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TRENDY WIN (P099) 勇創潮流 (Retired)

L. Ho / Rating: 45

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PP / b / g / 11 yrs / IRE
Owner: Lawrence Lam Wai-hung
Last win: 01-04-15
Health: Distressed after racing. (29/05/2013)<br>Eight years of age or above at season end. (26/07/2017)<br>Unacceptable performance. (23/11/2016)<br>Right front fetlock arthroscopic surgery. (23/08/2013)<br>Eight years of age or above at season end. (21/07/2016)<br>Unacceptable performance. (20/12/2014)<br>Lame right front fetlock. (15/01/2014)<br>Swollen right front fetlock and sore on flexion: chip fracture. (07/08/2013)<br>Distressed after racing. (05/06/2014)<br>
Sire: Oratorio
Dam: Gems Of Araby

Past Performances
Total Starts: 43: (3-4-2)
ST 1200m: 2 (0-0-0)
ST 1400m: 2 (0-0-0)
ST 1600m: 3 (0-0-0)
HV 1200m: 5 (0-0-1)
HV 1650m: 29 (3-4-1)
HV 1800m: 2 (0-0-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
13-12-17268HV tf g C1650410L. Ho116H. T. Mo4VENORMOUS HONOURPLAY ITMASTER BERNINI1:40:2223.4853.61 24.09 23.4111-12-12-105.51091481535
08-11-17176HV tf g B165047L. Ho124N. Rawiller7VCURLING LUXURYMISTER MONTEPOLYMER LUCK1:41:2324.0354.10 24.14 23.4010-11-11-72.51081511013
05-10-1785HV tf g A180049L. Ho123K. C. Leung8VPREMIUM CHAMPIONKING BOUNTIFULHAPPY ROCKY1:49:9024.8962.72 23.45 24.8310-9-9-8-96.751098531838
20-09-1752HV tf g/f C165047L. Ho128K. C. Leung4VSPEEDY WALLYTORNEYMEGATRON1:40:7224.3352.83 24.24 24.385-6-5-74.51092551520
13-09-1733HV tf g/f B165045L. Ho127M. L. Yeung1VSUPER FORMPREMIUM CHAMPIONENORMOUS HONOUR1:40:4823.9453.51 23.71 23.924-5-6-54.251100569.911
28-06-17763HV tf g/f C+3165047L. Ho123M. F. Poon5V GOOD CHOICEDIAMOND LEGENDAMAZING ALWAYS1:40.224.7 51.87 24.49 24.759-9-9-75.51073604.67.1
07-06-17711HV tf g/f A180034L. Ho114T. H. So12V RICKFIELDEASY HEDGEMCQUEEN1:48.524.6 61.25 23.42 24.4412-12-12-441058624299
24-05-17675HV tf g C165038L. Ho115K. C. Leung8V MAGNETISMLAND GRANTAPACHE SPIRIT1:39.624.2 51.88 24.34 24.957-8-7-89.51054628.221
22-02-17437HV tf g/f C+3165042L. Ho131T. H. So7V SPINNING DANCERTRENDY WINDARING HEART1:40.324.6 52.59 24.08 23.6412-12-11-2Nose1068607.28.1
08-02-17405HV tf g B120036L. Ho114T. H. So8V OUR HEROI'M A WITNESSSHARP HUNTER1:10.523.7 24.90 22.82 23.0611-12-61.251065612991
14-01-17340ST tf g C+31200311L. Ho115T. H. So8V HANG'S DECISIONMOMENTUM LUCKYFLYING FORCE1:09.623.0 24.94 22.76 22.8310-12-115.51064634199
23-11-16209HV tf g C+31650312L. Ho119H. W. Lai9V ENORMOUS HONOURBEAUTY PRINCERED MARVEL1:40.724.6 51.30 25.09 27.552-2-3-1220.251066659.410
19-10-16119HV tf g/y C120034L. Ho118H. W. Lai2V VICTORY MARVELWHO ELSE BUT YOUVERBINSKY1:10.322.8 24.36 23.57 22.817-6-42.251060651119
15-06-16722HV tf g/f B120034L. Ho120T. H. So3V FIVE UP HIGHFOREVER REDHAPPY LIFE1:10.023.5 24.61 22.79 23.119-9-431063691820
18-05-16653HV tf g B165037L. Ho124K. C. Leung5V MAGICAL BEAUTYKING OF MONGOLIATOM'S CHARM1:39.624.0 50.57 25.40 24.353-3-4-741070711117
20-04-16581HV tf g B165039L. Ho124T. H. So8V GONNA RUNHEROIC GURUGOLDEN SLEEP1:40.424.5 51.87 24.70 24.509-9-10-94.251059731736
31-03-16524HV tf g C+3165037L. Ho127T. H. So12V LAND GRANTRED MARVELGRAND HARBOUR1:39.723.9 51.97 24.67 23.7611-10-10-74.251062752134
09-03-16471HV tf g/y A1650311L. Ho126K. C. Leung10V DASHING KINGGIANT STARSHAPPY SPIRIT1:41.024.7 52.18 24.94 25.255-7-8-118.51064751314
17-02-16413HV tf g B165032L. Ho126M. Chadwick12V BULLISH SMARTTRENDY WINLITTLE ISLAND1:41.223.6 52.62 25.08 23.533-3-2-2Nose1058731518
13-01-16325HV tf g B120033L. Ho128K. C. Leung2V FOREVER REDALL WIN BOYTRENDY WIN1:10.923.4 24.34 23.70 23.208-8-31.751055731610
09-12-15242HV tf y A165036L. Ho130J. McDonald3V SUPEROISPARKLING SWORDBEAUTY KINGDOM1:41.024.7 51.69 24.79 25.105-5-4-63.51066751017
01-11-15146HV tf g A165036L. Ho129T. H. So1V SUPREME FRESHJAEGER BOMBSUPEROI1:41.124.5 52.43 24.66 24.564-3-5-63.251069771413
14-10-15108HV tf g B165035L. Ho129T. H. So3V SPEEDY LONGWAHGREAT CHARMBEAUTY LEAD1:40.724.3 51.28 25.17 24.715-5-3-531063771318
24-06-15725HV tf g C+3165034L. Ho125T. H. So3V STAR MAJESTICWINNIE'S HORSESELKIRK STAR1:40.723.0 53.67 24.15 23.232-3-3-41.751080772337
13-05-15615HV tf g/f B165039L. Ho128T. H. So5V GRAND HARBOURBEST TANGOBEAUTY KING1:40.424.2 51.47 24.86 25.013-3-3-961068771618
29-04-15578HV tf g/f C+3165037L. Ho128T. H. So5V HAPPY ROCKYSPEEDY LONGWAHSUPEROI1:40.523.1 52.33 25.40 23.314-4-7-731067772117
01-04-15511HV tf g/f A165031L. Ho123T. H. So1V TRENDY WINGOODHEART SUCCESSCHOICE TREASURE1:40.223.6 51.67 25.18 23.392-4-5-10.51058718.77.3
11-03-15453HV tf g B165032L. Ho120T. H. So6V CHOICE TREASURETRENDY WINWILLIE INVICTUS1:41.723.2 54.32 24.27 23.152-2-2-2SH1057696.33.5
11-02-15388HV tf g/f B165032L. Ho119T. H. So4V STAR MAJESTICTRENDY WINSUGAR CITY1:40.722.7 54.02 24.49 22.456-7-8-21.251050671521
20-12-14256ST tf g/f A+31600313L. Ho118T. H. So9V CLUB LIFEGOOD GOOD VIEWPHOTON WILLIE1:34.124.0 46.88 23.75 28.711-3-2-1332.51064673053
05-06-14679HV tf g/f B165041L. Ho131T. H. So7V TRENDY WINISLAND GARDENSKIP COURT1:41.123.1 53.45 24.50 23.153-2-1-11.751062601837
07-05-14605HV tf g B165049L. Ho131K. C. Leung5V BEAUTY KINGROBUST MOMENTUMINDIGO WAY1:40.724.5 51.77 24.49 25.702-2-2-97.751063601415
06-04-14532ST tf g/y B+21600411L. Ho126C. Y. Lui10V INDUSTRIALIST WAYGRACEFUL KINGDOMCRIMSON HEART1:38.223.1 51.03 24.63 23.5411-10-8-116.251076603734
12-03-14467HV tf g B165041L. Ho129T. H. So9V TRENDY WINSKIP COURTGOOD THINKER1:41.923.4 53.82 24.70 23.473-2-2-1N1071552135
26-06-13725HV tf g/f C165045L. Ho128M. L. Yeung8V GRIFFINDORDANZULULITTLE RAINFOREST1:39.524.251.16 24.32 24.352-2-2-51.751064577.25.3
29-05-13651HV tf g/f C+3165044L. Ho129T. H. So9V1 BORN TO WINTWIN TURBOVERY WELL1:41.023.2 52.78 25.02 23.281-1-1-40.51058561112
08-05-13595HV tf g A165043L. Ho128M. L. Yeung9 GOOD LOOKING WATCHVERY WELLTRENDY WIN1:42.323.7 53.03 25.66 23.872-3-3-31.51056561827
10-04-13519HV tf g/y C+3120049L. Ho121C. Y. Lui10 SNITZEL KIDHOW SPEEDYGREAT PEGASUS1:10.823.3 25.09 23.83 23.1311-12-97.51068584699
20-02-13403HV tf g B165047L. Ho131Y. T. Cheng5 ONE OF A KINDLITTLE RAINFORESTVERY WELL1:41.823.3 54.52 25.04 23.0912-12-12-74.751065582649
02-02-13369ST tf g C1400312L. Ho115Y. T. Cheng9 HO IN ONEUWILLBEGLORIOUSMY NAME IS BOND1:22.523.1 36.22 23.44 23.695-4-5-125.251055608299
20-01-13329ST tf g A160036L. Ho107C. Y. Lui13 ALPHA GRANDHOLYANGELHOLYSHANTARAAM1:36.223.2 49.91 23.44 23.363-4-5-62.751069627099
06-01-13297ST tf g C1400313L. Ho118G. Mosse3 MIZANIPOLYMER WINHOLYANGELHOLY1:23.522.5 37.96 23.70 22.997-8-9-136.751077659999
22-12-12266ST tf g A+31200312L. Ho116K. C. Ng8 FLAGSHIP SHINEULTIMATE WINNERSHO IN ONE1:10.223.6 25.19 22.61 23.4114-14-1261086659999

HKJC Comment

Bumped start, raced 6 lengths back at rear, same margin back on turn, failed to close off in straight.