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FLASH KNIGHT (N173) 閃爍武士 (Retired)

J. Moore / Rating: 104

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PP / b / g / 11 yrs / GB
Owner: Mr & Mrs James Tien Pei-chun
Last win: 23-03-14
Health: Substantial blood in the trachea and sustained a superficial wound to right front pastern after racing. (18/03/2012) Bled from both nostrils after racing. (12/02/2013) Failed vet exam, substantial blood in the trachea after finishing barrier trial. (04/06/2013) Bled from nostrils and lame right front leg after racing. (17/05/2014)
Sire: Iceman
Dam: Irresistible

Past Performances
Total Starts: 18: (3-5-2)
ST 1200m: 1 (0-1-0)
ST 1400m: 13 (2-4-2)
ST 1600m: 4 (1-0-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
17-05-14636ST tf g C+31600110J. Moore118B. Prebble4H REWARDING HEROSECRET SHAMPACKING WHIZ1:34.822.5 48.60 24.06 23.677-6-5-109.2511921049.66.5
27-04-14583ST tf g/f A140022J. Moore132G. Mosse10H DEEP THINKERFLASH KNIGHTDUNDONNELL1:21.922.8 36.62 23.16 22.1711-12-11-2SH1207102135.4
23-03-14499ST tf g C+3140021J. Moore124G. Mosse6H FLASH KNIGHTDUNDONNELLNOBLE ALPHA1:21.823.1 35.94 23.41 22.506-6-6-10.51215961211
01-03-14442ST tf g B+21400G37J. Moore121G. Mosse10H SUPER LIFELINEWINNING LEADERDESTINED FOR GLORY1:21.823.5 36.46 22.61 23.3213-14-13-73.51219989.25.2
16-02-14407ST tf g A160025J. Moore129T. Berry7H KABAYANPRESIDENT LINCOLNBEAUTY FLAME1:35.023.2 48.58 23.76 23.1010-9-10-52.51240991414
01-01-14293ST tf g C1400G38J. Moore113K. C. Leung9H STERLING CITYDESTINED FOR GLORYALL YOU WISH1:22.222.3 38.12 22.67 22.219-9-9-84.751235999.58.4
09-11-13153ST tf g/f A140013J. Moore129W. C. Marwing12H FLAGSHIP SHINENOBLE ALPHAFLASH KNIGHT1:21.523.3 35.73 23.03 22.969-9-9-311226982410
12-02-13386ST tf g C+31400110J. Moore125D. Whyte2H PENGLAI XIANZITALLEY CLOSEKEEN MARIE1:21.723.3 35.57 23.27 23.6810-9-7-104.751196992.21.9
12-01-13315ST tf g C+3140024J. Moore128G. Mosse14H FULFIL A WISHGREEN EAGLEAKEED MOFEED1:22.223.2 37.48 22.62 22.4014-13-13-41.751209985.44.2
22-12-12268ST tf g A+3140021J. Moore122G. Mosse7H FLASH KNIGHTGREEN EAGLETOUR DE FORCE1:22.223.6 35.93 23.29 23.0312-11-10-12.251217886.55.3
25-11-12194ST tf g/y C140023J. Moore125T. Clark13H KING OF REASONSTERLING CITYFLASH KNIGHT1:22.922.7 37.50 23.24 22.3713-13-13-311183871511
10-11-12157ST tf g/f A140032J. Moore133B. Prebble4H GREEN EAGLEFLASH KNIGHTBEST WIN1:22.322.8 36.83 23.07 22.629-8-5-211216854.14.5
06-05-12596ST tf g A+3160031J. Moore133B. Prebble10H FLASH KNIGHTLOMBARDIJOLLY FINE1:37.422.5 51.52 23.61 22.368-8-4-1SH1178804.25.3
21-04-12562ST tf g C+3140032J. Moore133B. Prebble8H SUPREME FLIGHTFLASH KNIGHTRADIOMARELLI1:22.523.2 36.47 23.54 22.5412-12-12-2SH1177785.14.7
18-03-12481ST tf g A1400310J. Moore133O. Doleuze6H POLYMER WINJOLLY FINERECORD HIGH1:22.922.9 36.70 23.54 24.136-6-4-108.751164781.92
04-03-12450ST tf g B+2140032J. Moore124O. Doleuze10H WAH MAY STARFLASH KNIGHTVICTORY MASTER1:22.223.0 37.42 22.63 22.6710-10-8-22.751165778.39.9
19-02-12416ST tf g A1600312J. Moore131D. Oliver8H1 SHINY DAYREAL SPECIALISTMEDALLIST1:36.623.2 49.77 24.22 23.328-8-7-124.251173778.96.5
29-01-12355ST tf g A+3120032J. Moore130D. Beadman4 MENTORFLASH KNIGHTSUPER GOODIES1:10.523.1 24.83 22.92 22.908-5-30.5118075126.2

HKJC Comment

Reserved in midfield along the 2-path, gave brief response early straight, weakened badly final 200M. (Bled 2nd time.)