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FIVE UP HIGH (S276) 好愉快 (Retired)

A. T. Millard / Rating: 65

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PP / b / g / 9 yrs / SAF
Owner: Five Up High Syndicate
Last win: 08-01-17
Health: Castration. (12/06/2014) Unacceptable performance. (19/04/2015) Unacceptable performance and substantial blood in trachea after racing. (07/06/2015) Substantial blood in trachea after racing. (23/09/2015) Unacceptable performance. (08/11/2015) Substantial blood in trachea after racing. (31/03/2016) Lame left front leg after racing. Left front medial sesamoid fracture. (30/01/2017)
Sire: Sail From Seattle
Dam: Gardener's Delight

Past Performances
Total Starts: 27: (3-1-1)
ST 1200m: 3 (0-0-1)
ST 1400m: 12 (2-0-0)
HV 1200m: 8 (1-1-0)
HV 1650m: 4 (0-0-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
30-01-17377ST tf g B140035A. T. Millard116K. K. Chiong5TT CITRON SPIRITREGENCY BO BOASSOCIATION FANS1:22.224.2 34.63 23.42 24.881-1-1-541121653333
08-01-17322ST tf g/f C140041A. T. Millard128K. K. Chiong2TT FIVE UP HIGHMONEY BOYGENEROUS HEART1:22.323.5 35.59 23.21 23.522-1-1-1H1132601012
14-12-16266HV tf g/f C165037A. T. Millard115N. Juglall9TT MARVEL HEROLOTUS BREEZEIMPERIAL GALLANTRY1:39.723.8 51.39 24.58 24.497-2-2-74.51119622782
27-11-16215ST tf g C120034A. T. Millard117J. Moreira10TT HAPPY AGILITYCONVINCIBLETOP SCORE1:09.423.0 24.22 22.32 23.314-3-42.51110649.87.1
19-10-16119HV tf g/y C120037A. T. Millard113K. K. Chiong6TT VICTORY MARVELWHO ELSE BUT YOUVERBINSKY1:10.322.8 25.00 23.57 22.8110-10-76.251087671614
16-10-16110ST tf g/f C1400314A. T. Millard123O. Bosson4TT HEALTHY JOYFULMOLLY'S JADE STARHARD BALL GET1:21.923.1 36.34 22.83 24.265-6-6-149.251097673370
08-10-1692ST tf g/f B+21200312A. T. Millard120C. Y. Ho4TT LANG TAI SINGFAIRY TWINSHARBOUR NOVA1:08.922.6 24.58 22.35 23.058-10-126.251104683744
07-09-1617HV tf g/y B1200312A. T. Millard126K. Teetan5TT HANG'S DECISIONLUCKY PROFITI'M A WITNESS1:10.722.9 25.64 23.01 23.2412-10-127.51098689.512
10-07-16782ST tf g/f B+2120033A. T. Millard120K. Teetan8TT LOVE SHOCKFLYING MOOCHIFIVE UP HIGH1:08.422.7 24.38 21.99 22.256-6-31.51090673247
06-07-16773HV tf g A120036A. T. Millard124M. Chadwick9TT SUPER TURBOHAPPY BAO BEIEXTREMELY FUN1:10.023.9 24.35 22.67 23.339-9-621114671913
15-06-16722HV tf g/f B120031A. T. Millard114M. Chadwick6TT FIVE UP HIGHFOREVER REDHAPPY LIFE1:10.023.5 23.93 22.99 23.116-6-10.751110613017
22-05-16667ST tf g/f A1400311A. T. Millard116H. W. Lai2TT MY DARLINGSICHUAN DARJOLLY BANNER1:21.523.2 34.98 23.67 23.825-7-7-115.751112635099
01-05-16610ST tf g B140038A. T. Millard119K. Teetan9TT WAH MAY FRIENDHO IN ONECHARITY KINGDOM1:22.223.4 35.52 23.29 24.041-1-1-83.751122652350
31-03-16524HV tf g C+3165039A. T. Millard121N. Callan3TT LAND GRANTRED MARVELGRAND HARBOUR1:39.723.9 51.17 24.83 24.612-3-3-95.5112567108.3
28-02-16444ST tf g B1400313A. T. Millard122G. Lerena10TT MARVEL HEROJOYFUL MOMENTSDIAMOND KING1:22.023.4 36.21 22.91 24.4514-10-7-139.51136692033
03-02-16374HV tf g A165035A. T. Millard125K. Teetan5TT DASHING KINGULTIMATE GLORYHEROIC GURU1:41.323.8 52.65 24.84 24.041-1-1-51.251136701418
02-12-15222HV tf g C+3120037A. T. Millard125R. Fourie8TT1 FANTASTIC FEELINGGRACE HEARTGENEROUS BOBO1:10.823.3 24.46 23.50 23.387-6-73.251141723627
08-11-15159ST tf g C+31400313A. T. Millard126K. Teetan6E- LUCKY SCEPTERJOYFUL MOMENTSSPICY SURE1:22.523.4 35.79 23.73 24.603-5-5-139.751130731527
23-09-1554HV tf g C1200312A. T. Millard128M. Chadwick6E BORN IN CHINADIVINE BOYWHO'STHEDUDE1:10.123.1 23.82 23.46 24.622-2-1210.751120733443
07-06-15679ST tf g/f A+31400312A. T. Millard128N. Rawiller6E TOO FASTBIG FOURENORMOUS HONOUR1:21.323.3 35.30 22.91 25.873-5-5-1217112573127.2
19-04-15552ST tf g/f C+31400311A. T. Millard128N. Callan13E LAUGH OUT LOUDSUNNY PEARLSTARTING OVER1:22.222.7 36.20 23.48 23.624-1-2-116.751124738.36.7
29-03-15501ST tf g A+3140031A. T. Millard123N. Callan9XB-/EFIVE UP HIGHTOO FASTULTIMATE GLORY1:22.123.3 35.90 23.00 23.281-3-2-11.51126661220
25-02-15418HV tf g C165034A. T. Millard120K. Teetan3E/XB EXPECTATORAMAZINGLYKA YING KID1:40.323.8 51.65 24.89 24.201-1-1-42.25113967107.5
14-01-15317HV tf g B120038A. T. Millard122M. Demuro4E/XB SUPREME FALCONGORGEOUS DEBUTCLEVER BEAVER1:10.422.9 24.48 23.37 23.176-4-83.751135699.711
23-11-14185ST tf g/f B+21400313A. T. Millard122M. Demuro4E/XB HIGH AND MIGHTYMULTIVICTORYHIDDEN VALUE1:21.423.3 35.56 22.63 24.872-2-2-13101131691013
29-10-14128HV tf g C120032A. T. Millard120N. Callan3XB/E1CHOICE TREASUREFIVE UP HIGHVICTORIUS1:10.023.0 23.70 23.27 23.082-2-2N1137651913
08-06-14692ST tf g/f B+2140035A. T. Millard119K. Teetan6XB1 LUGERMARVEL TRIBESNITZEL KID1:22.222.6 35.55 24.17 23.291-2-2-54.751161666.614

HKJC Comment

Hard ridden to lead on settling then tried to slow pace but forced to increase tempo 1000m when challenged. Collared passing 250m but kept on gamely until flattened final 50m. Lame left front leg.