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SPINNING DANCER (S078) 勁勇威龍 (Retired)

K. L. Man / Rating: 43

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PP / b / g / 10 yrs / NZ
Owner: Peter Chu Ka-lok
Last win: 09-01-19
Health: Lame right front leg on the day after racing. (28/02/2019) Lame right front leg after racing. Lame both front legs on the day after racing. (27/03/2019) Unacceptable performance. (14/06/2017) Rider concerned horse's action at the start. Lame right hind leg. Withdrawn from race. (13/09/2017) Eight years of age or above at season end. (13/08/2018)
Sire: Commands
Dam: Annie Daly

Past Performances
Total Starts: 67: (5-5-7)
ST 1400m: 2 (0-0-0)
ST 1600m: 6 (0-0-0)
ST 1800m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1200m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1650m: 6 (1-1-0)
ST aw 1800m: 1 (0-0-0)
HV 1650m: 48 (4-4-7)
HV 1800m: 2 (0-0-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
27-03-19530HV tf g/f C+31650412K. L. Man117K. C. Leung8CPCHAPARRAL STARSAVVY SEVENBUNDLE OF ENERGY1:39:2023.6452.27 24.29 24.577-8-9-12121043432939
27-02-19456HV tf g/f C+3165049K. L. Man117R. Bayliss4CPCLEAR CHOICESPARKLING SWORDPLAY WISE1:40:1423.2853.07 24.31 23.554-4-6-951062431625
09-01-19322HV tf g A165051K. L. Man132N. Callan11CPSPINNING DANCERGLORIAM, GOLDEN CANNON 1:40:6524.4952.07 24.53 24.055-6-5-1N1071381722
12-12-18248HV tf g C165051K. L. Man124C. Y. Ho10CPSPINNING DANCERLUCKY STORMFORTUNE PATROL1:40:7824.2152.59 24.54 23.655-5-6-1H1060331948
14-11-18173HV tf g C165058K. L. Man125M. F. Poon11CPDUTCH WINDMILLWONDERFUL TIGERMANAGEMENT STAR1:41:4823.9153.77 24.40 23.696-6-7-82.51049351928
26-09-1848HV tf g C+3180057K. L. Man133D. Whyte2CPAMAZING GOLDCHIU CHOW KIDWONDERFUL CHASER1:51:0023.7064.35 24.11 23.306-7-10-10-74.751035371817
15-07-18799ST tf y A180046K. L. Man111K. C. Ng8CPMIDNITE PROMISEGENERAL DINOINDIGENOUS STAR1:51:8025.6161.86 24.65 25.861-3-4-3-63.51063415299
04-07-18771HV tf g C+3165047K. L. Man116H. N. Wong5CPSPARKLING SWORDSTARLIT KNIGHTGOLD VELVET1:40:1623.6052.03 24.65 24.262-3-2-74.751067441432
13-06-18725HV tf g/y B165048K. L. Man119C. Schofield5CPKIRAMGO GO WINVICTORY FOLLOW ME1:40:4123.8551.91 25.13 24.704-2-4-88.251054462230
09-05-18635HV tf g A1650412K. L. Man120K. Teetan2CPMULTIGOGOPLANET STARKIRAM1:40:6624.4052.16 24.70 27.477-6-6-12231054478.814
25-04-18598HV tf g C165049K. L. Man120K. C. Leung11CPMERRYGOWINGENTRYSPARKLING SWORD1:40:5223.8352.92 24.69 23.4710-10-11-93.51066471645
21-03-18517HV tf g C165043K. L. Man117K. C. Leung1CPMR KOOLLUCKY TIMESPINNING DANCER1:40:5323.7753.56 23.72 23.293-4-4-3N 1070461016
07-03-18480HV tf g A165047K. L. Man119K. C. Leung12CPHAR HAR HEARTTHE JUDGEASSOCIATION FANS1:40:7923.2453.42 24.49 23.383-4-5-731072482098
14-02-18423HV tf g B165045K. L. Man123O. Doleuze1CPHAR HAR HEARTDON'T MISSCHARITY WINGS1:40:6623.5953.54 24.01 23.835-6-5-54.51074501325
10-01-18332HV tf g B165045K. L. Man124O. Doleuze10CPCONTRIBUTIONGOOD CHOICE AHEADSEE ME NOW1:41:6223.5454.11 24.41 23.366-6-6-51.51063512768
15-11-17194HV tf g C165047K. L. Man126N. Rawiller11CPDARING HEARTNEVER BETTERMR KOOL1:41:0424.0253.10 24.44 24.366-6-6-75.251061531928
18-10-17121HV tf g/f C165045K. L. Man128T. Berry1CPWAH MAY BABYPOLYMER LUCKGRAND HARBOUR1:40:4423.5752.99 24.48 23.425-5-6-52.751061549.327
13-09-1733HV tf g/f B16504WDK. L. Man125K. C. LeungCPSUPER FORMPREMIUM CHAMPIONENORMOUS HONOUR1:40:4823.94 10505426 
12-07-17791HV tf g/f A1650411K. L. Man129C. Murray5CP IMPERIAL SEALGREAT JOYAMBITIOUS HEART1:40.024.2 52.08 24.23 24.856-6-6-1171049561726
14-06-17726HV tf g/f B165048K. L. Man129U. Rispoli8CP MY BLESSINGACCLAIMED LIGHTAMAZING ALWAYS1:39.924.5 53.71 22.87 23.779-10-10-82.751046565.819
17-05-17656HV tf g/f B165044K. L. Man131U. Rispoli11CP CALL ME AWESOMEAGIAALGOOD CHOICE1:40.425.0 52.93 23.59 24.0712-11-11-40.51039551019
03-05-17621HV tf g/f C+3165045K. L. Man128U. Rispoli12CP KING'S MANSMART UNIONEXCELLENCE1:40.324.4 52.30 24.26 24.0912-11-10-51.751047551722
12-04-17565HV tf g A165042K. L. Man132U. Rispoli1CP FORMULA GALORESPINNING DANCERVICTORY FOLLOW ME1:41.523.8 53.60 24.27 23.793-3-4-21104454109.4
15-03-17494HV tf g B165045K. L. Man127N. Rawiller2CP WINASWEWISHGO GO WINGENTRY1:41.323.4 53.96 24.59 23.195-4-6-52.25105054810
22-02-17437HV tf g/f C+3165041K. L. Man122J. Moreira1CP SPINNING DANCERTRENDY WINDARING HEART1:40.324.6 51.59 24.56 24.166-6-5-1Nose1055492.92.5
25-01-17366HV tf g C+3165043K. L. Man124S. De Sousa9CP IMPERIAL SEALSUM WIN DRAGONSPINNING DANCER1:40.724.1 52.74 24.46 23.948-8-9-32.51045499.214
04-01-17311HV tf g A165042K. L. Man122S. De Sousa1CP CASA MASTERSPINNING DANCERWISKY1:40.824.5 53.42 23.96 23.886-7-8-22.751042498.29.1
14-12-16264HV tf g/f C165043K. L. Man125J. Moreira9CP TRAVEL AMBASSADORWISKYSPINNING DANCER1:40.823.5 52.35 25.25 23.584-4-5-321047494.64.8
23-11-16208HV tf g C+3165042K. L. Man121D. Whyte9CP SUPER SPRINTERSPINNING DANCERACCLAIMED LIGHT1:41.624.5 53.05 24.83 23.7710-10-9-2H1051471713
26-10-16133HV tf g/f C+3165048K. L. Man120D. Whyte10CP NEWSWIRE FREESPARKLING SWORDBEST TANGO1:41.123.6 54.16 24.80 23.399-9-9-87.51044498.88.1
18-09-1631ST aw g -165047K. L. Man125Z. Purton12CP GOOD FITELECTRONIC PHOENIXDRAGON HARMONY1:40.024.1 52.53 23.86 24.517-5-5-75.251045506.65.5
06-07-16771HV tf g A165043S. Woods125G. Lerena11CP THE SYLPHVICTORY BOYSSPINNING DANCER1:40.923.0 53.78 24.63 23.227-8-8-341028521518
09-06-16701HV tf g A165044S. Woods126G. Lerena10CP VICTORY BOYSGO GO WINNOBLE DE MAN1:42.023.6 54.24 24.76 23.395-5-8-421015539.915
18-05-16654HV tf g B165046S. Woods131G. Lerena5CP RAPID TRIUMPHROCK THE TREEGIANT TURTLE1:40.724.2 52.52 24.74 23.927-8-9-62.751015558.811
04-05-16614HV tf g C+3165045S. Woods130G. Lerena2CP GREAT TOPLIGHTSUPER SPRINTERRISING POWER1:41.024.5 52.40 24.65 24.416-6-7-52.251019578.66.8
06-04-16540ST aw g -165045S. Woods132M. Chadwick3CP EXPEDITEHO LEE HORSEDIAMOND FRIENDS1:39.624.8 51.36 24.04 24.835-6-6-53.751010591320
20-03-16499ST tf g A1600312S. Woods112T. H. So4CP GENERAL OF PATCHPO CHING TREASUREUNICORN1:35.423.0 48.59 24.30 23.753-4-6-127.51016613899
06-03-16462ST aw g -1800312S. Woods115M. Chadwick12CP LITTLE DRAGONYOUNG RANGERHAPPY CONTENDER1:48.922.7 62.92 23.98 23.177-6-4-1271015622321
17-02-16413HV tf g B165037S. Woods117S. De Sousa6CP BULLISH SMARTTRENDY WINLITTLE ISLAND1:41.223.6 53.10 25.44 23.466-7-9-74.751029626.38
20-01-16343HV tf g/y C165033S. Woods117S. De Sousa8CP TEN FLAMESBOSSIEESPINNING DANCER1:41.424.1 52.38 25.61 23.688-7-9-31.51029622330
16-12-15259HV tf g B165041S. Woods130V. Cheminaud4CP SPINNING DANCERPEARL WARM WARMSIR JOHN1:42.024.1 53.28 24.97 23.813-3-3-1SH1030561627
25-11-15202HV tf g C165049S. Woods132V. Cheminaud7XB-/CLIGHTNING PEGASUSPEARL WARM WARMBRIGHT CONCEPT1:42.023.6 54.12 24.88 24.377-7-7-98.51023582122
22-10-15125HV tf g C+3165045S. Woods132N. Rawiller1CP/XBWINNING MASCOTBRIGHT CONCEPTGOLD TALENT1:42.624.2 54.33 24.31 24.353-3-3-52.251017599.36.4
07-10-1587HV tf g/y A165044S. Woods132Z. Purton9CP/XBTHANKSGIVINGSILVER DRAGONGOLD TALENT1:41.824.0 54.31 24.29 23.4011-11-10-41.25101259105.2
19-09-1542ST aw g -165045S. Woods132N. Callan8CP/XBSURE PEACEELEGANCE KLAMMERADDOLE1:39.822.8 53.66 24.10 22.6210-10-10-53.251016596.59
01-07-15741ST aw g -165041S. Woods126N. Callan7CP/XBSPINNING DANCERELEGANCE KLAMMERDIAMOND FRIENDS1:38.022.8 51.81 23.59 22.677-6-3-11.251012535.17.5
21-06-15711ST aw g -165044S. Woods128N. Callan11XB/CPDIAMOND FRIENDSSUPER KING STARSURE PEACE1:38.523.6 51.56 23.99 23.198-9-10-41.251022539.914
27-05-15646ST aw g -165042S. Woods125N. Callan9XB YOUNG RANGERSPINNING DANCERKITAYA1:39.423.2 52.28 24.08 23.269-9-3-20.751052521013
03-05-15583ST tf g/f A+3160049S. Woods117H. N. Wong7B-/E-CIRCUIT FORTUNEJOYFUL MOMENTSASIA RISING1:35.723.1 49.15 24.01 23.328-9-9-94.751039541728
22-04-15557HV tf g/f C165046S. Woods131K. Teetan1B/E/XTWIN TURBOBEST HOPEUNIQUE HAPPIEST1:41.123.2 54.10 24.16 23.595-5-5-641041569.413
01-04-15507HV tf g/f A1650410S. Woods131N. Callan11B/XB/SPEEDY LONGWAHWIN ITTHANKSGIVING1:40.323.1 53.65 24.64 23.2910-10-12-107.751050581319
11-03-15452HV tf g B165049S. Woods133O. Doleuze11B/XB GOLD TALENTSPEEDY LONGWAHGO GO WIN1:41.124.1 52.59 25.26 24.0212-12-10-94.251036605.78.2
25-02-15416HV tf g C165043S. Woods133M. Demuro5B/XB1JUMBO SPIRITFORGIVE AND FORGETSPINNING DANCER1:41.922.9 53.79 25.45 22.946-6-5-31.51040601414
28-01-15354HV tf g C+31650311S. Woods118M. Chadwick7B AMAZINGLYOSCAR MIRACLEBUSINESS AS USUAL1:41.223.7 53.95 24.25 23.808-7-7-114.51044622317
20-12-14256ST tf g/f A+3160039S. Woods117M. Chadwick2B CLUB LIFEGOOD GOOD VIEWPHOTON WILLIE1:34.124.0 47.08 23.71 24.966-6-5-910.251046641616
19-11-14175HV tf g B1650311S. Woods118U. Rispoli12B ROYAL PARTNERGRIFFINDORWAH MAY BABY1:41.622.8 55.07 24.86 23.0612-12-12-118.251047651610
19-10-14100HV tf g/f A165033S. Woods119C. Reith1B REGENCY KINGSTARTING OVERSPINNING DANCER1:40.724.0 51.69 25.31 24.024-3-3-31.751038654.53.8
21-09-1424ST tf g/f B+2160036S. Woods122C. Reith10B PRESIDENT LINCOLNFASTER MOREDANEWIN EXPRESS1:35.022.9 49.52 23.32 22.769-10-9-63.51048658.37.7
06-07-14770ST tf g/f B+2160037S. Woods121T. Angland8B FANTASTIC KAKAGUN PITFLYING UNICORN1:34.523.4 48.23 23.69 23.3111-11-11-74.251043688.812
15-06-14713ST tf g C160037S. Woods123M. Chadwick12B FANTASTIC KAKALET ME GOSMART BALL1:35.022.8 48.67 24.00 23.0512-10-7-74.51032701222
28-05-14664HV tf g/f A180035S. Woods124B. Prebble9H-/B ALPINEFIELDAMBASSADORSHIPAGIAAL1:49.523.9 61.75 24.54 23.5510-9-9-51.751031716.78
07-05-14609HV tf g B165036S. Woods127B. Prebble2B/H FLYING ELITESUPREME ESSENCEJAZZY FEELING1:40.823.8 52.44 24.99 24.046-7-5-63.51031734.14.6
09-04-14542HV tf g/f B165035S. Woods128B. Prebble11B/H1 FORMULA WONFLYING UNICORNINVICTUS1:40.223.0 52.82 24.84 22.966-7-7-52.51018737.58.7
19-03-14488HV tf g C165032S. Woods123B. Prebble11B JAZZY FEELINGSPINNING DANCERINVICTUS1:39.624.0 51.84 24.59 23.1912-12-12-2SH1035703999
26-02-14433HV tf g C+3165038S. Woods125D. Whyte7B GERONIMO MEADOWGRAND ELITEWINNING MASCOT1:39.924.0 51.96 24.69 24.184-4-6-85.251039721427
08-02-14387ST aw g -120039S. Woods127W. C. Marwing6B DEHERE'S THE LOVEGREEN ZONEMASTER KOCHANWONG1:09.023.0 23.76 22.86 24.104-7-910.751044741429
11-01-14323ST tf g A1400310S. Woods129W. C. Marwing7B MR GNOCCHIBIG FOURPRECISION KING1:22.323.2 35.67 23.66 23.801-3-4-104.751036763065
15-12-13248ST tf g/y C+3140039S. Woods130N. Callan7B1 FABULOUS NOVEMBERHELENE FUN STARWONDERFUL MOMENTS1:24.123.3 37.56 23.57 23.972-2-4-95.751048761120

HKJC Comment

Made contact at start, raced 3 wide with no cover behind midfield, peaked on turn, emptied early in straight. (Lame right front leg post-race.) (Lame both front leg next day.)