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YO-YO DA (S104) 星際武士 (Retired)

W. Y. So / Rating: 57

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PPG / b / g / 8 yrs / AUS
Owner: Lindsay Racing Syndicate
Last win: 22-12-16
Health: After being loaded became fractious, reared and got left front leg over the partition in the adjoining stall, withdrawn from race. (29/12/2013) Castration. (14/03/2014) Lame left front leg on the morning after racing. (25/06/2015) Unacceptable performance. (07/09/2016) Right hind plantar pastern laceration. (09/09/2016) Left front medial sesamoid fracture. (19/02/2017)
Sire: Danerich
Dam: Earthwarming

Past Performances
Total Starts: 32: (4-4-6)
ST 1000m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST 1200m: 11 (2-2-1)
HV 1000m: 1 (0-0-0)
HV 1200m: 19 (2-2-5)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
25-01-17367HV tf g C+3120049W. Y. So130O. Murphy7V/TT GOOD COMPANIONDESTINAMBITIOUS HEART1:10.523.3 24.04 23.20 23.922-1-941147571514
22-12-16281HV tf g/f C+3120041W. Y. So124O. Murphy8V/TT YO-YO DAPAKISTAN BABYSPEEDY ACHIEVER1:10.822.8 24.48 23.60 22.801-1-111143518.59.9
30-11-16225HV tf g A120041W. Y. So118O. Murphy4V/TT YO-YO DAWINNING BOYNEVER BETTER1:10.423.3 24.04 23.04 23.391-1-11.251143457.24.5
09-11-16171HV tf g B120042W. Y. So116C. Schofield5V/TT SHARP HUNTERYO-YO DAGRACYDAD1:10.623.8 23.96 23.04 23.722-2-2N1154438.19.5
19-10-16115HV tf g/y C120044W. Y. So118K. Teetan4H-/V1HIGH VOLATILITYWILD BOYSECRET AGENT1:10.623.2 24.43 23.45 23.146-7-42.251138445.54.6
05-10-1679HV tf g A120043W. Y. So120N. Callan5H/TT SHARP HUNTERYOURTHEWONFORMEYO-YO DA1:11.424.1 24.28 23.40 24.024-5-31.75113845178.6
07-09-1615HV tf g/y B1200411W. Y. So120N. Callan6H/TT VICTORY MARVELSHARP HUNTERGLOBE TROTTER1:11.123.6 24.17 23.63 26.215-6-1118113146186.5
15-06-16721HV tf g/f B120045W. Y. So124N. Rawiller11H/TT SECRET AGENTROBUST MOMENTUMGOOD MAN1:10.223.7 24.08 22.93 23.813-5-53.51149491911
22-05-16659ST tf g A120045W. Y. So123N. Callan9H/TT REGENCY DARLINGDR LISTENINGFINE WITH ME1:09.323.4 24.12 22.18 23.445-5-52.751129511217
04-05-16616HV tf g C+3120048W. Y. So119H. N. Wong4H/TT PEARL WARM WARMCONFUCIUS SPIRITPROMPT EXPRESS1:10.523.6 23.97 23.50 23.796-6-84.51123531311
16-03-16484HV tf g B120044W. Y. So128B. Prebble1H/TT MIGHTY EQUUSWINNING TALENTSUPER SPRINTER1:10.324.1 23.82 22.63 24.395-3-42.751145557.15.6
02-03-16449HV tf g C+3100046W. Y. So129C. K. Tong3H/TT MOMENT OF POWERFANTASTICOGLORY HORSIE0:57.322.9 13.21 22.08 22.9011-10-65.251144571321
09-01-16312ST tf g C120048W. Y. So133B. Prebble9H/TT WINNER ST PAUL'SGOOD MANI'M A WITNESS1:09.922.5 24.64 22.91 22.875-3-82.751160591112
16-12-15258HV tf g B1200410W. Y. So131C. Y. Ho10H/TT DIAMOND MASTERAMAZING FEELINGFAIRY EAGLE1:10.724.3 24.32 23.07 24.288-7-1061146601014
02-12-15218HV tf g C+3120043W. Y. So131C. K. Tong3H/TT BORN TO RACEJOYFUL THE GREATYO-YO DA1:10.923.8 24.11 23.23 23.784-3-31.251152608.711
14-11-15178ST tf g A+3120038W. Y. So114K. C. Ng4H/TT WINSTON'S LADHEALTHY JOYFULSO FAST1:09.722.7 24.22 23.29 22.986-7-84.51153622441
07-10-1590HV tf g/y A120038W. Y. So111K. C. Ng7H/TT ROMANTIC CASHJOY LUCK WINPEACE N PROSPERITY1:10.423.2 23.80 23.59 23.732-2-841147621621
24-06-15724HV tf g C+3120038W. Y. So115Y. T. Cheng9H/TT PEACE N PROSPERITYSHADOWFAXEBORN IN CHINA1:09.423.2 24.02 22.60 23.644-5-84.751123621720
17-06-15707HV tf g/f C120033W. Y. So114Y. T. Cheng7H/TT THE PRINCEHAPPY SURVEYSYO-YO DA1:10.122.7 24.39 23.08 22.852-2-30.751128611723
03-06-15666HV tf g/f A120033W. Y. So115Y. T. Cheng4H/TT RAINBOW FIGHTERCAGA FORCEYO-YO DA1:10.223.2 24.42 22.93 23.264-3-32.51135611012
09-05-15602ST tf g/f B+2120041W. Y. So129Y. T. Cheng1H/TT YO-YO DATOP BONUSTEN FLAMES1:10.422.5 24.81 23.16 22.492-2-1SH113056168.8
26-04-15564ST tf g/f A1200413W. Y. So130B. Prebble8H/TT DIAMOND MYSTERIOUSJOLLY JOLLYTHORS BOLT1:09.723.3 24.43 22.57 24.076-8-138.251125568.79.8
01-04-15508HV tf g/f A120043W. Y. So130B. Prebble2H/TT LYRIC ACEGOLDEN CHOPSTICKSYO-YO DA1:09.623.8 23.80 22.27 23.702-2-30.51138556.95.4
04-03-15434HV tf g A120042W. Y. So126N. Rawiller1H/TT WINNING KINGYO-YO DARED COURAGE1:10.723.8 23.83 23.34 23.564-5-2SH1123534.22.9
01-02-15359ST tf g/f C120042W. Y. So122C. K. Tong11H/TT MULTIMAXYO-YO DABEAR RAPPER1:11.022.6 24.39 23.94 22.762-2-20.51144512621
10-01-15303ST tf g/f A120041W. Y. So119M. Guyon3H/TT YO-YO DABEAR RAPPERTHE PRINCE1:10.423.6 24.15 23.14 23.164-4-1H1148462024
18-06-14715ST tf g/f C100047W. Y. So123T. Berry2H/TT REGENCY HO HOLOVELY DELOVELYSHINING CHAMPION0:56.022.7 13.36 20.86 22.677-9-75.51133503843
01-06-14671ST tf g/f A+3120048W. Y. So125T. Clark6H/TT BRILLIANT DREAMSTAR TRACKRAY OF GOLD1:09.922.9 24.94 22.50 23.096-6-83.51138521620
01-03-14438ST tf g B+21200410W. Y. So126A. Suborics11H/TT MEDIC KINGDOMGOOD GOOD VIEWGIDEON1:10.722.8 24.50 23.53 24.232-2-109.751136531113
12-02-14393HV tf g B120045W. Y. So127A. Suborics9H/TT LUCKY DAYTOMODACHIFRIENDS OF YAN OI1:10.723.5 24.00 23.48 23.542-2-51.751138536.28.6
11-01-14316ST tf g A120042W. Y. So128A. Suborics12H/TT NAUGHTY BABYYO-YO DATOP ACT1:10.323.1 24.23 23.11 23.342-2-221149536.66.9
29-12-13280ST tf g/f B+212004WDW. Y. So127K. TeetanH/TT STAR OF BONDGORGEOUS DEBUTPEARL WIN1:09.822.7  1160539.3 
01-12-13201ST tf g C+3120043W. Y. So120A. Suborics1H1/TTAMBITIOUS KINGFIRE STARTERYO-YO DA1:10.524.3 24.30 22.47 23.836-5-3N1148524168

HKJC Comment

Pushed forward and shared lead on the rail, bumped a runner heavily at 250M, dropped off from 200M.