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MARVEL TRIBE (S142) 萬馬奔騰 (Retired)

K. W. Lui / Rating: 89

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PP / b / g / 9 yrs / GB
Owner: Penha Hill Syndicate
Last win: 08-04-18
Health: Lame left front leg on the day after racing. (02/10/2016)<br>Heart irregularity after racing. (01/03/2014)<br>
Sire: Compton Place
Dam: Guermantes

Past Performances
Total Starts: 44: (6-4-4)
ST 1000m: 4 (1-1-1)
ST 1200m: 13 (3-1-1)
ST 1400m: 16 (1-2-2)
ST aw 1200m: 1 (0-0-0)
HV 1200m: 5 (0-0-0)
HV 1650m: 5 (1-0-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
12-05-18647ST tf g C140018K. W. Lui119W. M. Lai10BCALIFORNIA WHIPRACING SUPERNOVATHE GOLDEN AGE1:21:1523.3035.61 22.40 23.841-2-2-84.251095961517
08-04-18556ST tf g C100021K. W. Lui123W. M. Lai2BMARVEL TRIBEBRAVO WATCHMANKEY WITNESS0:55:4522.2313.27 20.47 21.71 7-7-10.751105902437
18-03-18510ST tf g A120025K. W. Lui121M. L. Yeung7BSUPER FLUKECALIFORNIA FORTUNEDRAGON GENERAL1:09:4622.6024.41 22.65 22.74 6-5-521101907.38.4
10-02-18418ST tf g C+3120022K. W. Lui117M. L. Yeung8BPERPETUAL JOYANCEMARVEL TRIBEHOUSE OF FUN1:08:7223.4723.73 21.76 23.39 4-3-20.751120891216
27-12-17307HV tf g A1650212K. W. Lui122N. Callan1BSINGAPORE SLINGBEAUTY PRINCEINSAYSHABLE1:40:2123.3053.24 23.99 25.474-4-3-1215.5109389138.5
26-11-17224ST tf g C140024K. W. Lui124M. L. Yeung9BPINGWU SPARKDOCTOR GEOFFTIME TO CELEBRATE1:21:8921.8735.73 24.29 22.242-1-1-42.251117891718
05-11-17172ST tf g/f C+3140021K. W. Lui121M. L. Yeung9BMARVEL TRIBEPINGWU SPARKFIFTY FIFTY1:21:3722.7535.20 23.42 22.751-1-1-1SH1100835166
22-10-17136ST tf g/f A140025K. W. Lui117M. Chadwick2BNOTHINGILIKEMOREJOLLY JOLLYSIMPLY INVINCIBLE1:21:3522.5835.60 23.33 23.124-4-3-54.51100834617
16-09-1744ST tf g/f C+3120031K. W. Lui128M. L. Yeung9BMARVEL TRIBEFANTASTIC EIGHTPRIMERO1:08:9222.1024.17 22.73 22.02 3-2-1N1097779.58.6
03-09-179ST tf g B120033K. W. Lui130M. L. Yeung14BFIFTY FIFTYDIAMOND KINGMARVEL TRIBE1:09:5922.5824.26 22.87 22.78 3-3-321093773399
04-06-17704ST tf g/f B120031K. W. Lui116H. T. Mo12B MARVEL TRIBEPINGWU SPARKCHARITY GLORY1:09.322.5 23.63 23.14 22.551-1-1Nose109271108.7
30-04-17613ST tf g/f A1400311K. W. Lui122K. K. Chiong7B KINGSFIELDREGENCY BO BOGREEN ENERGY1:22.023.1 35.36 23.74 23.683-3-4-114.751092732171
29-03-17534HV tf g/f C+3120036K. W. Lui130M. L. Yeung6B TRUMPCHEER WINARM RUNDA1:09.723.3 24.12 22.54 23.712-3-63.751107752212
08-03-17480HV tf g A120035K. W. Lui126K. K. Chiong4B VICTORY MARVELLOTUS BREEZELUCKY DAY1:10.223.5 24.28 22.79 23.416-4-51.251109759.810
08-02-17405HV tf g B120039K. W. Lui127K. K. Chiong11B OUR HEROI'M A WITNESSSHARP HUNTER1:10.523.7 23.74 23.14 24.041-1-92111877158
14-01-17338ST tf g C+3120037K. W. Lui131M. L. Yeung11B DR LISTENINGHAPPY AGILITYALWAYS WIN1:09.822.9 24.13 22.83 23.382-2-731107792751
01-01-17307ST tf g/f B+21200214K. W. Lui110K. C. Ng2B MIDNIGHT RATTLERINVINCIBLE DRAGONMR STUNNING1:08.922.6 23.89 22.58 24.753-7-1414.251118816099
11-12-16258ST tf g A120029K. W. Lui118M. L. Yeung14B MR STUNNINGMERIONCLEVER BEAVER1:09.122.9 23.65 22.62 23.722-2-95.251103837299
20-11-16203ST tf g B+2120026K. W. Lui118C. Y. Ho7B LINE SEEKERKEY WITNESSNEW ASIA SUNRISE1:09.422.2 24.28 23.00 22.595-3-631120844491
06-11-16166ST tf g/f C+31400210K. W. Lui119K. K. Chiong2B JOLLY BANNERMY DARLINGMIGHTY MAVERICK1:21.923.0 35.90 23.24 23.861-4-4-106.751102842524
01-10-1671ST tf g A+3120028K. W. Lui112K. K. Chiong1B NEW ASIA SUNRISEPABLOSKYDUKEDOM1:08.923.0 23.76 22.22 23.251-1-81.51102844.32.7
07-05-16626ST tf g C120031K. W. Lui120K. K. Chiong6B MARVEL TRIBEFLYING MOOCHITHE FULL BLOOM1:08.823.1 23.71 22.10 23.062-2-13.25110474108.1
06-01-16304HV tf g A165038P. F. Yiu132N. Callan5B JOLLY GENEAMAZINGLYRED DANCER1:40.623.9 52.62 24.53 24.166-6-6-8410847674.7
25-11-15203HV tf g C165039P. F. Yiu129K. C. Leung8B2 PHOTON WILLIESTRONG FOUNDATIONROYAL PARTNER1:41.724.0 53.75 25.06 23.529-11-12-93.751069788.97.6
10-10-15101ST tf g C120037P. F. Yiu131C. K. Tong8 LUCKY BUBBLESLUCKY YEARLUCKY DAY1:09.222.4 24.69 22.51 22.718-8-74.51071792391
28-09-1564ST tf g A1400212P. F. Yiu116K. C. Leung8 WINNING LEADERWAH MAY FRIENDUNIVERSAL UNION1:22.123.2 36.09 23.61 23.363-6-7-125.51081813690
06-09-158ST tf g B100028P. F. Yiu113K. C. Ng12B- STRATHMOREJETWINGSMY LITTLE FRIEND0:55.722.0 13.23 20.73 22.464-6-84.251088812930
08-07-15766HV tf g/f A120026P. F. Yiu118H. W. Lai6B YOU READ MY MINDCLEVER BEAVEREROICO1:09.624.1 23.71 22.52 23.846-9-62.51078823026
24-06-15725HV tf g C+3165037P. F. Yiu133N. Callan5B STAR MAJESTICWINNIE'S HORSESELKIRK STAR1:40.723.0 53.95 24.23 22.997-7-8-72.51082838.75.3
09-05-15607ST tf y B+2140029P. F. Yiu125N. Callan8B DR GOOD HABITPRECISION KINGUNIVERSAL UNION1:23.423.8 36.31 23.84 24.2110-9-9-95.751071837.67.8
12-04-15531ST tf g C120034P. F. Yiu120H. N. Wong11B QUATERNION EAGLEAMBER DRAGONWHY WHY1:09.322.9 23.96 22.46 23.042-2-40.51073821921
25-03-15493ST aw f/t -120034P. F. Yiu128H. W. Lai10B DEHERE'S THE LOVESMART MANOUR FOLKS1:07.422.9 24.21 21.63 22.3011-12-44.751079821623
15-03-15468ST tf g A140025P. F. Yiu117C. K. Tong13B LET ME GOEROICOTRAVEL FIRST1:22.622.7 36.42 23.98 22.678-8-12-52.751100821939
11-02-15390HV tf g/f B1200210P. F. Yiu112C. K. Tong7B ALL GREAT FRIENDSFABULOUS NOVEMBERPABLOSKY1:09.622.5 24.61 23.16 22.798-9-1061082821210
14-01-15318HV tf g B165031P. F. Yiu130N. Callan6B1 MARVEL TRIBEENTRUSTINGHAPPY ROCKY1:40.823.8 53.12 24.42 23.295-7-7-10.51078763.95.8
30-11-14204ST tf g/f C140035P. F. Yiu132M. Demuro12 BRILLIANT DREAMNUMERO UNOKYNAM1:21.222.9 36.28 22.99 22.646-9-9-53.751067778.77.9
02-11-14139ST tf g/f C140036P. F. Yiu131N. Callan13 PRINCIPALUNIVERSAL UNIONCELESTIAL SMILE1:22.922.8 35.66 24.47 23.352-2-2-63.51057774.18.7
01-10-1455ST tf g/f C+3140032P. F. Yiu131N. Callan13 BRILLIANT SHINEMARVEL TRIBEGOOD GOOD VIEW1:21.423.4 35.95 22.80 22.879-9-9-2110537545.1
17-09-1417ST tf g A+3100032P. F. Yiu122C. Y. Lui10 DISCIPLES TWELVEMARVEL TRIBEST YAZIN0:56.022.7 13.52 20.74 22.1310-11-221065747.96.2
06-07-14769ST tf g/f B+2140033P. F. Yiu129N. Callan11 SUN PINSARCHIPPUSMARVEL TRIBE1:21.923.7 35.22 23.18 23.769-8-5-31.51054749.89.8
08-06-14692ST tf g/f B+2140032P. F. Yiu127Z. Purton5 LUGERMARVEL TRIBESNITZEL KID1:22.222.6 35.99 23.97 22.715-6-5-22.51058747.85.1
10-05-14617ST tf g/y C100033P. F. Yiu128N. Callan8 MY LITTLE FRIENDFANTASTICOMARVEL TRIBE0:56.122.5 13.63 20.39 22.6310-8-32.751067742924
01-03-14443ST tf g B+21400314P. F. Yiu131T. Angland10 SWIFT SHADOWJAEGER BOMBPACKING LLAREGYB1:22.723.1 36.82 23.66 24.9214-12-10-1416.251071746.56.6
26-01-14358ST tf g/f B+2140033P. F. Yiu130N. Callan1 SANTA FE SUNGREAT SKYMARVEL TRIBE1:22.423.3 36.28 23.18 23.317-7-7-321081731877

HKJC Comment

Driven forward to be leading until 850M, tracked leader from there and kept in touch until 150M, faded towards the line.