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FORTUNE GIGGLES (S346) 財歡笑 (Retired)

C. W. Chang / Rating: 35

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
ISG / b / g / 8 yrs / IRE
Owner: Peter Lee Kwok-wah
Last win: 26-03-17
Health: Lame right front foot. (30/08/2017) Heart irregularity after racing. (29/11/2015) Lame right front foot. (24/09/2016) Unacceptable performance and substantial mucopus in trachea after racing. (07/04/2015)
Sire: Oratorio
Dam: Cape Columbine

Past Performances
Total Starts: 37: (2-4-3)
ST 1400m: 2 (0-0-0)
ST 1600m: 15 (1-1-1)
ST 1800m: 10 (0-2-2)
ST 2000m: 7 (1-1-0)
HV 1800m: 2 (0-0-0)
HV 2200m: 1 (0-0-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
03-06-18696ST tf g/f B2000514C. W. Chang130J. Moreira10B/TT2LE PANACHESWEET BEANROCK THE TREE2:02:1023.9776.26 24.63 31.249-10-12-14-1462.751232373.45
25-02-18449ST tf g B200052C. W. Chang128N. Rawiller9BHALL OF FAMEFORTUNE GIGGLESGOLDEN KID2:04:0324.7874.79 24.46 24.842-2-2-1-2N1261351116
31-01-18384HV tf g C+31800510C. W. Chang130B. Prebble8BWONDERFUL CHASERWINASWEWISHSAVANNAH WIND1:51:4924.5663.47 24.22 24.535-7-6-8-104.51261372125
21-01-18356ST tf g A200058C. W. Chang132B. Prebble7BAUDACITYROCK THE TREEPEARL FURU2:04:5823.6876.41 24.77 24.434-4-6-5-86.51267391011
01-01-18312ST tf g B+21600411C. W. Chang112M. L. Yeung3BUNICRON JEWELLERYGODSPEEDJOYFUL PARK1:35:4524.0447.73 24.08 24.4110-7-7-114.751273401844
03-09-172ST tf g B16005WDY. S. Tsui133N. RawillerBJE PENSEAMRITSARIASUPERNATURAL1:36:1723.45 --40  
16-07-17798ST tf g C180054Y. S. Tsui133B. Prebble13B PROUD SKYJE PENSEBEST TANGO1:49.123.9 61.24 24.18 23.826-5-5-40.751233401315
18-06-17734ST tf g/y C+3180053Y. S. Tsui133C. Murray1B AEROLUMINANCELIGHTNING AND GOLDFORTUNE GIGGLES1:49.923.3 62.93 24.02 23.534-5-5-33.51242401614
21-05-17664ST tf g C+31800414Y. S. Tsui108H. N. Wong8B GORGEOUS AGAINKING WINSAINDUSTRIALIST WAY1:49.223.4 61.44 24.79 25.586-6-4-1416.251234403541
07-05-17625ST tf g/f A+3160054Y. S. Tsui133N. Callan2B HIT A HOME RUNUNIQUE JOYFULCASH COURIER1:35.824.1 48.23 23.79 24.526-6-6-44.251225408.84.6
09-04-17555ST tf g/f C180052Y. S. Tsui133N. Rawiller11B KING WINSAFORTUNE GIGGLESAEROLUMINANCE1:48.523.1 61.54 23.91 23.557-2-2-22.751228401412
26-03-17517ST tf g A+3200051Y. S. Tsui128N. Rawiller6B FORTUNE GIGGLESBEST JADE TRIUMPHTELEPHATIA2:05.024.1 76.20 24.77 24.043-4-4-11.5123235129.5
05-03-17463ST tf g/f C160057Y. S. Tsui130C. Schofield5B DASHING DARTPOLYMER LUCKRED HORSE1:35.724.1 47.71 24.36 24.215-5-6-73.251253371821
11-02-17409ST tf g/f C+3180056Y. S. Tsui133C. Schofield8B GORGEOUS AGAINTELEPHATIAFAITHFUL BOY1:47.924.3 61.18 23.72 23.9812-12-12-65.51241392731
30-01-17372ST tf g B1600413Y. S. Tsui114C. Y. Ho10B MAGNETISMBEAUTY LOVEENREACHING1:35.923.9 48.87 24.19 24.1610-9-12-1381240423495
14-01-17337ST tf g C+31600410Y. S. Tsui118C. Y. Ho9B IMPERIAL SEALKING'S MANGO BEAUTY GO1:35.124.2 48.02 24.09 24.8813-13-12-1011.751231444794
25-09-1648ST tf g/f A16004WDY. S. Tsui117S. ClippertonB XINJIANG YARNVICTORY MASTERSUPERNATURAL1:35.323.1  122544  
11-09-1623ST tf g C1400411Y. S. Tsui108H. T. Mo11B REWARDING FLYERMAGNETISMINVENTION MASTER1:22.023.3 36.77 23.20 23.5513-14-14-1191219443015
19-06-16728ST tf g/f C+31600411Y. S. Tsui120B. Prebble10B LITTLE FANTASYHOUSE OF FUNHIT A HOME RUN1:34.323.5 47.32 23.82 23.979-7-7-115124146167.9
01-06-16683HV tf g C+3180045Y. S. Tsui120C. Schofield11B HO HO FEELAUTUMN GOLDROYAL PARTNER1:50.423.7 61.45 25.22 24.187-2-2-52.51220461413
07-05-16623ST tf g C180042Y. S. Tsui118C. Schofield8B HOLMES LEGENDFORTUNE GIGGLESREAL GENEROUS1:48.723.5 61.10 24.20 23.484-3-4-2N1226448.89.3
16-04-16571ST tf g/f C+3180045Y. S. Tsui117K. C. Leung6B ROUGE ET BLANCLOTUS STRIKES BACKHO HO FEEL1:48.022.8 61.54 24.24 22.968-8-8-54.251240452211
03-04-16532ST tf g B+2160043Y. S. Tsui119C. Schofield9B CALIFORNIA JOYSTAR OF BONDFORTUNE GIGGLES1:35.323.5 48.69 23.94 23.0310-9-9-31.751226453134
13-03-16476ST tf g C+3160046Y. S. Tsui111H. N. Wong5B ROYALE ELEGANCEHO HO FEELGORGEOUS LEGEND1:35.023.8 47.38 24.37 23.986-7-7-64.251239452524
28-02-16441ST tf g B160047Y. S. Tsui108K. K. Chiong5B OUR GENERATIONFIGHTING BOYIMPERIAL GALLANTRY1:35.923.3 48.52 24.12 23.652-2-2-72.251257452821
31-01-16358ST tf g A+3160051Y. S. Tsui133J. Moreira6B FORTUNE GIGGLESHOLY STARBLISS CARTEL1:36.624.0 48.23 24.62 23.752-5-5-10.51242402.72.4
27-12-15282ST tf g A+3180046Y. S. Tsui117Y. T. Cheng4B GOLD TALENTENTRUSTINGHAPPY AND HEALTHY1:48.623.9 60.06 24.59 24.361-1-1-62.51230421011
29-11-15210ST tf g C1600414Y. S. Tsui116K. Teetan12B UNIQUE HAPPIESTHOUSE OF LUCKCHANCELLOR1:36.422.2 49.83 24.71 24.798-4-6-1418.25123542109.2
25-10-15135ST tf g/f A180043Y. S. Tsui117Y. T. Cheng8B BAMBOO DANCEHIGH WARRIORFORTUNE GIGGLES1:49.623.1 62.79 24.13 22.915-6-6-31.51232422213
01-10-1567ST tf g A+3160042Y. S. Tsui115Y. T. Cheng9B REAL GENEROUSFORTUNE GIGGLESSPEEDY WALLY1:35.724.3 47.78 24.04 23.957-5-5-2N1235401112
19-09-1539ST tf g/f C+3140044Y. S. Tsui114Y. T. Cheng3B/TT-BORN TO WINLEADING HORSEFLORAL SPUR1:22.522.9 37.13 23.05 22.949-8-5-43.751247404720
12-07-15772ST tf g/f B+21800413C. W. Chang116C. Y. Ho8B2/TTGO SANDY GOSO CAFFEGOOD METHOD1:48.322.9 62.51 23.81 22.838-8-8-135.251208452768
01-07-15742ST tf g/f A200049C. W. Chang121D. Lane1TT HIGH WARRIORJUMBO SPIRITMAC ROW2:04.322.7 78.96 23.45 22.625-7-10-94.51233481832
14-06-15694ST tf g/f B+2160049C. W. Chang124M. Chadwick6B-/TTUNICORNHAPPY PLACEBORN TO WIN1:34.824.5 48.31 23.81 24.238-10-13-99.251233512161
07-04-15515ST tf g/f B+22000414C. W. Chang128C. Y. Ho13B/TT NAVEL ORANGEROUGE ET BLANCCRUISE CONTROL2:02.823.5 77.25 23.75 25.2314-14-14-14211221531621
29-03-15500ST tf g A+3160049C. W. Chang126C. Y. Ho1B/TT GRAND HARBOURMOTIFFIGHTING BOY1:35.623.5 48.39 24.19 23.967-8-9-95.51240552427
25-02-15414HV tf g C220048C. W. Chang131C. Y. Ho12B/TT TELEPHATIATOWERING STORMLOVING STAR2:17.124.8 87.30 25.22 26.823-2-3-8141234572526
25-01-15338ST tf g/f B+2200044C. W. Chang128C. Y. Ho1B/TT MONEY CAFEPERCY JACKSONCRUISE CONTROL2:03.123.4 76.55 23.64 23.315-5-7-421252576199
10-01-15306ST tf g/f A1600411C. W. Chang130G. Mosse4B1/TTFIGHTING BOYMAC ROWSUGAR CITY1:36.522.9 48.90 24.75 23.861-1-1-115.751249573578

HKJC Comment

Pushed forward, dropped off quickly 700M.