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K. L. Man / Rating: 64

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PP / ch / g / 8 yrs / AUS
Owner: Lok Man-chi
Last win: 11-05-19
Health: Substantial blood in trachea after racing. (28/10/2018) Bled from both nostrils after barrier trial. (25/04/2017)
Sire: Exceed And Excel
Dam: Grilse

Past Performances
Total Starts: 61: (4-10-10)
ST 1000m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST 1200m: 4 (0-0-1)
ST 1400m: 27 (2-4-6)
ST 1600m: 5 (0-1-0)
ST aw 1200m: 5 (0-1-1)
ST aw 1650m: 8 (0-3-2)
HV 1000m: 1 (0-0-0)
HV 1200m: 1 (0-0-0)
HV 1650m: 9 (2-1-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
11-05-19652ST tf g C140041K. L. Man132Z. Purton7VULTIMATE GLORYNICE KICKBEAUTY LOYAL1:21:9323.4935.86 23.26 22.8113-13-12-1N1278594.24.1
22-04-19595ST tf g C+3140044K. L. Man133C. Y. Ho4VBAND OF BROTHERSLITTLE GENERALSAM'S LOVE1:21:9223.3736.41 22.62 23.1111-12-6-41.51288598.313
24-03-19528ST aw g -165033K. L. Man110M. F. Poon5VCHUNG WAH SPIRITGAMEPLAYER EMPERORULTIMATE GLORY1:39:3422.4953.95 23.58 22.505-6-7-34.251283601110
13-03-19495HV tf g B165037K. L. Man111M. F. Poon1VLUCKY GIRLMERRYGOWINMAGNETISM1:40:0624.3951.19 24.76 24.703-4-3-73.751284611010
17-02-19427ST tf g A+3120033K. L. Man113H. N. Wong12VHARD PROMISELUCKY HEROULTIMATE GLORY1:09:7423.1125.05 22.22 22.67 11-9-31.251294612940
27-01-19375ST tf g B+2140036K. L. Man115C. Y. Ho11VKING OPIEPERFECT MATCHHOME RUN1:22:2222.8736.59 23.56 22.5311-11-9-631296631637
06-01-19320ST tf g C+31400310K. L. Man115M. F. Poon11VFOLLOW MECORDYCEPSSUMSTREETSUMWHERE1:21:6723.4635.83 22.58 24.225-5-3-1061297652121
16-12-18264ST tf g C+3140033K. L. Man115M. F. Poon4VTAKING AIMFOLLOW MEULTIMATE GLORY1:22:3222.7936.18 23.75 22.658-7-6-31.51296651430
28-10-18135HV tf g A1650311K. L. Man117M. L. Yeung5VGOOD OMENRACING LUCKSUPER FORM1:41:3624.8152.05 24.94 26.065-6-6-1110.51284668.28.5
01-10-1859ST tf g A+3140035K. L. Man117C. Y. Ho4VGREEN ENERGYHIGH VOLATILITYGOOD BEAUTY1:21:3523.2635.83 22.94 23.056-7-6-531271661210
08-07-18788ST tf g/f C140033K. L. Man121K. Teetan5VWINSTON'S LADBOMBAY BLITZULTIMATE GLORY1:21:3123.5635.21 22.82 23.516-5-7-31.51278681212
12-05-18649ST tf g C140037K. L. Man121O. Doleuze2VVOYAGE KINGCALIFORNIA JOYINVINCIBLE FRESH1:21:9823.8636.03 22.77 23.948-9-10-74.751263685.94.8
21-04-18592ST tf g C+3140032K. L. Man121O. Doleuze11VBIG BANG BONGULTIMATE GLORYDOLLAR REWARD1:21:8022.9337.14 22.81 22.0812-14-12-21.51250687.59.7
25-03-18529ST tf g A+3140033K. L. Man120O. Doleuze11VREGENCY BO BOGOD OF DRAGONULTIMATE GLORY1:21:5123.1736.21 22.93 22.6310-10-11-31.51252672645
03-03-18475ST tf g C140032K. L. Man121O. Doleuze4VTURIN REDSTARULTIMATE GLORYCALCULATION1:21:6523.9735.79 22.69 23.297-7-4-20.751241661822
10-02-18410ST aw g -165035K. L. Man123Z. Purton7V1TANG FLEMINGTRAVEL FIRSTNUCLEAR POWER1:37:9623.8950.79 23.68 23.865-5-5-52.251248686.94.5
21-01-18364ST tf g A140034K. L. Man123N. Rawiller7 CONTEROUNDABOUTSIMPLY BRILLIANT1:22:0722.9336.56 23.02 23.129-8-6-441245701319
23-12-17299ST tf g A+3140036K. L. Man123N. Rawiller9 CALIFORNIA JOYEXPERTO CREDESACRED IBIS1:22:2123.4836.89 22.72 22.7511-12-11-60.751238701111
26-11-17226ST tf g C140032K. L. Man125N. Rawiller10 CONTEULTIMATE GLORYROYAL MOJITO1:21:8722.4036.56 23.27 22.377-9-5-221231702332
29-10-17152HV tf g/f A165035K. L. Man126N. Rawiller6 THUNDER STOMPFULL GLAMOURFLYING QUEST1:40:3423.6552.73 24.32 23.604-5-5-521248711113
08-10-1799ST aw g -165038K. L. Man127N. Rawiller6 DIVINE BOYRED MARVELGONNA RUN1:39:2723.9051.68 23.97 25.006-6-5-88.751252731514
26-03-17526ST tf g A+31600311K. L. Man131H. W. Lai7 PENANG HALLCITRON SPIRITCHEERFUL BOY1:34.624.3 48.48 23.23 24.0114-13-10-116.751220772166
12-03-17489ST tf g C+3160038K. L. Man132H. W. Lai2 WHAT ELSE BUT YOUGO BEAUTY GOENERGETIC CLASS1:34.522.9 48.17 23.85 23.234-5-6-84.251225791435
26-02-17453ST tf g B160029K. L. Man113H. W. Lai3 GOLD MOUNTINVINCIBLE DRAGONBABA MAMA1:34.423.1 48.48 23.03 23.602-2-2-94.251225812828
11-02-17414ST tf g/f C+3160024K. L. Man119H. W. Lai7 CALIFORNIA DISEGNOCIRCUIT HASSLERTRAVEL FIRST1:34.123.3 47.33 23.75 23.293-3-3-41.51231812732
30-01-17376ST tf g B100027K. L. Man117H. W. Lai6 MR STUNNINGARCHIPPUSMY LITTLE FRIEND0:56.322.1 13.73 20.95 22.7710-8-76.751230814269
27-12-16295ST aw g -165036K. L. Man131N. Callan7 TRAVEL FIRSTRED MARVELMAGICAL BEAUTY1:38.723.9 52.14 23.04 24.056-7-5-63.251224836.56.7
27-11-16222ST tf g C140027K. L. Man123N. Rawiller12 JOLLY BANNERMIGHTY MAVERICKBABA MAMA1:22.022.5 36.43 23.90 22.148-11-11-72.51221841935
30-10-16145HV tf g A165026K. L. Man124H. W. Lai1 PRECISION KINGCHEEKY TOOPIKACHU1:41.823.6 53.55 25.19 23.456-5-5-621219846.76.8
08-10-1691ST tf g/f B+2160022K. L. Man116H. W. Lai2 LUCKY GIRLULTIMATE GLORYCALIFORNIA DISEGNO1:33.422.7 47.59 23.36 22.784-3-3-21.51207832320
25-09-1656ST tf g/f A140027K. L. Man117H. W. Lai13 CIRCUIT LANDPIKACHUMERION1:21.423.3 35.35 22.82 23.763-2-1-72.751207832748
01-07-16763ST aw g -165032K. L. Man133N. Callan13 RACING HEROULTIMATE GLORYLOTUS BREEZE1:38.423.1 51.94 23.45 23.056-6-2-2SH1223801011
09-06-16704HV tf g A165035K. L. Man133K. Teetan9 INVENTORSO CAFFECHATER LEGEND1:41.023.6 52.97 24.69 23.682-2-3-51.51218808.48.4
14-05-16644ST aw w/s -165032K. L. Man131H. W. Lai6SR- TRAVEL FIRSTULTIMATE GLORYHIT THE BID1:37.723.7 50.73 23.62 23.364-6-7-2Nose1215771010
23-03-16505HV tf g/y C165034K. L. Man133G. Mosse10SR KING OF MONGOLIAFORMULA WONTEN FLAMES1:42.224.2 53.84 24.66 23.894-5-5-41121877106.5
02-03-16452HV tf g C+3165031K. L. Man124N. Callan10SR1 ULTIMATE GLORYBULLISH SMARTLAND GRANT1:40.123.8 51.95 24.87 23.375-5-5-1N1212718.17.5
03-02-16374HV tf g A165032K. L. Man124G. Mosse10 DASHING KINGULTIMATE GLORYHEROIC GURU1:41.323.8 52.93 24.80 23.604-4-3-2SH1221691210
23-12-15278HV tf g C165031K. L. Man118H. W. Lai9CP- ULTIMATE GLORYAMBITIOUS CHAMPIONSUPEROI1:42.522.9 55.03 24.84 22.673-3-4-10.51199641519
06-12-15230ST aw g -120035K. L. Man121G. Mosse12CP SILLY BUDDIESHIT THE BIDTURIN PEARL1:09.723.3 23.97 22.47 23.762-2-53122166107.6
18-11-15184ST aw g -120035K. L. Man117T. H. So2CP1 BORNTOACHIEVEBRIGHT STRIKEHAPPY SURVEYS1:08.322.2 24.27 22.64 21.758-8-521216666.87.2
18-10-15119ST aw g -120034K. L. Man119K. C. Leung12 ARCHIPPUSHIT THE BIDNOBLE ALPHA1:08.923.0 24.01 22.48 22.477-9-4N1204651211
04-10-1581ST aw w/s -165033K. L. Man121G. Mosse5 HORSE APLENTYNOBLE ALPHAULTIMATE GLORY1:41.423.5 54.22 24.19 23.358-8-7-321203653.42.6
13-09-1525ST aw g -120032K. L. Man120G. Mosse8 PERPETUAL TREASUREULTIMATE GLORYRUMBA KING1:09.123.3 24.07 22.57 22.537-6-2N1208626.96.3
05-07-15754ST aw f/t -165032K. L. Man114T. H. So10 VERDANEULTIMATE GLORYGOLDEN ADDICTION1:38.522.6 53.58 22.97 22.3812-12-11-22.25121262147.6
21-06-15715ST tf y C140035K. L. Man115M. L. Yeung4 BERLINIMODERN TSARCOLOSSUS1:23.923.5 37.51 23.41 23.7510-12-11-54.751219637.16.8
24-05-15641ST tf g C+3140033K. L. Man118K. C. Leung3 LUCKY SCEPTERSOLAR KINGDOMULTIMATE GLORY1:22.322.8 35.79 24.22 22.698-6-5-31.751219637.65.8
26-04-15566ST tf g/f A140032K. L. Man114K. C. Leung2 PACKING PINSULTIMATE GLORYDR GOOD HABIT1:22.322.5 36.67 23.63 22.307-7-9-21.75121162109.8
29-03-15501ST tf g A+3140033K. L. Man116T. H. So3 FIVE UP HIGHTOO FASTULTIMATE GLORY1:22.123.3 36.58 22.84 23.028-8-8-31.51220611610
08-03-15446ST aw g -120033K. L. Man113M. L. Yeung6 DEHERE'S THE LOVEHIDDEN VALUEULTIMATE GLORY1:08.122.3 24.17 22.14 22.348-7-331214624736
15-02-15398ST tf g A140037K. L. Man115K. C. Leung1 DR GOOD HABITRADIANT BUNNYCOLOSSUS1:22.623.4 36.30 23.14 23.614-4-3-72.251218631614
18-01-15327ST tf g/f A+3140034K. L. Man118K. Teetan6 THUNDER FLYERRADIANT BUNNYBIG FOUR1:22.123.6 35.48 23.26 23.625-6-7-41.251226632015
28-12-14268ST tf g/f B+2140033K. L. Man116K. Teetan2 RACING HEROBAAB AL NASRULTIMATE GLORY1:21.924.5 34.96 23.21 24.334-4-4-33.25122463114.6
23-11-14185ST tf g/f B+2140038K. L. Man114H. W. Lai9 HIGH AND MIGHTYMULTIVICTORYHIDDEN VALUE1:21.423.3 35.72 22.47 24.186-4-3-85.51228633944
02-11-14139ST tf g/f C1400313K. L. Man115M. L. Yeung12 PRINCIPALUNIVERSAL UNIONCELESTIAL SMILE1:22.922.8 36.62 23.87 23.7613-13-10-138.251217632522
12-10-1480ST tf g/f A+3140041K. L. Man131G. Mosse9 ULTIMATE GLORYSUNNY PEARLAMAZING ALWAYS1:22.323.6 36.29 23.13 22.917-7-7-1SH1213589.28.1
21-09-1420ST tf g/f B+2120045K. L. Man131B. Prebble7 UNIQUE JOYFULALL TIMES LUCKYFUJIAN SPIRIT1:10.123.5 23.95 22.76 23.734-2-51.7512145853.3
06-07-14765ST tf g/f B+2140045K. L. Man133Z. Purton9 HIDDEN VALUEVERDANEBRIGHT STAR1:22.423.7 35.32 23.66 23.782-5-6-521208609.38.2
01-06-14673ST tf g/f A+3120036K. L. Man114H. W. Lai5 BRAVE BROTHERWINFULL PATROLPSYCHOLOGIST1:09.322.5 24.75 22.57 22.817-5-64.751219624199
14-05-14627HV tf g C120038K. L. Man115H. W. Lai4 DOMINEERNEW DEERFIELDSEA WARRIOR1:09.423.3 23.95 22.70 24.388-8-89.751220643751
30-04-14588HV tf g A100037K. L. Man117H. W. Lai8 FUN 'N' GAMESSIGHT BELIEVERSUPER ABUNDANTE0:57.222.6 13.33 22.18 22.389-10-741232663081
06-04-14535ST tf g/y B+2120039K. L. Man121B. Prebble13 MULTIEXPRESSWHAT YOU DREAMOVETT1:11.124.3 24.63 23.15 24.7812-13-98.751232665675

HKJC Comment

Moderately away, raced 2 wide at rear, 4 to 5 lengths back on turn, angled out after passing 500M, finished off strongly to score by a neck.