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HAPPY BAO BEI (S172) 中華寶貝 (Retired)

Y. S. Tsui / Rating: 60

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PP / ch / g / 10 yrs / AUS
Owner: Chan Chi-sun
Last win: 21-03-18
Health: Lame right front leg on the day after racing. (30/11/2015)<br>Heart irregularity and substantial blood in trachea after racing. (29/11/2015)<br>Lame left front leg. (18/09/2015)<br>Lame left front leg. (10/06/2017)<br>
Sire: Testa Rossa
Dam: Lindalay

Past Performances
Total Starts: 48: (4-4-2)
ST 1000m: 2 (0-0-0)
ST 1200m: 9 (0-0-0)
ST 1400m: 2 (0-0-0)
HV 1000m: 3 (0-0-0)
HV 1200m: 32 (4-4-2)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
21-03-18513HV tf g C120041Y. S. Tsui129M. Chadwick1TTHAPPY BAO BEINICE FANDANGOALL MY GAIN1:10:0823.4024.22 22.70 23.16 3-3-1H1184541214
07-03-18479HV tf g A120049Y. S. Tsui129B. Prebble9TTHERO TIMECALIFORNIA ASPARGOLDEN GLORY1:10:0622.9924.20 23.15 23.53 3-3-951186561217
14-02-18422HV tf g B120046Y. S. Tsui124H. T. Mo10TTGRACYDADBINGOHONEST HORSE1:10:2623.4824.41 22.77 23.65 5-5-63.5117458138.1
07-02-18404HV tf g A120048Y. S. Tsui133N. Rawiller7TTSHARPMINDFUNNY BUDDIESGOUTEN OF GARO1:10:8823.4424.22 23.46 23.52 3-3-821180601216
17-01-18354HV tf g C1200310Y. S. Tsui114K. C. Ng6B-/TTFLYING TOURBILLONSMART BOYEXTREMELY FUN1:10:2923.4924.12 23.12 23.65 8-6-103.751170622459
29-11-17233HV tf g A1200310Y. S. Tsui118J. Moreira11B/TTCALIFORNIA FORTUNEWONDERFUL JOURNEYGAMECHANGERS1:09:9723.0424.74 22.95 23.50 10-8-107.51175642639
08-11-17179HV tf g B1200311Y. S. Tsui118C. Y. Ho7B/TTWHO ELSE BUT YOUHARBOUR ALERTWONDERFUL FIGHTER1:10:3923.5424.46 23.31 23.30 7-7-114.251168662340
29-10-17150HV tf g/f A1200310Y. S. Tsui122C. Y. Ho10B/TTFORTUNE BOOTHHEALTHY LUCKPOWERMAX1:09:8923.7324.08 22.88 24.42 8-12-109.251170682261
11-10-17108HV tf g B120037Y. S. Tsui122C. Y. Ho4B/TTGOOD COMPANIONHARBOUR ALERTBIG TIME BABY1:10:3823.1724.05 23.28 23.30 2-2-71.51171691313
27-09-1772HV tf g/f C+3120039Y. S. Tsui120M. L. Yeung2B/TTBEST STEPCHARITY GLORYSTAR OF JOY1:09:7023.5723.66 22.75 23.82 3-5-93.251177691620
13-09-1735HV tf g/f B120032Y. S. Tsui121M. L. Yeung8B/TTYOUNG EMPIREHAPPY BAO BEISUNNY DRAGON1:10:3023.8923.84 22.77 23.72 3-3-2N 1162673648
11-06-17720ST tf g/f C12003WDY. S. Tsui114H. N. WongB/TT PERPETUAL JOYANCEFANTASTIC EIGHTMASTER ALBERT1:09.122.4  115368  
17-05-17657HV tf g/f B1200311Y. S. Tsui115H. N. Wong12B/TT BREEDERS' STARPEACE N PROSPERITYPACKING STONES1:09.823.5 24.09 22.74 24.866-8-1111.751153691518
10-05-17642HV tf g/f A120039Y. S. Tsui126U. Rispoli8B/TT FANTASTIC FEELINGAMAZINGHEALTHY LUCK1:09.723.4 24.41 22.77 23.5210-11-961153711414
17-04-17576ST tf g/f C+3120034Y. S. Tsui122K. C. Ng6B/TT THOR THE GREATESTWINSTON'S LADTANG FLEMING1:09.423.3 23.90 22.34 23.532-2-421143724897
02-04-17542ST tf g/f B+2120036Y. S. Tsui124K. C. Ng6B/TT BRAVO WATCHMANWINSTON'S LADWUSHU CHAMPION1:10.023.0 24.45 22.86 23.114-3-62.251165744191
08-03-17478HV tf g A1200312Y. S. Tsui124H. N. Wong12B2/TTALL MY GAINGENEROUS HEARTVARA PEARL1:10.223.5 23.94 22.88 24.462-2-126.51168752756
08-02-17407HV tf g B120036Y. S. Tsui128B. Prebble10TT VICTORY MARVELPEACE N PROSPERITYMOST BEAUTIFUL1:09.923.1 24.61 23.02 22.997-7-641172751236
11-01-17331HV tf g B1000310Y. S. Tsui130C. Y. Ho5TT PREMIEREMOMENT OF POWERSMART DECLARATION0:56.822.7 13.28 21.65 23.159-9-1081158752732
04-01-17313HV tf g A120031Y. S. Tsui124B. Prebble12TT HAPPY BAO BEITRAVEL SUCCESSORHARRIER JET1:10.823.7 24.21 23.53 23.069-9-10.51163701963
30-11-16230HV tf g A1200311Y. S. Tsui125N. Rawiller8B-/TTWONDERFUL JOURNEYI'M A WITNESSFANTASTIC FEELING1:09.823.2 24.49 23.17 23.638-10-1191158728.320
16-11-16193HV tf g C1200310Y. S. Tsui127O. Bosson4B/TT MOLLY'S JADE STARWHO'STHEDUDEBALAY BALAY1:09.723.4 23.75 22.73 24.582-2-1081157748.813
30-10-16146HV tf g A120033Y. S. Tsui130S. De Sousa1B/TT MOLLY'S JADE STARAPACHE SPIRITHAPPY BAO BEI1:10.824.1 24.06 22.90 24.135-4-31.751151744.97.3
19-10-16120HV tf g/y C120032Y. S. Tsui126B. Prebble4B1/TTNAVASHAPPY BAO BEIOUTLAWED1:10.422.8 24.21 23.53 22.912-2-21.251157735.94.8
21-09-1645HV tf g/f C120033Y. S. Tsui127B. Prebble2TT CAGA FORCECOURAGEOUS BROTHERHAPPY BAO BEI1:10.723.5 23.88 23.68 23.334-4-3111577242.7
07-09-1617HV tf g/y B120034Y. S. Tsui130B. Prebble8TT HANG'S DECISIONLUCKY PROFITI'M A WITNESS1:10.722.9 24.28 23.49 23.412-2-431152729.314
06-07-16773HV tf g A120032Y. S. Tsui129N. Rawiller7TT SUPER TURBOHAPPY BAO BEIEXTREMELY FUN1:10.023.9 23.63 22.75 23.674-4-2N115472116.4
22-06-16742HV tf g/f C120032Y. S. Tsui127B. Prebble1H-/TTAPACHE SPIRITHAPPY BAO BEITOP BONUS1:09.823.6 23.54 22.87 23.493-3-2N1151705.24.9
15-06-16723HV tf g/f B120036Y. S. Tsui126B. Prebble8H/TT HIT THE BIDEXTREMELY FUNWAH MAY BABY1:09.923.4 23.70 23.09 23.633-3-62.751145721010
01-06-16684HV tf g C+3120036Y. S. Tsui125C. Y. Ho11H/TT MINT MASTERWAH MAY BABYGRACE HEART1:10.423.4 24.12 23.10 23.615-3-62.251156742027
11-05-16634HV tf g A120034Y. S. Tsui129C. Y. Ho7H/TT HAPPY YEAH YEAHWAH MAY BABYHAPPY LIFE1:09.923.2 24.07 22.86 23.502-4-42.751148762322
20-04-16580HV tf g B100035Y. S. Tsui131C. Y. Ho1H/TT SKY MANTRIUMPHANT JEWELOCEAN ROAR0:57.223.1 13.00 21.68 22.967-6-52.51142782952
23-03-16507HV tf g/y C120039Y. S. Tsui133D. Whyte7H/TT ALL WIN BOYBACK IN BLACKTANGO FIRE1:10.623.9 23.89 23.32 24.445-5-961144803057
29-11-15215ST tf g C1400214Y. S. Tsui117C. K. Tong2H/TT CELESTIAL SMILEHERO LOOKTHEWIZARDOFOZ1:21.623.2 35.51 23.48 29.426-6-10-1442.51115809999
21-11-15197ST tf g B+21200211Y. S. Tsui114C. K. Tong1H/TT LUCKY BUBBLESBULLISH FRIENDCHEEKY TOO1:08.722.7 24.74 22.10 23.5611-11-1110.51124823899
11-11-15167HV tf g B100029Y. S. Tsui123K. C. Ng12H/TT COUNTRY MELODYBRILLIANT PROPOSALSUPREME FALCON0:57.323.2 13.44 21.97 22.8511-11-95.751136831458
01-11-15149HV tf g A1200212Y. S. Tsui117R. Fourie3H/TT STRATHMOREACCEPTEDBERLINI1:10.223.7 24.22 23.13 23.756-6-125.251144833122
08-07-15766HV tf g/f A1200211Y. S. Tsui117C. K. Tong1H/TT YOU READ MY MINDCLEVER BEAVEREROICO1:09.624.1 23.59 22.32 24.484-4-114.51151837.76.3
10-06-15685HV tf g/f B120031Y. S. Tsui131B. Prebble1H/TT HAPPY BAO BEIJOY LUCK WINGREAT RUN1:09.723.0 23.92 22.90 22.963-2-10.751155772.51.9
13-05-15613HV tf g/f B120031Y. S. Tsui125B. Prebble3H/TT1HAPPY BAO BEINO MONEY NO TALKGENEROUS BOBO1:09.522.5 23.86 23.17 22.531-1-12.751141688.75.5
19-04-15552ST tf g/f C+3140035Y. S. Tsui125N. Rawiller7H LAUGH OUT LOUDSUNNY PEARLSTARTING OVER1:22.222.7 36.40 23.44 22.961-3-4-53.751132701610
21-03-15483ST tf g C+3120037Y. S. Tsui126T. H. So7H MULTIMAXTHOR THE GREATESTBRILLANTE1:09.923.3 25.37 22.80 22.5412-12-74.51143721110
21-02-15406ST tf g A+3120039Y. S. Tsui126N. Rawiller9H KING OF MONGOLIAOUR FOLKSRIGHTEOUS1:09.722.5 24.60 23.29 22.7210-11-95.51142731934
25-01-15345ST tf g/f B+2120034Y. S. Tsui126N. Rawiller12H EROICOOVETTADDOLE1:09.222.7 24.59 22.40 22.526-6-41.51135735599
01-01-15279ST tf g/f C1000313Y. S. Tsui131N. Rawiller8H DANE PATROLCOUNTRY MELODYTOUCH GO0:56.522.5 13.44 20.85 23.816-5-139.751136762857
20-12-14257ST tf g/f A+3100039Y. S. Tsui133N. Rawiller11H COUNTRY MELODYDISCIPLES TWELVESMART DECLARATION0:56.122.0 13.44 20.98 22.724-7-96.251143782641
23-11-14186ST tf g/f B+21200210Y. S. Tsui111T. H. So3H I'M IN CHARGETEOFILO CALVALANG TAI SING1:08.622.6 23.99 22.02 23.352-3-104.251172809999
26-10-14116ST tf g/f B+21200311Y. S. Tsui131C. K. Tong2H1 LANG TAI SINGHIGH AND MIGHTYHELLA HEDGE1:08.722.7 23.62 22.36 23.681-1-115.751178801723
30-03-14515ST tf g A+3120028T. P. Yung116M. L. Yeung4 TOUR DE FORCEOUR FOLKSFABULOUS NOVEMBER1:08.922.9  --UR1143801123

HKJC Comment

Hard ridden to occupy box seat, pace good, closed off strongly to score.