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BULLISH FRIEND (N333) 牛精好友 (Retired)

A. S. Cruz / Rating: 83

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
ISG / b / g / 9 yrs / AUS
Owner: Wong Wing-keung
Last win: 15-01-14
Health: Lame right front leg on the morning after racing. (28/05/2012) Lame right front foot. (27/08/2012) Lame right front leg: right front medial corn infection and metacarpal joint effusion. (13/11/2012) Swollen forelimb tendons. (06/01/2016) Left front tendon injury. (02/04/2016)
Sire: Court Command
Dam: Lady Jakeo

Past Performances
Total Starts: 42: (7-4-4)
ST 1000m: 2 (0-0-0)
ST 1200m: 19 (5-2-3)
ST 1400m: 3 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1200m: 3 (0-0-0)
HV 1200m: 15 (2-2-1)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
09-03-16470HV tf g/y A1200211A. S. Cruz118M. Chadwick11CP/H/COUNTRY MELODYSECRET COMMANDLUCKY YEAR1:09.924.1 24.50 22.79 24.0911-11-1191160859.517
13-12-15253ST tf g A120023A. S. Cruz122G. Mosse14CP/H/FABULOUS ONEAMAZING KIDSBULLISH FRIEND1:09.322.9 24.00 22.67 23.062-2-32.51155852213
21-11-15197ST tf g B+2120022A. S. Cruz119R. Fourie8CP/H/LUCKY BUBBLESBULLISH FRIENDCHEEKY TOO1:08.722.7 24.10 22.14 22.804-4-221156851410
07-10-1591HV tf g/y A120026A. S. Cruz117K. C. Ng9CP/H/BORN IN CHINALUCKY DOUBLE EIGHTYOU READ MY MIND1:10.023.1 23.74 23.26 23.502-2-631166851628
10-06-15688HV tf g/f B120029A. S. Cruz128M. Chadwick4CP/H/HIGH FIVECHARITY JOYHARBOUR PUNK1:09.323.2 24.40 22.72 23.256-8-96.25113791612
22-04-15560HV tf g/f C1200211A. S. Cruz131A. Suborics10CP/H/MR GENUINEYOU READ MY MINDHIGH FIVE1:09.923.7 23.82 22.90 23.735-4-113.251150943059
01-04-15510HV tf g/f A120028A. S. Cruz128K. C. Ng3CP/H/HARBOUR PUNKYOU READ MY MINDVICTORIUS1:08.923.5 23.46 22.43 24.494-5-891133961513
11-03-15458HV tf g B1200210A. S. Cruz128K. C. Ng5CP/H/HAPPY YEAH YEAHDISCIPLES TWELVESMART MAN1:09.723.9 23.25 22.91 24.404-4-1051139981422
01-03-15425ST aw g -120019A. S. Cruz114M. L. Yeung5CP/H/SUPER JOCKEYTOUR DE FORCEMASTER KOCHANWONG1:07.823.0 23.25 22.31 23.054-6-9511591003499
11-02-15390HV tf g/f B120029A. S. Cruz133D. Whyte11H/CP1ALL GREAT FRIENDSFABULOUS NOVEMBERPABLOSKY1:09.622.5 24.37 23.20 22.945-6-95.7511511029.814
01-02-15361ST tf g/f C120017A. S. Cruz127M. Guyon1H/TT KEY WITNESSLET ME GOBEAR HERO1:08.622.2 24.18 22.53 22.583-5-7411481041414
21-01-15334HV tf g C120023A. S. Cruz128K. C. Ng4H/TT FABULOUS NOVEMBERGREAT SPIRITBULLISH FRIEND1:09.122.6 23.94 22.94 22.824-4-33.2511451055.55.4
10-01-15307ST aw g -120018A. S. Cruz133G. Mosse5H/TT MASTER KOCHANWONGACCESS YEARSLORD SINCLAIR1:08.022.1 23.78 22.65 23.203-5-89.7511611071537
17-12-14249HV tf g/f B120015A. S. Cruz126N. Callan5H/TT DOMINEERTOUR DE FORCEEXCITING DREAM1:09.123.2 23.87 22.45 23.065-6-51.7511461079.819
26-10-14118ST tf g/f B+21200G29A. S. Cruz118M. Chadwick1H/TT AEROVELOCITYSUPER JOCKEYSMART VOLATILITY1:08.722.1 24.00 22.94 22.594-4-95.2511491092350
01-10-1453ST tf g/f C+31000G37A. S. Cruz120K. C. Ng6H/TT BUNDLE OF JOYPENIAPHOBIASUPER JOCKEY0:55.322.0 13.50 20.60 22.059-9-74.7511511104579
14-09-143ST tf g/f A120019A. S. Cruz120Z. Purton1H1/TTGOLDEN HARVESTSMART VOLATILITYPENIAPHOBIA1:08.322.4 23.58 22.56 23.193-4-9611441101221
25-05-14656ST tf g A1200G38A. S. Cruz122A. Suborics5TT AEROVELOCITYDIVINE TENGOLDEN HARVEST1:09.122.9 24.21 22.44 22.935-6-8311331101114
27-04-14580ST tf g/f A1200G23A. S. Cruz123K. Teetan4TT CHARLES THE GREATLUCKY NINEBULLISH FRIEND1:09.022.3 24.32 22.67 22.313-3-31.251126105178.3
23-03-14499ST tf g C+3140025A. S. Cruz128K. C. Ng4TT FLASH KNIGHTDUNDONNELLNOBLE ALPHA1:21.823.1 35.66 23.41 23.381-3-2-52.7511381059.511
16-02-14405ST tf g A1200G15A. S. Cruz126Z. Purton4TT LUCKY NINECHARLES THE GREATSTERLING CITY1:09.322.4 24.09 22.83 22.551-1-50.511421001912
15-01-14332HV tf g C120021A. S. Cruz123M. Chadwick2TT BULLISH FRIENDTOUR DE FORCEEL ZONDA1:09.822.5 24.02 23.56 22.313-3-1SH1141957.54.1
26-12-13273HV tf g/f A120016A. S. Cruz121M. Chadwick7TT HAPPY ERAGOLDEN HARVESTSTRAIGHT GOLD1:09.923.8 23.69 22.74 24.023-4-62.751135975.75.4
08-12-13222ST tf g/f A140015A. S. Cruz120M. Guyon7TT FLAGSHIP SHINEWINNING LEADERSEA DRAGON1:20.923.3 34.91 23.23 23.502-2-2-54.5113598128.6
17-11-13172ST tf g/f B+21200G27A. S. Cruz123W. C. Marwing11TT CHARLES THE GREATSTERLING CITYEAGLE REGIMENT1:08.722.7 23.99 22.32 23.012-2-73.251133982936
23-10-13108HV tf g/f C120022A. S. Cruz121C. Y. Lui3TT TAI SING YEHBULLISH FRIENDSUPER JOCKEY1:09.622.7 23.81 23.14 22.811-1-20.751136967.74.5
06-10-1364ST tf g/f A120026A. S. Cruz131M. Chadwick5TT SMART VOLATILITYFIONN'S TREASURETOUR DE FORCE1:09.022.6 23.75 22.63 23.031-2-62.5113397139.3
11-09-1317HV tf g/f A120026A. S. Cruz130M. Chadwick5TT PERFECT FINISHBUNDLE OF LOVELUCKY DOUBLE EIGHT1:09.723.4 24.09 22.56 23.503-3-62.51125973.23.7
10-07-13767HV tf g B120012A. S. Cruz117M. Chadwick9TT DESTINED FOR GLORYBULLISH FRIENDLUCKY DOUBLE EIGHT1:10.123.9 24.15 22.80 23.266-6-2SH1112954.64.1
08-06-13682ST tf g/f B+2120026A. S. Cruz130M. Chadwick7TT FIONN'S TREASUREKEEN WONGCHOYABLE SPEED1:09.222.5 24.22 22.50 22.801-1-61.51120955.83.8
18-05-13628ST tf g C140024A. S. Cruz127M. L. Yeung13TT FLAGSHIP SHINESTERLING CITYDEEP THINKER1:21.622.6 35.58 23.50 23.227-2-2-441118955.19
05-05-13591ST tf g A+3120021A. S. Cruz119M. Chadwick13TT BULLISH FRIENDSHAHJEENEW DEERFIELD1:09.123.5 23.98 22.32 22.813-3-1N1116898.35.5
24-04-13560HV tf g C120031A. S. Cruz127M. Chadwick2TT BULLISH FRIENDNEW GLORYSUPER PLUS1:10.123.1 24.19 23.18 22.784-4-1111218173
01-04-13505ST tf g B+2120031A. S. Cruz127C. W. Wong9TT BULLISH FRIENDBUNDLE OF JOYEXCITING DREAM1:09.723.0 24.02 22.89 22.833-3-1H1117758.69.1
17-03-13469ST tf g/f A120036A. S. Cruz126M. Chadwick3TT VICTORIUSAEROVELOCITYEXCITING DREAM1:09.522.5 24.11 22.89 22.821-1-621110753.13.1
24-02-13414ST tf g B120031A. S. Cruz122M. Chadwick4TT BULLISH FRIENDFLAGSHIP SHINEBEAUTY SPARKLE1:09.822.5 24.34 22.88 22.591-1-1Nose1115692.32.4
12-02-13388ST tf g C+3120032A. S. Cruz116M. Chadwick7TT SEA DRAGONBULLISH FRIENDSMART MAN1:10.122.5 24.41 23.11 22.581-1-2Nose1107657.57
27-01-13343ST tf g B120041A. S. Cruz131M. Chadwick3TT BULLISH FRIENDGREAT CHARMLITTLE MEN1:09.923.0 24.47 22.68 22.804-3-10.751131588.59.4
06-01-13293ST aw f/t -1200410A. S. Cruz130M. Chadwick1TT HEARTS KEEPERFLYING CHINAVIVA DOLPHIN1:09.023.3 23.60 22.45 23.963-5-10611405897.3
01-07-12721ST tf g B1000Gri5A. S. Cruz125M. Chadwick11TT FIERY WHISPERERLET ME TOONAUGHTY BABY0:57.122.9 13.63 20.81 22.975-4-521086--3.71.9
17-06-12692ST tf g/y C+31200Gri1A. S. Cruz115M. Chadwick1TT BULLISH FRIENDEXPEDITERED COURAGE1:10.823.8 23.94 23.03 23.841-1-10.751092--2.41.8
27-05-12637ST tf g A1200Gri3A. S. Cruz118M. Chadwick5TT1 RED COURAGEFIERY WHISPERERBULLISH FRIEND1:11.123.1 24.53 23.67 23.037-3-30.51105--8.913

HKJC Comment

Began awkwardly, restrained and shifted across behind runners, settling at rear in one-off position. Never in the hunt.