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CLEVER BEAVER (S352) 有醒 (Retired)

A. S. Cruz / Rating: 84

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PP / ch / g / 9 yrs / AUS
Owner: Eddie Wong Ming Chak
Last win: 26-06-16
Health: Heart irregularity after racing. (06/07/2014) Got down in holding stables, sustained lacerations to head, withdrawn from race. (26/11/2014) Lame right front leg on the day after racing. (21/09/2015) Lame right front and right hind legs after racing. (28/05/2017) Bled from both nostrils after trackwork. (18/06/2017)
Sire: Shaft
Dam: Play Loud

Past Performances
Total Starts: 30: (4-4-5)
ST 1000m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST 1200m: 15 (2-1-2)
ST 1400m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1200m: 3 (0-0-1)
HV 1200m: 10 (2-3-2)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
28-05-17683ST tf g/f A140027A. S. Cruz119C. Y. Ho7CP/TTMY DARLINGHANG'S DECISIONBABA MAMA1:21.723.4 36.19 22.84 23.6011-10-11-75.751084842844
15-03-17498HV tf g B1200210A. S. Cruz123M. Chadwick10CP/TTJETWINGSSUPER TURBOBLOCKER DEE1:09.723.7 24.43 22.71 23.2612-12-104.251073851423
11-02-17415ST tf g/f C+3120027A. S. Cruz123N. Callan2CP1/THOUSE OF FUNLINE SEEKERGOLDEN HARVEST1:08.723.2 23.84 22.32 23.194-4-73.51087875.55.2
22-01-17359ST tf g A120025A. S. Cruz132J. Moreira6TT LUCKY EVERD B PINPERPETUAL TREASURE1:09.323.1 24.50 22.23 23.098-7-531082889.75.6
01-01-17307ST tf g/f B+2120024A. S. Cruz122N. Callan4TT MIDNIGHT RATTLERINVINCIBLE DRAGONMR STUNNING1:08.922.6 24.37 22.18 22.678-8-41.751097881015
11-12-16258ST tf g A120023A. S. Cruz125N. Callan6TT MR STUNNINGMERIONCLEVER BEAVER1:09.122.9 23.97 22.58 22.817-5-31.251104889.48.2
01-10-1671ST tf g A+3120025A. S. Cruz122N. Callan4TT NEW ASIA SUNRISEPABLOSKYDUKEDOM1:08.923.0 24.04 22.14 23.024-3-51.251093871614
26-06-16751ST tf g/f A120031A. S. Cruz133M. Chadwick1TT CLEVER BEAVERLANG TAI SINGTEAM FORTUNE1:08.523.3 23.82 21.67 23.014-4-11.751073801614
12-06-16714ST tf g/y C1000311A. S. Cruz130M. Chadwick6TT BAD BOYDRAGON GENERALTURF SPRINT0:55.621.7 13.75 20.57 22.3112-9-1161073821013
18-05-16656HV tf g B120023A. S. Cruz118M. Chadwick10TT LUCKY YEAREROICOCLEVER BEAVER1:09.322.8 24.10 22.45 23.051-1-31.251073821225
06-04-16542ST aw g -120023A. S. Cruz122M. Chadwick1TT SICHUAN VIGOURPERPETUAL TREASURECLEVER BEAVER1:08.122.1 23.83 22.45 22.565-5-34.751074831211
20-03-16497ST tf g A120026A. S. Cruz127M. Chadwick4TT LUCKY EVERWASHINGTON HEIGHTSRIGHTEOUS1:09.723.2 23.99 22.77 23.416-7-62.751083841015
03-02-16376HV tf g A120029A. S. Cruz115K. C. Ng11TT LUCKY YEARMR GENUINEPABLOSKY1:10.223.2 24.29 22.89 23.655-3-93.751094863025
19-09-1544ST tf g/f C+31200211A. S. Cruz123M. Chadwick4TT AMAZING KIDSSTRATHMORELUCKY DOUBLE EIGHT1:08.822.7 24.19 22.26 23.265-7-115.751089866.911
08-07-15766HV tf g/f A120022A. S. Cruz121M. Chadwick10TT YOU READ MY MINDCLEVER BEAVEREROICO1:09.624.1 23.87 22.28 23.718-7-21.251073859.615
21-06-15717ST tf y C120022A. S. Cruz118M. Chadwick5TT SMART MANCLEVER BEAVEREROICO1:10.123.1 24.29 22.81 23.063-4-2N1077829.713
24-05-15643ST tf y C+3120024A. S. Cruz116K. C. Ng7TT DEEP THINKERSTRATHMOREMR GENUINE1:11.224.2 23.88 23.13 24.412-2-41.251079821511
29-04-15577HV tf g/f C+3120032A. S. Cruz128K. C. Ng2TT DASHING CERAMIBOCLEVER BEAVERHELLA HEDGE1:10.622.7 24.50 23.75 22.534-4-20.51076807.26.4
01-04-15512HV tf g/f A120035A. S. Cruz128K. C. Ng5TT ALL THE BESTHELLA HEDGERAINBOW FIGHTER1:09.723.6 23.50 22.92 23.613-4-51.751060806.35.9
18-03-15476HV tf g C120031A. S. Cruz125K. C. Ng12TT CLEVER BEAVERALL THE BESTDASHING CERAMIBO1:09.823.9 23.34 22.53 23.961-1-1N105574188.8
04-03-15437HV tf g A120031A. S. Cruz122M. Chadwick10TT CLEVER BEAVERGENTILISRAINBOW FIGHTER1:10.123.9 23.84 22.71 23.554-4-1SH1051695.75
01-02-15362ST tf g/f C120033A. S. Cruz124M. Chadwick11TT SILLY BUDDIESBOSSIEECLEVER BEAVER1:09.422.6 24.29 22.66 22.643-3-30.751079691011
14-01-15317HV tf g B120033A. S. Cruz120D. Whyte3TT SUPREME FALCONGORGEOUS DEBUTCLEVER BEAVER1:10.422.9 24.32 23.61 22.544-5-3N1084673.72.6
26-11-14192HV tf g/f C12003WDA. S. Cruz121M. ChadwickTT HELLA HEDGESIGHT BELIEVERNEW DEERFIELD1:10.023.2  1075676.2 
09-11-14145ST tf g C+3120038A. S. Cruz122M. Chadwick9TT STAR TRACKPOPPING CANDYTRAVEL RENYI1:09.122.8 23.77 22.56 23.531-2-84.51079677.67.1
19-10-1499HV tf g/f A120032A. S. Cruz120M. Chadwick5TT GENTILISCLEVER BEAVERAFFLUENCE OF RAIN1:10.222.6 24.52 23.40 22.704-4-22.51064675.53.9
01-10-1454ST tf g/f C+3120031A. S. Cruz118M. Chadwick12TT CLEVER BEAVERDA VINCIGOLDEN DEER1:09.022.8 23.74 22.55 22.742-2-1N1076628.89.4
17-09-1418ST aw w/f -120034A. S. Cruz112K. C. Ng10TT KING DERBYAPOLLO CAVALIERCHEETAH BOY1:08.923.5 23.45 22.30 23.822-4-43.751076623131
06-07-14767ST tf g/f B+21200314A. S. Cruz117M. Chadwick2TT SMART FORWARDDOMINEERCHOICE TREASURE1:08.822.8 24.07 22.72 24.996-9-14181047641519
25-06-14737ST aw g -120036A. S. Cruz119M. Chadwick4TT GREAT SKYSIGHT BELIEVERDOMINEER1:09.524.2 23.72 22.49 24.238-7-65.5105066116.5
11-06-14700ST tf g/f B+2120038A. S. Cruz119M. Chadwick10TT1 MASTER SOMMELIERFUN TAPESTRYNEW DEERFIELD1:09.622.6 25.02 22.50 22.8411-11-84.751065669.211

HKJC Comment

Very awkward break, 6L last early, tacked on by 1000m, settled at rear on inside, keen at times, limited room 400m, one-paced to line.