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GREAT RUN (P223) 大將風馳 (Retired)

L. Ho / Rating: 63

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PP / ch / g / 9 yrs / GB
Owner: Great Family Syndicate
Last win: 19-12-15
Health: Substantial blood in trachea after racing. (17/02/2013) Castration. (26/02/2013) Failed vet exam: Substantial blood in trachea on scope. (02/04/2013) Heart irregularity after racing. (01/07/2013) Lame right front leg. (13/11/2013) Inappetence. (19/05/2014) Lame left front leg after barrier trial. (20/08/2015) Lame left front leg. (01/03/2016) Lame left front leg after racing. (04/05/2016) Bilaterally lame of both front legs with advanced arthritic changes. (17/05/2016)
Sire: Compton Place
Dam: Hasten

Past Performances
Total Starts: 35: (3-2-3)
ST 1000m: 3 (1-0-0)
ST 1200m: 3 (0-0-0)
ST 1400m: 5 (0-0-0)
ST 1600m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1650m: 1 (0-0-0)
HV 1000m: 4 (0-1-1)
HV 1200m: 18 (2-1-2)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
04-05-16618HV tf g C+31200311A. T. Millard120H. W. Lai8B ALMABABYTOP BONUSBEAUTY KINGDOM1:10.323.1 24.54 23.93 23.4010-11-119.751114634084
20-04-16580HV tf g B1000311A. T. Millard114K. C. Ng6B SKY MANTRIUMPHANT JEWELOCEAN ROAR0:57.223.1 13.36 21.88 22.8410-11-115.251113642939
03-02-16375HV tf g A120037A. T. Millard117H. W. Lai12B FANTASTIC FEELINGRAINBOW FIGHTERFORTUNE BO BO1:10.423.5 24.54 23.33 23.0212-12-72.751123644676
09-01-16313ST tf g C100039A. T. Millard117H. W. Lai10B HAPPY METEORWILD BOYELITE SPIRIT0:56.522.4 13.54 21.17 22.566-7-94.51105642116
19-12-15263ST tf g C+3100041A. T. Millard133H. W. Lai6B GREAT RUNPEACE COMBINATIONNOBLE BUDDIES0:57.423.1 13.81 21.11 22.5712-12-1H1104593165
02-12-15223HV tf g C+3120036A. T. Millard109K. C. Ng12B GOLDEN CHOPSTICKSHARBOUR ALERTTHOR THE GREATEST1:10.723.5 24.69 23.16 23.407-8-63.251107614499
01-11-15142HV tf g A1200312A. T. Millard118K. Teetan9B GENERAL IRONLOTUS BREEZEGIANT STARS1:11.023.1 25.06 23.81 23.1911-12-1261100631418
07-10-1590HV tf g/y A120035A. T. Millard118K. Teetan4B ROMANTIC CASHJOY LUCK WINPEACE N PROSPERITY1:10.423.2 24.24 23.51 23.128-7-52.51110643355
09-09-1518HV tf g A1200312A. T. Millard119C. Schofield7B EXCEL ONESELFPEACE N PROSPERITYTHE SHOW1:11.023.3 24.67 23.93 23.539-12-126.751106641425
17-06-15707HV tf g/f C120039A. T. Millard118K. Teetan12B THE PRINCEHAPPY SURVEYSYO-YO DA1:10.122.7 25.35 23.24 22.4012-11-95.251083652428
10-06-15685HV tf g/f B120033A. T. Millard119D. Lane9B HAPPY BAO BEIJOY LUCK WINGREAT RUN1:09.723.0 24.04 22.98 22.975-4-31.251101651215
13-05-15614HV tf g/f B100032A. T. Millard119K. Teetan3B SMART DECLARATIONGREAT RUNGENERAL IRON0:57.023.3 12.95 21.44 22.688-6-2H109563138.8
06-05-15593HV tf g/f A120035A. T. Millard119K. Teetan5B LONGWAH AMBERKING DERBYGRACEFUL KINGDOM1:10.522.9 24.77 23.34 22.577-6-51.251092636.46.3
29-04-15577HV tf g/f C+3120036A. T. Millard118K. Teetan9B DASHING CERAMIBOCLEVER BEAVERHELLA HEDGE1:10.622.7 24.94 23.83 22.319-9-62.51117652227
18-03-15476HV tf g C120039A. T. Millard122K. Teetan4B CLEVER BEAVERALL THE BESTDASHING CERAMIBO1:09.823.9 24.58 23.13 22.6611-11-93.251108662116
25-02-15419HV tf g C120036A. T. Millard122K. Teetan1B ORIENTAL PROSPERHONG KONG DANCERFLYING TOURBILLON1:10.223.5 24.21 23.08 23.423-4-631105668.38.1
25-01-15341ST tf g/f B+21200310A. T. Millard119M. Guyon12B WHY WHYSUPER TALENTOUR FOLKS1:09.522.7 24.62 22.63 23.148-6-1051111664270
17-12-14248HV tf g/f B120032A. T. Millard119U. Rispoli2B DISCIPLES TWELVEGREAT RUNAFFLUENCE OF RAIN1:10.123.0 24.49 22.85 23.013-5-21.51086655.43.9
26-11-14189HV tf g/f C120041A. T. Millard133U. Rispoli11B GREAT RUNJOLLY POSHWHISTLE BLOWER1:10.123.8 24.49 22.51 23.138-7-10.51095591520
12-10-1481ST tf g/f A+3100039A. T. Millard118K. Teetan6B LOVELY DELOVELYSUPER ABUNDANTETANGO FIRE0:56.522.6 13.65 20.89 22.909-10-95.51095613353
21-09-1427ST tf g/f B+2120039A. T. Millard119K. Teetan9B LOVELY BOYPIKACHUMASTER SOMMELIER1:09.022.9 25.31 22.01 22.4113-12-94.251094613142
06-07-14769ST tf g/f B+21400310A. T. Millard114H. W. Lai2B SUN PINSARCHIPPUSMARVEL TRIBE1:21.923.7 35.14 23.34 24.836-6-8-108.751074613365
11-06-14700ST tf g/f B+2120037A. T. Millard114K. Teetan9B MASTER SOMMELIERFUN TAPESTRYNEW DEERFIELD1:09.622.6 24.58 22.62 23.126-6-74.51086611319
14-05-14623HV tf g C120043A. T. Millard132K. Teetan3B LONGWAH AMBERYOU ARE THE ONEGREAT RUN1:10.422.8 24.49 23.45 22.645-5-30.51051591213
04-05-14595ST tf g A+3140048A. T. Millard133K. Teetan13B REBORN TO WINAMAZING ALWAYSMEGA CHAMPION1:24.323.7 36.65 24.42 23.6214-11-10-821063591515
09-04-14537HV tf g B120046A. T. Millard133K. Teetan4B YAT DING WINEXCEL ONESELFNATURAL TEAM1:10.023.2 24.40 22.92 23.047-6-61.7510645954.8
12-03-14465HV tf g B120041A. T. Millard127K. Teetan3B GREAT RUNDEMON DEMONHAPPY CHAMPION1:10.223.7 24.25 22.75 23.256-6-1H1066547.36.4
05-03-14447HV tf g A100043A. T. Millard125C. Y. Ho2B CALL ME ACHIEVERCROESUSGREAT RUN0:57.823.8 13.40 21.57 22.9111-7-30.51078535487
11-01-14320ST tf g A1400412A. T. Millard130N. Pinna4B BERLINIOSCAR MIRACLEINDUSTRIALIST WAY1:23.023.6 35.50 24.25 24.934-7-7-1210.251067569999
18-12-13252HV tf g C1000410A. T. Millard128C. Y. Ho4B2 FANTASTICONOBODY BUT YOUCHINA ANGEL0:57.022.9 12.95 21.71 23.407-7-1061064573286
13-11-13157HV tf g B12004WDA. T. Millard128C. Y. HoB2 SIGHT LOVERHAPPY HOMINGYAT DING WIN1:10.523.2  10745737 
01-07-13736ST tf g A+31400413A. T. Millard126C. Y. Ho9 BOY OH BOYAFFECTIONGRAND CHAMPION1:22.522.7 37.26 23.91 25.2111-12-13-1323.751075601416
08-06-13680ST tf g/f B+2140037A. T. Millard116T. Berry8 SUPREME GENKIMEGA CHAMPIONGREAT CHARM1:22.322.6 37.66 22.95 22.1810-11-10-72.751065629999
26-05-13644ST tf g A1600314A. T. Millard115R. Fourie3 WHY NOTHOLMES LEGENDALWAYS SOMETHING1:35.922.8 49.29 24.34 23.9410-9-10-14101090654599
15-05-13616HV tf g B1200311A. T. Millard118W. M. Lai4B- ENSEMBLEPROLIFIC CHAMPIONALL FRIENDS1:10.322.8 24.94 23.22 23.0010-10-115.251097676799
17-02-13394ST aw g -1650313A. T. Millard114C. Y. Ho8B1 ALL FRIENDSCHAMPAGNE DAYSVAUGIRARD1:39.523.7 53.03 24.47 23.7110-13-14-1310.251083678891

HKJC Comment

Outpaced, dropping to rear but 3-wide. Lost touch with main field around turn and found nothing in straight. Lame left front leg.