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HIT THE BID (P214) 心花怒放 (Retired)

M. Freedman / Rating: 83

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PPG / br / g / 9 yrs / AUS
Owner: Christopher So Chi-hang & Eddie Ng-tao
Last win: 01-03-17
Health: Acute left hind lameness after track work. (30/04/2013)<br>Fragment off apex of left hind medial sesamoid. (29/06/2013)<br>Substantial blood in the trachea after racing. (22/04/2015)<br>Unraced for 12 months. (17/11/2013)<br>Lame right hind leg. (17/06/2017)<br>Castration. (13/06/2013)<br>
Sire: Commands
Dam: Selwan

Past Performances
Total Starts: 41: (4-10-4)
ST 1000m: 2 (0-0-0)
ST 1200m: 10 (0-4-0)
ST 1400m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST 1600m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1200m: 14 (3-2-2)
ST aw 1650m: 4 (0-1-1)
HV 1200m: 9 (1-3-1)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
01-11-17160ST aw f/t -1200310M. Freedman126H. T. Mo7VMYTHICAL EMPERORBIG TIME BABYNUCLEAR POWER1:09:5123.9224.07 22.76 23.63 7-8-1061202847.58.8
17-05-17659HV tf g/f B120025A. T. Millard122H. W. Lai10V SUPER TURBOBLOCKER DEESEA JADE1:09.224.0 24.21 22.10 23.4210-10-531182855684
05-04-17551ST aw g -120024A. T. Millard111H. T. Mo2V D B PINBLOCKER DEEPABLOSKY1:07.522.4 23.68 21.85 22.728-6-44.251191851813
12-03-17488ST aw g -165028A. T. Millard115H. N. Wong7V PEOPLE'S KNIGHTFRIENDS OF KA YINGTRAVEL FIRST1:37.623.4 50.71 23.70 23.802-2-2-83.251182854045
01-03-17460ST aw g -120031A. T. Millard128K. K. Chiong5V HIT THE BIDMEGA REDSTARTLING POWER1:08.523.4 23.23 21.86 23.451-1-1N1191801115
30-01-17376ST tf g B1000213A. T. Millard112K. C. Ng8V MR STUNNINGARCHIPPUSMY LITTLE FRIEND0:56.322.1 13.53 20.95 23.374-6-139.251187814199
17-12-16270ST aw g -165029A. T. Millard108K. K. Chiong9V EROICOPACKING LLAREGYBKING GENKI1:38.723.0 54.54 22.92 24.049-9-9-9171185811917
11-12-16258ST tf g A1200213A. T. Millard120M. Guyon3V MR STUNNINGMERIONCLEVER BEAVER1:09.122.9 23.77 22.86 24.163-6-1310.251188837599
20-11-16202ST tf g B+21600213A. T. Millard120S. Clipperton11V SIMPLY INVINCIBLEPAKISTAN STARCHEEKY TOO1:34.023.0 48.64 23.08 23.667-8-9-138.51183845799
30-10-16148HV tf g A120029A. T. Millard114K. K. Chiong2V BLOCKER DEEFLYING TOURBILLONDRAGON GENERAL1:10.123.8 24.43 22.63 23.6610-8-93.751176841517
01-10-1671ST tf g A+3120029A. T. Millard119K. Teetan11V NEW ASIA SUNRISEPABLOSKYDUKEDOM1:08.923.0 24.52 22.10 22.629-10-91.51174841741
15-06-16723HV tf g/f B120031A. T. Millard126K. K. Chiong5V HIT THE BIDEXTREMELY FUNWAH MAY BABY1:09.923.4 23.62 22.93 23.421-1-1N1180794.94.9
01-06-16682HV tf g C+3120032A. T. Millard126H. N. Wong2V2 FLYING TOURBILLONHIT THE BIDHAPPY COOPERATION1:09.723.3 23.93 22.74 23.084-3-2SH118177117.8
14-05-16644ST aw w/s -165033A. T. Millard131J. Moreira2V- TRAVEL FIRSTULTIMATE GLORYHIT THE BID1:37.723.7 50.49 23.66 23.822-3-3-31.751191775.54.9
06-04-16543ST aw g -165032A. T. Millard125J. Moreira2V NORTHERN FALLSHIT THE BIDGREEN DISPATCH1:38.723.1 52.56 23.49 23.213-4-4-231180777.25.1
28-02-16438ST aw g -120034A. T. Millard131J. Moreira6V ELITE SPIRITTURIN PEARLSKY MAN1:08.422.9 23.80 22.40 22.619-9-421176773.43.6
17-01-16334ST aw w/s -120033A. T. Millard132J. Moreira4V SEA RUBYFIGHT HEROHIT THE BID1:09.223.5 23.63 22.38 23.575-3-31.751177774.42.5
19-12-15268ST aw g -120031A. T. Millard121J. Moreira1V HIT THE BIDGIANT STARSLONGWAH SILENT1:08.522.4 24.02 22.09 22.405-1-12.251174682.32.2
06-12-15230ST aw g -120032A. T. Millard122J. Moreira6V SILLY BUDDIESHIT THE BIDTURIN PEARL1:09.723.3 24.41 22.75 22.639-9-20.51173673.54
18-11-15186ST aw g -120035A. T. Millard123R. Fourie12V HAPPY CHAPPYSKY HEROARCHIPPUS1:08.022.6 24.09 22.20 22.1810-9-52.751167677.47.8
18-10-15119ST aw g -120032A. T. Millard121R. Fourie11V ARCHIPPUSHIT THE BIDNOBLE ALPHA1:08.923.0 24.21 22.44 22.2610-10-2SH1151651315
28-09-1561ST aw g -120033A. T. Millard110H. N. Wong5V RUMBA KINGPERPETUAL TREASUREHIT THE BID1:08.623.1 23.97 22.34 22.828-9-33.251161656.44.7
05-07-15757ST aw f/t -120034A. T. Millard119A. Suborics8V CHOICE TREASURESTARTLING POWERSEA RUBY1:08.323.6 23.82 22.23 22.878-10-43.51161661112
21-06-15716ST aw w/f -120034A. T. Millard120A. Suborics8V PERPETUAL TREASURESEA RUBYSILLY BUDDIES1:08.222.7 23.20 22.28 23.101-1-41.751161669.215
22-04-15558HV tf g/f C120036A. T. Millard119D. Whyte2V RUBY COASTKYNAMBRIGHT STAR1:09.823.1 23.85 23.09 23.523-4-63.751158666.13.4
25-03-15492ST aw f/t -120041A. T. Millard132Z. Purton12V HIT THE BIDLOVELY NAUGHTYCHIN CHUN1:08.323.1 23.83 21.82 22.6811-4-10.751149597.85.3
07-02-15378ST aw g -120035A. T. Millard113M. Chadwick3XB-/VSTARTLING POWERHEARTS KEEPERDEHERE'S THE LOVE1:08.323.2 24.00 21.98 22.859-7-531155607.77
14-01-15312HV tf g B120044A. T. Millard133M. Demuro11V/XB SEA WARRIORHAPPY HOMINGMY LEGEND1:11.023.4 24.21 23.68 23.413-4-41.751134604.83.4
07-01-15295HV tf g A120043A. T. Millard132M. Chadwick1V/XB SILVER DRAGONMI SAVVYHIT THE BID1:10.623.9 23.58 23.12 24.101-1-30.7511395954.7
03-12-14209HV tf g C+3120042A. T. Millard131M. Demuro9V/XB MIGHTY EQUUSHIT THE BIDMONTE CASTELLO1:10.523.7 23.74 23.21 23.652-2-20.51148589.35.1
12-11-14151HV tf g A120042A. T. Millard129J. Moreira11V/XB BALTIC WARRIORHIT THE BIDPOWER COOL1:10.423.9 23.76 22.76 23.983-1-2N1145567.55.7
12-10-1480ST tf g/f A+3140044A. T. Millard129N. Callan7V/XB ULTIMATE GLORYSUNNY PEARLAMAZING ALWAYS1:22.323.6 35.77 23.17 23.532-2-2-40.751145566.98.7
14-09-144ST tf g/f A120042A. T. Millard130J. Moreira5XB/V1ROMANTIC CASHHIT THE BIDEXCITABLE BOY1:09.222.6 24.16 22.66 22.923-3-231155563.72.6
06-07-14764ST tf g/f B+21200412A. T. Millard130J. Moreira2XB LOVELY BOYJADE PIPPOLONGWAH AMBER1:10.122.0 26.14 22.98 22.2714-12-127.751144573.32.9
15-06-14704ST tf g C120042A. T. Millard131J. Moreira10B-/XBNATURAL TEAMHIT THE BIDGENUINE CHAMPION1:09.823.5 24.29 22.15 23.502-3-2N1137553.43.4
25-05-14649ST tf g A120047A. T. Millard128K. Teetan4B GOLDEN DEERMASTER SOMMELIERSPARKLING SWORD1:10.022.3 24.66 23.09 23.341-2-76.51143553.73.1
06-04-14530ST tf g B+2120042A. T. Millard126K. Teetan5B1 LAUGH OUT LOUDHIT THE BIDDO YOU GET IT1:10.724.1 23.91 22.67 24.151-1-2Nose1132533.65
16-03-14473ST tf g A120044A. T. Millard127K. Teetan10 NUMERO UNOREBORN TO WINLAUGH OUT LOUD1:09.822.7 24.36 23.08 23.233-3-44.751134541717
23-02-14420ST tf g A+31200410A. T. Millard128K. Teetan12 GORGEOUS DEBUTREAL FITSTAR MAJESTIC1:09.922.4 25.60 23.06 22.5812-11-107.751120541011
02-02-14364ST tf g C120042A. T. Millard126K. Teetan1 GREAT PEGASUSHIT THE BIDHURRY HURRY UP1:10.122.8 24.62 22.84 22.832-2-20.51109522012
29-12-13276ST tf g/f B+2100049A. T. Millard128T. Angland4 WORLD CITYSUPER ABUNDANTEREAL FIT0:58.123.1 13.90 21.36 23.526-7-941111526.38.3

HKJC Comment

Awkward start then failed to muster, settled in around midfield 3L behind 3 wide with cover, never threatened.