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SOUL ACHIEVER (S133) 由心出發 (Retired)

A. T. Millard / Rating: 34

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PPG / b / g / 9 yrs / NZ
Owner: Nestor Chan Chi
Last win: 10-01-15
Health: Lame right front foot. (26/10/2014)<br>Arthroscopic surgery to both knees. (24/06/2015)<br>Lame right front leg with displaced chip fracture in right carpus. (19/06/2015)<br>Lame left front leg. (13/04/2016)<br>
Sire: Keeper
Dam: Laurel

Past Performances
Total Starts: 27: (2-2-1)
ST 1200m: 4 (1-0-0)
ST 1400m: 9 (1-0-0)
ST 1600m: 2 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1650m: 1 (0-0-0)
HV 1650m: 11 (0-2-1)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
23-12-17293ST aw g -1650513M. Freedman129B. Prebble12CP/TTDIAMOND FRIENDSVICTORY FOLLOW MEJIMSON THE FAMOUS1:38:9824.3851.32 24.20 25.8810-10-10-13151181362130
15-11-17192HV tf g C165053M. Freedman130U. Rispoli9CP2/TTSMART SALUTEGOLDINGTON HORNSOUL ACHIEVER1:41:2525.2652.54 24.45 24.7210-12-11-32.751181372415
24-09-1758ST tf g A1400511A. T. Millard132C. Schofield4TTWINNING VIBEJIMSON THE FAMOUSTELECOM BOOM1:22:9123.5036.36 23.57 24.065-6-6-116.751174391225
04-06-17698ST tf g/f B120044A. T. Millard117H. W. Lai11V-/TTIVICTORYNOBLE DE BOYAMAZING MOMENT1:09.822.3 25.72 22.62 22.1111-11-43.751154431925
26-04-17603HV tf g/f C165049A. T. Millard113K. K. Chiong2V/TT CONTRIBUTIONSUM WIN DRAGONMUTUAL JOY1:39.824.3 51.21 24.85 25.177-6-5-98.751149451410
20-04-17585HV tf g/f B165045A. T. Millard116K. K. Chiong4V/TT AMAZING FEELINGMR KOOLGREAT JOY1:40.823.5 53.72 23.84 23.564-4-3-541155471510
29-03-17530HV tf g/f C+3165048A. T. Millard120D. Whyte5V/TT SUM WIN DRAGONAMAZING FEELINGFORMULA GALORE1:39.523.8 51.71 24.47 24.167-6-9-851152474.67.3
08-03-17476HV tf g A165042A. T. Millard118D. Whyte3V/TT EXCELLENCESOUL ACHIEVERCASA MASTER1:40.624.4 52.29 24.64 23.795-5-7-2H115745119
26-02-17447ST tf g B140049A. T. Millard120J. Moreira7V/TT VICTORY MASTERGOOD FOR YOUTEAM SWEET1:22.623.3 36.23 23.73 23.5210-10-10-95.2511604775.1
02-02-17384HV tf g A165044A. T. Millard124C. Schofield11V/TT WISKYEXCELLENCEBEST TANGO1:40.924.1 53.03 24.21 24.198-7-6-431166491038
14-12-16264HV tf g/f C165049A. T. Millard127O. Murphy10V/TT TRAVEL AMBASSADORWISKYSPINNING DANCER1:40.823.5 52.11 25.21 24.512-2-1-961162511613
09-11-16170HV tf g B165046A. T. Millard127C. Schofield8V/TT WORKS OF ARTKIRAMTRAVEL AMBASSADOR1:41.424.2 53.59 23.96 24.852-5-2-65.751166538.112
05-10-1681HV tf g A165047A. T. Millard127K. Teetan1V/TT VICTORY BOYSNEWSWIRE FREEPEARL FURU1:42.523.9 53.38 25.48 24.233-4-4-73.251141536.85
28-09-1659HV tf g C+3165042A. T. Millard126K. Teetan3V/TT GRACEFUL KINGDOMSOUL ACHIEVERSPEEDY WALLY1:41.223.3 52.83 25.29 23.254-4-2-20.51150511418
11-09-1623ST tf g C140049A. T. Millard126D. Whyte10V/TT REWARDING FLYERMAGNETISMINVENTION MASTER1:22.023.3 36.61 23.12 23.499-11-11-97.251163522120
10-07-16777ST tf g/f B+21200410A. T. Millard133O Bosson12V/TT MULTIMAXD B PINSMILING GLORY1:09.622.9 25.28 22.35 22.809-10-104.751142574931
26-06-16746ST tf g/f A120048A. T. Millard132C. Schofield11V/TT IRON BOYHOT HOT PEPPERMULTIMAX1:09.222.4 25.10 22.59 22.2610-10-84.251126592824
13-03-16481ST tf g C+31400314A. T. Millard114K. C. Leung9V/TT SUPER LEADERENORMOUS HONOURDILLY1:22.423.8 35.73 23.44 24.974-6-5-1410.751133612013
14-02-16406ST tf g C+31400310A. T. Millard116K. Teetan13V/TT MIDNIGHT RATTLERTONYBOYRUBY COAST1:22.522.7 37.27 23.24 22.8114-14-11-104.751137621317
17-01-16337ST tf g/y C+3140034A. T. Millard115K. Teetan1CP-/VSO FASTMIDNIGHT RATTLERPRESIDENTPARAMOUNT1:22.122.5 36.82 23.17 22.487-6-6-41.751143622833
31-05-15658ST tf g/f A1600310A. T. Millard117K. Teetan3CP1 SECRET WEAPONCHEEKY TOOSUPER MAN1:35.523.0 48.78 23.99 23.794-4-2-106.51135631310
26-04-15566ST tf g/f A140035A. T. Millard117D. Whyte10 PACKING PINSULTIMATE GLORYDR GOOD HABIT1:22.322.5 36.91 23.47 22.4711-12-10-53.25112363228.4
21-02-15410ST tf g A+3160036A. T. Millard117J. Moreira10 GOOD GOOD VIEWTRAVEL FIRSTDOYENI1:34.723.3 48.39 23.79 23.088-10-11-631107633.82.8
28-01-15354HV tf g C+3165035A. T. Millard119J. Moreira8 AMAZINGLYOSCAR MIRACLEBUSINESS AS USUAL1:41.223.7 54.39 24.09 22.9311-11-11-50.7511186322.5
10-01-15305ST tf g/f A140041A. T. Millard131J. Moreira2 SOUL ACHIEVERUNIQUE HAPPIESTGOLD DRAGON1:23.223.5 36.72 23.57 22.937-9-13-1N1132573.12.9
26-10-14115ST tf g/f B+214004WDA. T. Millard130J. Moreira SEMPITERNALSTAR MAJESTICTOM'S CHARM1:22.522.8  1134571.9 
17-09-1414ST tf g A+3120041A. T. Millard124J. Moreira10 SOUL ACHIEVERLONGWAH AMBERBRIGHT CONCEPT1:09.323.0 24.82 22.09 22.409-9-1N1139519.97.4
09-03-14459ST tf g C140047D. Hall127D. Whyte9 FAY DEEPSUPREME FLIGHTFORTUNE TERRITORY1:23.223.6 37.10 23.13 23.6710-11-10-74112552109.9

HKJC Comment

No pace, racing at rear but wide. Given reminder on straightening but no response.