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HEALTHY JOYFUL (S358) 健康歡笑 (Retired)

C. S. Shum / Rating: 80

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PP / ch / g / 8 yrs / AUS
Owner: Tseng Jor Hai
Last win: 16-10-16
Health: Lame left front leg after racing. Update: Left front medial abaxial and proximal sesamoid apical fractures. (25/03/2018)
Sire: Husson
Dam: Altiero

Past Performances
Total Starts: 35: (2-4-3)
ST 1200m: 11 (0-2-1)
ST 1400m: 24 (2-2-2)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
25-03-18529ST tf g A+31400314C. S. Shum124H. N. Wong10B/H/TTREGENCY BO BOGOD OF DRAGONULTIMATE GLORY1:21:5123.1735.77 23.13 24.573-5-6-1412.251065763357
25-02-18456ST tf g B140038C. S. Shum131Z. Purton4B/H/TTSUPER MISSILERAGING BLITZKRIEGROYAL MOJITO1:22:4322.8536.32 23.82 23.277-9-8-861074788.54.8
04-02-18400ST tf g C140037C. S. Shum128Z. Purton12B/H/TTSIR REDALOTREGENCY BO BOWORLD RECORD1:21:7624.0936.52 22.59 23.278-12-11-73.75105880105.7
21-01-18357ST tf g A140033C. S. Shum133N. Rawiller7B/H/TTVOLITATIONENERGETIC CLASSHEALTHY JOYFUL1:22:1223.3036.49 23.01 23.118-8-8-33.251056803.92.9
01-01-18315ST tf g B+2140032C. S. Shum132N. Rawiller4B/H/TTCONTEHEALTHY JOYFULREGENCY BO BO1:21:8023.1235.62 23.34 23.143-5-5-22104979129.5
26-11-17224ST tf g C140029C. S. Shum118A. Badel6B/H/TTPINGWU SPARKDOCTOR GEOFFTIME TO CELEBRATE1:21:8921.8736.17 24.33 22.405-5-9-96.251043811419
05-11-17172ST tf g/f C+3140029C. S. Shum123A. Badel10B/H/TTMARVEL TRIBEPINGWU SPARKFIFTY FIFTY1:21:3722.7535.52 23.38 23.167-6-5-94.251040832866
08-10-17100ST tf g B+21400210C. S. Shum111H. N. Wong14B/H/TTFIFTY FIFTYRACING SUPERNOVACALIFORNIA WHIP1:21:8122.5935.89 23.69 22.8613-9-7-1041036833124
24-09-1764ST tf g A140024C. S. Shum114H. N. Wong13B/H/TTCITRON SPIRITSOLAR HEI HEIJOLLY JOLLY1:22:0222.5536.45 23.26 22.478-6-5-411036824743
03-09-178ST tf g B140025C. S. Shum113H. N. Wong5B/H/TTMONGOLIAN KINGSOLAR HEI HEIBABA MAMA1:21:9723.1135.76 23.46 23.434-5-6-54.251041822210
16-07-17807ST tf g/y C140024C. S. Shum111K. K. Chiong5B/H/TSOLAR HEI HEIBABA MAMAMONGOLIAN KING1:22.923.6 35.13 24.15 23.891-1-2-41.5103882168.9
25-06-17760ST tf g/f A140032C. S. Shum126H. N. Wong4B/H/TPENANG HALLHEALTHY JOYFULWORLD RECORD1:22.022.5 36.39 23.17 22.515-5-4-2N1027801617
28-05-17683ST tf g/f A140026C. S. Shum119S. Clipperton3B/H/TMY DARLINGHANG'S DECISIONBABA MAMA1:21.723.4 35.95 22.80 23.577-7-7-63.751023829.57.8
23-04-17598ST tf g C+3140027C. S. Shum116H. T. Mo12B/H/TNOTHINGILIKEMOREJOLLY JOLLYPIKACHU1:21.924.0 35.77 23.23 24.0512-12-13-76.751038833722
19-03-17508ST tf g/y A140024C. S. Shum120S. De Sousa13B/H/TWESTERN EXPRESSSUPER LIFELINEJOLLY JOLLY1:23.023.5 36.51 23.61 23.238-9-12-41.751021832612
05-03-17469ST tf g/f C120035C. S. Shum132Z. Purton10B/H/TBEAT THE CLOCKTURF SPRINTTIME WARP1:08.722.8 24.06 22.04 23.052-2-52.5104184138
05-02-17397ST tf g C140024C. S. Shum118C. Y. Ho4B/H/TWESTERN EXPRESSCALIFORNIA WHIPJOLLY JOLLY1:21.622.3 36.52 23.19 22.543-5-6-43.751033841416
27-12-16296ST tf g A+3140024C. S. Shum119C. Y. Ho11B/H/TMY DARLINGBEAUTY GENERATIONCALIFORNIA WHIP1:21.623.6 35.78 22.85 23.237-8-9-41.251023844226
06-11-16166ST tf g/f C+3140026C. S. Shum126N. Rawiller9B/H/TJOLLY BANNERMY DARLINGMIGHTY MAVERICK1:21.923.0 36.50 23.00 23.058-9-9-641021842014
16-10-16110ST tf g/f C140031C. S. Shum133J. Moreira6B/H/THEALTHY JOYFULMOLLY'S JADE STARHARD BALL GET1:21.923.1 36.14 22.99 22.821-4-5-11.2510247743.5
18-09-1636ST tf g/f C+3140033C. S. Shum129N. Rawiller10V-/H/BEAUTY PRINCEMOLLY'S JADE STARHEALTHY JOYFUL1:21.523.2 35.57 23.16 22.923-4-5-30.51030764.59.5
19-06-16729ST tf g/f C+3120034P. O'Sullivan131N. Callan4H/V MALMSTEENSUNNY ORIENTTRAVEL SUCCESSOR1:09.721.9 24.85 23.28 21.936-8-421034779.36.8
01-05-16611ST tf g B120037P. O'Sullivan120K. K. Chiong4B-/H/MALMSTEENGREEN CARDMOMENTUM LUCKY1:09.623.3 24.03 22.77 23.424-6-73.51025775.37.3
10-04-16551ST tf g/y C120033P. O'Sullivan133Z. Purton12B/H HAMMER KINGMOMENTUM LUCKYHEALTHY JOYFUL1:10.322.7 24.59 23.12 22.742-2-30.75104176158.2
13-03-16480ST tf g C+3140034P. O'Sullivan128C. Y. Ho9B/H MIGHTY MAVERICKCHEEKY TOOLUCKY GUY1:22.624.7 35.13 23.04 25.024-6-4-43.51038768.27.1
14-02-16406ST tf g C+3140036P. O'Sullivan130R. Moore10B/H MIDNIGHT RATTLERTONYBOYRUBY COAST1:22.522.7 36.79 23.44 22.797-9-7-631036764.83.5
09-01-16318ST tf g C140031P. O'Sullivan120N. Callan3B/H HEALTHY JOYFULHARD BALL GETLAUGH OUT LOUD1:21.422.8 36.13 22.97 22.366-7-6-13.25104265115.2
06-12-15233ST tf g C+3140038P. O'Sullivan122K. Teetan13B/H SO FASTMIDNIGHT RATTLERMETALLIC STAR1:22.223.1 35.63 23.58 23.934-3-3-85.51042656.97.4
14-11-15178ST tf g A+3120032P. O'Sullivan119C. Y. Ho1B/H1 WINSTON'S LADHEALTHY JOYFULSO FAST1:09.722.7 24.54 23.25 22.169-11-21.251036645.66.9
10-10-1599ST tf g C120038P. O'Sullivan117K. Teetan10B BRILLIANT DREAMNEW ASIA SUNRISESO FAST1:09.323.5 23.64 22.47 24.023-4-851040641211
21-06-15714ST tf y C120032P. O'Sullivan121K. Teetan2B1 THEWIZARDOFOZHEALTHY JOYFULEXCEL ONESELF1:10.022.8 24.56 22.95 23.093-3-23.51032642816
21-02-15406ST tf g A+3120038P. O'Sullivan119U. Rispoli7 KING OF MONGOLIAOUR FOLKSRIGHTEOUS1:09.722.5 24.52 23.17 22.787-8-84.51033661113
25-01-15345ST tf g/f B+2120037P. O'Sullivan119M. Guyon2 EROICOOVETTADDOLE1:09.222.7 24.59 22.48 22.657-7-73104766115.3
28-12-14270ST tf g/f B+2120037P. O'Sullivan118K. C. Leung10 SHINING CHAMPIONLUCKY DAYSIGHT SEEING1:09.623.7 24.91 22.33 22.8413-14-72.751046679993
23-11-14179ST tf g/f B+2120038P. O'Sullivan118K. C. Leung13 STRATHMOREPACKING PINSTHE PRINCE1:08.422.9 24.52 21.99 22.8910-10-85.751049677879

HKJC Comment

Pressed forward early and settled forward of midfield, 3 wide no cover. Checked off heels and eased out from the 250m. Vet- Lame near fore.