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STAR OF WAI BO (P177) 偉寶之星 (Retired)

Y. S. Tsui / Rating: 50

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PPG / b / g / 10 yrs / AUS
Owner: Lai Chien-kuo
Last win: 26-01-14
Health: Heart irregularity and substantial mucopus in the trachea after racing, lame right front leg the following morning. (13/04/2014)
Sire: Elusive Quality
Dam: Quilt

Past Performances
Total Starts: 29: (2-4-2)
ST 1000m: 2 (0-0-0)
ST 1200m: 3 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1200m: 14 (1-2-1)
HV 1000m: 1 (0-0-1)
HV 1200m: 9 (1-2-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
02-12-15220HV tf g C+3120044Y. S. Tsui124C. Y. Ho10H/P ROCKET LET WINCRAIG'S FORTUNEBACK IN BLACK1:10.823.3 24.19 23.39 23.872-2-43.51121521917
18-11-15181ST aw g -120045Y. S. Tsui124C. Y. Ho9H/P MODERN FORTUNESPITFIRETRAVEL NUMBER ONE1:08.923.6 23.67 22.47 23.103-7-51.51116531712
14-10-15105HV tf g B120047Y. S. Tsui116H. N. Wong9H/P JOYFUL THE GREATPLANET CHOICEFUN TAPESTRY1:10.623.4 24.71 23.06 23.575-5-74.251128541311
07-10-1589HV tf g/y A1200410Y. S. Tsui127J. Moreira6H/P TRENDIFULMR KOOLBO DUKE1:11.124.7 23.67 22.92 25.132-2-103.51127543.53.2
23-09-1550HV tf g C120042Y. S. Tsui125J. Moreira10H/P LOVELY NAUGHTYSTAR OF WAI BOMR GINGER1:11.223.9 24.18 23.56 23.525-5-2H1121527.28.6
09-09-1515HV tf g A120042Y. S. Tsui113H. N. Wong9H/P ROBUST MOMENTUMSTAR OF WAI BOHAPPY CHAMPION1:10.824.3 23.64 22.86 24.411-1-20.51113501711
06-09-155ST tf g B120045Y. S. Tsui113H. N. Wong8H/P DIAMOND KINGFUN TAPESTRYAH BO1:09.823.1 24.19 22.61 23.362-2-51.751113505099
08-07-15762HV tf g/f A100043Y. S. Tsui123M. L. Yeung3H/P OCEAN ROARHIGHLAND DRAGONSTAR OF WAI BO0:57.423.6 12.73 21.57 23.515-5-32.51107522839
05-07-15751ST aw f/t -1200410Y. S. Tsui123C. K. Tong2H/P TIANHUANGKING OF HOUSEHOLDGERONIMO MEADOW1:08.522.8 23.77 22.43 24.006-7-1010.251116521413
04-03-15432HV tf g A1200411Y. S. Tsui127Y. T. Cheng8H/P JOYEUXSPITFIREMI SAVVY1:10.123.4 23.92 23.08 24.433-3-1181124542829
07-02-15376ST aw g -120045Y. S. Tsui130G. Mosse2H/P LOVELY NAUGHTYEASY SUCCESSHORSE SUPREMO1:08.923.9 23.85 22.15 23.667-7-54.251118566.96.4
04-01-15287ST aw g -120047Y. S. Tsui130N. Callan4H/P YOUNG TALENTREAL FITCONFUCIUS ELITE1:09.624.0 23.51 22.44 23.894-4-71.251116575.83.9
07-12-14219ST aw g -120044Y. S. Tsui128C. Y. Ho9PC-/HSTARTLING POWERGRAND PLUSSUNSHINE KID1:09.323.6 23.54 22.60 23.563-5-42.51115571631
09-11-14142ST tf g C+31000412Y. S. Tsui129C. K. Tong4H/PC PLANET CHOICEEXCITABLE BOYGLORY HORSIE0:56.622.6 13.25 21.11 24.333-8-12131115583751
15-10-1488ST aw g -120044Y. S. Tsui131Y. T. Cheng9H/PC PALEPALEGRAND PLUSMEDIC KINGDOM1:09.323.0 23.80 22.56 23.491-2-43.251122583.46.3
13-04-14547ST aw g -1200412Y. S. Tsui131K. C. Leung1H/PC SUNSHINE KIDFAIR WINDFOREVER AHEAD1:09.422.8 24.16 22.86 24.185-6-1210.75111858107.5
26-03-14503ST aw g -120044Y. S. Tsui132J. Moreira9P-/H/MEDIC KINGDOMHURRY HURRY UPGREAT PEGASUS1:09.723.6 23.79 22.51 24.014-4-43.51119584.33.5
09-03-14457ST aw g -120043Y. S. Tsui131J. Moreira5H/P ORIENTAL PROSPERHURRY HURRY UPSTAR OF WAI BO1:09.923.7 23.99 22.48 23.705-4-31.751116582.22.2
26-01-14352ST aw g -120041Y. S. Tsui125J. Moreira3SR-/HSTAR OF WAI BOTHUNDER FLYERCAPITAL K1:09.023.0 23.64 22.27 23.092-1-11.251117513.33.1
05-01-14300ST aw g -120042Y. S. Tsui123J. Moreira1H/SR JOY TOGETHERSTAR OF WAI BOMAROON PRINCE1:09.223.2 24.17 22.34 22.948-5-21.2511145034
15-12-13242ST aw w/f -120044Y. S. Tsui123J. Moreira3H/SR EASY SUCCESSSUNSHINE KIDTHUNDER FLYER1:09.523.5 23.44 22.66 23.882-2-42.751120503.73.6
06-11-13140HV tf g A1200411Y. S. Tsui124K. Teetan12H/SR WELL DONEVICTORY IDE SAYNAUGHTY BABY1:10.123.8 23.90 23.40 25.746-10-1117.75112250137.2
16-10-1385ST aw g -120042Y. S. Tsui119M. Chadwick12H/SR EXPEDITESTAR OF WAI BODEHERE'S THE LOVE1:09.824.0 23.51 22.67 23.725-4-20.51114481715
17-09-1330HV tf g/f B120041Y. S. Tsui114M. Chadwick4SR1/HSTAR OF WAI BOBRAVE BROTHERAMBITIOUS GLORY1:10.622.9 24.14 23.90 22.593-3-10.75110943124.6
04-07-13742HV tf g/f A120045Y. S. Tsui117K. C. Leung3SW- CHINA POWERRED COURAGEWINSOME1:09.823.6 23.69 22.80 23.535-5-51.25111646139.8
08-06-13676ST tf g/f B+21200414Y. S. Tsui121G. Mosse11SW ACCESS YEARSHOW SPEEDYK-MOOCHI1:09.022.8 23.91 22.32 25.021-2-14141122471817
11-05-13602ST tf g/f B+2120044Y. S. Tsui120K. C. Leung3SW CREATIVE UNIONMY FAVORITESIGHT BELIEVER1:09.623.2 23.90 22.70 23.463-3-42.751125495286
01-05-13577ST aw w/s -1200411Y. S. Tsui125T. Berry8H-/SWSUNSHINE KIDMAROON PRINCEDR GOOD HABIT1:09.323.2 23.69 22.51 25.292-3-1113.751121527.512
24-03-13479ST tf g A+31000414Y. S. Tsui127Y. T. Cheng2H1 MULTIVICTORYBRAVE BROTHERSPLENDID GUY0:56.922.6 13.48 21.14 23.801-8-1491093521312

HKJC Comment

Pressed forward from an outside draw, racing wide till joining leader passing 950m. Joint leader passing 200m but one-paced closing stages.