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POWER BLITZ (N361) 得掂 (Retired)

R. Gibson / Rating: 35

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PP / ch / g / 10 yrs / AUS
Owner: Lo Ying-ming, Lam Yin-kee & Sally Li Siu-lai
Last win: -
Health: Lame left front leg on the morning after racing. (02/04/2013) Lame left front leg on the morning after racing. (07/10/2013) Left front proximal suspensory ligament mild chronic changes. (12/10/2013) Substantial mucopus in the trachea after racing, lame left front leg the following morning. (29/06/2014) Significant degenerative radiographic changes left front third carpal bone. (08/07/2014)
Sire: Dehere
Dam: Uberfrau

Past Performances
Total Starts: 20: (0-2-2)
ST 1200m: 3 (0-0-0)
ST 1400m: 7 (0-1-1)
ST 1600m: 9 (0-1-1)
ST 1800m: 1 (0-0-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
28-06-14740ST tf g/f A1800512R. Gibson131O. Doleuze12B/TT MOBILE KINGNAMJONG TURBOHAPPY KAISER1:49.623.4 62.54 24.33 23.867-7-5-126.751228376.88.5
01-06-14669ST tf g/f A+3160052R. Gibson129O. Doleuze8B/TT STREET CATPOWER BLITZORIENTAL FANTASIA1:35.623.5 48.89 23.41 23.527-6-4-21.251214365.45.8
17-05-14630ST tf g/y C+3160053R. Gibson129K. Teetan14B/TT FOLLOW THE WINDCOOL PALPOWER BLITZ1:36.923.7 49.92 24.04 23.2513-13-12-31.251223361820
30-03-14509ST tf g A+3160059R. Gibson131O. Doleuze12B/TT HAPPY KAISERBAMBOO DANCESURROUNDED1:36.623.4 49.99 24.11 23.1813-14-14-93.751210381015
23-03-14491ST tf g C+31400510R. Gibson133O. Doleuze14B/TT BEAUTY KINGSOLAR DRAGONJUST MISTERE1:23.523.9 37.88 23.10 23.3714-14-14-105.251227407.511
01-03-14438ST tf g B+2120045R. Gibson114K. C. Leung9B/TT MEDIC KINGDOMGOOD GOOD VIEWGIDEON1:10.722.8 25.46 23.13 22.6412-11-53.251224412325
16-02-14401ST tf g A140047R. Gibson114K. C. Leung2B/TT GRACEFUL KINGDOMROYALE ELEGANCEMR GOURMET1:23.023.8 35.92 23.60 24.069-6-4-731228438.28.8
02-02-14364ST tf g C120048R. Gibson118M. Demuro5B/TT GREAT PEGASUSHIT THE BIDHURRY HURRY UP1:10.122.8 25.66 22.52 22.4512-11-82.751227446.75.8
06-10-1359ST tf g/f A140046P. F. Yiu118W. M. Lai1B/TT DASHING FORTUNEMEDIC SWORDSMANVICTORY IDE SAY1:23.222.9 36.77 23.86 23.104-5-4-62.751264443.44
15-09-1324ST tf g/f B140042P. F. Yiu108C. Y. Lui11B/TT ELECTRONIC FORTUNEPOWER BLITZDRAGON GLORY1:22.522.8 37.27 23.18 22.1514-12-10-2SH122942116.7
08-09-135ST tf g A140043P. F. Yiu108C. Y. Lui4B/TT MAJESTIC ANTHEMJUN JUPOWER BLITZ1:22.423.5 35.59 23.36 23.783-3-2-31.751251424054
01-07-13733ST tf g A+31600410P. F. Yiu122H. W. Lai1B/TT SUPER HORSEKING HARADASUNSWEET CORNER1:34.924.0 47.76 23.77 24.519-12-11-106.751242493758
26-05-13639ST tf g A1400410P. F. Yiu127O. Doleuze12B/TT MR GNOCCHISAFARI MAGICAFFECTION1:23.523.1 37.94 23.26 23.1314-14-11-1051228523259
01-04-13500ST tf g B+2160049P. F. Yiu128O. Doleuze6B/TT APPROVEGOLDEN OSMANTHUSLIFE OF BEAUTY1:36.123.3 49.17 23.95 23.944-4-5-95.751204551611
17-03-13466ST tf g/f A140048P. F. Yiu130U. Rispoli9B/TT LORD DRAGONJUN JUFLORAL MAN1:22.823.4 36.50 23.51 23.2714-12-11-82.51210572952
12-02-13387ST tf g C+3160038P. F. Yiu115C. K. Tong6B/TT1GENKI TWINSBUDDY BUDDIESBREEZE OF LUCK1:34.823.5 47.87 23.76 24.328-7-8-871200605599
27-01-13348ST tf g B160039P. F. Yiu117M. L. Yeung7B WINNING INSTINCTJOLLY VICTORSPURS ON1:35.523.7 48.54 24.22 23.5514-14-13-951203624999
20-01-13329ST tf g A1600314P. F. Yiu120T. Clark14B ALPHA GRANDHOLYANGELHOLYSHANTARAAM1:36.223.2 51.11 23.00 24.0613-14-13-14121219654999
01-01-13284ST tf g B+2160039P. F. Yiu118C. K. Tong6B AGIAALBUDDY BUDDIESUWILLBEGLORIOUS1:36.023.7 49.30 23.81 24.007-8-10-96.51201674083
09-12-12222ST tf g A120038P. F. Yiu120O. Doleuze2B1 SOLAR GREATLITTLE COWHELENE FUN STAR1:09.222.8 24.18 22.61 23.547-6-871220672937

HKJC Comment

Settled wide in forward of midfield, came under pressure into straight, kept on before fading inside final 200 metres. (Lame next day) (Mucus)