST tf g/f B+2100037C. H. Yip133N. Rawiller10B BEAUTY MASTERTHOR THE GREATESTDRAGON MASTER0:56.922.6 13.68 21.13 22.659-11-73.251097808.28.7
01-10-1675ST tf g A+31200211C. H. Yip111K. K. Chiong13B TURF SPRINTMR BOGARTEROICO1:08.522.7 23.63 22.18 23.861-1-1171102822645
18-09-1637ST tf g/f C+3100029C. H. Yip113K. K. Chiong2B RACING SUPERNOVAADVENTURERBAD BOY0:55.822.2 13.25 20.50 22.846-5-951097831514
06-07-16772HV tf g A120029C. H. Yip111H. N. Wong12B LUCKY YEARALMABABYBORN IN CHINA1:09.023.1 23.38 22.72 24.192-2-97.51102872344
16-04-16574ST tf g/f C+3120023C. H. Yip114K. K. Chiong7B WASHINGTON HEIGHTSKEY WITNESSGO BABY GO1:08.622.7 23.93 22.00 23.041-1-31.751115881421
06-04-16542ST aw g -120025C. H. Yip122H. N. Wong7B SICHUAN VIGOURPERPETUAL TREASURECLEVER BEAVER1:08.122.1 23.47 22.57 23.212-2-57.251108902657
20-03-16496ST tf g A120016C. H. Yip106K. K. Chiong12B LUCKY BUBBLESKEY WITNESSSTRATHMORE1:08.823.0 23.67 22.21 23.581-1-63.51112922445
06-03-16455ST tf g C100017C. H. Yip108K. C. Ng4B NOT LISTENIN'TOMESUPER JOCKEYAMBER SKY0:55.121.8 13.54 20.40 22.028-6-751115921728
31-01-16360ST tf g A+3100023C. H. Yip130N. Callan8B2 MY LITTLE FRIENDCOUNTRY MELODYGO BABY GO0:57.122.9 13.39 20.89 23.122-2-31.751116924.55.8
23-12-15279HV tf g C120027C. H. Yip131V. Cheminaud12 DIVINE BOYROMANTIC CASHBERLINI1:09.623.7 23.70 22.90 23.824-4-74.751138945399
21-11-15197ST tf g B+21200210C. H. Yip124K. C. Ng14 LUCKY BUBBLESBULLISH FRIENDCHEEKY TOO1:08.722.7 23.78 22.34 24.132-2-109.51134952999
18-10-15118ST aw g -1200210C. H. Yip123Z. Purton10 GREAT SPIRITDISCIPLES TWELVECHARITY JOY1:08.523.3 23.37 21.97 24.642-2-1091135951518
01-10-1574ST tf g A+3120022C. H. Yip120K. K. Chiong9B- BLIZZARDGO BABY GOEROICO1:09.322.7 24.05 22.55 22.901-1-211131932469
19-09-1544ST tf g/f C+3120029C. H. Yip120K. K. Chiong3B AMAZING KIDSSTRATHMORELUCKY DOUBLE EIGHT1:08.822.7 23.83 22.22 23.531-1-951126932030
06-09-158ST tf g B100025C. H. Yip130N. Callan2B STRATHMOREJETWINGSMY LITTLE FRIEND0:55.722.0 13.15 20.57 22.553-2-53.251117938.712
03-05-15587ST tf g/f A+3100021C. H. Yip123N. Callan9B2 GO BABY GOMY LITTLE FRIENDNOT LISTENIN'TOME0:55.522.2 13.17 20.23 22.163-3-10.751093871916
21-03-15485ST tf g C+3120029C. H. Yip115T. H. So3 LOVELY DELOVELYTEOFILO CALVAEXCITING DREAM1:09.423.2 24.43 22.57 23.2910-10-95.251116892272
11-03-15458HV tf g B120026C. H. Yip126U. Rispoli3 HAPPY YEAH YEAHDISCIPLES TWELVESMART MAN1:09.723.9 23.21 22.83 24.212-3-631117912360
01-03-15425ST aw g -1200110C. H. Yip108K. C. Ng3B- SUPER JOCKEYTOUR DE FORCEMASTER KOCHANWONG1:07.823.0 23.53 21.99 23.147-5-105.251113934093
21-02-15409ST tf g A+3120029C. H. Yip129D. Whyte10B2 I'M IN CHARGETEOFILO CALVAJAZZY FEELING1:09.022.6 23.61 22.90 23.162-2-93.751119951235
21-01-15334HV tf g C1200212C. H. Yip123A. Suborics1 FABULOUS NOVEMBERGREAT SPIRITBULLISH FRIEND1:09.122.6  --UR1115952034
10-01-15307ST aw g -120015C. H. Yip121T. H. So1 MASTER KOCHANWONGACCESS YEARSLORD SINCLAIR1:08.022.1 23.86 22.33 22.514-3-541121974099
01-01-15273ST tf g/f C100025C. H. Yip133M. Guyon2 CHARITY JOYSIGHT BELIEVERCALIFORNIA BOUNTY0:56.522.4 13.63 20.88 22.565-5-53.51121997.311
17-12-14249HV tf g/f B1200110C. H. Yip116K. C. Ng8 DOMINEERTOUR DE FORCEEXCITING DREAM1:09.123.2 23.39 22.49 24.841-1-1010.2511291025999
03-12-14207HV tf g C+3100027C. H. Yip126C. Y. Lui6 TOUR DE FORCEYOU READ MY MINDCHARITY JOY0:56.522.5 12.68 21.83 23.134-6-76.7511321041336
26-10-14118ST tf g/f B+21200G211C. H. Yip115T. H. So6 AEROVELOCITYSUPER JOCKEYSMART VOLATILITY1:08.722.1 23.88 23.06 23.063-5-118.2511471066199
01-10-1453ST tf g/f C+31000G38C. H. Yip116Y. T. Cheng9 BUNDLE OF JOYPENIAPHOBIASUPER JOCKEY0:55.322.0 13.14 20.48 22.855-7-86.7511301061231
22-06-14728ST tf g C+3100017C. H. Yip126C. Y. Lui11 PENIAPHOBIABUNDLE OF JOYEXCITING DREAM0:55.622.2 13.56 20.53 22.399-8-7511131108.814
25-05-14656ST tf g A1200G314C. H. Yip124C. Y. Lui11 AEROVELOCITYDIVINE TENGOLDEN HARVEST1:09.122.9 24.05 22.40 23.593-3-145.7511121126299
27-04-14580ST tf g/f A1200G29C. H. Yip123T. Berry1 CHARLES THE GREATLUCKY NINEBULLISH FRIEND1:09.022.3 24.40 22.67 23.304-4-9811081142324
06-04-14533ST tf g/y B+21000G34C. H. Yip133T. Angland4 DIVINE TENSTRAIGHT GOLDGOLDEN HARVEST0:56.222.0 13.33 20.88 22.681-2-43.7511061166.510
16-02-14405ST tf g A1200G110C. H. Yip126O. Doleuze7 LUCKY NINECHARLES THE GREATSTERLING CITY1:09.322.4 24.21 22.83 23.042-2-104.511201174242
26-01-14357ST tf g/f B+21000G18C. H. Yip126T. Angland10 AMBER SKYSTRAIGHT GOLDCERISE CHERRY0:55.822.3 13.22 20.43 23.572-2-88.511281174.93.1
08-12-13225ST tf g/f A1200G19C. H. Yip126T. Angland13 LORD KANALOASOLE POWERFREDERICK ENGELS1:08.221.8 23.97 22.43 22.962-2-9711271115451
01-10-1351ST tf g/f C+31000G31C. H. Yip124T. Angland1 GO BABY GOFREDERICK ENGELSCHARLES THE GREAT0:55.721.7 13.31 20.72 21.721-2-10.7511281129.69.8
08-09-133ST tf g A120014C. H. Yip129T. Angland7 CERISE CHERRYBEST ELEVENDESTINED FOR GLORY1:08.422.9 23.23 22.30 23.511-1-43.511201128.58.2
26-05-13645ST tf g A1200G36C. H. Yip123T. Angland9 CHARLES THE GREATBEST ELEVENCAPTAIN SWEET1:08.922.5 24.02 22.42 22.591-1-60.511101129.58.8
28-04-13568ST tf g A1200G22C. H. Yip123T. Angland8 RICH TAPESTRYGO BABY GOTIME AFTER TIME1:09.522.9 23.86 22.74 22.931-2-2SH11131071321
01-04-13499ST tf g B+21000G31C. H. Yip123T. Angland4 GO BABY GOAMBER SKYVITAL FLYER0:56.122.2 13.38 20.57 22.242-2-10.7511151007.47.3
10-03-13445ST tf g C+3100022C. H. Yip129T. Angland4 STRAIGHT GOLDGO BABY GOREGENCY LUCK0:56.322.2 13.52 20.71 22.285-5-20.75110098118.1
27-01-13349ST tf g B1000G113C. H. Yip126T. Angland5 EAGLE REGIMENTFREDERICK ENGELSBEST ELEVEN0:56.322.3 13.57 20.69 23.017-5-1361111981720
06-01-13296ST tf g C100021C. H. Yip120T. Angland6B-/H-GO BABY GOSTRAIGHT GOLDRICH TAPESTRY0:57.022.9 13.32 20.88 22.842-2-111109911315
19-12-12255HV tf g C120016C. H. Yip111K. C. Ng2B/H EL ZONDACHARLES THE GREATTALLEY CLOSE1:09.623.5 23.61 22.98 23.732-3-64.51100932112
28-11-12202HV tf g C+31000210C. H. Yip122Y. T. Cheng12H/B1 LONDON CHINA TOWNCHARITY SPIRITGOOD BOY BOY0:57.623.3 13.25 22.03 23.488-12-1071098941820
21-10-12110HV tf g/f B1200210C. H. Yip115K. C. Ng6H TIME AFTER TIMELEGENDARY DRAGONHAPPY TUMBLER1:09.623.3 23.31 23.03 24.182-2-105.751106942613
21-04-12560ST tf g C+3100026C. H. Yip127D. Whyte7H BEAR HEROBLAZE KINGSIR EAGLES0:56.622.5 13.57 20.77 22.515-5-61.51106942.22.4
04-03-12448ST tf g B+2100021C. H. Yip121D. Whyte6H GO BABY GOSIR EAGLESCALIFORNIA CHOICE0:56.522.7 13.27 20.58 22.732-1-1H1094881.61.5
11-02-12395ST tf g C+3100031C. H. Yip133D. Whyte10H GO BABY GOULTIMATE WINNERSGIFT IS GIFT0:57.022.9 13.37 20.81 22.883-2-11.251096802.11.6
21-01-12338ST tf g C+3100031C. H. Yip118D. Whyte1H GO BABY GOSPACE RACEFLYING TOGETHER0:56.922.9 13.23 20.84 22.912-2-12.751083652.92.3
17-12-11252ST tf g/f C100041C. H. Yip125D. Whyte13H1 GO BABY GOGLORY WINCOSMIC BOOM0:57.322.8 13.50 21.01 22.815-1-13.51084525.93.9

HKJC Comment

Chased leaders in a slowly run race, couldn't muster the speed to be closer passing 300M, weakened from 150M. (Lame next day.)