FOREVER ACCURATE (S301) 又襟又準 (Retired)

A. Lee / Rating: 43

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PPG / b / g / 9 yrs / NZ
Owner: Dr Henry Kao So-ping, Geoffrey Edward Kao & Timothy Daniel Kao
Last win: 04-12-16
Health: Unacceptable performance. (23/04/2017)<br>Unacceptable performance. (17/12/2016)<br>Sustained wounds to left hind limb after racing. (05/06/2016)<br>Unacceptable performance. (03/05/2015)<br>Right hind cellulitis. (02/07/2014)<br>Unacceptable performance. Lame left front leg, sustained a small cut to the front of right hind fetlock on the day after racing. (01/07/2017)<br>
Sire: Magic Albert
Dam: Quiet Please

Past Performances
Total Starts: 33: (3-6-0)
ST 1200m: 21 (3-5-0)
ST 1400m: 5 (0-1-0)
ST aw 1200m: 2 (0-0-0)
HV 1000m: 1 (0-0-0)
HV 1200m: 4 (0-0-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
08-10-1793ST tf g B+2120049A. Lee116M. L. Yeung5BE MASTERAMBITIOUS HEARTMULTIGOGO1:09:3823.1623.89 22.65 23.65 5-5-951136452240
01-07-17773ST tf g/f A+31200414A. Lee122B. Prebble13B ALL YOU NEEDREGENCY DARLINGAMAZING MOMENT1:09.423.0 24.67 22.71 27.0510-11-14311126474098
04-06-17700ST tf g/f B120046A. Lee115H. N. Wong10B JOLLY BOUNTIFULHIGH ENERGYMULTIMAX1:10.322.5 24.70 23.10 22.882-1-62.251121491534
23-04-17594ST aw w/s -1200412C. H. Yip124U. Rispoli11B GOLDIE FLANKERSTARLOTBEAR CHUM1:09.123.5 24.34 22.41 26.6011-11-1226.251130516699
05-04-17549ST aw g -1200411C. H. Yip122K. K. Chiong1B2 HAPPY JOURNEYSTARLOTSMILING GLORY1:09.223.9 23.83 22.18 25.186-7-1112.251134531425
19-03-17499ST tf g/y A1200410C. H. Yip130G. Mosse13B- MR PICASSOMR ORIOLEJUMBO LUCK1:11.024.1 24.75 22.70 24.8510-11-1081134552033
08-03-17477HV tf g A1200411C. H. Yip122H. N. Wong11B ARM RUNDAHIGH VOLATILITYHOT HOT PEPPER1:10.123.9 23.82 22.79 26.023-5-1115.51135564295
11-02-17410ST tf g/f C+31200411C. H. Yip129A. Badel7B HAPPY HAPPY STARART OF SUCCESSPLANET STAR1:09.723.0 24.18 22.93 23.856-6-117.751162561727
14-01-17335ST tf g C+3120042C. H. Yip131A. Badel3B ROBUST MOMENTUMFOREVER ACCURATEBOSSIEE1:10.223.2 24.09 23.15 23.144-5-20.51152551013
17-12-16271ST tf g/f C+31200412C. H. Yip127C. Williams11B MONEY BOYRADIANT STEEDDARING FIT1:09.623.5 23.78 22.49 25.003-4-1210.251146551217
04-12-16233ST tf g/f C+3120041C. H. Yip121N. Callan1B FOREVER ACCURATEHOT HOT PEPPERMONEY BOY1:09.423.2 23.98 22.27 23.242-2-1H1140506.67.2
20-11-16195ST tf g B+2120042C. H. Yip121Z. Purton8B JUMBO LUCKFOREVER ACCURATEMONEY BOY1:09.722.3 24.43 23.00 22.422-2-20.51142481020
23-10-16122ST tf g A120047C. H. Yip122Z. Purton12B HAPPY AGILITYCLEVER SPIRITBOSSIEE1:09.522.8 23.74 22.95 23.631-1-74.751130489.311
01-10-1669ST tf g A+3120042C. H. Yip121Z. Purton9B SEA JADEFOREVER ACCURATEWINNING BOY1:09.623.2 24.18 22.34 23.394-2-21.751122481117
21-09-1643HV tf g/f C120047C. H. Yip123Z. Purton10H-/B2WONDERFUL JOURNEYGRAND HARBOURROBUST MOMENTUM1:11.023.4 25.01 23.30 23.3112-11-73.751119501710
03-09-165ST tf g B1400410C. H. Yip124D. Whyte7H RUN FORRESTREGENCY BABYTEAM SWEET1:22.123.7 35.56 23.26 24.613-4-3-1081118512920
10-07-16778ST tf g/f B+2140049C. H. Yip128D. Whyte5H BABA MAMAWINNING BOYTEAM SWEET1:21.423.3 35.40 23.33 23.965-5-6-97.751142551612
22-06-16737HV tf g/f C100045C. H. Yip132D. Whyte7H LYRIC ACETRENDIFULLONDON MASTER0:57.222.8 13.15 21.99 22.576-6-531117577.410
05-06-16688ST tf g B+2120047C. H. Yip133D. Whyte8H LOVE SHOCKRUMINAREVICTORY DUKE1:09.122.7 24.38 22.68 22.897-6-751119592638
16-04-16569ST tf g/f C+31200312C. H. Yip113M. L. Yeung9B-/H2INVINCIBLE DRAGONBLOCKER DEEGOAL FOR GOLD1:08.922.3 24.28 22.88 23.994-10-1213.751118613053
06-01-16309HV tf g A120037W. Y. So117C. K. Tong1B E-SUPERHIGHLAND HAMMERFLYING MOOCHI1:10.323.5 23.77 23.39 23.902-3-74.251166632634
06-12-15233ST tf g C+31400312W. Y. So112H. N. Wong5B SO FASTMIDNIGHT RATTLERMETALLIC STAR1:22.223.1 35.51 23.62 24.462-1-2-128.5114965149.7
10-10-1599ST tf g C1200312W. Y. So119B. Prebble11B BRILLIANT DREAMNEW ASIA SUNRISESO FAST1:09.323.5 23.72 22.55 25.174-5-1213.251131651723
27-06-15733ST tf g/f C+3120032W. Y. So119Y. T. Cheng8B WHY WHYFOREVER ACCURATEFIONN'S TREASURE1:09.021.9 24.16 22.94 22.391-1-22.51117643434
07-06-15680ST tf g/f A+3120039W. Y. So120Y. T. Cheng9B LUCKY BUBBLESLUCKY DAYBRILLIANT DREAM1:09.022.2 24.36 22.64 23.108-4-96.251115642435
03-05-15589ST tf g/f A+31400314W. Y. So120K. Teetan4B DASHING FELLOWSECRET COMMANDLUCKY SCEPTER1:21.823.9 34.99 23.47 26.933-4-4-14221132641410
07-04-15518ST tf g/f B+2140032W. Y. So116Y. T. Cheng6B DASHING FELLOWFOREVER ACCURATESUPEROI1:21.623.4 35.43 23.03 23.423-3-3-21.251126631815
01-03-15424ST tf g/f B+2120041W. Y. So130K. Teetan7CP-/BFOREVER ACCURATEWINNER ST PAUL'STELECOM BOSS1:10.323.1 24.52 22.87 22.963-3-1SH1139576.23.9
04-02-15367HV tf g A1200410W. Y. So131D. Whyte11CP1 BRIGHT STARSEA RUBYSPURS ON1:10.824.0 23.77 23.02 24.661-2-103.751138575.84.8
28-12-14266ST tf g/f B+2120042W. Y. So130D. Whyte1 BOSSIEEFOREVER ACCURATEBEAR RAPPER1:10.123.1 24.08 22.96 23.272-1-211141563.12.8
15-11-14160ST tf g/f A120041W. Y. So124D. Whyte14 FOREVER ACCURATESUPER TALENTDASHING FELLOW1:09.623.0 24.06 22.52 23.051-1-1SH1141511816
12-10-1478ST tf g/f A+3120046W. Y. So124D. Whyte7H- STAR TRACKTHUNDER FLYERAH BO1:09.322.9 24.44 22.27 23.337-6-64.25114251118
15-06-14706ST tf g C120047W. Y. So127D. Whyte10H1 BUNKER SHOTJOLLY SPRINGINCREDIBLE FELLOW1:09.623.3 25.16 21.92 23.1611-10-73.751106529.311

HKJC Comment

Started OK, raced in front of midfield, under pressure in the straight, one-paced.