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GOOD FIT (S131) 好腳頭

F. C. Lor / Rating: 52

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PPG / b / g / 9 yrs / NZ
Owner: Kevin Kwong Ka-wing, Chan Bing-woon, Kwong Wai-bong & Michelle Chan Sin-man
Last win: 02-02-19
Health: Substantial mucopus in trachea after racing. (30/03/2014) Eight years of age or above at season end. (25/07/2019) Unacceptable performance. (15/07/2018) Substantial blood in trachea after racing. (13/01/2016)
Sire: Encosta De Lago
Dam: Mrs Squillionaire

Past Performances
Total Starts: 60: (8-3-3)
ST 1400m: 4 (0-0-0)
ST 1600m: 3 (0-1-0)
ST 1800m: 6 (0-0-0)
ST 2000m: 7 (1-0-1)
ST 2200m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1650m: 17 (4-1-0)
ST aw 1800m: 14 (3-1-1)
HV 1650m: 3 (0-0-0)
HV 1800m: 2 (0-0-1)
HV 2200m: 3 (0-0-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
09-11-19163ST aw g -165045F. C. Lor127K. Teetan5PC/TTENFOLDINGTHIS ONE'S FOR YOUCALIFORNIA LEGEND1:39:7424.1152.33 23.94 24.2411-10-9-54.751166549.818
27-10-19125ST aw g -180048F. C. Lor133N. Callan6PC/TTCURLING LUXURYMISTER MONTEABOVE1:49:6523.9563.13 23.53 23.739-9-9-9-84.51172561215
06-10-1973ST aw w/s -165044F. C. Lor130N. Callan11PC/TTGOOD RUNNERS WAYENFOLDINGTHIS ONE'S FOR YOU1:40:2224.3852.46 24.26 23.7811-11-11-41.751162561729
15-09-1930ST aw g -165045F. C. Lor133K. Teetan1PC/TTDEAL MAKERENFOLDINGGOOD RUNNERS WAY1:39:3222.9853.22 23.64 23.556-5-5-56.751160571116
01-07-19773ST aw g -165049F. C. Lor132K. Teetan5PC/TTDEAL MAKERENFOLDINGTOUCH OF LUCK1:40:5623.2753.72 24.41 24.419-8-11-912.251176582019
12-06-19733ST aw w/s -165046F. C. Lor129K. Teetan10B-/PC2/TTLASTING FRIENDSHIPTOUCH OF LUCKENFOLDING1:40:2923.5553.61 23.69 23.5010-8-7-63.251171609.712
15-05-19660HV tf g A165038F. C. Lor115M. F. Poon3B/TTLUCKY GIRLXIANG BAI QILADY FIRST1:40:2224.5252.39 24.27 24.159-10-9-83.751174614181
22-04-19602ST tf g/f C+31400314F. C. Lor114H. N. Wong12PC-/B2/TTPERFECT MATCHWAR ROOMAMAZING LUCK1:21:4223.0436.83 22.67 23.3014-14-14-148.751169623299
03-04-19555ST aw g -180036F. C. Lor116K. Teetan12PC/TTPING HAI TREASUREGRAND CHANCELLORBEAR SLAM1:47:4623.3562.11 23.48 23.2414-14-14-14-68.51169621518
24-02-19451ST aw g -165036F. C. Lor113W. M. Lai14PC/TTKING GENKIGLORIOUS ARTISTCHEERFUL GIGGLES1:37:7623.7552.33 23.44 23.6814-14-14-610.51174621424
02-02-19389ST aw g -165041F. C. Lor130K. Teetan6PC/TTGOOD FITREMARKABLEALCAZAR1:39:2524.3951.98 23.68 23.5911-11-11-10.51172576.24.5
12-01-19335ST aw g -165042F. C. Lor129K. Teetan5PC/TTHOLY UNICORNGOOD FITENFOLDING1:39:1423.7152.45 23.70 23.1112-13-13-20.751171561413
19-12-18267ST aw g -165041F. C. Lor122K. Teetan9PC/TTGOOD FITRADIANT BUNNYSUPERIOR BOY1:39:0023.7052.61 23.25 23.1410-10-7-11.51172491414
02-12-18219ST aw g -180046F. C. Lor122U. Rispoli8PC/TTTRAVEL FIRSTKING'S MANBRING IT ON1:48:8122.8863.57 23.24 23.018-8-7-6-66.251172491012
18-11-18182ST aw g -165045F. C. Lor123K. Teetan12PC/TTGRAN MASTERSUPERIOR BOYTRAVEL FIRST1:38:7124.5751.56 23.46 24.2213-12-10-53.251153493319
31-10-18142ST aw g -180041F. C. Lor117K. Teetan6PC/TTGOOD FITKING'S MANENJOYABLE SUCCESS1:48:6625.1260.15 23.71 24.808-8-7-3-10.51149441012
07-10-1874ST aw g -165048F. C. Lor119K. Teetan7B-/PC2/TTDIAMOND FRIENDSLET US WINGREAT JOY1:39:4123.3453.42 23.57 23.348-9-9-85.751146469.85.6
15-07-18799ST tf y A1800413F. C. Lor122J. Moreira12B/TTMIDNITE PROMISEGENERAL DINOINDIGENOUS STAR1:51:8025.6162.30 24.77 28.2513-11-9-13-13221145498.78.1
24-06-18742ST tf g A200043F. C. Lor122O. Doleuze7PC-/B2/TTAUDACITYPLAY ITGOOD FIT2:01:6224.3774.21 23.60 24.269-9-7-6-32.751152491724
30-05-18688ST aw g -180049F. C. Lor124O. Doleuze7B-/PC2/TTCLOUD NINEHAY RUNMEGATRON1:48:4723.2461.90 24.33 23.5312-12-10-11-981144511414
18-04-18579HV tf g B2200410F. C. Lor126T. Berry8B/TTART OF RAWPLAY ITYOU HAVE MY WORD2:17:1924.6988.76 24.46 24.898-9-8-7-6-105.751153531836
25-03-18523ST tf g A+3200048F. C. Lor129O. Doleuze8PC-/B2/TTAUDACITYJE PENSEEVER LAUGH2:03:2723.4777.06 23.22 23.6711-10-12-9-84.251163552847
28-02-18461ST aw g -180047F. C. Lor129U. Rispoli7B-/PC2/TTREMARKABLELET US WINCROWN AVENUE1:47:7723.3761.69 23.55 23.669-9-10-11-771159567.210
28-01-18374ST tf g B200049F. C. Lor129K. Teetan8H-/B/TTGOOD DAYSMIDNITE PROMISEPREMIUM CHAMPION2:03:7123.7376.53 24.13 24.0711-11-11-11-96.51160562841
23-12-17290ST tf g A+3200049F. C. Lor129U. Rispoli6PC-/B2/H2/TTSUM WIN DRAGONHAPPY ROCKYPREMIUM CHAMPION2:03:5024.1976.59 23.36 24.379-9-7-5-951164566.98.4
19-11-17200ST aw g -180041F. C. Lor123U. Rispoli5PC/TTGOOD FITSPICY KAKAQUICK RETURN1.48.9624.5361.19 23.80 23.9711-9-8-5-10.751145509.618
08-10-1797ST aw g -165049F. C. Lor124N. Callan7PC/TTSPICY KAKAIMPERIAL CONCORDEGRAN MASTER1:40:3124.3353.27 23.59 24.3711-7-9-95.751140511837
16-09-1741ST aw g -165048F. C. Lor125T. Berry7PC/TTGRAN MASTERFIVE STARS AGENTSURE PEACE1:39:6323.6953.59 23.43 23.7710-9-10-87.251146517.58.8
31-05-17689ST aw g -180046C. W. Chang124K. Teetan9PC/TTCROWN AVENUEGRAN MASTERWINASWEWISH1:48.024.1 60.24 24.61 24.2610-10-8-671119518.59.3
23-04-17591ST aw w/s -165041C. W. Chang119K. Teetan1PC/TTGOOD FITTOP ACECURLING LUXURY1:39.023.4 51.95 24.04 23.046-6-5-1SH1123466.36.5
05-04-17546ST aw g -180042C. W. Chang120K. Teetan1B-/H-BEST REWARDGOOD FITGOOD CHOICE1:48.523.7 60.96 24.17 23.454-4-5-2N1122446.35.4
12-03-17485ST tf g C+3220048C. W. Chang120M. Chadwick8PC-/BGORGEOUS AGAINGARLIC YEAHFANCY MUSIC2:17.223.4 90.36 23.45 24.187-2-2-84.751128462441
01-03-17457ST aw g -180047C. W. Chang124K. Teetan12B-/H-WORKS OF ARTGLENEALY PRIZEWINASWEWISH1:48.523.7 62.26 23.27 23.6312-11-13-741128481918
08-02-17404HV tf g B220045C. W. Chang122O. Doleuze7PC-/BBLAZING PASSSUPER FORMAUTUMN GOLD2:16.924.5 89.87 23.60 24.9911-11-10-59.751130493058
18-01-17350ST aw g -1800410C. W. Chang122O. Doleuze12B-/H-VANILLAGOLD DRAGONCONSISTENT1:47.523.6 61.30 24.00 24.5614-14-12-1014.51138491514
20-11-16196ST tf g B+2180048C. W. Chang124O. Doleuze12PC-/BWILLIE WAYXINJIANG YARNASHKIYR1:47.224.1 60.21 24.00 24.3214-14-14-87.751125492828
02-11-16154ST aw g -180043C. W. Chang122O. Doleuze4PC/TTWILLIE WAYMASTER GOLDGOOD FIT1:49.623.6 62.70 23.80 23.547-7-7-32.251125491410
18-09-1631ST aw g -165041C. W. Chang119O. Doleuze2B-/H-GOOD FITELECTRONIC PHOENIXDRAGON HARMONY1:40.024.1 52.73 23.82 23.536-7-6-1SH1118441412
26-06-16748ST tf g/f A200046C. W. Chang119O. Doleuze11B/H/THOLMES LEGENDHO HO FEELABLE DEED2:03.322.5 77.84 23.66 22.2812-12-12-62.51107446.48.2
05-06-16687ST tf g B+2200051C. W. Chang130O. Doleuze5B/H/TGOOD FITCHOICE EXCHEQUERSWEET BEAN2:01.624.0 73.81 24.36 23.528-8-7-11.251106379.114
20-04-16575HV tf g B180057C. W. Chang132O. Doleuze8B/H/TGLAMOROUS RYDERBORNFREEMI SAVVY BOY1:51.224.1 63.60 23.94 24.2210-11-6-73.51110399.711
23-03-16501HV tf g/y C220056C. W. Chang133Z. Purton2B/H/TKING BOUNTIFULLOYAL CRAFTSMANSWEET BEAN2:19.125.5 88.47 25.76 25.475-5-5-63.51108391511
02-03-16445HV tf g C+3180053C. W. Chang132N. Rawiller1B/H2/ONE OF A KINDLOYAL CRAFTSMANGOOD FIT1:51.024.2 62.55 24.88 23.728-7-7-3N1113381112
13-01-16323HV tf g B165058C. W. Chang131M. L. Yeung10B/TT RED ADVENTURELUCKY BALLMR VANILLA1:42.824.0 55.32 24.91 23.3612-11-11-84.751117401419
23-12-15273HV tf g C165048C. W. Chang114M. L. Yeung10B/TT KITAYABALTIC WARRIORPENNY LANE1:40.823.9 53.21 24.84 23.3312-11-11-831122425381
04-10-1579ST tf g/y B+21800414C. W. Chang118W. M. Lai14PC-/BHEALTH WISEWEALTHY FORTUNELEVEL PLAYER1:48.223.9 61.61 23.79 24.6714-14-14-1411.51094443680
19-09-1542ST aw g -1650411C. W. Chang118R. Fourie12B-/PCSURE PEACEELEGANCE KLAMMERADDOLE1:39.822.8 53.78 24.34 23.0212-12-12-117.751089453153
31-05-15656ST tf g/f A1800413C. W. Chang120D. Lane4B/TT AMBASSADORSHIPJUMBO SPIRITROUGE ET BLANC1:49.123.7 62.05 24.22 24.5312-10-10-1310.251073482831
09-05-15599ST tf g/f B+2200048C. W. Chang123N. Rawiller12H-/B2ROUGE ET BLANCCRUISE CONTROLOXFORD CHARLEY2:03.122.5 77.89 23.59 22.8910-11-11-881069501016
19-04-15544ST tf g/f C+3180044C. W. Chang125O. Doleuze3PC-/HDUAL HAPPYSUPERKING DRAGONASIA RISING1:49.523.4 62.01 24.53 23.6410-11-9-441074527.110
25-03-15488ST aw f/t -180049C. W. Chang126O. Doleuze4B-/PCJOLLY GOOD STARKING OF REASONCHINA DELIGHT1:47.823.4 61.54 23.55 23.6210-9-9-95.251073533.84.7
08-03-15444ST tf g/f C+3180047C. W. Chang126O. Doleuze1PC-/BSERGEANT TITANIUMFASTER MOREGO SANDY GO1:49.623.5 61.29 25.70 23.5410-10-13-75.751083539.610
15-02-15394ST aw w/f -165049C. W. Chang127O. Doleuze6PC/TTIMPERIAL CONCORDEJOLLY GOOD STAREXPEDITE1:39.724.0 52.79 23.85 24.4812-14-9-98.51073538.84.7
28-12-14265ST aw w/s -180041C. W. Chang120O. Doleuze6B-/PCGOOD FITJOLLY GOOD STARROCK THE TREE1:48.423.8 61.01 24.09 23.3710-9-9-10.751081467.74.9
15-11-14162ST tf g/f A160048C. W. Chang121W. M. Lai6B/TT SUPREME PROFITSEMPITERNALWINNAM1:34.823.1 48.76 23.59 23.5312-12-13-86.51058481324
02-11-14135ST tf g/f C1600412C. W. Chang121W. M. Lai11B/TT TERRIFIC MASTERGRAND HARBOURTOP ACT1:34.723.8 48.14 23.51 24.818-8-9-1211108548815
01-07-14756ST tf g A+3160042C. W. Chang120W. M. Lai10B/TT FASTER MOREGOOD FITELEGANCE KLAMMER1:35.623.8 48.19 24.07 23.7411-12-11-22.25105948109.1
01-06-14670ST tf g/f A+3140044C. W. Chang123O. Doleuze5H-/B1BORN TO WINCAPITAL KOSCAR MIRACLE1:23.522.5 37.57 23.86 22.588-8-7-431055508.69.3
10-05-14615ST tf g/y C140047C. W. Chang125O. Doleuze7H/TT FURIOSTAR MAJESTICGRAND PLUS1:23.724.3 36.60 23.79 23.9811-10-11-73.51083528.37.1
30-03-14514ST tf g A+31400410C. W. Chang125O. Doleuze2H1/TTPENNY LANEALL TIMES LUCKYOSCAR MIRACLE1:23.123.2 37.00 23.63 23.0113-11-11-1031086528.65.5

HKJC Comment

Had no early speed and raced in final three horses on the rail. Hard ridden from the 600m before straightening second widest. Finished of reasonably well but was never a winning factor.