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DOUBLE MASTER (P105) 跑馬仔 (Retired)

K. W. Lui / Rating: 36

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PP / 2b / g / 11 yrs / AUS
Owner: Double Mastery Syndicate
Last win: 23-11-16
Health: Eight years of age or above at season end. (26/07/2017)<br>Substantial blood in trachea after racing. (13/04/2016)<br>Lame right hind leg on the morning after racing. (13/04/2015)<br>Suspected left front proximal cannon avulsion fracture. (07/06/2014)<br>Fractured right upper nasal bone with subsequent surgical exploration and sinus lavage. (04/01/2013)<br>
Sire: Untouchable
Dam: Honora

Past Performances
Total Starts: 32: (2-3-1)
ST 1000m: 6 (0-0-0)
ST 1200m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1200m: 3 (0-0-0)
HV 1000m: 19 (2-3-1)
HV 1200m: 3 (0-0-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
15-11-17191HV tf g C100056K. W. Lui131U. Rispoli1TTIDYLLIC WINDRAICHUWINFULL PATROL0:57:8723.7612.89 21.98 23.47 4-6-631096381521
01-11-17155ST aw f/t -1200512K. W. Lui131C. Y. Ho1TTFOXBATA FAST ONEHAPPY SOUND1:10:2824.1523.66 22.83 26.06 2-2-1214.251097402748
11-10-17101HV tf g B100058K. W. Lui131C. Y. Ho3TTSPARKLING TALENTSHOW MISSIONRUGBY DIAMOND0:57:6223.4212.83 21.61 23.72 2-2-83.51095401212
12-07-17789HV tf g/f A100044Ng Ting-keung117C. Murray11TT SILVER SPUNCALIFORNIA ASPARDR RACE0:57.323.5 12.93 21.37 23.525-4-431087401222
10-05-17635HV tf g/f A100052Ng Ting-keung122H. T. Mo6TT FOREVER FUNDOUBLE MASTERORIENTAL FANTASIA0:57.623.5 12.71 21.36 23.641-1-2N108838105.9
25-01-17362HV tf g C+3100059Ng Ting-keung132O. Murphy3TT RUGBY DIAMONDALL TIMES LUCKYGIDDY GIDDY0:57.623.2 12.88 21.79 23.793-3-94.751082381717
23-11-16204HV tf g/y C+3100051Ng Ting-keung126C. Y. Ho4TT DOUBLE MASTERGREAT SPEEDKIM GLORY0:58.223.5 12.79 21.89 23.561-1-1N1096341915
09-11-16168HV tf g B100059Ng Ting-keung128D. Whyte11TT SPARKLING TALENTSMART SALUTETELECOM BOOM0:58.023.6 12.76 21.61 25.402-1-9111107351019
11-05-16630HV tf g A100054Ng Ting-keung129J. Moreira6TT GLORY HORSIEGREAT SPEEDHIGHLAND DRAGON0:57.523.4 12.72 21.69 23.243-3-40.751099367.97.4
13-04-16556HV tf g/y A100057Ng Ting-keung130J. Moreira2TT GIDDY GIDDYHIGHLAND DRAGONPERFECT SMART0:57.523.2 12.71 21.60 23.832-1-741091372.92.8
16-03-16482HV tf g B100053Ng Ting-keung130J. Moreira6TT OCTAL LUCKHIGHLAND DRAGONDOUBLE MASTER0:57.823.7 12.65 21.48 23.861-1-30.751092373.33.3
17-02-16408HV tf g B100052Ng Ting-keung128J. Moreira9TT PERFECT SMARTDOUBLE MASTERGLORY BOY0:58.423.7 12.83 21.98 23.672-2-2N1079358.14.1
31-01-16357ST tf g A+3100057Ng Ting-keung125K. C. Ng7TT KIM GLORYLEAN JOURNEYOPTIMISM0:58.623.8 13.43 21.39 24.281-1-72.751092373971
17-01-16328ST tf g/y C+3100047Ng Ting-keung108K. C. Ng6TT FISH N' CHIPSFLYING MONKEYGALLANT ROCK0:56.823.0 13.52 20.86 23.337-8-75.251079408899
01-01-16293ST tf g B+21000414Ng Ting-keung116C. K. Tong9TT MALMSTEENTOP BONUSA FAST ONE0:57.122.6 13.56 21.16 25.194-5-1417.251086449999
19-12-15263ST tf g C+31000412Ng Ting-keung119C. K. Tong13TT GREAT RUNPEACE COMBINATIONNOBLE BUDDIES0:57.423.1 13.45 21.11 25.174-6-12141082474299
25-11-15199HV tf g C1200412Ng Ting-keung122C. K. Tong7TT MASTER STEEDWHISTLE BLOWERGLORY SUNSHINE1:11.024.0 23.44 23.55 26.171-1-12131101494899
12-04-15527ST aw g -120049P. O'Sullivan127K. C. Leung9TT SEA RUBYTRILLION TREASUREMODERN FORTUNE1:09.823.4 23.92 23.03 25.393-5-915.251058543592
07-02-15376ST aw g -1200411P. O'Sullivan130U. Rispoli11B-/XBLOVELY NAUGHTYEASY SUCCESSHORSE SUPREMO1:08.923.9 23.13 22.35 25.303-3-1111.251084564155
21-01-15332HV tf g C1000411P. O'Sullivan131U. Rispoli7B/XB/BRILLANTEGLORY HORSIECALL ME ACHIEVER0:57.122.9 12.97 22.06 23.818-8-1110.251095561742
30-04-14585HV tf g A100047C. S. Shum132Z. Purton10B/XB/HIGHLAND DRAGONNAMJONG BLOSSOMSGENUINE CHAMPION0:57.623.5 13.37 21.97 23.3010-9-76.25106156118.9
02-04-14521HV tf g/y A100041C. S. Shum124Z. Purton1XB/B1DOUBLE MASTERKINGSTON JUMBOBUNKER SHOT0:58.124.1 13.08 21.21 23.825-3-10.51052518.79.9
19-02-14411HV tf g C1000411C. S. Shum126M. Demuro11V-/XBCALL ME ACHIEVERGENTILISGLORY HORSIE0:57.723.0 13.05 22.03 23.696-6-116.751057531936
08-01-14308HV tf g B100047K. L. Man126G. Mosse2CP-/VOCEAN ROARCALL ME ACHIEVERGENTILIS0:57.823.3 12.96 21.56 23.018-7-72.7510775355.7
04-12-13213HV tf g/f A100042K. L. Man126O. Doleuze8CP BRILLIANT PROPOSALDOUBLE MASTERK-MOOCHI0:57.223.0 13.20 21.23 23.176-3-221071532123
09-11-13148ST tf g/f A1200411K. L. Man129N. Pinna14CP SILLY BUDDIESSEASONS STARK-MOOCHI1:09.422.7 24.43 22.55 23.696-6-1181075554899
09-10-1369HV tf g/f A1200410K. L. Man130K. Teetan4CP HEARTS KEEPEROCEAN ROARSIGHT LOVER1:10.223.8 24.13 23.01 24.557-6-108.751072571417
17-09-1330HV tf g/f B120045K. L. Man128K. C. Leung5CP1 STAR OF WAI BOBRAVE BROTHERAMBITIOUS GLORY1:10.622.9 24.26 23.90 22.944-4-531063579.915
26-06-13728HV tf g/f C100036K. L. Man116K. C. Leung6 THE PRINCEHAWTHORNEEASTERN PROMISE0:56.822.8 13.05 21.50 22.788-7-63.251060613254
12-06-13690ST tf g C100036K. L. Man114C. Y. Ho8 DANE PATROLMR GOURMETJAEGER BOMB0:56.622.7 13.35 20.99 23.826-7-69.751071647299
22-05-13633HV tf y C100038K. L. Man116C. Y. Ho5 SUPER FRESHCROESUSB CHOICE0:57.223.0 12.70 21.63 23.651-2-84.51091663861
16-12-12243ST tf g C+31000311K. L. Man122N. Callan5 JUN DAOMI SAVVYDYNAMIC VOYAGE0:56.422.4 13.47 20.82 24.272-2-11131070661428

HKJC Comment

Settled just better than midfield on the rail, inconvenienced coming onto home bend, hampered entering the straight, switched out for a run after the 200 metres and produced some late impression.