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CHARITY KINGDOM (S278) 行善積福 (Retired)

K. L. Man / Rating: 42

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PP / b / g / 8 yrs / AUS
Owner: Lee Yuk-lun
Last win: 03-05-15
Health: Lame left front leg. (11/06/2015)<br>Left front proximal cannon avulsion fracture. (06/05/2016)<br>
Sire: Charge Forward
Dam: Jig Time Lady

Past Performances
Total Starts: 37: (2-3-4)
ST 1000m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST 1400m: 17 (1-3-2)
ST 1600m: 6 (1-0-1)
ST 1800m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1650m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1800m: 2 (0-0-0)
HV 1000m: 1 (0-0-0)
HV 1200m: 1 (0-0-1)
HV 1650m: 7 (0-0-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
02-05-18614ST aw g -180059K. L. Man125T. Berry12B-FURIOUS PEGASUSSTARLIT KNIGHTSEMPITERNAL1:48:4023.7060.22 24.52 24.743-1-1-2-96.751124324763
21-04-18587ST tf g C+31400514K. L. Man129N. Callan13B2WINNING CONTROLLERTRIUMPHANT LIGHTREGENCY HONEY1:22:7223.3536.42 23.67 24.5310-8-11-14121138362128
03-03-18467ST tf g C160059K. L. Man132N. Callan12 YOU HAVE MY WORDKWAICHUNG BROTHERSLE PEGASE1:35:5023.9247.50 24.24 24.473-3-4-94.51128391318
10-02-18413ST tf g C+3140048K. L. Man109M. F. Poon2 PLANET STARLUCKY TIMENOBLE DE LOVE1:22:4223.6136.06 23.55 23.739-10-12-85.751117421416
20-12-17284HV tf g/f C+3165049K. L. Man118W. M. Lai12 HAR HAR HEARTSUN TOUCHWAH MAY BABY1:39:5524.5751.93 24.53 23.7310-11-12-941154452564
22-10-17128ST tf g/f A160045K. L. Man115H. N. Wong13XB-MORETHANLUCKYAMBITIOUS PINSINDIGENOUS STAR1:33:7823.1447.32 23.68 23.505-5-6-54.51139477199
20-09-1750HV tf g/f C1650410K. L. Man118H. T. Mo8XBCURLING LUXURYSMART UNIONPO CHING TREASURE1:41:5823.1754.52 24.77 23.8010-11-10-109.51148493740
16-07-17802ST tf g/y C1400410K. L. Man123H. N. Wong13XB GENEROUS BOBOGOOD FOR YOUEXPERTO CREDE1:24.023.9 36.47 23.95 25.007-7-5-108.751139554093
21-06-17748HV tf g C165049K. L. Man131U. Rispoli6XB IMPERIAL GALLANTRYGO GO WINBORN TO RACE1:39.523.9 52.12 24.28 24.096-6-6-961127582347
13-05-17644ST tf g C1400410K. L. Man128K. K. Chiong6XB HARD BALL GETSILLY BUDDIESBOSSIEE1:22.723.5 36.42 23.69 24.147-10-10-109.251130606.911
05-04-17552ST aw g -1650310K. L. Man111T. H. So2XB LITTLE DRAGONDIVINE BOYFRIENDS OF KA YING1:37.623.4 51.21 23.64 23.608-8-5-105.251114623546
05-03-17470ST tf g/f C140039K. L. Man112K. K. Chiong7XB LUCKY DOUBLE EIGHTCELESTIAL NOVACONVINCIBLE1:22.023.6 35.82 23.04 23.458-11-8-91.751129641131
22-01-17361ST tf g A140033K. L. Man108K. K. Chiong9XB MR POTENTIALMONGOLIAN KINGCHARITY KINGDOM1:22.123.4 36.02 23.21 23.315-7-8-32.51105642674
23-11-16209HV tf g C+3165039K. L. Man114K. K. Chiong4XB ENORMOUS HONOURBEAUTY PRINCERED MARVEL1:40.724.6 52.06 24.85 24.706-7-8-95.51102651918
01-05-16610ST tf g B140033K. L. Man109K. K. Chiong7XB WAH MAY FRIENDHO IN ONECHARITY KINGDOM1:22.223.4 36.04 23.37 23.076-7-8-31.51101656.98.2
13-04-16564HV tf g/y A165036K. L. Man113K. K. Chiong10XB RED MARVELFORMULA WONDASHING KING1:40.724.3 51.53 24.98 24.453-2-2-61.251108668.913
20-03-16499ST tf g A160037K. L. Man122G. Mosse10XB GENERAL OF PATCHPO CHING TREASUREUNICORN1:35.423.0 48.63 24.06 23.475-5-3-74.51113681433
10-02-16397ST tf g C180034K. L. Man123G. Mosse7XB ASHKIYREASY HEDGESELKIRK STAR1:48.223.8 60.88 23.88 23.996-6-5-43.251098702524
13-01-16326HV tf g B165038K. L. Man125K. C. Leung10XB HEROIC GURURED MARVELBEAUTY KINGDOM1:41.023.9 51.55 25.55 24.782-1-1-85.51095712828
19-12-15270ST tf g C+3160033K. L. Man123K. C. Leung2XB HAPPY PLACEJOYFUL MOMENTSCHARITY KINGDOM1:35.622.4 49.42 23.96 22.564-5-4-321118712331
29-11-15214ST tf g C1600311K. L. Man129G. Mosse8XB CLASSIC EMPERORENORMOUS HONOURPO CHING TREASURE1:34.922.6 48.66 24.29 23.356-6-7-118.51113732336
22-10-15128HV tf g C+31650310K. L. Man128M. L. Yeung10XB FOODIEBULLISH SMARTSTRONG FOUNDATION1:41.624.1 53.58 24.95 23.9311-11-11-1051110742348
01-10-1572ST tf g A+3140039K. L. Man128Z. Purton7XB THE SHOWPRESIDENTPARAMOUNTKIRAM1:22.323.3 36.11 23.51 23.4510-10-10-94.751108748.19.4
06-09-1510ST tf g B140039K. L. Man128G. Mosse12XB UP AND COMINGENORMOUS HONOURJOYFUL MOMENTS1:22.823.1 36.62 23.69 23.289-11-9-94.51116745.67.6
03-05-15585ST tf g/f A+3160031K. L. Man122Z. Purton8XB CHARITY KINGDOMBEAUTY LEADCHEEKY TOO1:35.922.8 49.48 23.56 22.895-1-1-1SH1092692.72.8
12-04-15533ST tf g C140032K. L. Man122Z. Purton1XB OUTLAWEDCHARITY KINGDOMSECRET COMMAND1:21.823.6 36.12 23.30 22.456-7-8-2H1090675.63
21-03-15486ST tf g C+3140032K. L. Man120Y. T. Cheng6XB PACKING PINSCHARITY KINGDOMCHEEKY TOO1:22.023.8 35.40 23.35 23.557-7-9-21.51087661413
01-03-15426ST tf g/f B+2140032K. L. Man119Y. T. Cheng1XB BOSSIEECHARITY KINGDOMWAH MAY BABY1:22.023.3 35.72 23.58 22.978-8-9-21.251085641512
01-02-15363ST tf g/f C140038K. L. Man118U. Rispoli7XB SKY HEROTRAVEL FIRSTGOODHEART SUCCESS1:22.222.1 36.71 24.07 22.4810-8-9-86.51088642430
01-01-15276ST tf g/f C140041K. L. Man131G. Mosse11XB CHARITY KINGDOMUNIQUE HAPPIESTSUNNY PEARL1:22.523.7 36.42 23.23 22.9212-11-10-1Nose1081584.24.9
03-12-14208HV tf g C+3120043K. L. Man132U. Rispoli10B-/XBSILVER DRAGONBALTIC WARRIORCHARITY KINGDOM1:10.223.8 24.45 22.97 22.968-8-311076585.94.9
09-11-14143ST tf g C+3140044K. L. Man130M. L. Yeung3B/TT COLLAGENKYNAMCHARTER VICTORIA1:22.623.2 35.74 23.94 23.346-5-5-42.751079597.74.6
15-10-1490ST aw g -180039K. L. Man114M. L. Yeung3B/TT HORSE APLENTYCARTOON FAY FAYSUPREME FRESH1:48.623.5 61.25 24.14 24.125-5-5-95.751079612018
21-09-1428ST tf g/f B+2140037K. L. Man114M. L. Yeung11B/TT FULL TALENTREGENCY KINGWHAT YOU DREAM1:22.022.6 36.61 23.45 22.4813-9-11-73.51089614674
28-06-14747ST tf g/f A1400311K. L. Man122B. Prebble12B1/TTBERLINISUPREME FALCONMIGHTY K1:21.823.3 35.50 23.25 23.796-4-5-114.251063651310
05-06-14682HV tf g/f B1000311K. L. Man114H. W. Lai1 HARBOUR PUNKROMAN LEGENDMR GINGER0:56.722.5 13.40 21.96 22.3410-10-1161076673249
10-05-14617ST tf g/y C100039K. L. Man121B. Prebble2 MY LITTLE FRIENDFANTASTICOMARVEL TRIBE0:56.122.5 13.99 20.91 22.2614-13-96.251071673599

HKJC Comment

Hard ridden to take rail and lead, clocked fast sectionals, out of fuel 300M.