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WORLD CITY (S019) 世界都市 (Retired)

T. P. Yung / Rating: 33

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PPG / br / g / 9 yrs / NZ
Owner: Justin Yue Kwok-hung & James Yue Chun-hong
Last win: 26-10-16
Health: Lame right front foot. (18/01/2016)<br>Lame left front leg after racing. (16/11/2016)<br>Medical therapy for chronic orthopedic condition. (14/02/2017)<br>Lame left front leg after racing. (11/05/2016)<br>Lame left front leg after racing. (07/12/2014)<br>Lame left front leg. (03/01/2017)<br>
Sire: Elusive City
Dam: Biaire

Past Performances
Total Starts: 40: (3-2-2)
ST 1000m: 5 (1-0-1)
ST 1200m: 15 (1-1-0)
ST aw 1200m: 5 (0-0-0)
HV 1000m: 2 (0-0-0)
HV 1200m: 13 (1-1-1)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
28-02-18458ST aw g -1200511T. P. Yung123U. Rispoli1P/TTFIVE STARS AGENTMASSIVE MILLENNIUMFANTASTIC FABIO1:09:6523.4824.12 22.37 25.62 6-4-1115.51292301538
14-02-18420HV tf g B1200511T. P. Yung126P-C Boudot1P2/TTYOUNG DREAMERSCARBOROUGH FAIRIDYLLIC WIND1:11:0723.4424.75 23.48 24.14 9-9-118.251306331617
10-01-18329HV tf g B1000510T. P. Yung126K. C. Leung9TTACTUARIATCARRY TO WINTRENDIFUL0:58:0623.2613.34 21.90 23.63 9-6-1051300351544
20-12-17282HV tf g/f C+3100057T. P. Yung128K. C. Leung10P-/TTWINFULL PATROLGLORY HORSIEWHISTLE UP0:57:4423.3913.31 21.38 23.21 10-6-731295371828
15-11-17193HV tf g C1200412T. P. Yung110K. C. Ng7P/TTPHANTOM FALCONBOND ELEGANCELOOK ERAS1:10:2523.3924.96 22.82 23.85 11-9-128.51284404099
18-10-17120HV tf g/f C1200412T. P. Yung109H. T. Mo1P/TTLONDON MASTERBEAUTY CONNECTIONFOREVER POSH1:09:6123.3724.04 22.92 24.54 5-5-1211.751263431832
27-09-1765HV tf g/f C+31200412T. P. Yung120M. Chadwick1P/TTDIAMOND LEGENDARGENTUMI'M THE WON FOR U1:09:9124.0224.17 22.64 24.89 8-7-1211.251254441013
14-12-16263HV tf g/f C120045T. P. Yung117M. L. Yeung9P/TT ISAACROYALE ELEGANCEGRACYDAD1:10.323.3 24.14 23.04 23.744-3-53.51285444442
16-11-16188HV tf g C120046T. P. Yung119K. Teetan9P/TT WAYFOONG VINNIECOUR VALANTKIROV1:11.023.5 24.20 23.26 23.912-1-62.251279441731
26-10-16131HV tf g/f C+3120051T. P. Yung132Z. Purton9P/TT WORLD CITYMANHATTAN STRIKERYOURTHEWONFORME1:10.923.3 24.31 23.71 22.934-4-1N1281391519
05-10-1677HV tf g A1200410T. P. Yung114K. C. Leung10P/TT FINE ROCKFLYING MONKEYAMAZING FEELING1:10.823.9 24.60 23.14 24.2612-11-107.51266412768
21-09-1641HV tf g/f C120049T. P. Yung115K. C. Leung12P/TT MASSIVE MILLENNIUMVICTORY MARVELSUPREME FLIGHT1:10.323.7 24.72 22.90 23.6311-8-95.51261424749
10-07-16777ST tf g/f B+2120049T. P. Yung121K. C. Leung7P/TT MULTIMAXD B PINSMILING GLORY1:09.622.9 25.04 22.35 22.967-7-94.251276472452
12-06-16709ST tf y C1200412T. P. Yung122O Bosson11P/TT DR LISTENINGFAIRY TWINSSUPREME FLIGHT1:09.723.2 24.68 22.35 24.7510-9-1212.751283492646
11-05-16632HV tf g A120048T. P. Yung122Z. Purton7P/TT EXTREMELY FUNCIRCUIT KINGWINNING TALENT1:09.923.0 24.46 23.28 23.439-9-87.25128149109.5
24-04-16585ST tf g A120048T. P. Yung125Z. Purton1P/TT NOBLE DE BOYCIRCUIT KINGHAPPY FIERY DRAGON1:10.223.6 24.16 22.79 24.284-5-86.251290517.49.3
31-03-16521HV tf g C+3120043T. P. Yung123Z. Purton9P/TT LUCKY PROFITMR KOOLWORLD CITY1:10.623.5 24.53 23.28 23.2410-9-32.251286511413
27-12-15284ST tf g A+31200412T. P. Yung124N. Callan3P/TT GLENEALY PRIZEMOLLY'S JADE STARLONDON MASTER1:09.823.4 24.70 22.22 24.058-6-127.251292532224
09-12-15236HV tf g/y A120047T. P. Yung126Z. Purton6P/TT HAYMAKERHANG'S DECISIONSTEP FASTER1:11.324.2 24.65 23.19 24.208-8-74.751277534.75.9
11-11-15165HV tf g B120042T. P. Yung125Z. Purton7P/TT BACK IN BLACKWORLD CITYMASSIVE POWER1:10.924.5 24.04 23.01 23.877-7-2SH1268511012
18-10-15113ST tf g/f C+3120045T. P. Yung122M. L. Yeung11P2/TTVICTOR EMPERORLONDON MASTERGOLDEN GUNNERS1:09.623.1 24.56 22.20 23.459-5-53.751265511617
01-07-15744ST tf g/f A1200411T. P. Yung128N. Callan9TT SOLAR HEI HEIJUN GONGJOLLY SPRING1:09.422.4 25.12 22.37 23.059-8-1171277551939
14-06-15691ST tf g/f B+2120046T. P. Yung130G. Mosse2B-/TTJOLLY SPRINGMY LEGENDOCTAL LUCK1:09.222.7 24.84 22.35 22.569-8-631273571012
03-05-15582ST tf g/f A+31200411T. P. Yung132N. Callan7B2/TTTHEWIZARDOFOZHEAVENISARACEHORSEHAPPY AGILITY1:09.322.8 24.14 22.66 24.556-5-1112.51262591216
21-03-15482ST tf g C+31000311T. P. Yung114K. Teetan5TT DANE PATROLCOUNTRY MELODYNO MONEY NO TALK0:56.922.9 13.66 20.92 23.9110-10-119.51273612912
01-03-15429ST tf g/f B+2120038T. P. Yung116M. Chadwick7TT EROICOWHY WHYALL WIN BOY1:09.322.6 24.30 22.71 22.887-4-83.251290631615
25-01-15345ST tf g/f B+2120038T. P. Yung116M. Chadwick7TT EROICOOVETTADDOLE1:09.222.7 24.95 22.28 22.5310-9-83.2512876387.9
01-01-15281ST tf g/f C120032T. P. Yung114M. Chadwick7TT1 OVETTWORLD CITYDA VINCI1:09.822.4 24.74 23.03 22.147-5-2N1290611210
07-12-14221ST tf g/f C+31000311T. P. Yung116M. L. Yeung14 LOVELY DELOVELYLUCKY CELEBRITYFANTASTICO0:56.922.7 13.60 21.15 23.036-7-115127361114.3
02-11-14137ST tf g/f C100038T. P. Yung116M. Demuro10P- IMPERIAL FIGHTERLUCKY CELEBRITYSUGAR0:57.223.3 13.61 20.82 23.289-10-82.751263623317
15-10-1491ST aw g -1200311T. P. Yung113M. L. Yeung11B-/P2LOVELY BOYSIGHT BELIEVERORIENTAL PROSPER1:08.422.9 23.90 22.26 24.227-8-1111.751241622447
21-09-1427ST tf g/f B+21200312T. P. Yung120W. M. Lai8B LOVELY BOYPIKACHUMASTER SOMMELIER1:09.022.9 24.23 22.25 23.813-3-127.751249625.65.9
08-06-14686ST tf g/f B+2120041T. P. Yung130H. Bowman9P-/B1WORLD CITYLOVELY BOYGLACIER BLUE1:09.723.6 24.21 22.10 23.429-5-11.751253545.67.2
10-05-14614ST aw w/s -120044T. P. Yung130Z. Purton7P FAIR WINDMEDIC KINGDOMFOREVER AHEAD1:09.723.6 24.12 22.52 24.1310-7-46.51259561216
13-04-14547ST aw g -120045T. P. Yung133J. Moreira8P SUNSHINE KIDFAIR WINDFOREVER AHEAD1:09.422.8 23.96 22.62 23.333-1-52.751248587.510
26-03-14503ST aw g -120049T. P. Yung133G. Mosse10CP-/PMEDIC KINGDOMHURRY HURRY UPGREAT PEGASUS1:09.723.6 23.59 22.47 25.521-1-911.51243595.64.6
01-03-14438ST tf g B+21200413T. P. Yung132D. Whyte10CP1 MEDIC KINGDOMGOOD GOOD VIEWGIDEON1:10.722.8 25.78 23.13 23.5913-13-1311.251268595.610
02-02-14364ST tf g C120046T. P. Yung133D. Whyte6 GREAT PEGASUSHIT THE BIDHURRY HURRY UP1:10.122.8 24.98 22.72 22.846-6-62.251258592.84.6
05-01-14299ST tf g C+3100043T. P. Yung133Z. Purton9 SKY MANSEASONS STARWORLD CITY0:57.122.8 13.56 20.79 23.477-3-34.251267592.82.4
29-12-13276ST tf g/f B+2100041T. P. Yung128W. M. Lai13 WORLD CITYSUPER ABUNDANTEREAL FIT0:58.123.1 13.98 21.16 22.9910-5-1N1285525.74.7

HKJC Comment

Slowly away, recovered steadily along the rail to reach 2.5L 3rd coming onto home bend, similar turning into straight, folded up quickly from approaching the 200 metres.