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ALL GREAT FRIENDS (S279) 摯友無敵 (Retired)

K. L. Man / Rating: 70

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PP / b / g / 9 yrs / AUS
Owner: Chan Kwok-keung
Last win: 21-06-17
Health: Lame right front leg on the day after racing. (31/10/2016) Lame right front leg. (27/09/2016) Lame right front leg on the day after racing (with changes, swelling in right front fetlock). (14/03/2019)
Sire: Myboycharlie
Dam: Preview Scene

Past Performances
Total Starts: 54: (5-2-1)
ST 1000m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST 1200m: 11 (0-0-0)
ST 1400m: 4 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1200m: 2 (0-0-0)
HV 1000m: 2 (0-0-0)
HV 1200m: 34 (5-2-1)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
13-03-19490HV tf g B120044K. L. Man117C. Wong3 JOLLY CONVERGENCELITTLE WISE MANSHAMPORT1:09:8123.6923.62 22.50 24.06 1-1-42.251063519.313
13-02-19415HV tf g B100045K. L. Man125C. Y. Ho4 E MASTERLOOK ERASGIFT OF LIFELINE0:57:1223.0813.09 21.51 23.03 7-5-53.251058539.68.5
09-01-19324HV tf g A120047K. L. Man126C. Y. Ho3 SUPER LUCKYMISCHIEVOUS SUNDAESPLIT OF A SECOND1:10:5624.0224.10 22.88 24.34 7-4-74.751074559.89.8
28-11-18214HV tf g A120046K. L. Man130Z. Purton6 LAKESHORE EAGLEE MASTERDRAGON DANCE1:10:6023.6623.96 22.98 24.01 1-1-62.251059577.510
28-10-18129HV tf g A120047K. L. Man126C. Wong6 NORDIC WARRIORLONDON MASTERSHINING ON1:11:1823.8524.58 23.27 24.02 4-4-74.251067592023
26-09-1849HV tf g C+31200411K. L. Man133Z. Purton7 E MASTERNAVASRAICHU1:09:9823.2123.88 22.97 24.23 2-2-1171040604.54.4
15-07-18806ST tf y A120037K. L. Man115H. N. Wong6 SUPERICHNOBLE STEEDALCARI1:09:7122.9824.22 22.99 23.86 9-10-78.51048643277
16-06-18741ST tf g/f C+31400310K. L. Man117W. M. Lai4 TOP BEAUTIFULINVINCIBLE FRESHGREEN CARD1:21:3122.6536.12 23.30 23.079-7-10-107.51032643690
30-05-18692ST aw g -120034K. L. Man110H. N. Wong1 INFINITY ENDEAVOURALMABABYSOLOMON'S BAY1:08:8022.9123.80 22.09 23.07 3-2-411031621922
29-04-18604ST tf g A1400312K. L. Man115H. N. Wong6 RIGHT CALLGO BEAUTY GOVOLITATION1:22:4423.0037.10 23.46 23.0514-14-13-127.251034643027
15-04-18574ST tf g C+3140035K. L. Man114H. N. Wong10 GO PUBLICCOMFORT LIFESHAMPORT1:22:6524.0635.39 23.20 24.222-1-1-511043644186
28-03-18534HV tf g/f C+31200311K. L. Man120S. Clipperton11 PRINCE HARMONYCHARITY GLORYJOYFUL MOMENTS1:09:7122.8223.95 23.10 23.88 4-3-117.751048663888
11-03-18491ST tf g C+31200311K. L. Man119C. Y. Ho8 SUPER WISESTAR SHINEINFINITY ENDEAVOUR1:09:2622.9423.88 22.64 23.53 3-4-1151063683799
10-02-18416ST tf g C+3140039K. L. Man118H. N. Wong3 APOLLO'S CHOICEROYAL MOJITOENERGETIC CLASS1:21:7423.0835.48 23.18 23.993-1-1-95.751068703975
28-01-18377ST tf g B120034K. L. Man118M. F. Poon10 RADIANT STEEDAFFLUENCE STARTENCOURAGING1:09:8823.3423.90 22.64 23.95 1-1-43.751065725794
01-01-18314ST tf g B+21200312K. L. Man127W. M. Lai7 INFINITY ENDEAVOURPRINCE HARMONYAFFLUENCE START1:09:2523.4923.80 22.16 25.22 2-3-12121075744099
29-11-17232HV tf g A120036K. L. Man122M. F. Poon2 PERPETUAL JOYANCEG-ONE LOVERMASTER ALBERT1:10:1323.4123.90 22.82 24.18 1-1-64.751077751311
18-10-17125HV tf g/f C120038K. L. Man128T. Berry10 WHO ELSE BUT YOUSMART BOYWONDERFUL JOURNEY1:09:9822.9523.85 23.26 23.41 1-2-83.51061759.617
20-09-1753HV tf g/f C120035K. L. Man128T. Berry5 SUPER LEADERTRAVEL DATUKFANTASTIC FEELING1:09:8723.3523.91 22.69 23.48 2-2-51.251070751418
21-06-17749HV tf g C120031K. L. Man116H. N. Wong1 ALL GREAT FRIENDSHARRIER JETALL BEST FRIENDS1:09.223.5 23.46 22.26 23.531-1-1SH1056707.57.8
17-05-17660HV tf g/f B120037K. L. Man123S. Clipperton6 BEST STEPWONDERFUL JOURNEYRIGHT HONOURABLE1:10.123.2 23.91 23.21 23.413-3-72.251045701113
20-04-17587HV tf g/f B120032K. L. Man119K. K. Chiong3 ARM RUNDAALL GREAT FRIENDSIRON BOY1:09.924.4 23.23 22.47 24.203-3-2SH1054689.58.9
22-03-17514HV tf g C120038K. L. Man122K. K. Chiong12 LOTUS BREEZEBEAUTY KINGDOMAMAZING1:09.723.8 23.26 22.64 24.381-1-83.251042701317
30-11-16228HV tf g A120036K. L. Man126K. Teetan9 LUCKY DAYCHARITY GLORYIRON BOY1:10.223.6 23.96 22.74 23.872-2-61.751068712218
30-10-16146HV tf g A120036K. L. Man127H. W. Lai11 MOLLY'S JADE STARAPACHE SPIRITHAPPY BAO BEI1:10.824.1 23.94 22.70 24.693-1-63.251077713970
06-07-16773HV tf g A120037K. L. Man132H. W. Lai1 SUPER TURBOHAPPY BAO BEIEXTREMELY FUN1:10.023.9 23.59 22.63 24.273-3-731028751718
15-06-16722HV tf g/f B1200311K. L. Man130N. Callan12 FIVE UP HIGHFOREVER REDHAPPY LIFE1:10.023.5 23.81 22.95 24.715-3-1191049773319
11-05-16637HV tf g A120037K. L. Man131O Bosson8 BACK IN BLACKFOREVER REDTIMELY ARRIVED1:10.423.5 23.69 23.33 23.923-3-731031771514
13-04-16561HV tf g/y A120032K. L. Man120K. K. Chiong5 BACK IN BLACKALL GREAT FRIENDSIMPERIAL CHAMPION1:10.023.6 23.71 22.67 23.821-1-20.751045757.97.4
23-03-16507HV tf g/y C1200311K. L. Man130G. Mosse12 ALL WIN BOYBACK IN BLACKTANGO FIRE1:10.623.9 23.77 23.04 25.673-2-1111.251068771233
06-02-16383ST aw g -120035K. L. Man128C. Brown3 FIGHT HEROPERPETUAL TREASUREJOLLY BANNER1:08.422.9 23.64 22.30 23.236-7-54.51057791012
31-01-16360ST tf g A+31000210K. L. Man119H. W. Lai4 MY LITTLE FRIENDCOUNTRY MELODYGO BABY GO0:57.122.9 13.59 21.01 23.826-7-108.251075813556
09-01-16316ST tf g C120027K. L. Man119H. W. Lai6 AMAZING KIDSBORN IN CHINAMERION1:08.823.0 24.59 22.02 23.217-7-761057834865
23-12-15279HV tf g C1200210K. L. Man115H. N. Wong6 DIVINE BOYROMANTIC CASHBERLINI1:09.623.7 23.58 22.66 24.443-3-106.251061856.837
11-11-15167HV tf g B100028K. L. Man131N. Callan6 COUNTRY MELODYBRILLIANT PROPOSALSUPREME FALCON0:57.323.2 12.92 21.49 23.626-3-84.251055869.86.6
01-11-15149HV tf g A120025K. L. Man120G. Mosse6 STRATHMOREACCEPTEDBERLINI1:10.223.7 23.98 22.53 23.913-1-511060861010
07-10-1591HV tf g/y A120024K. L. Man123G. Mosse4 BORN IN CHINALUCKY DOUBLE EIGHTYOU READ MY MIND1:10.023.1 23.98 23.22 23.175-4-42.251055867.26.4
08-07-15766HV tf g/f A120025K. L. Man123G. Mosse9 YOU READ MY MINDCLEVER BEAVEREROICO1:09.624.1 23.63 22.40 24.045-6-52.51036871316
21-06-15717ST tf y C120024K. L. Man124G. Mosse3 SMART MANCLEVER BEAVEREROICO1:10.123.1 24.21 22.81 23.452-2-42.251035881328
24-05-15643ST tf y C+3120025K. L. Man128G. Mosse12 DEEP THINKERSTRATHMOREMR GENUINE1:11.224.2 24.00 23.09 24.484-3-52.251041892143
01-04-15510HV tf g/f A120027K. L. Man126N. Callan1 HARBOUR PUNKYOU READ MY MINDVICTORIUS1:08.923.5 23.50 22.23 24.525-3-78.251039894.25.9
11-03-15458HV tf g B120027K. L. Man124D. Whyte1 HAPPY YEAH YEAHDISCIPLES TWELVESMART MAN1:09.723.9 23.45 22.71 24.126-5-73.251038895.65.5
11-02-15390HV tf g/f B120021K. L. Man112T. H. So1 ALL GREAT FRIENDSFABULOUS NOVEMBERPABLOSKY1:09.622.5 24.09 23.20 22.313-3-1DH1038839.64.6
28-01-15351HV tf g C+3120033K. L. Man131D. Whyte4 VICTORIUSPRECISION KINGALL GREAT FRIENDS1:10.322.6 24.28 23.70 22.622-2-31.51048836.66.3
07-01-15299HV tf g A120031K. L. Man131G. Mosse1 ALL GREAT FRIENDSHONG KONG DANCERTONYBOY1:10.323.0 24.43 23.12 22.844-4-1SH1046774.42.6
10-12-14232HV tf g A120035K. L. Man130G. Mosse10 TWIN DELIGHTREGENCY HO HOLUCKY DAY1:10.123.3 23.91 23.16 23.353-3-51.751052774.45.1
12-11-14157HV tf g A120031K. L. Man120G. Mosse4 ALL GREAT FRIENDSGENTILISGRIMMY1:09.723.7 23.42 22.82 23.503-3-12.751046675.12.1
22-10-14107HV tf g B120041K. L. Man133G. Mosse7 ALL GREAT FRIENDSJADE PIPPOGOOD FRIENDS MAGIC1:10.123.4 24.04 22.88 23.274-3-121048604.94.6
05-10-1465ST tf g/f A120039K. L. Man116H. W. Lai13 SUPREME FALCONSECRET COMMANDNUMERO UNO1:09.522.8 24.26 22.64 23.015-4-92.51044622235
14-09-148ST tf g/f A120035K. L. Man115H. W. Lai5 SUPREME FALCONUNIVERSAL UNIONCALLING WITH LOVE1:08.922.6 24.59 22.14 22.757-6-53.5104062109
06-07-14767ST tf g/f B+2120035K. L. Man117H. W. Lai9 SMART FORWARDDOMINEERCHOICE TREASURE1:08.822.8 23.91 22.32 23.444-3-551038663558
01-07-14760ST tf g A+3120039K. L. Man119H. W. Lai13 SUNNY FAYCALLING WITH LOVEWINFULL PATROL1:09.822.7 24.36 22.69 23.211-1-92.751046665699
28-05-14663HV tf g/f A120036K. L. Man121H. W. Lai3 VICTORIUSBOTH SUREALL THE BEST1:10.823.5 24.36 23.00 23.823-4-62.251049676299
07-05-14607HV tf g B1200312K. L. Man118H. W. Lai2 SPEEDYGONZALEZLONDON WALKHONG KONG DANCER1:10.323.8 23.98 22.96 24.394-4-126.51063672256

HKJC Comment

Hard ridden to take rail and led at fast sectionals, hung on until 150M weakened.