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HARD BALL GET (P373) 揮闖 (Retired)

D. Hall / Rating: 68

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PP / gr / g / 10 yrs / AUS
Owner: Anthony Cheung Hin-shun
Last win: 01-07-17
Health: Lame right front leg. (24/04/2015)<br>Lame right front leg. (19/09/2015)<br>Horse fell approaching the 300M. Lame left front leg after racing. (06/03/2016)<br>
Sire: Aussie Rules
Dam: Aqua Velva

Past Performances
Total Starts: 47: (3-6-2)
ST 1000m: 2 (0-0-1)
ST 1200m: 9 (0-1-0)
ST 1400m: 31 (3-4-1)
HV 1200m: 2 (0-0-0)
HV 1650m: 3 (0-1-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
15-07-18802ST tf y A1400414D. Hall128M. F. Poon13BVIVA COUNCILRED HORSEENJOY LIFE1:24:1824.8135.41 24.20 28.101-2-4-14221040581928
16-06-18735ST tf g/f C+31400411D. Hall123C. Wong7BRELENTLESS MEHAVE FUN TOGETHERENDEARING1:21:5423.3235.13 23.21 24.764-3-3-119.751048607.410
23-05-18673HV tf g/f C165035D. Hall112M. F. Poon9BMULTI FACETSLAND GRANTHAR HAR HEART1:39:5723.6652.52 23.71 24.072-2-3-54.51034622343
06-05-18631ST tf g B140037D. Hall107C. Wong7BHEZTHEWONFORUSWIN BEAUTY WINROUNDABOUT1:22:3222.9535.98 23.39 23.631-1-1-74.251049621016
15-04-18570ST tf g/y C+3140042D. Hall127M. F. Poon9BGREAT TREASUREHARD BALL GETSUNNY POWER1:23:0823.7435.60 23.74 23.801-1-1-2N 1049601427
02-04-18547ST tf g B+2140037D. Hall110M. F. Poon9BHARMONY HEROSUN TOUCHFAMOUS WARRIOR1:21:6223.7536.98 22.89 22.6614-14-14-75.751049622460
11-03-18492ST tf g C+3140037D. Hall110M. F. Poon14BSUN TOUCHCHUNG WAH SPIRITJOLLY CONVERGENCE1:21:8522.7037.22 22.89 22.6913-14-12-761054641755
25-02-18456ST tf g B140037D. Hall112M. F. Poon14BSUPER MISSILERAGING BLITZKRIEGROYAL MOJITO1:22:4322.8535.24 24.34 23.792-1-1-75.751057662450
07-02-18408HV tf g A165038D. Hall114M. F. Poon6BLET'S TAKE IT EASYIMPERIAL GALLANTRYSUPER LUCKY1:40:5424.0452.49 24.17 24.492-2-2-83.751054682529
21-01-18364ST tf g A140035D. Hall116M. F. Poon6BCONTEROUNDABOUTSIMPLY BRILLIANT1:22:0722.9336.40 23.18 23.345-6-5-55.251049702237
13-01-18346ST tf g C+3140039D. Hall117M. F. Poon5BSTAR MAJESTICBULLISH SMARTSAM'S LOVE1:22:4023.1236.35 23.41 23.315-5-6-94.251048711419
23-12-17299ST tf g A+31400312D. Hall118M. F. Poon10BCALIFORNIA JOYEXPERTO CREDESACRED IBIS1:22:2123.4837.17 22.80 23.6913-13-14-1291051722631
19-11-17207ST tf g B14003WDD. Hall118M. F. PoonBHAPPY AGILITYTOP BEAUTIFULAPOLLO'S CHOICE1.22.2223.66 10447219 
01-10-1781ST tf g/y A+3140034D. Hall118M. F. Poon1BAPOLLO'S CHOICEINVINCIBLE FRESHEXPERTO CREDE1:22:2023.4735.79 23.42 23.254-7-7-41.751037721418
01-07-17777ST tf g/f A+3140031D. Hall108M. F. Poon5B HARD BALL GETAMAZINGINDIGENOUS UNION1:21.723.2 35.78 23.30 22.6310-8-6-10.751037651311
11-06-17723ST tf g/f C1400310D. Hall110M. F. Poon1B CLASSIC EMPERORENERGETIC CLASSSUNNY WAY1:22.123.5 35.77 23.15 24.507-6-6-1081038659.38.7
13-05-17644ST tf g C140041D. Hall133Z. Purton11B HARD BALL GETSILLY BUDDIESBOSSIEE1:22.723.5 36.42 23.33 23.009-9-7-111039603.74.5
29-03-17534HV tf g/f C+3120038D. Hall117T. H. So8B TRUMPCHEER WINARM RUNDA1:09.723.3 24.92 22.78 22.9612-12-85.51004622745
25-01-17368HV tf g C+3165035D. Hall116K. Teetan10B NITRO EXPRESSBULLISH SMARTCHEERFUL BOY1:39.524.4 51.88 24.29 23.919-9-10-53.75102562139.9
14-12-16267HV tf g/f C165032D. Hall116K. Teetan9B HAPPY SPIRITHARD BALL GETVICTORY MARVEL1:39.723.9 52.37 24.25 23.4211-11-10-221029611415
04-12-16239ST tf g/f C+3140036D. Hall116J. Moreira12B SEASONS BLOOMCALIFORNIA WHIPA BEAUTIFUL1:21.423.1 36.91 22.40 22.938-12-10-64.75104463128.3
06-11-16165ST tf g/f C+3140035D. Hall120Z. Purton10B WINNER'S WAYKINGSFIELDVOLITATION1:22.223.1 36.93 23.19 22.5612-14-14-52.751035639.78.4
16-10-16110ST tf g/f C140033D. Hall116C. Y. Ho9B HEALTHY JOYFULMOLLY'S JADE STARHARD BALL GET1:21.923.1 36.94 22.71 22.4813-13-14-31.251039624947
25-09-1654ST tf g/f A120036D. Hall115K. Teetan4B LOTUS BREEZEMULTIMAXCHARITY GLORY1:09.422.9 24.22 22.75 22.656-7-61.251030624636
19-06-16731ST tf g/f C+31400310D. Hall115K. C. Leung2B SKY KINGWINSTON'S LADAEROSPEED1:20.823.0 35.37 22.68 23.611-3-3-1051024643337
29-05-16672ST tf g A+3120038D. Hall122N. Callan1B FLYING FORCEMALMSTEENCAREFREE LET GO1:09.322.4 24.84 22.62 22.3711-9-83.251031652213
06-03-16463ST tf g C1400314D. Hall118C. Schofield7CP-/BJOLLY JOLLYGO GO WINWINNAM1:22.523.0  4-5-3-UR1028651516
10-02-16396ST tf g C140038D. Hall120J. Moreira7CP PRESIDENTPARAMOUNTJOLLY JOLLYSUPER TALENT1:22.223.7 35.84 23.60 23.3011-11-10-831045654.25
09-01-16318ST tf g C140032D. Hall118V. Cheminaud11CP HEALTHY JOYFULHARD BALL GETLAUGH OUT LOUD1:21.422.8 36.29 23.01 22.678-8-8-23.251035641513
19-12-15266ST tf g C+3140041D. Hall133J. Moreira3CP HARD BALL GETSNOW SLIDERELECTRONIC PHOENIX1:22.324.0 35.41 23.22 23.745-4-3-1N1032592.22.4
21-11-15189ST tf g B+2140042D. Hall131N. Callan11CP MAGICAL BEAUTYHARD BALL GETAMAZING ALWAYS1:22.423.0 36.92 23.15 22.458-8-8-20.51035577.76.6
25-10-15134ST tf g/f A140047D. Hall130N. Rawiller5CP ELECTRONIC PHOENIXCLASSIC EMPERORGENERAL OF PATCH1:22.822.6 36.36 24.28 22.956-9-9-74.51035577.58.6
19-09-1539ST tf g/f C+314004WDD. Hall130N. CallanCP BORN TO WINLEADING HORSEFLORAL SPUR1:22.522.9  1036573.2 
12-07-15773ST tf g/f B+2140042D. Hall131A. Suborics14CP SHORT SQUEEZEHARD BALL GETUNIQUE JOYFUL1:21.722.9 36.53 23.21 22.2613-13-13-21.51026582628
21-06-15709ST tf g C120042D. Hall130B. Prebble10CP MEDIC KINGDOMHARD BALL GETBALTIC WARRIOR1:09.923.5 24.41 22.35 23.338-5-21.251027579.411
07-02-15375ST tf g/f C+3140048D. Hall133D. Whyte14CP GOLD TALENTBEAR-POPSPARKLING SWORD1:22.223.6 35.31 23.28 24.231-1-1-83.51033591111
10-01-15308ST tf g/f A1000313D. Hall114C. Y. Ho10CP JETWINGSLUCKY DAYDANE PATROL0:56.122.1 14.03 20.65 22.8914-12-1391051611623
28-12-14268ST tf g/f B+21400312D. Hall115C. Y. Ho13CP2 RACING HEROBAAB AL NASRULTIMATE GLORY1:21.924.5 34.76 23.21 25.172-2-3-127.251052641721
26-11-14192HV tf g/f C120038D. Hall120N. Callan8 HELLA HEDGESIGHT BELIEVERNEW DEERFIELD1:10.023.2 24.23 23.30 23.287-8-84.75104566148.6
26-10-14116ST tf g/f B+2120035D. Hall120N. Callan13B- LANG TAI SINGHIGH AND MIGHTYHELLA HEDGE1:08.722.7 24.18 22.08 23.038-7-53.51042661435
06-07-14769ST tf g/f B+2140039D. Hall127M. Du Plessis12B SUN PINSARCHIPPUSMARVEL TRIBE1:21.923.7 34.94 23.30 25.031-3-3-98.51032722899
18-06-14716ST tf g/f C120037D. Hall129H. Bowman11CP-/BTEOFILO CALVASUPREME FLIGHTUNIVERSAL UNION1:09.122.0 25.22 22.47 22.289-9-75.251043751618
17-05-14638ST tf g C+31400311D. Hall133H. Bowman2CP WONDERFUL MOMENTSSUN PINSFANTASTIC KAKA1:22.423.2 35.95 23.71 24.837-7-7-1112.751036781619
27-04-14582ST tf g/f A120036D. Hall133N. Callan4CP KEY WITNESSADDOLENEW GLORY1:09.622.4 24.24 23.18 22.784-3-63.251047801417
23-03-14499ST tf g C+3140029D. Hall113M. Chadwick7CP FLASH KNIGHTDUNDONNELLNOBLE ALPHA1:21.823.1 35.34 23.41 23.983-1-1-95.51050821815
23-02-14426ST tf g A+31400211D. Hall124N. Callan14CP DUNDONNELLSANTA FE SUNWAH MAY STAR1:21.723.3 36.95 22.63 22.9310-13-13-114.751049842128
26-01-14360ST tf g/f B+2120024D. Hall120N. Callan2CP AEROVELOCITYSUPER JOCKEYHAPPY ERA1:09.222.7 24.21 22.58 23.086-6-441051851851
17-11-13174ST tf g/f B+21200212D. Hall123B. Prebble12CP MY FAVORITESUPER JOCKEYDINING WORLD1:09.123.0 25.14 22.49 22.8213-12-128.251032862663
30-10-13125ST tf g/f C+3100023D. Hall120W. C. Marwing14CP1 AMBER SKYSICHUAN VIGOURHARD BALL GET0:55.822.4 13.46 20.69 22.585-5-35.751040862331
06-10-1364ST tf g/f A1200211D. Hall122W. C. Marwing14 SMART VOLATILITYFIONN'S TREASURETOUR DE FORCE1:09.022.6 24.75 22.75 22.7114-14-117.251050863639

HKJC Comment

Sat outside the lead, gave ground from on straightening and finished tailed out. Must trail.