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APOLLO CAVALIER (N262) 太陽戰士 (Retired)

Y. S. Tsui / Rating: 62

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PP / b / g / 12 yrs / NZ
Owner: Joseph Lo Kin-ching
Last win: 22-10-14
Health: Substantial blood in the trachea after racing. (17/11/2013) Lame right front leg. (16/06/2015) Advanced degenerative joint disease of both front fetlocks. (24/08/2015)
Sire: Bertolini
Dam: French Kiss

Past Performances
Total Starts: 36: (4-4-2)
ST 1000m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST 1200m: 6 (0-1-0)
ST 1400m: 14 (1-2-1)
ST 1600m: 4 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1200m: 4 (2-1-1)
HV 1200m: 6 (1-0-0)
HV 1650m: 1 (0-0-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
29-03-15502ST tf g A+3120035Y. S. Tsui122Y. T. Cheng13H AMBER DRAGONGOOD LUCK BOYLET ME DO1:09.323.0 23.83 22.50 23.551-1-53.51041655999
08-03-15449ST tf g/f C+31400314Y. S. Tsui120Y. T. Cheng10H LAUGH OUT LOUDUP AND COMINGTOO FAST1:22.123.6 34.99 23.55 26.431-1-2-1417.751060674799
07-02-15379ST tf g/f C+3120039Y. S. Tsui117Y. T. Cheng11H GOLDEN DEERSUPREME FALCONCALIFORNIA BOUNTY1:09.022.6 23.89 22.65 23.632-2-971060695799
21-01-15333HV tf g C1200312Y. S. Tsui124Y. T. Cheng11H SUPREME FALCONSECRET COMMANDLET ME DO1:09.723.0 23.73 23.05 24.411-2-128.751059701731
17-12-14248HV tf g/f B120036Y. S. Tsui124J. Moreira3H DISCIPLES TWELVEGREAT RUNAFFLUENCE OF RAIN1:10.123.0 24.33 22.77 23.611-1-63.751068707.26.8
12-11-14157HV tf g A120039Y. S. Tsui123B. Prebble3H ALL GREAT FRIENDSGENTILISGRIMMY1:09.723.7 23.26 22.94 24.532-2-96.251056701212
22-10-14110HV tf g/y B120031Y. S. Tsui116Y. T. Cheng5H APOLLO CAVALIERCHOICE TREASUREGRIMMY1:11.023.9 23.91 23.17 23.951-1-11.251050639.28.4
17-09-1418ST aw w/f -120032Y. S. Tsui118Y. T. Cheng6H KING DERBYAPOLLO CAVALIERCHEETAH BOY1:08.923.5 23.49 22.06 23.823-2-22.51045637.77.2
25-06-14734ST aw g -120041Y. S. Tsui129C. K. Tong8H APOLLO CAVALIERHIGHLAND DRAGONMEDIC KINGDOM1:10.124.2 23.17 22.73 24.271-1-10.51046578.78.3
11-06-14698ST aw g -120043Y. S. Tsui131D. Whyte5H HURRY HURRY UPSUPER TORNADOAPOLLO CAVALIER1:10.024.3 23.63 22.47 24.094-4-31.251051577.46.2
21-04-14569ST aw g -120041Y. S. Tsui123Y. T. Cheng3H APOLLO CAVALIERSUPREME HONG KONGHURRY HURRY UP1:09.023.5 23.17 22.28 23.561-1-11.2510505186.4
06-04-14531ST tf g B+2140043Y. S. Tsui127Y. T. Cheng6H REBORN TO WINHOW SPEEDYAPOLLO CAVALIER1:23.924.7 35.11 24.09 24.942-2-1-311050511117
19-03-14483HV tf g C165046Y. S. Tsui124C. K. Tong3H ROBUST MOMENTUMSTEP HIGHFIGHTING BOY1:39.523.8 51.07 24.62 24.671-1-1-65.251057534145
01-03-14439ST tf g B+2140048Y. S. Tsui128C. K. Tong14H PENNY LANENUMERO UNOSPURS ON1:23.224.1 35.31 23.80 25.111-1-1-86.251061553665
08-02-14382ST tf g C+31000411Y. S. Tsui129T. Angland5H SKY MANWHISTLE BLOWERFIERY WHISPERER0:56.922.8 13.38 20.91 23.823-3-117.51052553743
01-01-14291ST tf g C140046Y. S. Tsui128C. K. Tong12H GERONIMO MEADOWGOOD HONG KONGJUN JU1:23.123.7 35.53 23.84 24.781-1-1-66.251046572311
17-11-13164ST tf g/f B+21400410Y. S. Tsui133G. Mosse6H CLUB LIFEMEDIC KINGDOMSPEEDYGONZALEZ1:22.823.2 35.50 24.08 25.023-1-1-10111035599.86
27-10-13112ST tf g/f B+21600311Y. S. Tsui115C. Y. Ho11H AMBER DRAGONENTHUSIASMGLORIOUS RYDER1:35.023.1 48.11 23.80 24.661-1-1-119.51043603113
06-10-1363ST tf g/f A140035Y. S. Tsui110K. C. Ng8H REWARDING HEROMIGHTY KGREAT CHARM1:21.823.3 34.89 23.74 23.661-3-3-52.751037601721
08-09-135ST tf g A140049Y. S. Tsui133K. Teetan5H MAJESTIC ANTHEMJUN JUPOWER BLITZ1:22.423.5 35.59 23.56 24.382-2-4-96.75103860129.4
08-06-13678ST tf g/f B+2140041Y. S. Tsui128G. Mosse12H APOLLO CAVALIERFOREVER AHEADBOY OH BOY1:22.022.9 35.71 23.41 22.952-1-1-1N1048557.68.5
11-05-13604ST tf g/f B+2140042Y. S. Tsui127G. Mosse1H GREAT RENOWNAPOLLO CAVALIERHONG KONG FAT1:22.624.3 35.45 22.99 24.263-3-3-2N1046547.65.7
20-04-13547ST tf g C+3140044Y. S. Tsui127Y. T. Cheng7H MR GNOCCHIFOREVER AHEADMAN AND MING1:22.823.7 35.54 23.59 24.121-2-1-42.51056549.912
24-03-13481ST tf g A+3140042Y. S. Tsui125Y. T. Cheng12H GOOD FRIENDS MAGICAPOLLO CAVALIERPERFECT HEDGE1:23.223.4 35.52 24.50 23.281-2-3-2SH1051522129
12-02-13384ST tf g C+3160049Y. S. Tsui119C. Y. Lui3H HECO RIDERGLOBAL FAMEFOLLOW THE WIND1:36.022.8 48.59 24.61 23.601-1-1-94.751061554851
12-01-13310ST tf g C+31400413Y. S. Tsui130Z. Purton14H THANKSGIVINGALL YOU WISHELECTRONIC FORTUNE1:22.923.9 35.27 23.85 26.731-2-2-13181056572123
28-12-12270HV tf g C+3120048Y. S. Tsui133D. Whyte9H YOUNG TALENTNOBODY BUT YOUMR AWARD1:11.023.7 23.89 23.43 24.433-2-84.51052596.54.7
02-12-12213ST tf g C+3140035Y. S. Tsui112C. K. Tong11H SEA DIAMONDGREEN MANNERWINNING APEX1:23.423.7 35.67 24.03 24.081-1-1-51.751060602634
07-11-12145HV tf g A120035Y. S. Tsui112C. K. Tong3H JUMBO GOLDKICK SERVECAPE CANAVERAL1:10.523.6 23.84 22.98 24.312-2-53.75104061105.5
28-10-12124ST tf g/f B+2120038Y. S. Tsui117Y. T. Cheng9H THE PEAKSUDDEN THUNDERMR GINGER1:10.023.0 24.17 22.86 23.712-2-84.751046611715
14-10-1289ST tf g/f A+3120032Y. S. Tsui114Y. T. Cheng7H STERLING CITYAPOLLO CAVALIERFINN MACCOOL1:09.422.7 24.56 22.25 23.062-2-22.51043618.811
16-09-1227ST tf g/f B120036Y. S. Tsui119Y. T. Cheng8H SUNNY FAYSUPER CAGAHELENE FUN STAR1:09.723.6 23.58 22.58 23.861-1-61.751039611824
08-07-12748ST tf g C160039Y. S. Tsui117C. K. Tong5H1 TAKNAMCHAMPAGNE DAYSJOLLY FINE1:36.623.3 48.34 24.95 24.032-1-1-94.251036665792
24-06-12719ST tf g A1600313Y. S. Tsui124M. Zahra7 GROOVYLIBERTY VALANCEDANZULU1:35.623.4 48.11 24.21 25.081-1-2-1310.751054695499
09-06-12682ST tf g C1400311Y. S. Tsui122C. K. Tong2 SEA DIAMONDCLASSIC JEWELLERYHAPPY HA HA1:23.122.7 36.33 24.24 23.872-2-2-1181057714956
12-05-12611ST tf g B+2120035Y. S. Tsui124C. K. Tong7 STRATHTAYSTERLING CITYKEEN MARIE1:09.823.0 24.52 22.94 23.385-5-561075715050

HKJC Comment

Rushed forward from wide gate, sole lead from 850M, kept on steadily on straightening, headed near 150M, weakened towards finish. (Lost left hind plate at start.)