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ISHVARA (S015) 觀自在 (Retired)

T. P. Yung / Rating: 48

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PPG / ch / g / 9 yrs / NZ
Owner: Cheng Ying-yim
Last win: 04-03-15
Health: Lame left front leg on the day after racing. (29/03/2016) Lame left front leg on the day after racing. (22/05/2017) Right front medial splint bone fracture. (21/05/2018) Sustained wounds over lateral left hind cannon, fetlock and pastern after racing (16/01/2019) Lame left front leg. (15/07/2017) Lame left front leg with marked fetlock changes. (14/05/2015) Lame left front leg on the day after racing. (06/10/2017) Medical therapy for chronic orthopedic condition. (03/06/2015) Heart irregularity after racing. (01/05/2019)
Sire: Coats Choice
Dam: Asiana

Past Performances
Total Starts: 45: (3-7-4)
ST 1000m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST 1400m: 4 (2-0-0)
ST 1600m: 13 (0-4-1)
ST 1800m: 4 (0-1-1)
ST 2000m: 4 (0-1-0)
HV 1650m: 15 (1-1-0)
HV 1800m: 3 (0-0-2)
HV 2200m: 1 (0-0-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
10-07-19802HV tf g A165044T. P. Yung121M. L. Yeung2B/TTHIGH REVENFOLDINGFLAME LILY1:39:9523.7152.76 24.32 24.005-6-5-471099491522
01-05-19624HV tf g C+31650410T. P. Yung121M. L. Yeung5B/TTGENTRYHAPPY WARRIORACCLAIMED LIGHT1:39:8524.1852.72 23.79 24.3112-10-10-1061097498.910
23-03-19519CH tf g A220043T. P. Yung122M. Chadwick1B/TTHAPPY ROCKYTHE JOY OF GIVINGISHVARA2:19:1624.2291.39 23.79 24.333-2-4-4-5-32.25107349  
17-02-19424ST tf g A+3200044T. P. Yung122M. L. Yeung5B/TTGARLIC YEAHLE PANACHECLEMENT LEGEND2:03:4824.4676.64 23.02 24.115-5-5-4-41.751097509.511
16-01-19340HV tf g B220044T. P. Yung121M. L. Yeung4B/TTCLEMENT LEGENDGARLIC YEAHHAPPY ROCKY2:17:9223.3690.20 24.56 23.351-2-3-3-3-41.251107501222
23-12-18274ST tf g A+3200042T. P. Yung124M. L. Yeung4B/TTBRING IT ONISHVARAPO CHING TREASURE2:03:9923.6576.52 23.94 23.533-2-2-2-2Nose1112481012
05-12-18231HV tf g B165044T. P. Yung123M. F. Poon8B/TTGLORY STARGOOD FOR YOUC P POWER1:40:1623.9053.10 24.20 23.669-10-10-451099501311
14-11-18177HV tf g C165046T. P. Yung126C. Schofield12B/TTALL YOU KNOWENORMOUS HONOURGENERAL DINO1:40:7123.7352.81 24.33 24.052-2-2-631097521425
28-10-18128HV tf g A165045T. P. Yung127M. L. Yeung6B/TTSTARLIT KNIGHTUNIVERSAL GO GOMAGIC SUCCESS1:40:5724.7652.27 24.58 24.566-6-7-55.251091548.811
10-10-1883HV tf g B180043T. P. Yung117C. Wong10B/TTPO CHING TREASURESAVANNAH WINDISHVARA1:51:4223.4063.94 24.36 23.355-5-6-4-31.51086541617
26-09-1852HV tf g C+31650412T. P. Yung130U. Rispoli9B/TTSPARKLING SWORDCHARITY WINGSFINE WITH ME1:41:2222.9154.94 24.45 23.1610-11-12-128.251085561310
21-03-18518HV tf g C1650311T. P. Yung118U. Rispoli10B/TTROMAN IMPEROSILVERFIELDDON'T MISS1:39:8923.2253.28 24.47 23.3912-11-12-117.751108631421
21-02-18444HV tf g C180033T. P. Yung115H. N. Wong9B/TTSHARP SAILORACCLAIMED LIGHTISHVARA1:50:1223.9462.24 24.50 23.644-5-5-6-31.751099641118
07-02-18408HV tf g A165036T. P. Yung119M. Chadwick9B/TTLET'S TAKE IT EASYIMPERIAL GALLANTRYSUPER LUCKY1:40:5424.0453.25 24.05 23.798-8-9-63.51123661521
17-01-18353HV tf g C165035T. P. Yung119M. Chadwick11B/TTPRETTY BAUHINIAPLAY WISECHATER LEGEND1:40:9323.8653.26 24.17 23.624-5-5-50.51099662039
27-12-17306HV tf g A165034T. P. Yung122M. Chadwick7B/TTIMPERIAL GALLANTRYHEROIC GURULOTUS BREEZE1:40:3624.2052.57 24.43 24.028-8-8-441099661334
13-12-17269HV tf g C165036T. P. Yung114H. T. Mo4B/TTWINNING FAITHPRETTY BAUHINIARIGHT CALL1:40:2623.7253.13 24.17 23.476-7-6-63.251104681026
11-11-17189ST tf g/f A160039T. P. Yung124M. L. Yeung8B/TTRATTANDARING FITSERGEANT TITANIUM1:35:7623.1948.34 24.71 23.544-5-7-95.251100711847
05-10-1788HV tf g A165038T. P. Yung126M. L. Yeung5B/TTSTAR MAJESTICTHE SYLPHRAZOR QUEST1:39:7124.6451.75 24.12 24.875-5-6-86.51081731421
21-05-17669ST tf g C+31600313T. P. Yung128M. L. Yeung3B/TT CHEERFUL BOYSMILING CHARMLET US WIN1:35.224.2 47.90 24.05 24.659-11-13-138.751094771225
17-04-17579ST tf g/f C+3160035T. P. Yung133N. Callan10B/TT RAZOR QUESTROYAL PERFORMERPENANG HALL1:34.323.0 48.09 23.44 23.266-5-6-531077792042
26-03-17526ST tf g A+31600313T. P. Yung133Z. Purton4B/TT PENANG HALLCITRON SPIRITCHEERFUL BOY1:34.624.3 48.20 23.59 24.919-9-11-1312.751087796.59.4
26-02-17451ST tf g B160033T. P. Yung123H. T. Mo14B/TT WHAT ELSE BUT YOUHOME RUNISHVARA1:34.323.7 47.46 23.37 23.728-6-3-31.251104781327
05-02-17394ST tf g C180034T. P. Yung123H. T. Mo8B/TT MAMBO ROCKGORGEOUS KINGCLASSIC EMPEROR1:47.722.8 61.55 23.61 22.913-4-4-421088791123
14-01-17343ST tf g C+31400214T. P. Yung114M. L. Yeung14B/TT INVINCIBLE DRAGONJOLLY BANNERNEW ASIA SUNRISE1:21.622.9 36.19 23.34 23.6010-12-13-149.251089812745
27-12-16294ST tf g A+3200029T. P. Yung118M. L. Yeung13B/TT SUPREME PROFITDINOZZOAMBITIOUS CHAMPION2:01.924.1 74.84 23.89 24.5513-13-13-98.51068811620
11-12-16251ST tf g A180032T. P. Yung123H. T. Mo10B/TT GENERAL SHERMANISHVARAHO HO FEEL1:48.323.1 61.78 23.86 22.837-6-6-20.51086801219
16-11-16192HV tf g C180026T. P. Yung118S. Clipperton11B/TT WINNIE'S HONEYDYNAMISMMAGICAL BEAUTY1:48.723.8 60.49 24.78 24.404-2-3-65.751069811632
23-10-16130ST tf g A180023T. P. Yung107H. N. Wong3B/TT ANTICIPATIONEASTERN EXPRESSISHVARA1:47.023.4 60.58 23.68 23.275-7-8-33.251067813631
28-09-1664HV tf g C+3165028T. P. Yung108H. N. Wong3B/TT SICHUAN DARDYNAMISMSUPER LIFELINE1:40.423.2 53.20 24.98 23.219-11-11-85.751056811613
01-07-16760ST tf g/f A+32000211T. P. Yung117K. Teetan5B/TT RENAISSANCE ARTHAPPILABABYHEROIC GURU2:00.223.0 73.93 23.72 23.352-4-5-1151078841114
05-06-16694ST tf g/f B+2180024T. P. Yung117K. Teetan6B/TT SOLAR HEI HEIBASIC TRILOGYUP AND COMING1:45.824.1 59.05 23.65 23.313-6-7-40.751068841317
04-05-16619HV tf g C+3165032T. P. Yung124H. N. Wong7B/TT GONNA RUNISHVARAFANTASTIC KAKA1:40.624.1 52.25 24.23 24.262-1-1-20.751071832418
28-03-16518ST tf g A+3160029T. P. Yung117M. L. Yeung7B/TT RAPPER DRAGONSERGEANT TITANIUMSANTA FE SUN1:34.423.2 48.02 23.45 23.513-4-4-93.51072837.87.7
28-02-16443ST tf g B160022T. P. Yung117M. L. Yeung13B/TT SERGEANT TITANIUMISHVARABASIC TRILOGY1:35.222.2 48.52 24.45 22.381-1-1-20.751084811729
14-02-16407ST tf g C+3160024T. P. Yung120G. Schofield9B/TT SERGEANT TITANIUMCIRCUIT LANDFANTASTIC KAKA1:34.222.9 47.52 23.93 23.321-1-2-43.251095804688
20-01-16345HV tf g/y C165027T. P. Yung116M. L. Yeung4B/TT TWIN DELIGHTHORSE OF FORTUNECALIFORNIA DISEGNO1:39.823.8 52.62 24.26 23.8010-9-8-751069821411
13-12-15249ST tf g A160026T. P. Yung117J. Moreira11B/TT WERTHERAPOLLO'S CHOICEVICTORY MAGIC1:34.922.3 48.93 24.00 22.718-7-6-64.25106783108.7
29-11-15215ST tf g C140025T. P. Yung120K. C. Leung9B/TT CELESTIAL SMILEHERO LOOKTHEWIZARDOFOZ1:21.623.2 35.75 23.20 22.968-8-8-521076835464
04-10-1584ST tf g/y B+21600210T. P. Yung118M. L. Yeung11B/TT SECRET WEAPONTRAVEL FIRSTGLORIOUS LAD1:35.122.9 47.96 24.40 23.632-2-3-105.25106483107.7
04-03-15439HV tf g A165031T. P. Yung133Z. Purton11B/TT ISHVARAEXECUTIVE MANDATEBESPOKE COLLARS1:42.523.5 54.28 24.87 23.396-4-3-1H1051783.53.1
07-02-15381ST tf g/f C+3160032T. P. Yung133Z. Purton3B/TT RED DANCERISHVARAJUN HUO1:35.422.7 49.22 23.68 22.544-5-4-2H1045762.42
01-01-15282ST tf g/f C160032T. P. Yung127D. Whyte2B/TT CELESTIAL SMILEISHVARAWINNING INSTINCT1:34.623.3 48.24 23.48 23.045-5-5-20.51058731.61.9
30-11-14202ST tf g/f C160032T. P. Yung122M. L. Yeung3B/TT CELESTIAL SMILEISHVARAHAPPY SUMMER1:34.722.4 49.26 23.31 22.245-4-4-20.51044712.72.4
09-11-14147ST tf g C+3140031T. P. Yung113M. L. Yeung4B/TT ISHVARABRILLIANT DREAMBIG FOUR1:21.423.4 35.66 23.00 22.825-8-8-111047625.34.9
28-06-14745ST tf g/f A140041T. P. Yung125Z. Purton4B/TT ISHVARAOSCAR MIRACLEDASHING FORTUNE1:22.223.5 35.68 23.40 23.205-6-6-13103652103.8
01-06-14668ST tf g/f A+3100046T. P. Yung126Z. Purton5B1/TTSUGARMELLIFLUENTFLASHING GUY0:56.222.5 13.58 20.86 22.449-12-64.251039526.44.8

HKJC Comment

Away well, raced 2 wide in midfield, 3 wide from near 600M, 5 lengths back on turn, finished off evenly.