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HELEN'S CHOICE (P185) 執子之手 (Retired)

K. W. Lui / Rating: 40

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PP / b / g / 9 yrs / IRE
Owner: Mr & Mrs Charley Chan Wing-chin
Last win: 24-01-18
Health: Lame left front leg with large proximal phalanx bone chip. (26/04/2017)<br>Swollen right front cannon. (22/12/2015)<br>Unacceptable performance. (19/06/2016)<br>Unacceptable performance, restricted action and lame right front leg the following morning. (17/12/2014)<br>Got loose and sustained deep wound to left front axilla and lame on limb. (15/03/2013)<br>Unacceptable performance. (12/10/2013)<br>Left front fetlock arthroscopy. (09/05/2017)<br>Unacceptable performance. (07/09/2016)<br>Unacceptable performance. (04/02/2015)<br>
Sire: Kheleyf
Dam: Catching Stars

Past Performances
Total Starts: 45: (5-5-3)
ST 1000m: 2 (0-0-0)
ST 1200m: 5 (0-1-0)
ST 1400m: 3 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1200m: 19 (4-3-1)
ST aw 1650m: 2 (0-0-0)
HV 1000m: 2 (0-0-0)
HV 1200m: 6 (0-0-2)
HV 1650m: 6 (1-1-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
28-02-18458ST aw g -120058K. W. Lui131C. Y. Ho5 FIVE STARS AGENTMASSIVE MILLENNIUMFANTASTIC FABIO1:09:6523.4824.16 22.81 23.70 7-9-86.251182404.65
24-01-18365ST aw g -120051K. W. Lui126C. Y. Ho6 HELEN'S CHOICERUGBY DIAMONDSKY TREASURE1:09:6223.8423.84 22.46 23.32 6-6-10.51192351215
17-12-17274ST aw g -120058K. W. Lui123H. T. Mo8 NICE FANDANGOAMBITIOUS SPEEDYSKY TREASURE1:09:6423.7824.07 22.23 24.57 2-3-87.751194371130
23-04-17592ST aw w/s -165049K. W. Lui111K. K. Chiong6 IMPERIAL SEALSUPER TALENTCAPE THE FAITH1:39.422.7 53.95 23.33 23.048-8-8-95.751208412357
05-04-17547ST aw g -165049K. W. Lui114T. H. So7 UNIQUE JOYOUSTRAVEL AMBASSADORBORN DRAGON1:38.323.0 52.69 23.34 23.808-7-8-99.51196432737
01-03-17456ST aw g -1200412K. W. Lui119J. Moreira4 FORZA AVANTIART OF SUCCESSORIONIDS1:08.823.4 24.35 22.17 24.9211-11-1216.251212457.37.7
18-01-17348ST aw g -120048K. W. Lui120S. De Sousa5 BOND ELEGANCEGRADE ONEDRAGON WARRIOR1:09.623.5 23.85 22.65 23.634-7-83.251205477.18.6
08-01-17319ST aw g -120047K. W. Lui118K. K. Chiong4 HEARTS KEEPERPEACE COMBINATIONRESPECT1:09.123.2 24.34 22.19 23.0412-9-72.751205498.111
14-12-16264HV tf g/f C165044K. W. Lui127B. Prebble7 TRAVEL AMBASSADORWISKYSPINNING DANCER1:40.823.5 52.99 24.77 23.6810-11-6-43.51213512111
23-11-16208HV tf g C+3165048K. W. Lui122K. K. Chiong7 SUPER SPRINTERSPINNING DANCERACCLAIMED LIGHT1:41.624.5 52.37 24.79 25.506-3-2-86.51205531012
02-11-16152ST aw g -120045K. W. Lui120K. K. Chiong10 GOLDEN SUNGENEROUS BOBOHURRICANE KID1:09.923.8 24.19 22.65 23.508-7-52.51209545.58.4
16-10-16105ST aw g -120043K. W. Lui116K. K. Chiong9 SUPER MANI'M THE WON FOR UHELEN'S CHOICE1:08.723.2 24.69 22.07 22.8012-12-35.51208544.26.4
25-09-1651ST aw g -120042K. W. Lui122M. L. Yeung3 TRILLION TREASUREHELEN'S CHOICEI'M THE WON FOR U1:09.323.3 24.27 22.33 22.777-7-2N1205521410
07-09-1615HV tf g/y B1200412K. W. Lui123M. L. Yeung4 VICTORY MARVELSHARP HUNTERGLOBE TROTTER1:11.123.6 24.97 23.39 26.6111-11-12241217521922
06-07-16769HV tf g A120043K. W. Lui118K. K. Chiong6 WONDERFUL FIGHTERFLYING MONKEYHELEN'S CHOICE1:10.223.5 24.40 23.03 23.0410-11-31.51179521229
19-06-16726ST aw g -1200411K. W. Lui120K. K. Chiong8 HORSE SUPREMOPLANET GIANTRESPECT1:09.123.0 24.11 22.69 24.157-9-1111.51202523.86
07-05-16625ST aw g -120042K. W. Lui116K. K. Chiong6 DEJA VUHELEN'S CHOICEBEAR RAPPER1:09.222.4 24.60 22.72 21.998-8-2SH1193507.88.6
28-03-16514ST aw g -120041K. W. Lui108K. K. Chiong1 HELEN'S CHOICEHURRICANE KIDTRAVEL NUMBER ONE1:09.123.7 24.10 22.07 22.977-6-1N12024568.9
28-02-16435ST aw g -120041K. W. Lui104K. K. Chiong12 HELEN'S CHOICETRAVEL COMFORTSHURRICANE KID1:09.323.8 23.61 22.35 23.346-4-1SH1208401515
03-02-16372HV tf g A120047K. W. Lui113M. L. Yeung4 TOP BONUSI'M A WITNESSLUCKY PROFIT1:10.823.7 24.69 23.14 23.919-9-75.251223411110
06-12-15228ST aw g -120044K. W. Lui104K. K. Chiong6 LOVELY NAUGHTYEVERYONE'S CHOICEGRAND PLUS1:09.9623.3 24.47 22.73 22.938-8-4111924154.2
18-11-15182ST aw g -120044K. W. Lui104K. K. Chiong10 ELITE SPIRITLOVELY NAUGHTYAMBITIOUS KING1:08.923.1 24.55 22.00 22.6111-9-41.251192416.17
10-10-1594ST aw g -120052K. W. Lui133J. Moreira3 MIGHTY GAINSHELEN'S CHOICEHURRY HURRY UP1:09.323.1 24.18 22.47 22.885-5-20.751185402.12.1
06-09-151ST tf g B120052K. W. Lui129M. L. Yeung6 MAGICAL BEAMHELEN'S CHOICEDANEWIN TIGER1:09.923.1 25.14 22.29 22.589-9-2N1201387.37.4
08-07-15759HV tf g/f A120053K. W. Lui130M. L. Yeung4 WINNING BOYIDYLLIC WINDHELEN'S CHOICE1:09.723.5 24.30 22.60 23.578-7-34.251175389.68.8
27-06-15726ST aw g -120051K. W. Lui126M. L. Yeung12 HELEN'S CHOICEDRAGON ENERGYEASY AHEAD1:09.523,1 24.45 22.65 22.429-10-10.51191332223
16-05-15616ST aw f/t -120056K. W. Lui126M. L. Yeung10 EASY AHEADSUPER KING STARPRINCE OF SUNSHINE1:09.123.5 23.55 22.16 24.183-2-64.751206353147
12-04-15525ST tf g C1200510K. W. Lui128C. K. Tong11 BERNARD'S CHOICEEVERYONE'S CHOICEPRECIOUS GEM1:09.823.5 24.49 22.56 24.6911-11-1012.251201362561
04-02-15365HV tf g A1650511K. W. Lui129J. Moreira7 AMAZING GIFTBRIGHT CONCEPTNEW PET1:41.423.9 53.41 24.40 26.299-8-3-1116.751201364.23.7
17-12-14243HV tf g/f B1650512K. W. Lui129J. Moreira6 NO TIESRISING POWERVIVA GUY1:40.724.1 52.43 24.08 26.578-8-8-1218.751203362.73.3
19-11-14169HV tf g B165052K. W. Lui129J. Moreira10 ENJOY THE GAMEHELEN'S CHOICENO TIES1:41.523.6 54.18 24.38 23.289-10-9-221189363.23.1
19-10-1493HV tf g/f A165051K. W. Lui123J. Moreira1 HELEN'S CHOICEGOLDEN OSMANTHUSGOLDWEAVER1:41.123.3 53.40 24.62 23.104-3-3-11.251189304.64.6
08-10-1470ST tf g/f A+3140058K. W. Lui123M. L. Yeung12 TRIUMPHANT DRAGONLA COTE DE BLEUISLAND SPRING1:23.322.8 38.02 23.23 22.7213-14-14-841182321312
21-09-1422ST tf g/f B+2140055K. W. Lui123K. C. Leung14 BEST JADE TRIUMPHLA COTE DE BLEUFLORAL MAN1:22.723.7 36.70 23.13 23.1914-13-11-521189324899
01-07-14752ST tf g A+31400513K. W. Lui131N. Callan7 HIT A HOME RUNBEST JADE TRIUMPHHEAR THE ROAR1:23.322.6 36.89 24.15 25.347-7-8-13191180381911
01-06-14668ST tf g/f A+31000411K. W. Lui113H. W. Lai12B- SUGARMELLIFLUENTFLASHING GUY0:56.222.5 13.22 20.50 23.474-2-1161188413126
30-04-14586HV tf g A1200412K. W. Lui120N. Callan8B1 SEASONS STARMONTE CASTELLOFLASHING GUY1:10.123.1 24.56 23.16 24.746-8-1214.25116844149.6
26-02-14430HV tf g C+3120045P. F. Yiu117K. C. Leung12H- SPEEDYGONZALEZWINNING BOYHAPPY HOMING1:09.923.2 24.56 23.10 22.8312-12-53.51186464299
05-01-14300ST aw g -1200410P. F. Yiu123N. Pinna7H JOY TOGETHERSTAR OF WAI BOMAROON PRINCE1:09.223.2 23.97 22.78 24.646-6-1013.51154504399
29-12-13280ST tf g/f B+21200411P. F. Yiu128N. Callan6H STAR OF BONDGORGEOUS DEBUTPEARL WIN1:09.822.7 24.49 22.92 24.074-5-1110.251178545099
04-12-13213HV tf g/f A1000411P. F. Yiu131N. Callan11H BRILLIANT PROPOSALDOUBLE MASTERK-MOOCHI0:57.223.0 13.44 21.47 23.6110-9-117.751180585399
17-11-13167ST tf g/f B+21200311P. F. Yiu114C. Y. Ho9H ULTIMATE WINNERSROMAN LEGENDAFFLUENCE OF RAIN1:09.822.8 24.40 22.96 23.435-5-116.251188616699
06-11-13144HV tf g A1000310P. F. Yiu115T. H. So5H CHARITY JOYBRAVENESSEASTERN PROMISE0:57.123.4 13.10 21.42 24.179-8-109.51198644199
12-10-1380ST tf g/f A+31200314P. F. Yiu122A. Suborics1H BERLINSKILAUGH OUT LOUDAEROVELOCITY1:09.823.3 24.54 23.12 26.779-14-1428.51208665699
01-10-1347ST tf g/f C+31000314P. F. Yiu123A. Suborics8H1 ENSEMBLEBUNDLE OF JOYROMAN LEGEND0:56.422.3 13.65 20.69 23.309-6-147.251220663090

HKJC Comment

Prominent early, gradually dropped to midfield approaching home bend, hampered and lost position 600 metres out, kept on steadily without quickening in straight.