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REAL FIT (P418) 一定旺 (Retired)

A. S. Cruz / Rating: 30

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PPG / b / g / 9 yrs / AUS
Owner: Stanley Ho Sau-nan
Last win: 13-05-15
Health: Castration. (24/06/2013) Lame left front leg with tendon swelling. (16/08/2013) Mild strain of both front tendons. (19/08/2013) Lame left hind leg with tendon sheath effusion. (25/11/2013) Unacceptable performance. (23/03/2014) Lame right front leg on the morning after racing. (23/10/2014) Right front carpus radiographic changes. (28/10/2014) Lame right front leg on the morning after racing. (08/12/2014) Unacceptable performance. (25/01/2015) Unacceptable performance. (25/03/2015) Unacceptable performance. (05/07/2015) On arrival at the Start was noted to be lame in the right front leg. Withdrawn from race. (22/06/2016)
Sire: Charge Forward
Dam: Zanira

Past Performances
Total Starts: 33: (2-4-3)
ST 1000m: 11 (0-1-2)
ST 1200m: 3 (0-1-0)
ST aw 1200m: 11 (1-1-1)
HV 1000m: 3 (0-0-0)
HV 1200m: 5 (1-1-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
06-07-16765HV tf g A120057A. S. Cruz126M. Chadwick7B/TT FOREVER FUNINTELLECTUAL GLIDEMANHATTAN STRIKER1:10.524.4 23.57 22.64 24.722-2-72.251037321433
22-06-16739HV tf g/f C12005WDA. S. Cruz125N. CallanB/TT RAY OF GOLDOPTIMISMFORMULA GALORE1:10.623.3  10383212 
09-06-16697HV tf g A120059A. S. Cruz129M. Chadwick9B/TT OPTIMISMGIDDY GIDDYINTELLECTUAL GLIDE1:10.324.2 24.37 22.41 24.7510-9-97.51048361615
16-04-16568ST aw g -1200412A. S. Cruz112K. C. Ng4B/TT RESPECTMODERN FORTUNEWINNING TALENT1:10.122.9 24.16 23.38 25.504-5-1218.251053412949
28-03-16511ST tf g A+31000414A. S. Cruz114K. C. Ng14B/TT DRAGON MASTERADVENTURERDANCING FLAMES0:56.722.7 13.66 21.50 24.169-13-14161053462874
02-03-16449HV tf g C+31000411A. S. Cruz119K. C. Ng12B/TT MOMENT OF POWERFANTASTICOGLORY HORSIE0:57.322.9 13.05 22.40 23.558-11-1110.51058502899
06-02-16378ST tf g B+21000413A. S. Cruz126N. Callan10B/TT MY DARLINGFISH N' CHIPSDIAMOND BIT0:57.722.9 13.43 21.40 25.745-2-1317.51067537.715
19-12-15264ST aw g -1200411A. S. Cruz125K. C. Ng7B/TT CALL ME ACHIEVERMOLLY'S JADE STARST YAZIN1:09.123.5 23.60 22.26 25.703-3-11151076563171
18-11-15181ST aw g -1200411A. S. Cruz126K. C. Ng12B/TT MODERN FORTUNESPITFIRETRAVEL NUMBER ONE1:08.923.6 23.43 22.15 24.822-3-118.751064582037
18-10-15117ST tf g/f C+31000313A. S. Cruz116T. H. So5B/TT TRIUMPHANT JEWELSMART DECLARATIONNO MONEY NO TALK0:56.422.2 13.57 21.15 23.066-10-138.51065603999
04-10-1583ST tf g/y B+21000310A. S. Cruz113K. C. Ng6B/TT BIG FOURSKY MANCHATER ROCK0:57.523.0 13.56 21.20 24.425-3-10101059612642
13-09-1525ST aw g -1200312A. S. Cruz118M. Chadwick12B/TT PERPETUAL TREASUREULTIMATE GLORYRUMBA KING1:09.123.3 23.99 22.77 25.106-7-12171062611622
05-07-15757ST aw f/t -1200312A. S. Cruz114M. Chadwick4B/TT CHOICE TREASURESTARTLING POWERSEA RUBY1:08.323.6 23.46 22.35 26.794-6-1226.751053619.816
03-06-15667HV tf g/f A120042A. S. Cruz132N. Callan4B/TT PEACE ON EARTHREAL FITBUNKER SHOT1:10.124.1 23.42 22.66 24.172-2-20.51052596.610
13-05-15612HV tf g/f B120041A. S. Cruz126N. Callan11B/TT REAL FITFRUITFUL CHAMPIONJOYFUL THE GREAT1:09.823.0 23.70 23.14 22.982-2-111050532451
25-03-15492ST aw f/t -1200412A. S. Cruz127M. Chadwick7B/TT HIT THE BIDLOVELY NAUGHTYCHIN CHUN1:08.323.1 23.23 22.50 26.673-6-1225.51039541220
11-03-15451HV tf g B100046A. S. Cruz131U. Rispoli3B/TT HIGHLAND DRAGONDO YOU GET ITJOLLY POSH0:57.923.3 12.96 21.77 23.573-4-62.51046556.97.4
25-01-15339ST aw f/t -120049A. S. Cruz128D. Whyte4B/TT KINGSTON JUMBOHORSE SUPREMOBE THERE AHEAD1:08.923.5 23.47 22.44 25.143-5-913.251067554.84.7
04-01-15287ST aw g -120042A. S. Cruz126D. Whyte10B/TT YOUNG TALENTREAL FITCONFUCIUS ELITE1:09.624.0 23.27 22.32 24.071-1-2SH1057536.18.2
07-12-14219ST aw g -1200411A. S. Cruz126D. Whyte6B/TT STARTLING POWERGRAND PLUSSUNSHINE KID1:09.323.6 23.42 22.36 24.952-2-1191049535.26
22-10-14107HV tf g B120048A. S. Cruz126A. Suborics9B/TT ALL GREAT FRIENDSJADE PIPPOGOOD FRIENDS MAGIC1:10.123.4 23.80 22.92 24.361-1-85.51049539.211
08-10-1472ST aw g -120043A. S. Cruz125G. Mosse3B/TT CONFUCIUS ELITEKING OF HOUSEHOLDREAL FIT1:09.123.8 23.51 21.84 23.902-1-30.51051526.25.9
24-09-1433ST aw g -120041A. S. Cruz120N. Callan7B/TT REAL FITORIENTAL PROSPERCONFUCIUS ELITE1:10.123.5 23.78 22.80 23.561-1-1SH1052465.73.8
14-09-145ST tf g/f A100049A. S. Cruz114K. C. Ng7B/TT SENSATIONMELLIFLUENTHAYHAY0:56.322.9 13.24 21.02 22.949-11-95.251057469.37
01-07-14753ST tf g A+3100044A. S. Cruz123M. Chadwick6B/TT LOVELY DELOVELYVICTORY GENERALSIR JOHN0:55.922.2 13.56 20.51 22.769-5-45.751029501217
08-06-14686ST tf g/f B+2120046A. S. Cruz128A. Suborics6B/TT WORLD CITYLOVELY BOYGLACIER BLUE1:09.723.6 23.73 22.54 24.394-4-65.751032524.83.7
21-05-14640HV tf g C+3100045A. S. Cruz127M. Chadwick6B/TT EXCEL ONESELFNAZAKAT'S LADBRILLIANT PROPOSAL0:56.722.7 13.11 22.04 22.189-9-53.751037544.14.2
23-03-14495ST tf g C+31000414A. S. Cruz129M. Chadwick1B/TT SUGARREGENCY HO HOTRENDIFUL0:56.923.0 13.44 20.81 24.108-4-1491017547.712
09-03-14455ST tf g C100043A. S. Cruz129M. Chadwick10B/TT GENEROUS BOBOREGENCY HO HOREAL FIT0:57.323.3 13.54 20.82 23.204-5-311021545.58.1
23-02-14420ST tf g A+3120042A. S. Cruz126C. Y. Ho2B/TT GORGEOUS DEBUTREAL FITSTAR MAJESTIC1:09.922.4 24.48 23.42 22.632-3-23.251037544.67
08-02-14382ST tf g C+3100044A. S. Cruz128M. Chadwick13B1/TTSKY MANWHISTLE BLOWERFIERY WHISPERER0:56.922.8 13.50 20.83 22.984-5-42.510465455.5
29-12-13276ST tf g/f B+2100043A. S. Cruz128M. Chadwick12TT WORLD CITYSUPER ABUNDANTEREAL FIT0:58.123.1 13.78 21.16 23.283-1-30.51040524.89
17-11-13166ST tf g/f B+2120045A. S. Cruz122M. Chadwick3TT TEOFILO CALVAFANTASTIC KAKALUCKY BONUS1:10.022.8 24.44 23.32 23.105-6-551047526.57
03-11-13127ST tf g/f C+3100042A. S. Cruz120M. Chadwick2TT1 SPEEDY SANDYREAL FITFIRE STARTER0:57.723.2 13.66 21.43 23.124-6-23.25105852811

HKJC Comment

Ridden along to share the pace hitting front briefly in back straight, held every chance early in home straight but unable to sustain effort inside final 200 metres.