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FAT CHOY HONG KONG (N253) 香港興旺 (Retired)

C. H. Yip / Rating: 95

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PP / b / g / 10 yrs / GB
Owner: Fortuna Syndicate
Last win: 16-09-15
Health: Lame right front leg after racing. (16/12/2012) Lame left front leg on the morning after racing. (23/10/2014) Failed vet exam, lame left front leg. (08/12/2014) Lame left front leg with severe bony changes in fetlock. (13/05/2016)
Sire: Intikhab
Dam: Don't Tell Mum

Past Performances
Total Starts: 34: (3-4-4)
ST 1000m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST 1200m: 6 (0-1-0)
ST 1400m: 5 (1-0-0)
ST 1600m: 2 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1200m: 1 (0-0-0)
HV 1000m: 1 (0-0-0)
HV 1200m: 1 (0-0-0)
HV 1650m: 14 (2-3-3)
HV 1800m: 3 (0-0-1)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
13-04-16563HV tf g/y A165029C. H. Yip123H. N. Wong7B/TT JUN HUOPIKACHUPHOTON WILLIE1:40.423.5 51.89 24.98 24.651-1-1-96.751034951224
23-03-16506HV tf g/y C180013C. H. Yip103K. K. Chiong2B/TT HORSE OF FORTUNEGOT FLYFAT CHOY HONG KONG1:49.423.9 61.35 24.16 24.451-1-1-331028911630
24-02-16429HV tf g C165013C. H. Yip107H. N. Wong1B/TT HORSE OF FORTUNETWIN DELIGHTFAT CHOY HONG KONG1:39.822.9 53.03 24.11 23.063-3-3-32.251037911317
20-01-16345HV tf g/y C1650212C. H. Yip121H. N. Wong11B/TT TWIN DELIGHTHORSE OF FORTUNECALIFORNIA DISEGNO1:39.823.8 51.30 24.74 25.951-1-1-1213.251050921431
09-12-15243HV tf y A180025C. H. Yip118H. N. Wong5B/TT GOODHEART SUCCESSHORSE OF FORTUNESPEEDY LONGWAH1:50.123.9 60.89 25.30 24.261-1-1-51.751048921737
22-10-15129HV tf g C+3165026C. H. Yip110H. N. Wong9B/TT HORSE OF FORTUNEGOT FLYSTAR MAJESTIC1:41.223.4 53.57 24.50 23.631-2-3-631042921511
16-09-1536HV tf g B165021C. H. Yip112H. N. Wong3B1/TTFAT CHOY HONG KONGGOODHEART SUCCESSTOP ACT1:40.423.8 51.77 24.80 23.871-1-1-11.25104986108.4
17-06-15706HV tf g/f C1800112C. H. Yip104H. N. Wong9TT RAINBOW CHICFLAME HEROJAZZY FEELING1:48.323.1 60.61 24.58 24.931-2-2-1211.251035861915
03-06-15670HV tf g/f A165023C. H. Yip112H. N. Wong5TT BRILLIANT SHINEJAZZY FEELINGFAT CHOY HONG KONG1:40.123.6 52.18 24.53 23.681-2-3-31.51030867.98.2
06-05-15597HV tf g/f A165025C. H. Yip114K. C. Ng1TT REGENCY KINGBRILLIANT SHINEOBLITERATOR1:39.423.8 51.61 23.98 24.072-2-1-51.251045861116
01-04-15509HV tf g/f A165026C. H. Yip121C. Y. Ho2TT TWIN DELIGHTSICHUAN EXECJAZZY FEELING1:39.323.4 51.95 24.31 23.707-7-5-641036865.79.6
25-02-15420HV tf g C165021C. H. Yip110K. C. Ng12TT FAT CHOY HONG KONGWONDERFUL MOMENTSNOBLE DELUXE1:40.323.1 52.53 24.64 23.181-1-1-1N1024813051
01-02-15364ST tf g/f C160028C. H. Yip124B. Prebble5TT REDKIRK WARRIORCONTENTMENTCELESTIAL SMILE1:35.322.2 49.14 24.19 22.742-3-4-84.751008813552
22-10-14109HV tf g/y B165032C. H. Yip133G. Mosse9TT MEDALLISTFAT CHOY HONG KONGROYAL PARTNER1:41.323.9 53.15 24.70 23.713-4-4-2110308056.6
21-09-1425ST tf g/f B+2120024C. H. Yip122Y. T. Cheng3TT TEOFILO CALVAPRECISION KINGKEY WITNESS1:08.622.2 24.46 22.41 22.385-4-43.51024801317
28-06-14748ST tf g/f A1200313C. H. Yip130M. Du Plessis12TT PEARL WINKEY WITNESSVICTORIUS1:09.922.5 25.01 23.18 22.879-12-1371018821021
01-06-14675ST tf g/f A+3160024C. H. Yip119W. M. Lai2TT PACKING LLAREGYBKHAYAKABAYAN1:34.822.8 48.73 23.53 22.773-5-4-411009821740
07-05-14608HV tf g B1650212C. H. Yip115K. C. Leung2TT BEAUTY LEADHO IN ONEWINNIE'S HORSE1:41.223.5 54.41 23.55 24.256-7-5-126.251025824.64
09-04-14543HV tf g/f B165032C. H. Yip133O. Doleuze11TT REDWOOD BABYFAT CHOY HONG KONGREAL GENEROUS1:39.423.3 51.57 24.60 23.323-3-2-2N1031809.315
12-03-14471HV tf g B165032C. H. Yip133O. Doleuze11TT HOLMES LEGENDFAT CHOY HONG KONGTRUMP1:40.023.7 52.18 24.12 23.951-1-1-21.251032791710
23-02-14426ST tf g A+31400210C. H. Yip120W. M. Lai6TT DUNDONNELLSANTA FE SUNWAH MAY STAR1:21.723.3 35.99 22.75 23.715-5-5-104.251026801526
22-01-14349HV tf g C+3165023C. H. Yip116W. M. Lai5TT CHATER DREAMBULLISH BOYFAT CHOY HONG KONG1:40.222.5 53.17 24.59 22.842-2-2-32.251031803229
08-12-13230ST tf g/f A120024C. H. Yip115W. M. Lai5TT SUPER JOCKEYMY FAVORITESMART MAN1:09.122.4 24.18 22.51 22.622-2-41.251044804486
24-11-13190ST tf g/f C140037C. H. Yip133G. Mosse3TT MULTIVICTORYLUGERVICTORY HEART1:22.823.1 35.86 24.11 23.235-5-5-72.51047801714
03-11-13135ST tf g/f C+3140031C. H. Yip128G. Mosse1TT FAT CHOY HONG KONGSWIFT SHADOWBERLINSKI1:22.922.9 35.94 24.43 22.585-5-6-10.5102974109.2
12-10-1379ST tf g/f A+3140039C. H. Yip128T. H. So11TT EXCITING DREAMVICTORY HEARTSUDDEN THUNDER1:21.923.2 35.50 23.33 23.715-3-2-93.751041762679
17-09-1335HV tf g/f B1200312C. H. Yip130T. Angland8TT HIGHEST ACCLAIMPROLIFIC CHAMPIONJAZZY FEELING1:10.123.1 24.39 22.98 23.796-5-126.51029778.712
04-07-13747HV tf g/f A100038C. H. Yip131T. Angland10TT BEAUTY SPARKLEBRAVENESSTOUCH GO0:56.823.0 13.25 21.51 22.4910-10-82.751015821632
08-06-13682ST tf g/f B+2120029C. H. Yip121Y. T. Cheng12TT FIONN'S TREASUREKEEN WONGCHOYABLE SPEED1:09.222.5 24.54 22.54 22.515-6-921029842332
18-05-13628ST tf g C140025C. H. Yip120Z. Purton8TT FLAGSHIP SHINESTERLING CITYDEEP THINKER1:21.622.6 36.30 23.22 22.8512-12-11-54.51021861218
10-03-13445ST tf g C+3100029C. H. Yip112K. C. Ng8TT STRAIGHT GOLDGO BABY GOREGENCY LUCK0:56.322.2 13.36 20.83 24.172-4-912.251024882122
16-12-12249ST aw g -120028C. H. Yip122Z. Purton5TT1 HAPPY INDEXCOSMIC BOOMAMIGO1:08.923.1 24.13 22.23 23.409-5-84.75102188913
18-11-12176ST tf g B+2120024C. H. Yip121Z. Purton3 THE PEAKCOSMIC BOOMPRETTY ONE1:09.222.1 24.43 22.84 22.742-2-44.751038885.44.8
24-06-12718ST tf g A120022C. H. Yip118M. Du Plessis8 EL ZONDAFAT CHOY HONG KONGADORATION1:09.422.5 24.10 22.77 22.592-2-2N1021861213

HKJC Comment

Used early to find the lead, took them along at steady tempo, headed 250M, weakened towards the line.