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MIDNITE PROMISE (S379) 肇慶威威 (Retired)

F. C. Lor / Rating: 45

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PP / b / g / 9 yrs / NZ
Owner: Zhaoqing Friends Syndicate
Last win: 15-07-18
Health: Unacceptable performance. (28/03/2016) Failed vet exam: Lame left front leg. (22/03/2018) Unacceptable performance. (21/10/2018) Right front fetlock injury. (17/11/2017) Unacceptable performance. Lame left front foot on the day after racing. (12/06/2016) Lame left front leg. (06/03/2018) Unacceptable performance. (05/12/2018) Rider concerned horse's action at the start. Was found to have a very restricted movement in both front legs. Withdrawn from race. (04/07/2018)
Bloodline Relations: KHAYA, CREATIVE UNION
Sire: Librettist
Dam: La Luciole

Past Performances
Total Starts: 45: (3-3-3)
ST 1200m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST 1400m: 5 (0-0-0)
ST 1600m: 3 (0-0-0)
ST 1800m: 16 (3-2-1)
ST 2000m: 3 (0-1-0)
ST aw 1200m: 1 (0-0-0)
HV 1200m: 4 (0-0-0)
HV 1650m: 9 (0-0-2)
HV 1800m: 3 (0-0-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
05-12-18233HV tf g B1650412F. C. Lor126R. Moore2B/TTLITTLE ISLANDCURLING LUXURYALL YOU KNOW1:40:6224.5553.67 24.12 26.6012-12-12-1223.51036531426
10-11-18168ST tf g A1800414F. C. Lor128U. Rispoli13B/TTYOU HAVE MY WORDBRING IT ONRED ELYSEES1:48:8323.5162.18 23.74 25.179-6-6-7-1414.251041553034
21-10-18109ST tf g A2000410F. C. Lor128K. C. Leung4B/TTHO HO FEELHAPPY ROCKYLE PANACHE2:02:2223.1275.21 24.05 27.032-2-2-4-1025.5105255108.9
01-10-1856ST tf g A+3180044F. C. Lor128K. C. Leung6B/TTFULL OF CHANCESRED ELYSEESGOLDEN KID1:47:9523.8360.10 24.02 24.322-1-1-1-431050551423
15-07-18799ST tf y A180041F. C. Lor123U. Rispoli3B/TTMIDNITE PROMISEGENERAL DINOINDIGENOUS STAR1:51:8025.6162.14 24.57 25.095-8-8-8-1H1024502638
04-07-18774HV tf g C+318004WDF. C. Lor124J. MoreiraB/TTSALTO OLIMPICOGOLDEN KIDKING'S MAN1:50:3323.87 10175018 
10-06-18718ST tf g/f C1800411F. C. Lor123K. C. Leung5B/TTGOLDEN KIDSTRATHSPEYPO CHING TREASURE1:48:4922.8962.33 23.51 24.073-4-4-4-118.75103150189.9
09-05-18634HV tf g A1800410F. C. Lor125K. C. Leung11B/TTYOU HAVE MY WORDSMART BABYPO CHING TREASURE1:49:5024.1161.48 24.75 25.796-6-7-9-1015.751027502112
29-04-18603ST tf g A180041F. C. Lor118K. C. Leung5B/TTMIDNITE PROMISEGARLIC YEAHBULLISH GLORY1:48:1023.7960.31 24.00 23.794-3-2-1-1N1030451013
08-04-18550ST tf g C1800410F. C. Lor118K. C. Leung10B/TTHO HO FEELPOLYMER LUCKHAY RUN1:47:4623.8060.89 23.49 23.924-7-7-7-105.251013457.79.4
28-01-18374ST tf g B200042F. C. Lor116A. Badel9B/TT1GOOD DAYSMIDNITE PROMISEPREMIUM CHAMPION2:03:7123.7376.05 23.93 23.822-5-6-1-20.51016439.28.4
07-01-18324ST tf g C180042F. C. Lor115J. Moreira10BGARLIC YEAHMIDNITE PROMISEPO CHING TREASURE1:48:6724.6060.76 23.99 24.025-9-11-8-20.51014414.24
13-12-17267HV tf g C180044F. C. Lor116J. Moreira2BCROWN AVENUEHIGH VOLATILITYAEROLUMINANCE1:50:7824.0163.45 24.00 23.854-5-8-5-43.251017423.42.1
05-11-17167ST tf g/f C+3180048F. C. Lor115J. Moreira4BJE PENSEHAPPY ROCKYXINJIANG YARN1:48:1424.0860.37 24.01 24.239-8-9-5-831001422.52
14-10-17111ST tf g C180043F. C. Lor113K. C. Leung11BKING WINSAPO CHING TREASUREMIDNITE PROMISE1:47:8523.4560.33 24.07 23.593-1-1-1-30.751003421315
24-09-1755ST tf g A180046F. C. Lor115K. C. Leung7BJE PENSECLOUD NINEINDUSTRIALIST WAY1:48:6223.2261.52 24.00 24.121-2-2-2-66.251004449.912
10-09-1721ST tf g C160047F. C. Lor116K. C. Leung6BHIT A HOME RUNINDUSTRIALIST WAYUNIQUE HAPPIEST1:35:2823.4049.24 23.32 23.439-10-10-74.51004441111
16-07-17801ST tf g/y C1800414Ng Ting-keung117H. N. Wong6B KING OF MONGOLIAHIT A HOME RUNASHKIYR1:51.224.4 61.63 25.34 25.822-2-2-149.51021487.415
07-06-17710HV tf g/f A165048Ng Ting-keung122K. C. Leung4B RAGING BULLDARING HEARTNEVER BETTER1:39.824.0 51.91 24.47 24.246-7-8-85.251020509.78.2
10-05-17639HV tf g/f A165044Ng Ting-keung124D. Whyte10B GREAT JOYFORMULA GALORENEVER BETTER1:40.224.9 52.19 23.99 24.335-5-5-421022511521
29-03-17530HV tf g/f C+3165046Ng Ting-keung124U. Rispoli8B SUM WIN DRAGONAMAZING FEELINGFORMULA GALORE1:39.523.8 51.47 24.47 24.254-4-4-641027511216
08-03-17475HV tf g A165043Ng Ting-keung127Z. Purton5B MUTUAL JOYSUM WIN DRAGONMIDNITE PROMISE1:40.724.0 53.41 23.30 24.081-2-2-3N1030504.93.4
08-02-17403HV tf g B120044Ng Ting-keung125N. Rawiller7B POWERMAXCIRCUIT KINGCOUR VALANT1:10.723.7 24.43 23.23 23.537-7-431030511116
08-01-17320ST tf g/f C1800412Ng Ting-keung122K. K. Chiong8B ASHKIYRLITTLE FANTASYBLAZING PASS1:48.323.3 60.40 24.62 24.064-2-2-124.51027536.811
27-12-16291ST tf g A+3180047Ng Ting-keung127N. Callan2B FANCY MUSICGREAT JOYXINJIANG YARN1:47.923.9 59.92 24.11 24.762-3-3-75.51035559.311
07-12-16247HV tf g/f B165043Ng Ting-keung128R. Moore9B MUTUAL JOYKIRAMWORKS OF ART1:40.524.5 51.76 24.74 24.384-5-5-31.751021559.217
23-11-16208HV tf g C+3165046Ng Ting-keung131N. Rawiller5B SUPER SPRINTERSPINNING DANCERACCLAIMED LIGHT1:41.624.5 52.53 24.99 24.574-5-6-631040573.27.1
26-10-16133HV tf g/f C+3165044Ng Ting-keung130N. Rawiller6B NEWSWIRE FREESPARKLING SWORDBEST TANGO1:41.123.6 53.60 25.20 23.234-5-8-45.2510245979
05-10-1677HV tf g A120047Ng Ting-keung133O. Bosson4B FINE ROCKFLYING MONKEYAMAZING FEELING1:10.823.9 24.28 23.38 23.845-10-74.51024603090
07-09-1617HV tf g/y B1200311Ng Ting-keung113K. C. Ng9B HANG'S DECISIONLUCKY PROFITI'M A WITNESS1:10.722.9 25.00 23.77 23.039-11-1171026604999
12-06-16716ST tf g/y C1800312W. Y. So112T. H. So10B LUCKY GIRLHAPPY CONTENDERSAVVY NATURE1:48.423.4 60.69 24.55 26.575-4-2-1220.75997613329
11-05-16636HV tf g A1800312W. Y. So114Y. T. Cheng11B LOTUS STRIKES BACKPO CHING TREASUREINDUSTRIALIST WAY1:50.123.6 62.33 25.14 24.377-9-9-1210.5994611735
28-03-16513ST tf g A+32000311W. Y. So115C. Schofield6B HAPPILABABYHAPPY ROCKYALLCASH2:02.023.0 75.03 24.05 24.274-4-4-118.5999615.94.7
14-02-16401ST tf g C+3180042W. Y. So133N. Rawiller1B BEAUTY LOVEMIDNITE PROMISERAPID TRIUMPH1:48.423.5 61.20 23.92 23.462-4-4-211006596.23.9
09-01-16315ST tf g C180041W. Y. So126N. Rawiller9B MIDNITE PROMISEMONSIEUR MOGOKWIN ALONG1:48.023.6 59.96 24.51 23.612-3-1-11.251027531718
08-11-15156ST tf g C+31400414W. Y. So125C. K. Tong10B MOTIFROYALE ELEGANCEDANEWIN EXPRESS1:22.523.7 36.74 23.27 23.9413-14-14-1491025542964
05-07-15750ST tf g/f A+31400410W. Y. So130C. K. Tong6B CHEVALIER STARKIDS AND WINEXTREMELY FUN1:22.922.5 37.84 23.55 22.509-9-8-105.751004581323
31-05-15658ST tf g/f A160036W. Y. So112C. K. Tong9B SECRET WEAPONCHEEKY TOOSUPER MAN1:35.523.0 49.42 23.99 22.8112-12-12-64.51002602499
09-05-15606ST tf y B+2160037W. Y. So114C. K. Tong8B RAZOR QUESTHORSE OF FORTUNETURBO JEWELLERY1:36.424.3 48.17 24.45 25.083-6-7-78993622533
12-04-15533ST tf g C1400310W. Y. So117C. K. Tong4B OUTLAWEDCHARITY KINGDOMSECRET COMMAND1:21.823.6 36.36 23.14 22.909-10-9-103.5983643399
15-03-15466ST tf g A140038W. Y. So117C. K. Tong2B SUPER TALENTDASHING FELLOWSICHUAN EXEC1:22.523.1 36.94 23.46 22.6310-11-13-83982663399
01-03-15426ST tf g/f B+2140037W. Y. So121C. K. Tong5B BOSSIEECHARITY KINGDOMWAH MAY BABY1:22.023.3 35.80 23.42 23.329-9-8-73982684799
28-01-15351HV tf g C+3120039W. Y. So116C. K. Tong9B VICTORIUSPRECISION KINGALL GREAT FRIENDS1:10.322.6 25.16 23.62 22.329-9-94.75978705299
14-01-15318HV tf g B1650310W. Y. So124C. K. Tong5B MARVEL TRIBEENTRUSTINGHAPPY ROCKY1:40.823.8 53.32 24.46 23.788-8-9-104.5989725699
04-01-15290ST aw g -1200311W. Y. So121C. K. Tong3B STARTLING POWERSIGHT BELIEVERPABLOSKY1:08.023.2 24.20 22.18 22.9910-10-118995746099
30-11-14199ST tf g/f C1200312W. Y. So129W. M. Lai2B1 REAL SUPREMESKY MANTRAVEL RENYI1:09.323.0 25.02 22.72 23.3512-12-12111027743643

HKJC Comment

Jumped well but soon dropped well behind, tailed-off from back straight.