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STEP HIGH (N047) 勝算高 (Retired)

T. P. Yung / Rating: 56

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PPG / b / g / 12 yrs / NZ
Owner: Terence Leung Chi-kin, Patrick Wong Man-kam, Jason Leung Hok-shan & Jeffrey Mark Wong
Last win: 16-04-14
Health: Lame right front leg. (24/01/2012) Increased uptake in right knee, right front fetlock and 6th rib on right chest. (06/02/2012)
Sire: Ekraar
Dam: Simply Red

Past Performances
Total Starts: 38: (4-5-1)
ST 1200m: 2 (0-0-0)
ST 1400m: 7 (0-1-0)
ST 1600m: 13 (0-2-0)
HV 1200m: 1 (0-0-0)
HV 1650m: 15 (4-2-1)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
01-07-16758ST tf g/f A+3160045T. P. Yung129K. C. Leung9P ARGENTUMXINJIANG YARNGORGEOUS LEGEND1:34.723.0 49.06 23.45 22.6713-13-13-52.51049573634
05-06-16689ST tf g B+2160046T. P. Yung130K. C. Leung11P UNIQUE JOYOUSFINE ROCKFANCY MUSIC1:34.323.5 48.59 23.07 23.3413-12-12-641052592726
07-05-16621ST tf g C160048T. P. Yung133Z. Purton5P UNIQUE JOYOUSAZTEC EMPIREUNBEATABLE GUTS1:35.422.5 48.71 24.42 23.196-5-7-85.751041609.913
10-04-16549ST tf g/y C160044T. P. Yung133Z. Purton2P LIGHTNING AND GOLDTEAM SWEETSO CAFFE1:35.724.4 48.58 23.89 23.4211-11-9-411068608.77.5
23-03-16502HV tf g/y C165044T. P. Yung123K. K. Chiong1P HAPPY JOURNEYTHE SYLPHLAUGHING LORD1:42.024.1 53.62 24.81 23.786-6-6-40.751070608.45.3
28-02-16441ST tf g B1600410T. P. Yung133G. Lerena7P OUR GENERATIONFIGHTING BOYIMPERIAL GALLANTRY1:35.923.3 49.20 23.72 23.666-5-5-104.25107860616
19-12-15265ST tf g C+3160042T. P. Yung131M. L. Yeung3P BAMBOO DANCESTEP HIGHUNIQUE HAPPIEST1:35.023.9 47.61 24.02 23.428-8-6-2N1083582821
21-11-15189ST tf g B+2140044T. P. Yung122H. N. Wong2P MAGICAL BEAUTYHARD BALL GETAMAZING ALWAYS1:22.423.0 36.76 23.11 22.915-6-5-421074583328
20-05-15628HV tf g/y C165046T. P. Yung133Z. Purton1P ADDOLEGREAT TOPLIGHTMAC ROW1:43.126.2 51.68 26.17 25.577-6-7-621078603.64.2
22-04-15555HV tf g/f C165043T. P. Yung133O. Doleuze3P1 WIN ITSUPREME ESSENCESTEP HIGH1:40.423.1 52.76 24.87 22.856-5-4-3N1073599.811
21-03-15484ST tf g C+31600310T. P. Yung112M. L. Yeung11 RAZOR QUESTSUPREME PROFITSO CAFFE1:35.523.1 48.66 24.09 23.857-7-6-106.51079617299
11-03-15453HV tf g B165039T. P. Yung114M. L. Yeung12 CHOICE TREASURETRENDY WINWILLIE INVICTUS1:41.723.2 55.44 24.47 22.6712-12-12-95.51096634025
11-02-15388HV tf g/f B165039T. P. Yung117M. L. Yeung2 STAR MAJESTICTRENDY WINSUGAR CITY1:40.722.7 53.54 24.69 23.412-3-4-95.251098658.67.3
10-01-15309ST tf g/f A160037T. P. Yung118M. L. Yeung3 RED DANCERFLYING UNICORNPO CHING TREASURE1:35.623.8 48.15 24.03 23.978-7-7-73.251099652226
17-12-14250HV tf g/f B165032T. P. Yung115M. L. Yeung1 LITTLE DRAGONSTEP HIGHTOP ACT1:40.523.7 53.50 24.14 22.986-6-8-2N1090631523
29-10-14127HV tf g C1650310T. P. Yung120M. L. Yeung11 BEAUTY KINGDOUBLE GLORYEXPEDITE1:41.023.3 54.07 24.80 22.7112-12-12-103.251064652747
12-10-1482ST tf g/f A+31600310T. P. Yung117M. L. Yeung14 WHAT YOU DREAMGOOD GOOD VIEWCLUB LIFE1:34.723.4 48.01 24.11 23.7714-14-13-107.251074664653
21-09-1428ST tf g/f B+2140039T. P. Yung119C. K. Tong2 FULL TALENTREGENCY KINGWHAT YOU DREAM1:22.022.6 36.37 23.61 22.695-7-8-94.251055663030
28-06-14749ST tf g/f A160032T. P. Yung111C. Y. Lui2 PRINCIPALSTEP HIGHBOY OH BOY1:34.423.4 47.88 23.64 23.199-10-8-21.51089654730
05-06-14683HV tf g/f B165039T. P. Yung119C. Reith9 TRUMPFORGIVE AND FORGETFLYING CHAPARRAL1:39.623.1 53.05 24.55 23.0110-12-11-961070652125
16-04-14560HV tf g/f C165041T. P. Yung133T. Angland1 STEP HIGHBEAUTY KINGBETTER ANNOUNCE1:39.823.5 52.41 24.29 23.176-7-5-1SH1082594.82.6
19-03-14483HV tf g C165042T. P. Yung130T. Angland6 ROBUST MOMENTUMSTEP HIGHFIGHTING BOY1:39.523.8 51.71 24.38 23.496-5-6-20.51085575.43.1
19-02-14413HV tf g C165044T. P. Yung130D. Whyte8 AMBITIOUS TREASUREOWNERS' GLORYDRAGON GLORY1:40.523.6 53.29 24.34 23.276-8-8-42.51083574.24.2
15-01-14326HV tf g C165041T. P. Yung122T. Angland5 STEP HIGHSTARTING OVERZACHARY1:40.922.8 53.85 24.54 22.517-7-6-11.251094497.73.1
26-12-13269HV tf g/f A165041T. P. Yung114M. L. Yeung4 STEP HIGHEXPECTATORDASHING SUPER1:41.423.6 53.05 24.93 23.474-5-3-1N1096435.82.3
27-11-13194HV tf g/f C+3165051T. P. Yung129T. Angland7 STEP HIGHBILLION GAINSBURGUNDY MAC1:40.124.2 51.77 24.35 24.014-4-3-11.51088365.93.6
20-10-1392HV tf g/f B165055T. P. Yung131T. Angland9 CHINA DELIGHTSUPER TEAMYUAN'S FORTUNE1:40.523.9 53.98 24.10 23.1110-10-11-541057364.66.3
01-10-1345ST tf g/f C+3140052T. P. Yung128T. Angland8 SOLAR BOYSTEP HIGHMAGICAL BEAM1:22.923.4 36.31 23.74 22.956-8-8-20.51046356.65.8
08-09-131ST tf g A120056T. P. Yung128T. Angland4 AMAZING ALWAYSFLYING SUPREMECOSMO ONE1:10.323.3 24.96 22.69 23.279-8-63.51042357.75.3
07-07-13751ST tf g/f B+2140047A. Lee113K. C. Leung1 GERONIMO MEADOWTARREGAROMAN LEGEND1:22.322.9 35.77 23.84 22.994-4-4-71.751045406.75.5
26-06-13726HV tf g/f C120045A. Lee113K. C. Leung9 JADE CHRISTYHAPPY HOMINGLOVELY BOY1:09.523.4 24.74 22.50 22.7011-10-52.51055412799
05-05-13583ST tf g A+31400410A. Lee120Z. Purton6 GLACIER BLUEDILIGENT IIIKHAYA1:22.223.3 35.70 23.76 25.705-5-7-1018.51046431316
18-11-12170ST tf g B+2160045A. Lee120Z. Purton8 TURBO JEWELLERYFOLLOW THE WINDAPPROVE1:36.323.7 48.70 24.20 23.965-5-5-531034458.312
28-10-12122ST tf g/f B+2160044A. Lee117K. C. Leung11 GOLDLAND DANCERALL BOUNTIFULTOWERING STORM1:36.423.3 49.47 24.20 23.0911-11-10-421033465741
01-10-1259ST tf g/f C+3160049A. Lee122K. C. Leung9 BREEZE OF LUCKMERIDIAN TREASUREGLOBAL FAME1:35.123.7 47.93 23.71 25.246-3-3-910.51032482223
08-09-126ST tf g A140048A. Lee118M. L. Yeung8 SMILING WATCHSOLDIERLUCKY NISTELROOY1:23.423.1 37.18 23.73 23.328-9-11-84.51051484238
15-07-12763ST tf g A140046A. Lee123M. L. Yeung8 PERI PERI SAFFRONLUCKY CHEVALIERTRIUMPHANT WAY1:23.323.5 36.27 24.00 23.719-6-4-641039523482
01-07-12725ST tf g/f B1200410A. Lee125M. Chadwick9 OWNERS' PRIDEWELL DONEPERI PERI SAFFRON1:09.422.8 24.60 22.89 23.124-6-107.251033523799

HKJC Comment

Sluggish break, niggled along detached 2nd last, joined main group 850m, driven turning in, stayed on for minor headway.