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DIAMOND KING (S347) 閃耀鑽皇

T. P. Yung / Rating: 63

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
ISG / br / g / 8 yrs / NZ
Owner: Tang Kui-ming
Last win: 10-06-18
Health: Medical therapy for chronic orthopedic condition. (23/03/2015) Lame both hindlimbs. (04/03/2015)
Sire: O'reilly
Dam: The Dazzler

Past Performances
Total Starts: 33: (5-4-6)
ST 1000m: 2 (0-1-0)
ST 1200m: 12 (1-3-4)
ST 1400m: 15 (4-0-2)
ST 1600m: 1 (0-0-0)
HV 1200m: 3 (0-0-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
26-06-19765HV tf g/f B120039T. P. Yung121M. Chadwick1V/TTMOST BEAUTIFULJENERATORPLANET STAR1:09:6023.4624.08 22.58 23.61 6-6-94.251134679.89.8
26-05-19687ST tf g/y A100036T. P. Yung122M. Chadwick6V/TTTHANKS FOREVERVOYAGE WARRIORCALIFORNIA GUNGHO0:55:9722.1913.69 20.89 22.93 11-9-69.751129671625
05-05-19636ST tf g/y B100032T. P. Yung118M. L. Yeung11V/TTMULTIMILLIONDIAMOND KINGMR LUMIERES0:56:7022.7513.65 20.94 22.59 9-7-231137672013
14-04-19582ST tf g/y C1200310T. P. Yung120M. L. Yeung10V/TTMR CROISSANTRACING FIGHTERMIGHTY MAVERICK1:10:1723.1424.62 23.13 23.40 5-8-1061143693065
24-03-19527ST tf g C+3120036T. P. Yung124K. C. Leung10V/TTHONEST WAYFLYING THUNDERSMART LEADER1:09:6823.3623.65 22.75 23.97 2-3-64.251149711317
24-02-19450ST tf g B+2120033T. P. Yung122M. L. Yeung11V/TTFULL OF BEAUTYHONEST WAYDIAMOND KING1:09:4923.1824.46 22.37 23.11 5-6-32.751151712032
16-12-18264ST tf g C+31400312T. P. Yung126C. Murray11V/TTTAKING AIMFOLLOW MEULTIMATE GLORY1:22:3222.7935.98 24.07 23.982-5-8-1210.751160733199
25-11-18207ST tf y C160038T. P. Yung128U. Rispoli5V/TTAMAZING SATCHMOPAKISTAN FRIENDRAZOR QUEST1:37:1025.0447.85 24.97 26.185-6-7-811.751156752126
04-11-18153ST tf g C+3140037T. P. Yung130U. Rispoli1V/TTMR WEALTHRELENTLESS MEMR SO AND SO1:22:7923.1436.34 23.55 23.294-3-4-72.51147761814
01-10-1859ST tf g A+3140038T. P. Yung129U. Rispoli9V/TTGREEN ENERGYHIGH VOLATILITYGOOD BEAUTY1:21:3523.2635.87 23.10 23.429-8-9-86.5114976108.4
01-07-18769ST tf g B1400311T. P. Yung129U. Rispoli2V/TTCALIFORNIA JOYHOME RUNSUPER GIANT1:22:3323.2836.82 22.79 23.1712-12-8-112.75114376146.5
10-06-18723ST tf g/f C140031T. P. Yung124U. Rispoli3V/TTDIAMOND KINGVOLITATIONVILLA FIONN1:21:8423.2635.68 23.02 23.144-5-3-1SH1133717.64.2
10-12-17262ST tf g A140034T. P. Yung124U. Rispoli10V/TTSPICY SUREREGENCY BO BOCALCULATION1:21:7923.5036.41 22.72 23.099-6-5-42.5115071119.4
11-11-17190ST tf g/f A140034T. P. Yung124U. Rispoli9V/TTWORLD RECORDPING HAI STARSMILING CHARM1:21:5523.4735.51 22.93 23.454-6-6-42.251145711811
24-09-1763ST tf g A140031T. P. Yung120U. Rispoli6V/TTDIAMOND KINGCHUNG WAH SPIRITHOME RUN1:21:8624.0635.27 23.17 23.424-7-6-10.751152652712
03-09-179ST tf g B120032T. P. Yung120C. Schofield4V/TTFIFTY FIFTYDIAMOND KINGMARVEL TRIBE1:09:5922.5824.46 22.75 22.69 4-4-221145652520
22-02-17442HV tf g/f C+3120039T. P. Yung122K. C. Leung5V/TT BLAZE STAMINAVICTORY MARVELBREEDERS' STAR1:09.623.4 24.16 22.72 23.288-8-95113669126.9
30-01-17377ST tf g B140037T. P. Yung125G. Mosse13V/TT CITRON SPIRITREGENCY BO BOASSOCIATION FANS1:22.224.2 34.75 23.38 24.914-2-2-74.751137692421
08-01-17321ST tf g/f C140033T. P. Yung119K. C. Leung13V/TT BIG BANG BONGTANG FLEMINGDIAMOND KING1:22.322.9 35.66 23.66 23.121-2-1-30.751141688.95.9
04-12-16239ST tf g/f C+3140037T. P. Yung121D. Lane7V/TT SEASONS BLOOMCALIFORNIA WHIPA BEAUTIFUL1:21.423.1 36.35 22.64 23.316-6-6-75.251123686.15.3
12-11-16184ST tf g A+3120032T. P. Yung119S. Clipperton13V/TT WESTERN EXPRESSDIAMOND KINGMULTIMAX1:09.223.3 24.84 22.08 22.6212-12-21.5112966106.4
23-10-16126ST tf g A120033T. P. Yung121S. De Sousa10V/TT JING JING WINSTARSHIPDIAMOND KING1:08.823.1 24.29 22.21 22.868-8-33.51126665023
14-05-16642ST tf g C+31200311T. P. Yung120Y. T. Cheng9V/TT BLAZE STAMINADIEGO KOSTAMR BOGART1:09.322.8 24.73 22.58 22.829-11-1151115676.88.2
28-03-16516ST tf g A+3140038T. P. Yung122Y. T. Cheng9V/TT JOYFUL MOMENTSVERBINSKYTOO FAST1:21.723.4 35.11 23.41 23.946-3-3-84.51127679.18.5
28-02-16444ST tf g B140033T. P. Yung120Y. T. Cheng6V/TT MARVEL HEROJOYFUL MOMENTSDIAMOND KING1:22.023.4 35.73 22.99 23.571-3-3-31.51129678.54.6
24-01-16352ST tf g A120032T. P. Yung118Y. T. Cheng11V/TT LINE SEEKERDIAMOND KINGGOOD LUCK BOY1:10.423.3 24.66 22.83 23.0010-7-20.51134651711
19-12-15267ST tf g C+3140041T. P. Yung133Y. T. Cheng1V/TT DIAMOND KINGBOLD STITCHROYALE ELEGANCE1:22.723.5 36.32 23.27 23.149-9-9-1H1138596.13.2
14-11-15174ST tf g A+3140041T. P. Yung127Y. T. Cheng4B-/V1DIAMOND KINGDASHING FORTUNEEASY HEDGE1:23.423.4 35.99 24.24 23.251-3-3-1SH1124545.43
25-10-15131ST tf g/f A120043T. P. Yung127B. Prebble10B1/TTFABULOUS ONEJOLLY JOLLYDIAMOND KING1:09.122.6 24.49 22.16 23.032-2-33.25112054136.7
04-10-1578ST tf g/y B+2120043T. P. Yung126B. Prebble7TT REGENCY DARLINGKING OF REASONDIAMOND KING1:09.423.1 24.32 22.29 23.146-6-31.51112544.83.4
06-09-155ST tf g B120041T. P. Yung121Y. T. Cheng14TT DIAMOND KINGFUN TAPESTRYAH BO1:09.823.1 24.39 22.53 22.964-3-111120483823
21-01-15330HV tf g C120048T. P. Yung124B. Prebble5TT GENEROUS BOBOSNITZEL KIDSEA RUBY1:10.323.0 24.72 23.45 22.8311-11-841109524435
28-12-14266ST tf g/f B+2120048T. P. Yung126Z. Purton2TT1 BOSSIEEFOREVER ACCURATEBEAR RAPPER1:10.123.1 24.32 23.12 23.324-6-841134526.46

HKJC Comment

Shifted out on jumping and made contact, positioned on rail in midfield, saved ground on turn, peaked early in straight, ran on evenly until crowded near 100M, eased thereafter.