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GOLD EDITION (N048) 金湶 (Retired)

Y. S. Tsui / Rating: 77

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PPG / b / g / 11 yrs / NZ
Owner: Brand Name Syndicate
Last win: 26-02-14
Health: Castration. (18/11/2011)
Sire: Elusive City
Dam: Dramatically

Past Performances
Total Starts: 32: (5-2-3)
ST 1000m: 5 (1-0-1)
ST 1200m: 4 (1-0-0)
ST aw 1200m: 2 (0-0-0)
HV 1000m: 15 (3-1-2)
HV 1200m: 6 (0-1-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
14-05-14627HV tf g C1200312Y. S. Tsui128C. Y. Ho9B- DOMINEERNEW DEERFIELDSEA WARRIOR1:09.423.3  3--PU1105775999
16-04-14561HV tf g/f C120038Y. S. Tsui129K. C. Leung8B MR GINGERGETAWAY GUYPEARL WIN1:09.922.8 23.80 23.25 23.381-1-83.251106785466
02-04-14524HV tf g/y A100038Y. S. Tsui133G. Mosse8B PENIAPHOBIASIGHT BELIEVERFUN 'N' GAMES0:56.923.3 12.72 21.18 24.522-3-89.251108781321
12-03-14470HV tf g B100035Y. S. Tsui133G. Mosse12B BUNDLE OF JOYSIGHT BELIEVERGENERAL IRON0:57.023.1 12.82 21.04 23.732-2-53.51121781539
26-02-14429HV tf g C+3100031Y. S. Tsui126G. Mosse3B GOLD EDITIONGENERAL IRONSIGHT BELIEVER0:56.922.6 12.67 21.64 22.651-1-1N1108721615
12-02-14396HV tf g B100036Y. S. Tsui122K. C. Ng7B BRAVENESSBRILLIANT PROPOSALROMAN WIN0:57.423.1 12.66 21.58 23.621-1-631093744770
15-01-14329HV tf g C100039Y. S. Tsui132G. Mosse8B BRAVENESSBRILLIANT PROPOSALPENIAPHOBIA0:56.822.5 12.84 21.42 23.291-1-94.51098762258
29-12-13282ST tf g/f B+2120036Y. S. Tsui123C. Y. Lui5B AFFLUENCE OF RAINPRETTY ONETURIN CHAMPION1:09.823.5 23.98 22.30 23.852-1-621104771428
03-11-13133ST tf g/f C+3100036Y. S. Tsui132G. Mosse14B2 ACCESS YEARSULTIMATE WINNERSBUNDLE OF JOY0:57.222.9 13.34 21.00 23.604-2-64.251083792642
17-09-1333HV tf g/f B100037Y. S. Tsui133D. Whyte1 YOU READ MY MINDTHE PRINCECHARITY JOY0:57.022.5 12.99 21.65 22.936-4-73.51080795.86.5
23-06-13718ST tf g A100034Y. S. Tsui126C. Y. Lui5 DANE PATROLMASTER SOMMELIERNOBODY BUT YOU0:56.522.8 13.21 20.53 23.296-2-431097802959
22-05-13633HV tf y C100037Y. S. Tsui133G. Mosse1 SUPER FRESHCROESUSB CHOICE0:57.223.0 12.86 21.75 23.345-5-74.25109580107.4
01-05-13580ST aw w/s -120038Y. S. Tsui133T. Berry5 SLICK BULLETMULTIVICTORYCARRY THE ZEAL1:09.523.2 23.78 22.90 23.493-6-83.751104801010
10-04-13520HV tf g/y C+3100031Y. S. Tsui122T. Clark5 GOLD EDITIONTOUCH GOPRECISION KING0:58.023.9 12.78 21.87 23.403-3-10.751102746.14.2
24-02-13411ST tf g B100031Y. S. Tsui122T. Clark10 GOLD EDITIONHAWTHORNESIR EAGLES0:57.022.5 13.55 21.14 22.392-2-11.251097676.72.8
27-01-13344ST tf g B100034Y. S. Tsui119T. Clark12 BIG FOURORIENTAL PROSPERJUN DAO0:56.922.8 13.40 20.99 22.735-7-40.751104661911
12-01-13308ST tf g C+3120035Y. S. Tsui122T. H. So10B- MR GINGERULTIMATE WINNERSRIDE ON THE FIRE1:09.823.6 23.97 22.38 24.014-4-53.251108682526
28-12-12273HV tf g C+3100036Y. S. Tsui123T. Clark11B WINDICATOR STARSUPER FRESHGOLD RACER0:57.222.9 12.92 21.64 23.393-4-64.751106701219
05-12-12218HV tf g A120034Y. S. Tsui123T. Clark4B CAPE CANAVERALDANCE FOR GOLDSUNNY FAY1:10.723.8 24.03 23.08 23.872-3-41.251097701313
14-11-12162ST aw f/t -120034Y. S. Tsui123Y. T. Cheng3B HAPPY FOREVERALL FRIENDSGREEN ZONE1:08.623.7 22.82 22.23 23.772-2-41.5108970119.7
21-10-12109HV tf g/f B100038Y. S. Tsui119Y. T. Cheng8B FREDERICK ENGELSSIMPLEGLORY HORSIE0:57.223.1 12.97 21.75 22.975-5-831092711011
26-09-1254HV tf g C120038Y. S. Tsui124W. C. Marwing4H-/B CAPE CANAVERALTOUR DE FORCEUWILLBEGLORIOUS1:09.823.3 23.69 22.83 23.841-1-83.251093719.19.4
12-09-1217HV tf g A100032Y. S. Tsui124Y. T. Cheng5H/B1 DIAMOND ELEGANCEGOLD EDITIONTOUR DE FORCE0:57.523.1 12.77 21.89 22.933-5-2N1089698.46.8
11-07-12756HV tf g/f B100038Y. S. Tsui127J. McDonald9H EVER BEAUTYSMART KIDSGAMEKEEPERS0:57.123.3 12.89 21.82 23.166-9-84.5110569139.4
20-06-12705HV tf g C100033Y. S. Tsui122M. L. Yeung5H EVER BEAUTYSMART KIDSGOLD EDITION0:57.022.9 12.66 21.72 22.911-2-31.51103694.33.3
30-05-12654HV tf g C120037Y. S. Tsui122M. Zahra9H IMPERIAL ROMESEA THE PEARLSSHIBALA1:10.023.6 23.69 22.93 24.302-3-75.51110692213
09-05-12605HV tf g B100031Y. S. Tsui114Y. T. Cheng3H GOLD EDITIONLOADS OF JOYHAWTHORNE0:57.323.2 12.62 21.50 23.231-1-111112624.33.1
18-04-12549HV tf g C120042Y. S. Tsui133W. C. Marwing5H SURFER BOYGOLD EDITIONWINSOME1:10.723.1 23.92 23.72 23.151-1-2SH1115608.26.8
14-03-12471HV tf g C100043Y. S. Tsui131G. Mosse3H RIDE ON THE FIRESECRET OF WINNINGGOLD EDITION0:57.423.1 12.67 21.66 23.131-2-3Nose1108588.45.2
04-03-12445ST tf g B+2120049Y. S. Tsui133Z. Purton2H THE PEAKBEAR EXPRESSPAPAS1:09.923.7 23.67 22.90 24.432-3-96.751115587.55.7
11-02-12392ST tf g C+3100043Y. S. Tsui129Y. T. Cheng5H LIFELINE ELITEELECTRONIC FORTUNEGOLD EDITION0:57.723.3 13.23 21.16 23.691-1-32112058128.5
25-01-12343ST tf g A120041Y. S. Tsui126Y. T. Cheng3H1 GOLD EDITIONHOT ASSETTHE FAST LANE1:11.823.4 24.47 23.94 23.441-1-1N1114528.112

HKJC Comment

Began well, pressed forward 3-wide into back stretch before breaking down 800m and pulled up.