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VARA PEARL (S138) 珍珠旺 (Retired)

A. T. Millard / Rating: 42

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PPG / b / g / 9 yrs / NZ
Owner: Chan Ming-wing
Last win: 22-06-16
Health: Lame left front leg on the day after racing. (29/03/2018) Substantial mucus in trachea after racing. (06/06/2018) Sinus infection. (06/05/2018)
Sire: Savabeel
Dam: Dance On Fire

Past Performances
Total Starts: 60: (4-7-6)
ST 1200m: 5 (0-1-1)
ST 1400m: 16 (0-3-1)
ST 1600m: 2 (0-0-0)
ST 1800m: 1 (0-0-0)
HV 1200m: 3 (0-0-1)
HV 1650m: 33 (4-3-3)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
14-11-18173HV tf g C1650512A. T. Millard126C. Murray5BDUTCH WINDMILLWONDERFUL TIGERMANAGEMENT STAR1:41:4823.9154.49 24.80 24.6211-12-12-1215.251039332744
24-10-18119HV tf g C+31650511A. T. Millard128C. Murray1V-/B2GLORY STARTRAVEL AMBASSADORTRIUMPHANT LIGHT1:39:1123.7252.46 23.93 23.738-8-9-116.251022351616
06-06-18705HV tf g/y A1650511M. Freedman133S. Clipperton2B-/V1ASSOCIATION FANSWONDERFUL TIGERRISING POWER1:41:4624.2753.08 24.83 24.8112-12-9-118103340147.4
06-05-18622ST tf g B16005WDM. Freedman133T. BerryB-/V1GOOD CHOICE AHEADFAITHFUL BOYTHE SHOW1:35:9323.56 10354015 
28-03-18530HV tf g C+31650511M. Freedman128H. N. Wong7BGOLDEN KIDHAPPY CENTURYDAZZLE WINNER1:40:2624.5052.83 24.37 24.6310-9-12-119.751036404.55.1
11-03-18484ST tf g C+3140052M. Freedman133Z. Purton1BFLYING NOBLEVARA PEARLDON WONGCHOY1:22:2323.5736.03 23.15 23.307-6-6-21.5104340107.1
07-02-18406HV tf g A165047M. Freedman110H. N. Wong2CP-/B2HIGH VOLATILITYGENTRYMR KOOL1:40:8824.0453.01 24.39 24.065-5-5-73.751051421928
10-01-18332HV tf g B1650410M. Freedman117A. Sanna7B-/CP2CONTRIBUTIONGOOD CHOICE AHEADSEE ME NOW1:41:6223.5454.59 24.41 23.4110-10-10-1051039441520
06-12-17251HV tf g B165047M. Freedman120F. Prat1BLET'S TAKE IT EASYSPARKLING SWORDDESTIN1:41:3023.6553.89 24.68 23.357-7-8-741042461010
22-11-17213HV tf g C+3165047M. Freedman120C. Schofield11SR-/B1MULTIGOGOCHARITY WINGSDUTCH WINDMILL1:41:4523.9053.65 24.98 23.2912-12-12-731030471517
16-07-17800ST tf g/y C1400410A. T. Millard125C. Murray6SR THE FULL BLOOMSILVERFIELDFIVE STARS AGENT1:23.724.2 36.77 23.79 24.2911-11-12-1071045511318
09-07-17781ST tf g B+21400410A. T. Millard127C. Murray12SR GREAT TREASUREEXPERTO CREDEJOLLY BOUNTIFUL1:22.722.8 36.90 23.98 22.9614-13-12-106.751066532661
28-06-17762HV tf g/f C+3165045A. T. Millard128C. Murray1SR GO GO WINWORKS OF ARTFINE WITH ME1:39.823.6 52.40 24.55 23.467-7-7-53.51044558.218
14-06-17725HV tf g/f B165048A. T. Millard131C. Murray10SR CLEVER SPIRITUNIQUE HAPPIESTHAPPY AND HEALTHY1:39.023.5 52.53 24.15 23.159-10-10-851052581126
28-05-17681ST tf g/f A1600410A. T. Millard133K. Teetan14SR ELECTRIC LIGHTNINGHAPPY AND HEALTHYWIN FOR CHARITY1:35.923.4 50.34 23.81 22.9914-14-14-107.251055601628
10-05-17638HV tf g/f A1650310A. T. Millard110K. K. Chiong11SR HAPPY LIFEJADE FORTUNETHUNDER STOMP1:39.123.8 52.48 24.22 23.4712-12-12-106.251059621528
03-05-17624HV tf g/f C+3165038A. T. Millard119J. Moreira8SR LITTERATEURBEAUTY LOVEWISKY1:40.323.1 53.57 24.44 23.0510-10-9-84.51044643.93.1
17-04-17577ST tf g/f C+3120033A. T. Millard117U. Rispoli6SR LUCKY GUYPAKISTAN BABYVARA PEARL1:08.823.1 25.02 21.78 22.3411-12-31.51068641315
09-04-17556ST tf g/f C120035A. T. Millard118H. W. Lai9SR SHAMALRIGHT CALLTANG FLEMING1:09.522.9 25.28 22.63 21.969-10-51.751048652136
15-03-17496HV tf g B120035A. T. Millard122M. Chadwick2SR HARRIER JETHEALTHY LUCKHELLA HEDGE1:09.623.4 24.13 22.64 23.167-5-52104266139.2
08-03-17478HV tf g A120033A. T. Millard123M. Chadwick5SR ALL MY GAINGENEROUS HEARTVARA PEARL1:10.223.5 24.58 22.96 23.0010-11-31.751047671617
22-02-17443HV tf g/f C+3165034A. T. Millard124C. Schofield7SR THUNDER STOMPCHEERFUL BOYJADE FORTUNE1:39.624.3 52.15 24.10 23.579-9-9-41.51044687.59.2
04-01-17315HV tf g A165033A. T. Millard121J. Moreira9SR CHATER LEGENDPEARL WARM WARMVARA PEARL1:40.024.4 52.63 23.93 23.8212-12-10-31.751053682.73.3
07-12-16248HV tf g/f B165032A. T. Millard120Z. Purton8SR BIG BANG BONGVARA PEARLCHEERFUL BOY1:40.823.4 54.16 24.38 22.469-10-9-20.751047677.65.4
26-10-16138HV tf g/f C+3165034A. T. Millard120K. Teetan4SR SUPER FLUKEPEARL WARM WARMBEAUTY PRINCE1:41.923.4 54.87 24.72 22.4310-11-11-40.51034661522
05-10-1682HV tf g A165033A. T. Millard121C. Schofield3SR TEN FLAMESTHE SYLPHVARA PEARL1:41.624.1 52.92 25.28 23.548-9-9-30.751033651414
21-09-1645HV tf g/f C120037A. T. Millard120C. Schofield6SR CAGA FORCECOURAGEOUS BROTHERHAPPY BAO BEI1:10.723.5 24.68 23.84 22.8511-12-741039652444
11-09-1624ST tf g C120038A. T. Millard118D. Whyte4SR LUCKY DAYLOTUS BREEZEHAPPY CHEERS1:09.123.1 24.96 22.34 22.889-10-86.251035653544
22-06-16740HV tf g/f C165041A. T. Millard133J. Moreira8SR VARA PEARLGO GO WINDANEWIN EXPRESS1:40.723.6 53.31 24.46 22.939-9-9-10.5100660115.5
09-06-16699HV tf g A165043A. T. Millard125K. K. Chiong7SR BALTIC WARRIORTHE SYLPHVARA PEARL1:41.623.9 52.71 25.17 23.836-8-4-30.51020599.212
01-05-16605ST tf g B140049A. T. Millard123K. K. Chiong1SR BULB MASTERHOME RUNMOLLY'S JADE STAR1:22.823.6 36.67 23.03 23.807-10-9-93.751024606.79.9
24-04-16589ST tf y A140035A. T. Millard117M. Chadwick1SR FRIENDS OF NANJINGPEOPLE'S KNIGHTRADIANT BUNNY1:23.723.9 36.11 24.00 24.006-4-5-521034613944
10-04-16554ST tf g/y C1400311A. T. Millard112K. C. Ng9SR HO IN ONEENORMOUS HONOURSUPER LEADER1:23.023.5 36.54 23.70 23.1513-13-13-112.51026624686
03-04-16536ST tf g B+2140036A. T. Millard116M. Chadwick5SR NONE OTHERSUPER FLUKEENORMOUS HONOUR1:22.222.9 36.74 23.24 22.6910-12-11-62.751035623868
02-03-16452HV tf g C+3165036A. T. Millard115C. Schofield6SR ULTIMATE GLORYBULLISH SMARTLAND GRANT1:40.123.8 52.95 24.67 23.1411-11-11-63.5103862126.2
03-02-16371HV tf g A165041A. T. Millard130S. De Sousa3SR VARA PEARLOSCAR MIRACLETHE SYLPH1:41.623.9 53.13 25.26 23.249-8-9-11.51035557.45.8
06-01-16306HV tf g A165044A. T. Millard129V. Cheminaud8SR CHINA DELIGHTTHE SYLPHFIRST SIGHT LOVE1:40.925.3 52.72 24.14 24.4312-12-11-42.251039551216
23-12-15275HV tf g C165041A. T. Millard123J. Moreira12SR VARA PEARLSILVER DRAGONSYSTEM OVERLOAD1:40.924.3 53.10 24.99 22.9011-11-12-1N1039506.65.1
09-12-15238HV tf g/y A165047A. T. Millard125H. Bowman3SR HAPPY SPIRITGO-GETTERFIRST SIGHT LOVE1:42.224.4 52.81 25.62 24.675-5-7-75.251044525.74.4
21-11-15189ST tf g B+21400410A. T. Millard128K. Teetan9CP-/SMAGICAL BEAUTYHARD BALL GETAMAZING ALWAYS1:22.423.0 37.36 23.07 22.7212-12-13-104.51038547.99.7
04-10-1579ST tf g/y B+21800410A. T. Millard128R. Fourie2CP HEALTH WISEWEALTHY FORTUNELEVEL PLAYER1:48.223.9 61.13 23.83 24.599-8-10-108.251030548.89.2
09-09-1516HV tf g A165042A. T. Millard126J. Moreira9CP TRIUMPHANT DRAGONVARA PEARLSPARKLING SWORD1:42.124.7 53.82 24.34 24.0710-10-8-20.751031523.52.6
12-07-15771ST tf g/f B+2140042A. T. Millard121M. L. Yeung11CP THORS BOLTVARA PEARLSUGAR CITY1:22.023.7 36.39 22.94 22.7813-13-13-2N1014502318
24-06-15722HV tf g C+3165047A. T. Millard124D. Whyte6XB-/CGRIFFINDORLEOWLGALAXY PRANCER1:40.823.4 53.26 24.47 23.645-6-5-731024515.83.7
20-05-15628HV tf g/y C165045A. T. Millard125D. Whyte10XB/CPADDOLEGREAT TOPLIGHTMAC ROW1:43.126.2 51.92 26.21 25.2511-9-10-51.751013521710
13-05-15610HV tf g/f B165047A. T. Millard127D. Whyte12XB FOODIEROCK THE TREEGREAT TOPLIGHT1:40.723.1 53.60 24.77 22.8410-10-11-72.751027542931
15-04-15537HV tf g/f B165048A. T. Millard129A. Suborics8XB LOVING STARHAPPY ROCKYROBUST MOMENTUM1:40.323.5 52.44 24.93 23.586-7-8-83.751018561719
15-03-15462ST tf g A160045A. T. Millard129B. Fayd'herbe12XB ROUGE ET BLANCGIGGLES FOREVERMAC ROW1:36.623.9 49.08 24.15 23.7010-11-10-521021563628
25-02-15416HV tf g C165045A. T. Millard129D. Whyte12XB JUMBO SPIRITFORGIVE AND FORGETSPINNING DANCER1:41.922.9 53.23 25.73 23.351-1-1-52.51020561318
28-01-15350HV tf g C+3165042A. T. Millard129Z. Purton2XB GRACEFUL KINGDOMVARA PEARLELEGANCE KLAMMER1:41.323.6 52.68 25.53 23.135-6-6-2Nose1013545.14.2
07-01-15296HV tf g A1650412A. T. Millard127M. Guyon11XB GO GO WINWIN ITCHEERS JOY1:41.023.9 53.03 24.72 25.425-5-8-1213.251023547.714
10-12-14230HV tf g A165041A. T. Millard123Y. Fukunaga3XB VARA PEARLELEGANCE KLAMMERGENUINE CHAMPION1:41.524.2 52.46 25.16 23.963-3-4-1N1012495.53.4
30-11-14196ST tf g/f C140042A. T. Millard122J. Moreira4XB UP AND COMINGVARA PEARLAMAZING ALWAYS1:21.422.9 35.96 22.91 23.038-8-8-231023494.93.6
05-10-1462ST tf g/f A140045A. T. Millard122N. Callan1XB CELESTIAL SMILEBEAUTY KINGMAC ROW1:22.923.1 36.83 23.97 22.887-8-10-54.51021497.57.9
14-09-147ST tf g/f A140043A. T. Millard122J. Moreira5XB1 HIDDEN VALUEGRAND HARBOURVARA PEARL1:22.923.0 36.38 23.91 22.945-8-9-31.751013488.47.6
01-07-14754ST tf g A+3140044A. T. Millard124J. Moreira13 KYNAMYOUNG TALENTMY GOAL1:23.423.3 36.59 24.10 23.198-9-7-42.51027505.95.4
01-06-14670ST tf g/f A+3140046A. T. Millard124J. Moreira1 BORN TO WINCAPITAL KOSCAR MIRACLE1:23.522.5 37.13 24.30 22.696-6-6-63.751014512.92.1
10-05-14615ST tf g/y C140046A. T. Millard123C. Y. Ho6 FURIOSTAR MAJESTICGRAND PLUS1:23.724.3 36.88 23.55 23.8513-13-12-6310295255.1
13-04-14550ST tf g/f C140044A. T. Millard126K. Teetan10 REALLY THE BESTISLAND GARDENFURIO1:22.923.0 37.34 23.62 22.2813-11-12-41.751016526.36.3
23-03-14492ST tf g C+3120042A. T. Millard123C. Y. Ho9 GOLDEN GUNNERSVARA PEARLEVER SHINY1:09.823.2 25.15 22.41 22.7611-11-22.751026522327
16-02-14400ST tf g A120048A. T. Millard124J. Moreira9 FULL TALENTHEAMERIC TE SPECSOSPARKLING SWORD1:10.022.8 25.23 22.75 22.9010-10-85.2510325297.5

HKJC Comment

Average to begin, taken back to race at rear, detached from the field on turn, eased early in straight. (Lame left front leg next day.)