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CALL ME ACHIEVER (N134) 創出商機 (Retired)

Y. S. Tsui / Rating: 60

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PPG / ch / g / 11 yrs / NZ
Owner: CMA Syndicate
Last win: 19-12-15
Health: Lame right hind leg. (16/04/2014)
Sire: Ishiguru
Dam: Greensleeves

Past Performances
Total Starts: 53: (6-9-3)
ST 1000m: 7 (0-0-0)
ST 1200m: 7 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1200m: 7 (1-0-2)
HV 1000m: 32 (5-9-1)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
06-07-16770HV tf g A1000312Y. S. Tsui109H. N. Wong1B- MOMENT OF POWERFISH N' CHIPSBEAUTY CONNECTION0:56.822.9 12.69 21.58 24.242-3-1210.251230621522
22-06-16738HV tf g/f C100035Y. S. Tsui119C. Y. Ho4B TRAVEL COMFORTSLAMAROSADIEGO KOSTA0:57.123.5 12.87 21.73 23.174-4-53.751212631117
23-03-16503HV tf g/y C1000311Y. S. Tsui110H. N. Wong5B BRILLIANT PROPOSALFANTASTICOSMART DECLARATION0:57.723.3 12.79 21.86 24.262-3-117.51252631829
17-02-16415HV tf g B1000312Y. S. Tsui107H. N. Wong12P-/B2MR RIGHTGENERAL IRONNO MONEY NO TALK0:57.323.1 12.87 21.63 24.245-3-128.51252634099
19-12-15264ST aw g -120041Y. S. Tsui122H. N. Wong5B-/P1CALL ME ACHIEVERMOLLY'S JADE STARST YAZIN1:09.123.5 23.44 22.14 23.572-1-1N1229583943
09-12-15241HV tf y A100044Y. S. Tsui133J. Moreira2B MR RIGHTST YAZINKING OF HOUSEHOLD0:58.123.8 12.82 21.84 23.796-7-421226596.97.4
08-11-15154ST tf g C+31000414Y. S. Tsui123H. N. Wong11B PENANG HALLHAPPY COOPERATIONEXCITABLE BOY0:56.923.1 13.23 20.83 24.345-6-1491225605287
18-10-15113ST tf g/f C+31200410Y. S. Tsui123H. N. Wong10B VICTOR EMPERORLONDON MASTERGOLDEN GUNNERS1:09.623.1 23.64 22.84 24.031-1-105.751221603134
14-10-15107HV tf g B100048Y. S. Tsui133B. Prebble8B MR RIGHTFANTASTICOEXCITABLE BOY0:57.723.3 12.75 21.73 23.911-2-84.251232606.58.7
16-09-1532HV tf g B100041Y. S. Tsui129B. Prebble1B CALL ME ACHIEVERJOLLY POSHTRENDIFUL0:58.023.7 12.77 21.66 23.592-2-11.51222542.72.8
17-06-15703HV tf g/f C100041Y. S. Tsui123B. Prebble3B CALL ME ACHIEVERFANTASTICOTRENDIFUL0:57.222.5 12.72 21.91 22.571-1-10.51225496.14.5
03-06-15665HV tf g/f A100042Y. S. Tsui122B. Prebble9B CHIN CHUNCALL ME ACHIEVERGLORY HORSIE0:57.523.5 12.70 21.32 23.621-2-20.751214486.64.7
13-05-15609HV tf g/f B100042Y. S. Tsui121B. Prebble10B GLORY HORSIECALL ME ACHIEVERAMBITIOUS GLORY0:57.323.1 12.69 21.56 23.181-1-20.5119846135.8
22-04-15556HV tf g/f C100048Y. S. Tsui122Y. T. Cheng10B SHADOWFAXEJOYFUL THE GREATALL TIMES LUCKY0:57.122.8 12.85 21.60 23.663-2-86.2511984866.6
25-03-15492ST aw f/t -120044Y. S. Tsui112H. N. Wong3B HIT THE BIDLOVELY NAUGHTYCHIN CHUN1:08.323.1 23.27 21.98 23.534-2-42.75119749139.2
21-01-15332HV tf g C100043Y. S. Tsui125M. Guyon8B2 BRILLANTEGLORY HORSIECALL ME ACHIEVER0:57.122.9 12.85 22.02 22.795-6-331208507.36
01-01-15278ST tf g/f C120044Y. S. Tsui125U. Rispoli9B- SUPER TALENTADDOLETEN FLAMES1:09.522.7 24.21 22.80 23.132-2-43.51219526476
20-12-14253ST aw g -1200412Y. S. Tsui127U. Rispoli7B KINGSTON JUMBOMEDIC KINGDOMGRAND PLUS1:10.024.3 23.57 22.38 26.622-4-12161223541720
26-11-14188HV tf g/f C100045Y. S. Tsui127K. C. Leung1B TRIUMPHANT JEWELBRILLIANT PROPOSALRUGBY DIAMOND0:57.222.9 12.88 21.79 23.284-4-54.251211566.65.1
02-11-14132ST tf g/f C120044Y. S. Tsui130C. K. Tong8B SIGHT SEEINGSUPER TALENTBEAR-POP1:09.823.3 23.55 22.91 23.851-1-431216574064
08-10-1472ST aw g -120044Y. S. Tsui130Y. T. Cheng6B CONFUCIUS ELITEKING OF HOUSEHOLDREAL FIT1:09.123.8 23.47 22.04 23.971-2-421209571916
17-09-1413ST aw w/f -120043Y. S. Tsui130Y. T. Cheng7B CONFUCIUS ELITEGRAND PLUSCALL ME ACHIEVER1:09.123.5 23.17 22.52 23.841-1-321206573340
01-07-14753ST tf g A+3100049Y. S. Tsui132C. Reith1B LOVELY DELOVELYVICTORY GENERALSIR JOHN0:55.922.2 13.40 20.75 23.407-8-910.251207591868
08-06-14693ST tf g/f B+21200311Y. S. Tsui115K. C. Leung5B GOLDEN DEERLANG TAI SINGTONYBOY1:09.323.0 23.80 22.50 24.221-1-117.51204604899
21-05-14644HV tf g C+3100039Y. S. Tsui115C. K. Tong8B ROMAN LEGENDHARBOUR PUNKGAMEKEEPERS0:57.123.0 12.85 22.06 22.866-10-93.751197603572
16-04-14559HV tf g/f C12004WDY. S. Tsui133Y. T. ChengB WELL DONEJADE PIPPOYOU ARE THE ONE1:10.323.0  12096023 
06-04-14528ST tf g B+2100049Y. S. Tsui128K. C. Ng11B FORTUNE TERRITORYWILD BOYJOYFUL LUCK0:57.723.3 13.30 21.11 24.101-2-95120260139.1
02-04-14521HV tf g/y A100044Y. S. Tsui133D. Whyte3B DOUBLE MASTERKINGSTON JUMBOBUNKER SHOT0:58.124.1 12.96 21.41 23.924-4-411213603.86.3
05-03-14447HV tf g A100041Y. S. Tsui129D. Whyte11B CALL ME ACHIEVERCROESUSGREAT RUN0:57.823.8 13.00 21.49 23.314-4-1N1219551513
19-02-14411HV tf g C100041Y. S. Tsui123J. Moreira2B CALL ME ACHIEVERGENTILISGLORY HORSIE0:57.723.0 12.81 21.83 23.071-1-10.51217502.92.4
05-02-14375HV tf g A100042Y. S. Tsui122J. Moreira2B GENERAL IRONCALL ME ACHIEVEROCEAN ROAR0:57.223.3 12.79 21.42 23.182-2-20.751215481.91.8
08-01-14308HV tf g B100042Y. S. Tsui119J. Moreira8B OCEAN ROARCALL ME ACHIEVERGENTILIS0:57.823.3 12.64 21.48 23.043-3-20.511984684.9
04-12-13213HV tf g/f A100047Y. S. Tsui121G. Mosse7B BRILLIANT PROPOSALDOUBLE MASTERK-MOOCHI0:57.223.0 12.92 21.51 23.611-4-74.75119948126.3
20-11-13176HV tf g C100046Y. S. Tsui125G. Mosse12B SIGHT BELIEVERBRILLIANT PROPOSALMIGHT AND VISION0:57.523.1 12.85 21.72 23.564-3-63.75120550208.9
20-10-1394HV tf g/f B1000410Y. S. Tsui123N. Pinna11B SIGHT BELIEVERBRILLIANT PROPOSALCROESUS0:57.523.2 12.81 22.05 23.546-9-105.51207501818
25-09-1338HV tf g/f C100042Y. S. Tsui121N. Pinna1CP-/BMIGHTY EQUUSCALL ME ACHIEVERBOLERO0:57.223.0 12.81 21.40 23.103-1-2SH1210485.45.3
26-06-13724HV tf g/f C100045Y. S. Tsui125G. Mosse1SW RED LUCKY STARGREAT ALEXANDERSUPER GOAL ELITE0:56.922.4 12.79 21.98 22.543-3-52.251211527.35.5
29-05-13648HV tf g/f C+3100045Y. S. Tsui122G. Mosse5SW EASTERN PROMISED DAY SUPERPO CHING KING0:56.922.9 13.03 21.69 22.856-7-53.51201525.84.3
24-04-13554HV tf g C100042Y. S. Tsui126G. Mosse11SW PO CHING KINGCALL ME ACHIEVERGREAT ALEXANDER0:57.423.0 12.82 21.93 22.814-3-20.51212512312
07-04-13509ST tf g C1000412Y. S. Tsui129Y. T. Cheng7B-/SWJOY TOGETHERBRAVE BROTHERWINNING ADVANTAGE0:57.723.2 13.35 21.43 23.942-7-126.251191532926
17-03-13462ST tf g A1200411Y. S. Tsui128Y. T. Cheng2B HEARTLANDBOBO DRAGONGLACIER BLUE1:09.822.8 24.07 23.10 23.522-2-115.251199553751
20-02-13402HV tf g B100049Y. S. Tsui127C. Y. Ho3B FLASHING GUYCROESUSNOBODY BUT YOU0:57.723.1 13.03 21.99 23.594-4-95.251187573.45.7
02-02-13360ST tf g C100044Y. S. Tsui129C. Y. Ho9B GRIMMYJADE CHRISTYSMART TOUCH0:57.122.7 13.51 20.97 23.305-4-44.251187581011
12-01-13307ST aw g -120043Y. S. Tsui133Y. T. Cheng4B JADE PIPPOTARREGACALL ME ACHIEVER1:10.124.1 23.50 22.45 24.412-1-31.751202589.36.6
19-12-12256HV tf g C100042Y. S. Tsui132Z. Purton1B D DAY SUPERCALL ME ACHIEVERCHINA GOOD0:58.323.5 12.89 21.83 23.681-1-20.511955742.8
02-12-12206ST aw w/s -1200410Y. S. Tsui130G. Mosse9B O'HALOSUPREME HONG KONGFLYING CHINA1:10.424.2 23.59 23.09 26.372-4-1016.251193579.310
07-11-12143HV tf g A100046Y. S. Tsui123K. C. Ng8B SEASONS STARBLESS US ALLNOBODY BUT YOU0:57.823.4 12.84 21.53 23.832-1-62.251190574.73.1
10-10-1276HV tf g A100042Y. S. Tsui131W. C. Marwing5B SECRET OF WINNINGCALL ME ACHIEVERSPICY SHRIMP0:57.423.1 12.81 21.47 23.261-1-20.751204563.82.6
11-07-12752HV tf g/f B100041Y. S. Tsui126J. McDonald6B CALL ME ACHIEVERINVINCIBLE HEARTASSURE0:57.223.1 12.66 21.50 23.131-1-10.751180503.42.8
20-06-12704HV tf g C100042Y. S. Tsui123W. C. Marwing6B TOUR DE FORCECALL ME ACHIEVERD DAY SUPER0:57.322.7 12.77 21.81 22.871-1-211184487.75.4
29-04-12573ST tf y A120047Y. S. Tsui123W. C. Marwing1B1 DANCE FOR GOLDVIVACISSIMODIVINITY POWER1:10.223.0 24.15 23.41 23.413-4-74.75118650129.5
10-03-12462ST tf g C+3100044Y. S. Tsui126G. Mosse9 STERLING CITYEXPEDIENCEDAPPER BOY0:57.423.0 13.47 20.92 23.561-1-4311855198.2
19-02-12410ST tf g A120047Y. S. Tsui125W. C. Marwing7 THE PEAKSUDDEN THUNDERREAL GENERAL1:10.922.8 24.26 23.79 23.242-3-72.51190526.58.1
21-01-12334ST tf g C+3100045Y. S. Tsui125Y. T. Cheng12 DANCE FOR GOLDKING OF THE DAYO'HALO0:57.223.1 13.38 20.96 23.036-4-50.75119052135.8

HKJC Comment

Rolled forward to take box-seat, sat 2-1/4L behind, weakened badly passing 200M.