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SNOW SLIDER (P438) 踏雪無痕 (Retired)

P. F. Yiu / Rating: 59

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PPG / b / g / 10 yrs / NZ
Owner: Chung Chin-yan
Last win: 08-10-16
Health: Substantial mucus in trachea after racing. (17/01/2016) Lame left front leg (Left front medial suspensory branch injury). (31/12/2016) Lame left front leg with fetlock and carpal effusion. (20/05/2017)
Sire: Savabeel
Dam: Ferazzure

Past Performances
Total Starts: 29: (4-1-5)
ST 1000m: 2 (0-0-0)
ST 1200m: 4 (0-0-1)
ST 1400m: 18 (4-1-4)
ST 1600m: 2 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1200m: 3 (0-0-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
04-12-16237ST tf g/f C+3140043P. F. Yiu128K. K. Chiong9TT WORLD RECORDCARE FREE PRINCESNOW SLIDER1:22.623.3 35.65 23.65 23.862-1-1-331148601626
12-11-16181ST tf g A+3140044P. F. Yiu133S. Clipperton1TT KA YING KIDSOARING WYVERNMETALLIC STAR1:22.223.4 35.83 23.21 23.504-4-5-41.751150601632
06-11-16159ST tf g/f C+3140049P. F. Yiu126K. K. Chiong9TT GREAT TREASUREEVERESTWORLD RECORD1:22.623.1 35.78 24.06 23.552-3-4-94.751151606.26
08-10-1687ST tf g/f B+2140041P. F. Yiu121K. K. Chiong3TT SNOW SLIDERHIT A HOME RUNREWARDING FLYER1:22.023.7 35.22 23.10 23.751-1-1-10.7511415567.4
11-09-1623ST tf g C140046P. F. Yiu129H. W. Lai2TT REWARDING FLYERMAGNETISMINVENTION MASTER1:22.023.3 36.01 22.96 23.853-3-3-64.751147556.810
26-06-16749ST tf g/f A140043P. F. Yiu127O Bosson3TT CHEERFUL BOYWORLD RECORDSNOW SLIDER1:22.123.5 35.51 23.16 23.672-2-1-30.751133549.510
12-06-16713ST tf g/y C140045P. F. Yiu123K. K. Chiong6TT A BEAUTIFULCOUR VALANTSUPERIOR BOY1:22.123.0 35.51 23.56 23.992-1-1-55.751142568.17.2
07-05-16625ST aw g -1200410P. F. Yiu130H. W. Lai11TT DEJA VUHELEN'S CHOICEBEAR RAPPER1:09.222.4 24.32 22.52 23.614-3-107.251150574631
16-04-16570ST tf g/f C+3140044P. F. Yiu129H. W. Lai6TT HANG'S DECISIONMETALLIC STARTRIUMPHANT LIGHT1:22.222.6 35.90 23.87 23.081-3-4-44115457108.5
28-03-16512ST tf g A+3140047P. F. Yiu130H. W. Lai11TT RAGING BULLMELLIFLUENTDANEWIN EXPRESS1:22.423.4 35.50 23.74 23.844-4-2-741158577.88
28-02-16439ST tf g B140041P. F. Yiu125H. W. Lai12TT SNOW SLIDERRIGHT CALLCLEVER SPIRIT1:22.623.0 35.83 23.76 23.054-1-1-1N1162521611
17-01-16331ST tf g/y C+3160045P. F. Yiu126H. W. Lai9TT HOUSE OF LUCKEASY HEDGEOUR GENERATION1:36.322.9 48.83 24.62 23.682-2-1-54.751145521217
01-01-16294ST tf g B+2140041P. F. Yiu121H. W. Lai14TT SNOW SLIDERHASTILY FEETBORN TO WIN1:22.523.4 35.34 23.78 23.463-1-1-11.251144466.63.9
19-12-15266ST tf g C+3140042P. F. Yiu118H. W. Lai10TT HARD BALL GETSNOW SLIDERELECTRONIC PHOENIX1:22.324.0 35.17 23.26 23.994-3-2-2N1133442838
08-11-15156ST tf g C+31400411P. F. Yiu117H. W. Lai9TT MOTIFROYALE ELEGANCEDANEWIN EXPRESS1:22.523.7 35.26 23.55 24.792-1-1-116.75114344107.6
12-07-15771ST tf g/f B+2140049P. F. Yiu117H. W. Lai10TT THORS BOLTVARA PEARLSUGAR CITY1:22.023.7 35.15 23.18 24.262-2-1-93.25112244149.1
01-07-15740ST tf g/f A140043P. F. Yiu115H. W. Lai2TT THE SHOWBEAUTY JOURNEYSNOW SLIDER1:22.422.6 36.49 23.33 22.643-3-1-3H1136428.45.2
24-05-15636ST tf g C+3140051P. F. Yiu128H. W. Lai1TT SNOW SLIDERGOLD PRECIOUSFANTASTICLIFE1:22.223.9 35.34 22.95 23.971-1-1-10.51138371416
07-02-15373ST aw g -1200512P. F. Yiu130U. Rispoli3TT GLORIOUS AVENUEDIAMOND ANGELSHANTARAAM1:08.823.4  ---DNF1103372228
04-01-15283ST tf g/f C+3100059P. F. Yiu130H. W. Lai8TT TRILLION TREASUREJOYFUL LUCKISLAND SPRING0:57.022.8 13.76 21.08 22.8314-11-941095391617
28-12-14267ST tf g/f B+21400413P. F. Yiu112H. W. Lai12TT AMAZING ALWAYSTHUNDER FLYERELITE PRIDE1:22.223.9 34.63 23.66 25.883-1-2-1312.251106412049
23-11-14178ST tf g/f B+2120045P. F. Yiu114H. W. Lai1CP-/TEROICOELITE SPIRITTHUNDER FLYER1:09.022.6 24.11 22.49 23.193-4-551108431715
24-09-1432ST aw g -120049P. F. Yiu114C. K. Tong8CP GRAND PLUSHEARTS KEEPERMEDIC KINGDOM1:09.523.0 24.75 22.78 23.8210-9-911.251114432310
28-06-14744ST tf g/f A160048P. F. Yiu121N. Callan11CP HEART WOODFLYING INTOP ACT1:35.024.0 47.88 23.99 24.127-7-7-861112478.88.9
08-06-14689ST tf g/f B+2140043P. F. Yiu122C. Reith8CP/TTSUNNY PEARLFIRE STARTERSNOW SLIDER1:22.523.3 36.44 23.19 23.5711-8-6-33.751115481310
17-05-14629ST tf g/y C+3120043P. F. Yiu121N. Callan4CP/TTRIGHTEOUSMR VANILLASNOW SLIDER1:09.822.9 24.76 22.31 23.075-4-31.751129483227
04-05-14594ST tf g A+31200411P. F. Yiu123N. Callan1H-/CPSUPREME FLIGHTUNIQUE JOYFULMASTER SOMMELIER1:10.423.3 24.34 23.21 24.017-8-1171130501317
23-03-14495ST tf g C+3100046P. F. Yiu127N. Callan8H/TT SUGARREGENCY HO HOTRENDIFUL0:56.923.0 13.32 20.97 23.294-5-64.251145526899
24-11-13184ST tf g/f C1200411P. F. Yiu126U. Rispoli10H1/TTADDOLEMULTIEXPRESSJOY TOGETHER1:09.722.6 25.39 22.73 23.3512-12-1110.751141523864

HKJC Comment

Away nicely, pressed forward, taking over lead passing 1100m and crossing to fence. Collared passing 250m but kept battling to line.