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JADE PIPPO (P052) 翡翠寶寶 (Retired)

Y. S. Tsui / Rating: 24

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PPG / br / g / 11 yrs / AUS
Owner: Christy Ng Ling-ling
Last win: 12-01-13
Health: Substantial blood in trachea after racing. (02/02/2013) Unacceptable performance and lame right front leg with superficial wound right front sesamoid on the morning after racing. (20/03/2013) Unacceptable performance. (15/09/2013) After being loaded was kicked by another runner and sustained a cut to left front leg, withdrawn from race. (21/09/2014) Lame left hind leg: medial sesamoid apical fracture. (22/04/2015) Left hind fetlock arthroscopic surgery. (20/05/2015) Lame left hind leg. (13/02/2016)
Sire: Holy Roman Emperor
Dam: Madame De Here

Past Performances
Total Starts: 42: (1-7-1)
ST 1000m: 3 (0-0-0)
ST 1200m: 9 (0-2-0)
ST 1400m: 3 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1200m: 9 (1-1-1)
HV 1000m: 3 (0-0-0)
HV 1200m: 14 (0-4-0)
HV 1650m: 1 (0-0-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
31-01-16357ST tf g A+31000511Y. S. Tsui120B. Prebble12CP/H/KIM GLORYLEAN JOURNEYOPTIMISM0:58.623.8 13.59 21.35 24.866-3-117107126149.9
06-01-16302HV tf g A120055Y. S. Tsui121B. Prebble11CP/H/MASTER VIKINGOPTIMISMNOVEL START1:10.523.8 24.68 23.14 23.2612-12-531045281916
27-12-15280ST tf g A+3120059Y. S. Tsui115H. N. Wong3CP/H/O'SOCOOLEBE THERE AHEADPLANET GIANT1:10.923.3 24.32 23.63 23.425-4-92.251062291814
02-12-15216HV tf g C+3100057Y. S. Tsui124G. Mosse3CP/H/PEACE COMBINATIONFOREVER FUNHEARTLAND0:58.123.0 13.18 22.62 22.986-7-73.751043317.95.9
25-11-15198HV tf g C120055Y. S. Tsui117H. N. Wong3H/CP2OUR HONOURNOVEL STARTLUCKY PROFIT1:11.523.5 24.24 23.97 23.672-3-52.251060331520
11-11-15161HV tf g B1000512Y. S. Tsui127C. Y. Ho11H SAFARI MAGICGOLDEN CHOICELUCKY PROFIT0:57.823.3 13.01 22.17 23.806-8-1271058353149
14-10-15103HV tf g B1200512Y. S. Tsui120H. N. Wong12H CHANS DELIGHTKING OF SMARTSHURRY HURRY UP1:10.423.8 23.92 23.16 25.384-5-1212.751051371826
04-10-1577ST tf g/y B+21200512Y. S. Tsui121H. N. Wong6H EVERYONE'S CHOICETHUNDERSTROKEKING ON EARTH1:09.923.5 23.85 22.71 25.812-2-12151068388.314
21-03-15480ST aw g -120043Y. S. Tsui104H. N. Wong9H GLORIOUS AVENUEMODERN FORTUNEJADE PIPPO1:08.822.8 23.77 22.51 23.044-5-331036419.114
15-03-15461ST tf g A140044Y. S. Tsui104H. N. Wong10H ALL MY GAINJOYFUL MOMENTSCOLLAGEN1:23.523.5 36.18 24.04 23.572-4-4-41.251051411616
01-03-15424ST tf g/f B+2120044Y. S. Tsui115Y. T. Cheng12H FOREVER ACCURATEWINNER ST PAUL'STELECOM BOSS1:10.323.1 24.32 22.99 23.282-2-41.51035411115
07-02-15375ST tf g/f C+3140044Y. S. Tsui116Y. T. Cheng11H GOLD TALENTBEAR-POPSPARKLING SWORD1:22.223.6 35.55 23.28 23.722-4-3-41.751030421625
28-01-15348HV tf g C+3120046Y. S. Tsui118U. Rispoli6P-/H POLYMER WINTHOR THE GREATESTJOLLY SPRING1:09.823.4 24.31 22.74 23.215-5-62.251049441524
10-12-14227HV tf g A165047Y. S. Tsui119S Khumalo4H/P EXPECTATORGOLDEN SCALPELWIN IT1:40.623.4 51.80 25.36 24.281-1-1-75.251085453064
19-11-14170HV tf g B1200410Y. S. Tsui120C. Y. Ho8V-/XBSTAG KNIGHTFRIENDS OF YAN OILOVELY NAUGHTY1:10.123.6 23.96 22.73 24.843-2-1091065479.39.1
02-11-14134ST aw g -120046Y. S. Tsui119C. Y. Ho10H/V/XABLE WARRIORSTARTLING POWERCONFUCIUS ELITE1:08.623.0 23.55 22.28 23.894-3-66.751071471510
22-10-14107HV tf g B120042Y. S. Tsui120Z. Purton1H/V/XALL GREAT FRIENDSJADE PIPPOGOOD FRIENDS MAGIC1:10.123.4 24.16 22.88 23.475-5-221063454.32.8
01-10-1451ST tf g/f C+3120045Y. S. Tsui119Y. T. Cheng6H/V/XHOW SPEEDYLUCKY DAYEXCITABLE BOY1:09.523.1 24.12 22.67 23.097-6-52.251080456.26.9
21-09-1421ST tf g/f B+212004WDY. S. Tsui118D. WhyteH/V/XTHE PRINCEBRILLIANT DREAMMULTI-WIN GENERAL1:09.822.2  1062455 
06-07-14764ST tf g/f B+2120042Y. S. Tsui120Z. Purton8H/V/XLOVELY BOYJADE PIPPOLONGWAH AMBER1:10.122.0 24.90 23.42 22.193-3-22.251052451013
22-06-14723ST tf y C+3120042Y. S. Tsui118C. Reith2H/V/XRIGHTEOUSJADE PIPPOLUCKY DAY1:09.523.1 24.02 22.63 23.175-3-21.51056451316
21-05-14642HV tf g C+3120045Y. S. Tsui121D. Whyte10CP-/HNATURAL TEAMSPITFIREHAPPY HOMING1:10.123.3 23.89 23.02 23.952-2-54.751058457.84.5
16-04-14559HV tf g/f C120042Y. S. Tsui116D. Whyte3CP/H/WELL DONEJADE PIPPOYOU ARE THE ONE1:10.323.0 23.86 23.65 22.822-3-2Nose1060433.62.2
12-03-14465HV tf g B120044Y. S. Tsui117D. Whyte9CP/H/GREAT RUNDEMON DEMONHAPPY CHAMPION1:10.223.7 23.89 22.71 23.881-2-41.51070437.45.3
12-02-14392HV tf g B120042P. F. Yiu114K. Teetan11P-/H/SPEEDYGONZALEZJADE PIPPOHAPPY CHAMPION1:10.123.0 24.00 23.11 23.041-1-2H1050411823
22-01-14346HV tf g C+3120044P. F. Yiu116M. Demuro5SR-/HPEARL WINFIRE STARTERCREATIVE UNION1:09.623.0 24.01 22.88 23.343-3-43.751057438.29.5
26-12-13268HV tf g/f A1200411P. F. Yiu120N. Callan3H/SR MONEYMAKERWELL DONENAUGHTY BABY1:10.423.4 24.36 23.19 24.355-7-119.251048457.64.8
04-12-13214HV tf g/f A120046P. F. Yiu118M. Guyon6H/SR YEUNG SINGCAPITAL KHAPPY HOMING1:10.524.1 24.26 22.69 23.857-7-61.751044458.36.4
20-11-13177HV tf g C120042P. F. Yiu117U. Rispoli4H/SR ALL WIN BOYJADE PIPPONAUGHTY BABY1:10.823.1 24.17 23.92 22.845-5-20.751050432047
30-10-13121ST aw g -120048P. F. Yiu118K. C. Leung5XB-/HNAMJONG BLOSSOMSK-MOOCHIEASY SUCCESS1:09.223.9 23.62 22.34 24.225-4-861054451631
16-10-1387ST aw g -1200411P. F. Yiu121A. Suborics3H/XB LOADS OF JOYPALEPALEFORZA1:10.023.7 24.54 22.76 24.746-7-1112.751046471741
15-09-1322ST aw g -1200412P. F. Yiu114C. Y. Lui5H/XB HURRY HURRY UPEASY AHEADPALEPALE1:09.623.1 23.90 23.61 25.626-10-1221.751046476.36.6
10-07-13765HV tf g/f B100045P. F. Yiu123A. Suborics4H/XB SUPER GOAL ELITERED COURAGEJOY TOGETHER0:57.522.9 13.44 22.04 22.889-9-551047502423
18-05-13624ST tf g C140046P. F. Yiu125A. Suborics2H/XB1DR GOOD HABITMAJESTIC ANTHEMPERFECT MOMENT1:23.422.2 37.76 24.13 22.286-8-9-64.51011524278
05-05-13586ST tf g A+3120049P. F. Yiu125W. M. Lai2H BOBO DRAGONGRACEFUL KINGDOMBULLISH BOY1:09.722.6 24.39 23.02 23.374-6-96.751012543948
28-04-13563ST tf g A1200410P. F. Yiu120C. Y. Lui9H SICHUAN EXECHOW SPEEDYBOY OH BOY1:10.123.6 23.78 22.69 24.592-2-1061029553052
20-03-13474ST aw g -1200411P. F. Yiu126K. C. Leung8H EL GRANDEHI MOLLYEXPEDITE1:09.323.3 23.88 22.86 24.233-8-11101029555.65.6
02-03-13427ST aw g -120042P. F. Yiu124K. C. Leung9H HEARTS KEEPERJADE PIPPOGOOD FRIENDS MAGIC1:10.023.9 23.57 22.70 23.763-3-2SH1044531819
02-02-13364ST aw g -1200411P. F. Yiu116C. Y. Lui3H DANEWIN TIGERSUPREME HONG KONGFLYING CHINA1:09.423.4 23.52 22.48 24.992-1-119.751026531513
12-01-13307ST aw g -120041P. F. Yiu111C. Y. Lui8H JADE PIPPOTARREGACALL ME ACHIEVER1:10.124.1 23.58 22.93 23.594-4-11.51032461830
22-12-12259ST tf g A+31200410P. F. Yiu121C. K. Tong12H LUCKY OMENSSTAR OF FAMEBERNARD'S CHOICE1:10.623.6 25.32 22.97 23.1413-13-1051022495499
16-12-12240ST tf g C+31000410P. F. Yiu125C. K. Tong4H SMART VOLATILITYNOBODY BUT YOUGOLDEN BAUHINIA0:56.922.5 13.47 21.37 23.391-6-1081025527399
25-11-12185ST tf g C1000410P. F. Yiu125H. W. Lai14H1 DISCIPLES TWELVEWELL FITDIAMOND KNIGHT0:57.022.8 13.42 21.21 23.925-8-109.51032522438

HKJC Comment

Jumped well, settled just off the pace, came under pressure coming onto course proper, dropped out tamely.