GOODHEART SUCCESS (S162) 心好事成 (Retired)

C. W. Chang / Rating: 69

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PP / b / g / 10 yrs / AUS
Owner: Joyful Elite Syndicate
Last win: 09-12-15
Health: Sore right eye in saddling stalls, withdrawn from race. (26/11/2014)<br>Right front superficial digital flexor tendon injury. (26/08/2016)<br>Lame right front foot. (22/04/2015)<br>Right front proximal suspensory strain. (21/02/2014)<br>Lame left front leg. (19/02/2016)<br>Lame left front leg. (14/02/2017)<br>Lame left front leg after barrier trial. (08/06/2016)<br>Unraced for 12 months. (07/10/2014)<br>
Sire: Hussonet
Dam: Weaver Of Words

Past Performances
Total Starts: 29: (2-2-4)
ST 1200m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST 1400m: 3 (0-0-2)
ST 1600m: 2 (0-0-0)
ST 2000m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1650m: 3 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1800m: 1 (0-0-1)
HV 1200m: 1 (0-0-0)
HV 1650m: 14 (1-2-1)
HV 1800m: 2 (1-0-0)
HV 2200m: 1 (0-0-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
10-02-18410ST aw g -1650310C. W. Chang124O. Doleuze4BTANG FLEMINGTRAVEL FIRSTNUCLEAR POWER1:37:9623.8950.95 23.60 24.239-6-6-105.251095699.611
24-01-18370ST aw g -180033C. W. Chang119O. Doleuze1BPRAWN BABAGRAN MASTERGOODHEART SUCCESS1:47:3222.9160.97 23.96 23.049-6-6-8-341099691319
20-12-17287HV tf g/f C+3220036C. W. Chang125O. Doleuze3BRULE THEERICKFIELDENSURING2:16:2423.4588.59 24.56 23.594-4-5-5-7-631097712429
29-11-17234HV tf g A180038C. W. Chang125K. C. Leung7BKING OF MONGOLIASHARP SAILOREASY HEDGE1:50:4423.5362.89 25.14 22.8011-11-11-11-82.51108731218
08-11-17178HV tf g B165038C. W. Chang129N. Callan11BBANK ON REDGO BEAUTY GOCALIFORNIA JOY1:41:0323.6953.64 25.14 22.7011-10-11-82.751092752648
18-10-17126HV tf g/f C165038C. W. Chang133O. Doleuze12BGONNA RUNSUPER FORMRED MARVEL1:40:4023.8953.74 24.01 22.9712-12-12-821108772873
27-09-1771HV tf g/f C+3165038C. W. Chang123H. T. Mo10BOUTLAWEDKIRAMGONNA RUN1:39:4623.6952.76 23.97 23.4312-12-11-84.51113793999
13-09-1736HV tf g/f B1650212C. W. Chang114W. M. Lai5BSICHUAN DARCLASSIC EMPERORFRIENDS OF KA YING1:40:0523.5353.38 24.26 23.799-9-9-128.51117812843
12-07-17796HV tf g/f A120028C. W. Chang114W. M. Lai7B SOUTHERN LEGENDSUPER TURBOVERBINSKY1:09.523.4 24.83 22.62 22.6410-10-83.51126831533
25-01-17370HV tf g C+3165025C. W. Chang122O. Doleuze10B MARVEL HEROHAPPY SPIRITSPEEDY LONGWAH1:39.523.6 52.47 24.50 23.3712-12-12-54.751112851740
27-12-16295ST aw g -165034C. W. Chang133O. Doleuze2B TRAVEL FIRSTRED MARVELMAGICAL BEAUTY1:38.723.9 52.10 23.20 23.697-6-6-41.751107852642
24-04-16592ST tf y A1600212C. S. Shum119M. L. Yeung9B BERLINISANTA FE SUNJOYFUL TRINITY1:36.924.3 49.25 24.55 25.3811-13-14-1213.751101875396
21-02-16420ST tf g A20002WDC. S. Shum121K. C. LeungB AMBITIOUS CHAMPIONVICTORY MAGICRENAISSANCE ART2:02.823.3  --87  
20-01-16345HV tf g/y C1650210C. S. Shum123R. Moore7B TWIN DELIGHTHORSE OF FORTUNECALIFORNIA DISEGNO1:39.823.8 53.06 24.42 23.4711-12-12-106.751088876.95.2
27-12-15289ST tf g A+3200027C. S. Shum132Z. Purton1B SERGEANT TITANIUMVICTORY MAGICSAVVY NATURE2:03.422.8 77.16 23.91 23.276-9-8-75.25109587228.5
09-12-15243HV tf y A180021C. S. Shum116K. C. Leung8B GOODHEART SUCCESSHORSE OF FORTUNESPEEDY LONGWAH1:50.123.9 62.13 25.14 22.8812-12-11-10.5108081248
18-11-15187ST aw g -165026C. S. Shum126V. Cheminaud2B MAJESTIC ANTHEMHIGH AND MIGHTYSICHUAN VIGOUR1:37.123.6 51.09 23.15 23.3612-12-9-631081821611
22-10-15129HV tf g C+3165025C. S. Shum113K. C. Leung7B HORSE OF FORTUNEGOT FLYSTAR MAJESTIC1:41.223.4 54.09 24.58 22.997-6-8-52.751081828.69.3
16-09-1536HV tf g B165022C. S. Shum115K. C. Leung1B FAT CHOY HONG KONGGOODHEART SUCCESSTOP ACT1:40.423.8 53.09 24.52 23.038-8-8-21.25107181169.9
06-09-157ST tf g B140027C. S. Shum116M. L. Yeung11B PACKING PINSHIGH AND MIGHTYFULL TALENT1:22.322.2 38.24 22.95 22.108-9-9-75.751078813031
24-06-15725HV tf g C+31650311C. S. Shum131B. Prebble11B STAR MAJESTICWINNIE'S HORSESELKIRK STAR1:40.723.0 53.43 24.39 24.2010-1-2-1181078817.610
03-06-15670HV tf g/f A165026C. S. Shum115M. L. Yeung11B BRILLIANT SHINEJAZZY FEELINGFAT CHOY HONG KONG1:40.123.6 52.22 24.45 23.982-3-2-63.251068814.95.4
20-05-15633HV tf s C165031C. S. Shum125M. L. Yeung1B GOODHEART SUCCESSSUPREME FLIGHTLITTLE DRAGON1:44.025.4 53.53 25.32 25.203-6-2-121073744.23.1
22-04-15559HV tf g/f C16503WDC. S. Shum127J. MoreiraB CHATER LEGENDAGIAALEXPECTATOR1:40.323.7  1070741.6 
01-04-15511HV tf g/f A165032C. S. Shum125J. Moreira2B TRENDY WINGOODHEART SUCCESSCHOICE TREASURE1:40.223.6 51.99 25.02 23.326-6-6-20.51073712.42.1
18-03-15475HV tf g C165033C. S. Shum124J. Moreira6B STRONG FOUNDATIONFIRST SIGHT LOVEGOODHEART SUCCESS1:40.623.9 51.93 24.83 23.596-6-7-31.251082713.53.7
01-03-15428ST tf g/f B+2160034C. S. Shum122M. L. Yeung4B RENAISSANCE ARTCELESTIAL SMILESO CAFFE1:35.423.1 47.96 24.61 23.134-3-4-41.51076719.712
01-02-15363ST tf g/f C140033C. S. Shum123M. L. Yeung3B SKY HEROTRAVEL FIRSTGOODHEART SUCCESS1:22.222.1 36.83 24.03 21.988-9-10-33.751074712672
10-01-15310ST tf g/f A140033C. S. Shum122M. L. Yeung3B CONTENTMENTUNIVERSAL UNIONGOODHEART SUCCESS1:23.022.7 37.44 23.25 22.964-7-7-341087715099
17-12-14250HV tf g/f B165039C. S. Shum127K. Teetan9B LITTLE DRAGONSTEP HIGHTOP ACT1:40.523.7 54.10 24.14 23.109-12-12-94.751088735299
26-11-14192HV tf g/f C12003WDC. S. Shum125M. L. YeungB HELLA HEDGESIGHT BELIEVERNEW DEERFIELD1:10.023.2  10877323 
09-11-14145ST tf g C+31200311C. S. Shum126M. L. Yeung6B1 STAR TRACKPOPPING CANDYTRAVEL RENYI1:09.122.8 25.17 22.28 22.6712-12-1161100733972

HKJC Comment

Behind midfield along the fence, lack room in straight, ran on fairly.