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ALL WIN BOY (P171) 威威寶貝 (Retired)

K. W. Lui / Rating: 73

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PP / ch / g / 10 yrs / AUS
Owner: Mr & Mrs Robert Lam Chi-hing
Last win: 23-03-16
Health: Unacceptable performance. (28/04/2013) Lame right front leg after racing. (27/06/2015) Lame left front leg on the day after racing. (12/05/2016)
Sire: Elusive Quality
Dam: Beatitude

Past Performances
Total Starts: 37: (4-6-2)
ST 1200m: 5 (0-1-1)
ST 1400m: 4 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1200m: 4 (0-0-0)
HV 1000m: 1 (0-0-0)
HV 1200m: 23 (4-5-1)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
22-06-16742HV tf g/f C120035K. W. Lui130H. W. Lai8H/TT APACHE SPIRITHAPPY BAO BEITOP BONUS1:09.823.6 24.50 22.43 23.6011-9-54.251144731121
09-06-16700HV tf g A120032K. W. Lui125H. W. Lai1H/TT NUMERO UNOALL WIN BOYHAPPY SURVEYS1:10.124.1 24.15 22.44 23.617-6-2N1169711217
11-05-16637HV tf g A120039K. W. Lui118K. K. Chiong4H/TT BACK IN BLACKFOREVER REDTIMELY ARRIVED1:10.423.5 24.49 23.21 23.3110-10-93.51170714.68.3
23-03-16507HV tf g/y C120031K. W. Lui108K. K. Chiong5H/TT ALL WIN BOYBACK IN BLACKTANGO FIRE1:10.623.9 24.61 23.16 22.9010-10-10.751177656.16.5
02-03-16451HV tf g C+3120038K. W. Lui120B. Prebble12H/TT BLOCKER DEEGENEROUS BOBOALL MY GAIN1:11.022.5 25.13 24.02 22.419-9-83.51170671012
31-01-16366ST tf g A+3120035K. W. Lui124H. W. Lai2H/TT NEW ASIA SUNRISERADIANT BUNNYGLENEALY PRIZE1:09.522.9 24.75 22.36 23.0011-9-53.51179671422
13-01-16325HV tf g B120032K. W. Lui122H. W. Lai1H/TT FOREVER REDALL WIN BOYTRENDY WIN1:10.923.4 24.30 23.66 23.077-6-2N1183654.54.7
23-12-15274HV tf g C120032K. W. Lui118H. W. Lai5H/TT RACING MATEALL WIN BOYHASTA LA VISTA1:10.223.1 24.68 23.15 22.569-8-20.751175641113
02-12-15223HV tf g C+3120037K. W. Lui118G. Benoist4H/TT GOLDEN CHOPSTICKSHARBOUR ALERTTHOR THE GREATEST1:10.723.5 25.05 23.04 23.2510-9-73.75117064105.8
25-10-15133ST tf g/f A120032K. W. Lui110K. K. Chiong11H/TT SOLAR HEI HEIALL WIN BOYCAREFREE LET GO1:09.723.2 25.33 22.25 22.3212-12-21.251170631313
13-09-1526ST tf g/f C120035K. W. Lui118M. L. Yeung8H/TT BLIZZARDSIGHT SEEINGLUCKY HAMMER1:09.322.6 24.96 22.38 22.2810-8-51.51170631721
27-06-15732ST tf g/f C+3140036K. W. Lui118H. W. Lai1H/TT DASHING FELLOWBEAUTY KINGOUR GENERATION1:21.522.9 35.82 23.28 23.098-7-8-641178651115
07-06-15679ST tf g/f A+3140036K. W. Lui122A. Suborics5H/TT TOO FASTBIG FOURENORMOUS HONOUR1:21.323.3 35.50 22.83 23.6910-8-6-641191671514
13-05-15613HV tf g/f B120034K. W. Lui126A. Suborics4H/TT HAPPY BAO BEINO MONEY NO TALKGENEROUS BOBO1:09.522.5 24.54 23.17 22.488-8-44118869910
06-05-15593HV tf g/f A120036K. W. Lui125A. Suborics7H/TT LONGWAH AMBERKING DERBYGRACEFUL KINGDOM1:10.522.9 24.93 23.34 22.4410-9-61.251192699.28.8
15-04-15539HV tf g/f B120034K. W. Lui125A. Suborics2H/TT PEACE N PROSPERITYDASHING CERAMIBODILLY1:09.623.2 24.23 22.90 22.747-7-41.51185693.85.5
01-03-15429ST tf g/f B+2120033K. W. Lui121A. Suborics4H/TT EROICOWHY WHYALL WIN BOY1:09.322.6 24.78 22.47 22.3210-9-311209683199
14-01-15317HV tf g B120035K. W. Lui123A. Suborics5H/TT SUPREME FALCONGORGEOUS DEBUTCLEVER BEAVER1:10.422.9 24.56 23.57 22.797-8-531198701529
17-12-14248HV tf g/f B120035K. W. Lui126A. Suborics8H/TT DISCIPLES TWELVEGREAT RUNAFFLUENCE OF RAIN1:10.123.0 24.97 22.69 22.9510-9-53118772118.8
12-11-14157HV tf g A1200311K. W. Lui124K. C. Leung5H/TT ALL GREAT FRIENDSGENTILISGRIMMY1:09.723.7 24.30 22.70 24.018-8-1181183731210
29-10-14126HV tf g C120033K. W. Lui126A. Suborics5H/TT ORIENTAL PROSPERFABULOUS NOVEMBERALL WIN BOY1:09.723.0 24.04 23.24 22.737-6-31.751189731422
15-10-1491ST aw g -1200310K. W. Lui121C. Y. Lui9H/TT LOVELY BOYSIGHT BELIEVERORIENTAL PROSPER1:08.422.9 24.18 22.10 23.6010-10-108.751193753799
24-09-1431ST aw g -120038K. W. Lui126H. W. Lai8H/TT RUMBA KINGWINNING INSTINCTGREAT SKY1:09.322.7 24.61 22.82 23.0910-10-87.51187752343
11-06-14699ST aw g -120037K. W. Lui130A. Suborics5H/TT COMEBACK KIDI'M IN CHARGERUMBA KING1:09.323.5 23.98 22.23 24.2110-6-76.51171751515
21-05-14646HV tf g C+3120036K. W. Lui130A. Suborics1H/TT NORDIC ONEHONG KONG DANCERSUNNY FAY1:09.523.1 24.30 22.81 23.037-7-63.751172754.75
30-04-14590HV tf g A120032K. W. Lui128A. Suborics7H/TT COUR VALANTALL WIN BOYSUNNY FAY1:10.523.6 24.49 23.25 22.9411-11-20.51165731112
02-04-14525HV tf g/y A120031K. W. Lui120A. Suborics7H/TT ALL WIN BOYCALLING WITH LOVESUNNY FAY1:10.523.5 24.44 23.08 23.019-9-111164661012
05-03-14452HV tf g A120034K. W. Lui112H. W. Lai2H/TT RAINBOW FIGHTERMY NAME IS BONDATACX1:10.323.5 23.94 23.15 23.574-4-421179665.96.3
08-01-14313HV tf g B120032K. W. Lui116H. W. Lai2H/TT RAINBOW FIGHTERALL WIN BOYHAPPY YEAH YEAH1:10.222.9 24.34 23.14 22.814-3-2SH1173641510
20-11-13177HV tf g C120041K. W. Lui131A. Suborics6H/TT ALL WIN BOYJADE PIPPONAUGHTY BABY1:10.823.1 24.17 23.72 22.914-4-10.751163587.36.7
20-10-1395HV tf g/f B120041K. W. Lui126A. Suborics9H/TT ALL WIN BOYFRESH AIRCAPITAL K1:10.323.7 24.26 22.85 23.289-8-1H1163521941
25-09-1338HV tf g/f C100044K. W. Lui125A. Suborics2H/TT MIGHTY EQUUSCALL ME ACHIEVERBOLERO0:57.223.0 13.09 21.60 22.918-6-421170524299
12-06-13686ST aw f/t -120049K. W. Lui133B. Prebble6H/TT AMBITIOUS GLORYHURRY HURRY UPGERONIMO MEADOW1:09.223.8 24.11 22.23 24.8510-10-912.51139591315
29-05-13653HV tf g/f C+3120038K. W. Lui111H. W. Lai1XB-/HNORDIC ONENEW GLORYPRETTY ONE1:09.623.1 23.96 22.95 23.556-6-851146624299
28-04-13567ST tf g A1400313K. W. Lui118K. C. Leung3XB/TTALL YOU WISHHO IN ONESTRATHTAY1:22.622.9 37.66 23.23 25.3113-13-13-1322.251142668899
07-04-13517ST tf g C1400314K. W. Lui118H. W. Lai14XB/TTSECRET SHAMAEROVELOCITYUWILLBEGLORIOUS1:22.123.0 36.32 23.68 24.2911-8-10-1413.51140696699
02-03-13431ST tf g C1200310K. W. Lui120H. W. Lai6XB1 SEA DRAGONSECRET SHAMSMART KIDS1:10.223.0 24.95 22.91 23.458-9-106.751128693246

HKJC Comment

Began OK but hampered and taken out on passing 1100m, dropping to last. Made up some ground around turn, took inside run in straight before switching out passing 200m.