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LITTLE DRAGON (S264) 小龍兒 (Retired)

P. F. Yiu / Rating: 78

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PP / b / g / 9 yrs / NZ
Owner: Ko Piu Syndicate
Last win: 05-04-17
Health: Lame right hind leg after racing. (28/06/2017)<br>Failed vet exam: Lame left front and right hind legs. (17/08/2017)<br>Lame right hind leg after racing. (16/03/2016)<br>
Sire: Perfectly Ready
Dam: Sitting On A Hill

Past Performances
Total Starts: 49: (4-4-2)
ST 1000m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST 1200m: 3 (0-0-0)
ST 1400m: 7 (0-0-0)
ST 1600m: 5 (0-1-0)
ST 1800m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST 2000m: 2 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1200m: 2 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1650m: 9 (1-1-0)
ST aw 1800m: 2 (1-0-0)
HV 1650m: 16 (2-2-1)
HV 1800m: 1 (0-0-1)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
06-06-18712HV tf g A1650311P. F. Yiu122W. M. Lai10 PRETTY BAUHINIAFRIENDS OF KA YINGMULTI FACETS1:40:1623.6353.68 23.93 23.6711-12-12-1171023672099
23-05-18673HV tf g/f C1650311P. F. Yiu120H. N. Wong11 MULTI FACETSLAND GRANTHAR HAR HEART1:39:5723.6653.28 23.67 25.187-7-9-11161032702948
11-04-18563HV tf g A165039P. F. Yiu122H. N. Wong1 PRETTY BAUHINIALET'S TAKE IT EASYLUCKY GIRL1:39:7423.7652.78 24.52 23.958-10-12-99.51042739.815
25-03-18526ST aw g -120036P. F. Yiu128N. Callan5 PERPETUAL TREASUREDRAGON MASTERSTAR OF JOY1:09:6524.2823.92 22.49 24.12 11-9-65.51059753199
28-02-18463ST aw g -1650311P. F. Yiu132U. Rispoli8 DR WIN WINNUCLEAR POWERKIRAM1:38:2923.6351.82 24.00 24.7510-11-12-1114.251063781335
24-01-18370ST aw g -1800311P. F. Yiu121H. T. Mo8 PRAWN BABAGRAN MASTERGOODHEART SUCCESS1:47:3222.9160.61 23.92 24.603-5-2-2-1111.251045801530
01-01-18318ST tf g B+21400214P. F. Yiu112K. C. Ng13 KINGSFIELDNEW ASIA SUNRISEBABA MAMA1:22:2122.7137.30 23.16 22.9614-14-14-147.51043824699
17-12-17281ST tf g C+31400213P. F. Yiu117K. C. Ng3 PINGWU SPARKHAPPY AGILITYBABA MAMA1:22:0923.2636.48 23.03 24.085-7-8-139.51041844399
26-11-17224ST tf g C1400211P. F. Yiu123U. Rispoli8 PINGWU SPARKDOCTOR GEOFFTIME TO CELEBRATE1:21:8921.8736.25 24.05 23.408-7-5-1111.251055862369
29-10-17153HV tf g/f A1650211P. F. Yiu120M. F. Poon7 THE GOLDEN AGESICHUAN DARBEAUTY PRINCE1:40:2723.3152.60 24.92 24.084-4-6-118.251047882340
08-10-17100ST tf g B+21400212P. F. Yiu120K. C. Leung3 FIFTY FIFTYRACING SUPERNOVACALIFORNIA WHIP1:21:8122.5935.93 23.89 23.1010-11-13-1271050893889
28-06-17767HV tf g/f C+31650212P. F. Yiu120H. N. Wong9 TIME WARPBIG BANG BONGSUPER CHIC1:38.923.5 52.34 23.92 24.287-8-9-1210.251044893434
11-06-17721ST tf g/f C140026P. F. Yiu126B. Prebble5 BEAT THE CLOCKLIMITLESSHAPPY AGILITY1:21.822.6 36.84 22.89 22.485-5-8-62.51044897321
31-05-17695ST aw g -165025P. F. Yiu119H. N. Wong5 KING GENKIWHAT ELSE BUT YOUFRIENDS OF KA YING1:37.623.1 51.95 23.43 23.037-8-7-54.51044891617
05-04-17552ST aw g -165031P. F. Yiu125H. N. Wong5 LITTLE DRAGONDIVINE BOYFRIENDS OF KA YING1:37.623.4 50.93 23.96 22.732-5-7-10.51048841710
22-03-17516HV tf g C165031P. F. Yiu132Z. Purton11 LITTLE DRAGONFANTASTIC KAKALAND GRANT1:40.123.8 52.33 24.00 23.863-2-1-10.5105079104.2
01-03-17459ST aw g -165034P. F. Yiu123H. T. Mo13 SKY KINGKING GENKIDEJA VU1:38.125.0 51.81 23.11 23.5613-13-11-421051801210
19-02-17434ST tf g/f A140024P. F. Yiu118H. W. Lai6 LIMITLESSKEEN VENTUREWHO DAT SINGA1:21.622.9 35.87 23.27 22.957-6-6-42.51050801639
05-02-17397ST tf g C140026P. F. Yiu113K. C. Ng8 WESTERN EXPRESSCALIFORNIA WHIPJOLLY JOLLY1:21.622.3 36.32 23.19 22.832-2-4-64.251067825399
27-12-16295ST aw g -165037P. F. Yiu131A. Badel3 TRAVEL FIRSTRED MARVELMAGICAL BEAUTY1:38.723.9 52.38 23.32 23.618-10-12-73.751055831011
11-12-16259ST tf g A160027P. F. Yiu119K. C. Leung4 EAGLE WAYSANTA FE SUNAPOLLO'S CHOICE1:35.922.7 49.92 23.77 22.615-5-6-72.251070845699
30-10-16145HV tf g A165024P. F. Yiu124S. De Sousa4 PRECISION KINGCHEEKY TOOPIKACHU1:41.823.6 53.51 25.19 23.414-4-4-41.251068841314
01-07-16760ST tf g/f A+32000213P. F. Yiu118H. W. Lai10 RENAISSANCE ARTHAPPILABABYHEROIC GURU2:00.223.0 73.85 23.64 24.2710-5-4-139.751051855448
12-06-16714ST tf g/y C100038P. F. Yiu128K. C. Ng2 BAD BOYDRAGON GENERALTURF SPRINT0:55.621.7 13.67 20.97 21.958-13-85.751056853028
22-05-16666ST aw g -165024P. F. Yiu116K. C. Leung4 HARBOUR MASTERCIRCUIT LANDSICHUAN VIGOUR1:38.023.0 52.04 23.50 22.876-8-7-421057851712
04-05-16619HV tf g C+3165035P. F. Yiu126K. K. Chiong9 GONNA RUNISHVARAFANTASTIC KAKA1:40.624.1 52.25 24.27 24.306-2-2-51.251057858.212
16-03-16489HV tf g B180033P. F. Yiu122K. K. Chiong4 BASIC TRILOGYPHOTON WILLIELITTLE DRAGON1:51.723.9 62.37 25.73 23.754-1-3-30.751059849.85.4
06-03-16462ST aw g -180031P. F. Yiu131J. Moreira7 LITTLE DRAGONYOUNG RANGERHAPPY CONTENDER1:48.922.7 63.04 23.62 22.306-7-7-10.75105978145.9
03-02-16374HV tf g A165039P. F. Yiu133H. W. Lai6 DASHING KINGULTIMATE GLORYHEROIC GURU1:41.323.8 53.49 24.88 23.6410-10-10-94.25106078107.2
09-01-16317ST aw g -165032P. F. Yiu131K. Teetan4 JUN HUOLITTLE DRAGONVANILLA1:39.622.2 53.51 24.43 22.033-6-10-22105578108.5
27-12-15289ST tf g A+3200025P. F. Yiu125G. Benoist8B- SERGEANT TITANIUMVICTORY MAGICSAVVY NATURE2:03.422.8 76.80 24.03 23.362-3-4-54.51052802622
06-12-15234ST aw g -165034P. F. Yiu131C. Y. Ho4B NOBLE ALPHAEXECUTIVE MANDATEHORSE APLENTY1:40.023.1 52.80 24.41 23.034-4-4-41104380108.2
18-11-15187ST aw g -165027P. F. Yiu125C. Schofield13B MAJESTIC ANTHEMHIGH AND MIGHTYSICHUAN VIGOUR1:37.123.6 51.05 23.47 23.1811-11-14-73.51045811722
18-10-15120ST tf g/f C+3180025P. F. Yiu116T. H. So5B BUBBLE CHICANTICIPATIONTOP ACT1:47.623.1 60.98 23.91 22.936-6-6-51.251050812515
16-09-1533HV tf g B165032P. F. Yiu132N. Callan10B YOUNG RANGERLITTLE DRAGONHORSE OF FORTUNE1:42.423.1 53.80 25.54 23.122-2-2-2N1038798.99.7
12-07-15774ST tf g/f B+2160037P. F. Yiu131C. Y. Ho6B WINNAMWINNING INSTINCTBEAUTY LEAD1:34.423.2 47.75 23.78 23.066-5-4-711041791012
21-06-15712ST tf g/y C160032P. F. Yiu123H. N. Wong4B CHEEKY TOOLITTLE DRAGONSUPER TALENT1:37.123.9 49.18 24.32 23.953-5-5-21.75103979159.8
20-05-15633HV tf s C165033P. F. Yiu133N. Callan3B GOODHEART SUCCESSSUPREME FLIGHTLITTLE DRAGON1:44.025.4 53.57 25.48 25.565-7-4-33.51043805.36
22-04-15559HV tf g/f C165034P. F. Yiu128K. C. Ng10B CHATER LEGENDAGIAALEXPECTATOR1:40.323.7 52.92 24.26 23.525-7-8-42.251036802211
15-04-15542HV tf g/f B165032P. F. Yiu126K. C. Ng4B FLYING CHAPARRALLITTLE DRAGONBESPOKE COLLARS1:40.223.4 53.13 24.12 23.005-5-5-2Nose1033771511
11-03-15455HV tf g B165035P. F. Yiu131N. Callan6B STAR MAJESTICTURBO JEWELLERYHORSE OF FORTUNE1:41.223.2 54.33 23.83 23.584-4-2-53.25103978129.2
21-02-15410ST tf g A+31600310P. F. Yiu132U. Rispoli3B GOOD GOOD VIEWTRAVEL FIRSTDOYENI1:34.723.3 47.99 23.91 23.706-5-5-1051038782419
21-01-15335HV tf g C1650310P. F. Yiu131N. Callan12B TWIN DELIGHTEXPECTATORHO IN ONE1:39.223.6 51.50 24.14 24.753-1-2-107.251043781716
17-12-14250HV tf g/f B165031P. F. Yiu127N. Callan6B LITTLE DRAGONSTEP HIGHTOP ACT1:40.523.7 53.26 23.74 23.573-4-2-1N1038736.26.5
15-11-14167ST tf g/f A160034P. F. Yiu127N. Callan10B JUN HUOCLUB LIFEAMBITIOUS CHAMPION1:35.722.2 50.59 23.51 22.2910-10-8-44.251050742443
14-09-148ST tf g/f A120036P. F. Yiu129A. Suborics8B1 SUPREME FALCONUNIVERSAL UNIONCALLING WITH LOVE1:08.922.6 24.87 22.10 22.7310-10-651050741448
11-06-14699ST aw g -120039P. F. Yiu126C. Y. Lui1 COMEBACK KIDI'M IN CHARGERUMBA KING1:09.323.5 23.46 23.11 24.123-8-98.251069783144
25-05-14650ST tf g A1200310P. F. Yiu133N. Callan1 SHARP HUNTERTONYBOYBULLISH SMART1:10.022.6 24.50 23.26 23.116-8-1051080801832
04-05-14598ST tf g A+3120037P. F. Yiu133N. Callan9 SUN PINSLANG TAI SINGBERLINSKI1:09.923.2 24.73 22.61 23.349-8-74.751079804780

HKJC Comment

Dropped back from wide draw, in rear pair 8Ls off the pace, bustled along home turn but didn't pick up and never any impression.