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PO CHING TREASURE (S388) 寶正寶 (Retired)

C. Fownes / Rating: 56

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PP / ch / g / 9 yrs / AUS
Owner: Lim U Po Chu & Wong Ching-yue
Last win: 16-12-18
Health: Unacceptable performance. (22/03/2017)
Sire: Stratum
Dam: Hasty Snip

Past Performances
Total Starts: 66: (4-5-8)
ST 1600m: 18 (2-1-3)
ST 1800m: 14 (0-1-2)
ST 2000m: 4 (0-0-1)
ST aw 1650m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1800m: 5 (0-0-0)
HV 1650m: 9 (0-0-1)
HV 1800m: 12 (2-3-1)
HV 2200m: 3 (0-0-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
06-01-19319ST tf g C+31800412C. Fownes128K. C. Leung8B/XBDYNAMIC EAGLEHAPPY ROCKYLE PANACHE1:48:1024.0960.40 24.05 24.993-2-2-5-128.251072552240
23-12-18274ST tf g A+3200043C. Fownes130C. Y. Ho9B/XBBRING IT ONISHVARAPO CHING TREASURE2:03:9923.6576.24 24.10 23.781-1-1-1-30.751088541714
16-12-18257ST tf g C+3160041C. Fownes124Z. Purton5XB/B2PO CHING TREASURESMILING PRIDELE PANACHE1:35:4223.6447.99 23.79 23.641-1-1-11.251095471510
21-11-18196HV tf g/y C+3165049C. Fownes122C. Murray7PC-/XBGOLD LANDCHIU CHOW KIDASSOCIATION FANS1:41:1224.3453.38 24.24 24.6210-10-12-971091482231
31-10-18142ST aw g -180049C. Fownes121S. Clipperton3XB/PC1GOOD FITKING'S MANENJOYABLE SUCCESS1:48:6625.1260.23 24.35 25.506-7-8-10-98.751084482312
21-10-18109ST tf g A200044C. Fownes119C. Y. Ho8XBHO HO FEELHAPPY ROCKYLE PANACHE2:02:2223.1276.17 23.53 23.099-9-9-10-43.51088482020
10-10-1883HV tf g B180041C. Fownes114C. Y. Ho1XB1PO CHING TREASURESAVANNAH WINDISHVARA1:51:4223.4063.34 24.68 23.401-1-1-1-11.251081426.15.3
09-09-1825ST tf g/f C160047C. Fownes115W. M. Lai2 GREAT TREASUREFULL OF CHANCESLET US WIN1:34:4124.0846.90 23.63 25.125-4-3-77.75108942227.6
15-07-18799ST tf y A1800410C. Fownes115C. Y. Ho4 MIDNITE PROMISEGENERAL DINOINDIGENOUS STAR1:51:8025.6161.94 24.93 25.813-4-6-9-105.51085446.34.6
10-06-18718ST tf g/f C180043C. Fownes115C. Y. Ho11 GOLDEN KIDSTRATHSPEYPO CHING TREASURE1:48:4922.8961.93 23.71 23.002-2-1-2-30.75108443118.1
27-05-18678ST tf g A160043C. Fownes116K. Teetan2 SUNNY POWERHEROIC GURUPO CHING TREASURE1:35:9822.0650.16 24.20 21.837-8-9-31.51087439.77.6
09-05-18634HV tf g A180043C. Fownes117C. Y. Ho4 YOU HAVE MY WORDSMART BABYPO CHING TREASURE1:49:5024.1161.84 23.71 24.3411-11-11-3-32.51084441211
25-04-18598HV tf g C165046C. Fownes119U. Rispoli9 MERRYGOWINGENTRYSPARKLING SWORD1:40:5223.8352.92 24.65 23.2411-11-10-61.751074468.633
11-04-18559HV tf g A165047C. Fownes121D. Whyte11 CONTRIBUTIONJOLLY GAINSKIRAM1:40:4824.3052.64 24.86 23.9512-11-11-761071482024
02-04-18543ST tf g B+2160048C. Fownes125C. Y. Ho9B-RED ELYSEESPRESIDENTPARAMOUNTAMAZING SATCHMO1:35:1423.2348.88 23.87 23.723-5-9-88.251087502254
14-03-18497HV tf g B180047C. Fownes123C. Y. Ho2BKING'S MANKING BOUNTIFULJOLLY GAINS1:49:9125.0360.49 24.91 25.474-6-6-7-761089522212
18-02-18429ST tf g A1800413C. Fownes127U. Rispoli8BEVER LAUGHHAY RUNLET US WIN1:48:4723.8161.02 24.00 25.137-3-3-5-1310.51086541117
07-02-18402HV tf g A220045C. Fownes129U. Rispoli6BHAPPY ROCKYGARLIC YEAHKING BOUNTIFUL2:18:7724.3890.30 24.33 24.581-1-3-3-5-52.751092561724
28-01-18376ST tf g B1600411C. Fownes129A. Sanna12BEVERESTMARQULAEVER LAUGH1:35:3924.0947.56 24.06 25.213-2-3-1191078562440
07-01-18324ST tf g C180043C. Fownes128A. Sanna3BGARLIC YEAHMIDNITE PROMISEPO CHING TREASURE1:48:6724.6060.56 24.11 24.1212-11-9-7-30.751076551214
19-11-17200ST aw g -1800413C. Fownes129N. Callan14BGOOD FITSPICY KAKAQUICK RETURN1.48.9624.5360.83 24.36 25.945-3-3-7-1313.51091563538
05-11-17167ST tf g/f C+3180044C. Fownes129U. Rispoli3BJE PENSEHAPPY ROCKYXINJIANG YARN1:48:1424.0859.73 24.65 23.962-3-3-6-41.251094569.412
14-10-17111ST tf g C180042C. Fownes128Z. Purton7BKING WINSAPO CHING TREASUREMIDNITE PROMISE1:47:8523.4560.93 23.75 23.274-5-5-4-20.51084558.85.2
20-09-1750HV tf g/f C165043C. Fownes131U. Rispoli6BCURLING LUXURYSMART UNIONPO CHING TREASURE1:41:5823.1753.52 25.05 23.263-2-2-31.51069551112
06-09-1712HV tf g A165045C. Fownes129N. Callan2BBO DUKETHE SYLPHCITY WINNER1:42:2223.6454.85 24.17 23.475-5-6-51.7510745574.4
16-07-17801ST tf g/y C180044C. Fownes129U. Rispoli13B KING OF MONGOLIAHIT A HOME RUNASHKIYR1:51.224.4 61.75 25.34 24.555-3-3-42.51050551313
21-06-17746HV tf g C180041C. Fownes123U. Rispoli10B PO CHING TREASUREKING BOUNTIFULBO DUKE1:50.124.2 62.48 23.73 23.896-2-3-1N1054508.98
11-06-17719ST tf g/f C160041C. Fownes118U. Rispoli2B PO CHING TREASUREINFINITY ENDEAVOURTRIUMPHANT LIGHT1:35.522.8 49.12 23.80 22.643-3-3-1Nose1069448.315
17-05-17656HV tf g/f B165046C. Fownes120Z. Purton6B CALL ME AWESOMEAGIAALGOOD CHOICE1:40.425.0 52.45 23.71 24.5010-7-6-611054444.75
07-05-17629ST tf g/f A+3200045C. Fownes112H. N. Wong2B2 BEST REWARDGORGEOUS AGAINALLCASH2:03.124.2 74.11 25.02 24.552-1-2-53.251059472642
17-04-17573ST tf g/f C+31800410C. Fownes112H. T. Mo3B-/TTGORGEOUS AGAINFANCY MUSICASHKIYR1:48.422.5 62.31 24.25 23.053-5-6-107.51072501221
22-03-17512HV tf g C1800411C. Fownes127J. Moreira11B/TT GOOD CHOICESUM WIN DRAGONSUPER FORM1:50.323.8 63.00 24.09 24.8011-11-11-119.51056523.33.9
15-02-17419HV tf g/f C165045C. Fownes128J. Moreira12B/TT MEGATRONGRAND HARBOURMUTUAL JOY1:39.724.2 51.93 24.46 23.668-7-7-51.751069534.54.6
22-12-16282HV tf g/f C+3165047C. Fownes127O. Doleuze1V-/B2SUPER SPRINTERHAPPY AND HEALTHYTRAVEL AMBASSADOR1:40.423.9 52.65 24.13 24.353-4-4-74.251063545.56.2
02-11-16154ST aw g -180044P. F. Yiu119H. T. Mo6V/TT WILLIE WAYMASTER GOLDGOOD FIT1:49.623.6 61.78 24.24 24.413-1-1-44.751082562023
01-10-1666ST tf g/y A+3180046P. F. Yiu131M. Chadwick3V/TT UNIQUE HAPPIESTAZTEC EMPIREBLAZING PASS1:47.623.2 60.79 23.99 23.494-3-4-64.251077581010
21-09-1639HV tf g/f C180047P. F. Yiu132B. Prebble4V/TT BO DUKEAZTEC EMPIRESMART UNION1:50.523.4 62.82 24.68 23.844-4-4-74.751067596.34.8
01-07-16763ST aw g -1650314P. F. Yiu114T. H. So6 RACING HEROULTIMATE GLORYLOTUS BREEZE1:38.423.1 52.34 23.97 23.5511-12-14-1491073631118
22-06-16741HV tf g/f C2200310P. F. Yiu116C. K. Tong9V/TT RENAISSANCE ARTALLCASHHAPPY CONTENDER2:16.123.2 88.31 24.87 25.574-1-3-1016.251071657.827
01-06-16685HV tf g C+3180035P. F. Yiu112H. N. Wong6V/TT HEROIC GURUHAPPY SPIRITCLASSIC EMPEROR1:49.923.8 61.63 24.67 23.993-3-3-521065658.84.9
11-05-16636HV tf g A180032P. F. Yiu109H. N. Wong10V/TT LOTUS STRIKES BACKPO CHING TREASUREINDUSTRIALIST WAY1:50.123.6 62.05 24.70 23.495-6-6-20.51067639.68.1
10-04-16552ST tf g/y C180039P. F. Yiu109H. N. Wong11V/TT MCQUEENLUCKY GIRLGENERAL SHERMAN1:48.024.1 59.06 24.87 24.953-1-1-951066631318
20-03-16499ST tf g A160032P. F. Yiu107H. N. Wong11B-/V1GENERAL OF PATCHPO CHING TREASUREUNICORN1:35.423.0 48.19 24.18 23.201-1-1-20.751064611227
09-03-16468HV tf g/y A180042P. F. Yiu133Z. Purton5B/TT WEALTHY FORTUNEPO CHING TREASURESMART UNION1:50.924.1 61.87 24.91 24.351-1-1-21.251063605.23.1
03-02-16369HV tf g A180042P. F. Yiu131R. Moore4B/TT CALIFORNIA CHERISHPO CHING TREASUREAGIAAL1:50.323.9 62.36 24.19 23.862-2-2-2H1066583.12.8
17-01-16332ST tf g/y C+3180034P. F. Yiu116H. W. Lai11B/TT EASTERN EXPRESSMCQUEENINDUSTRIALIST WAY1:48.023.7 60.40 24.25 23.855-4-4-42.751068602025
06-01-16307HV tf g A220038P. F. Yiu113K. Teetan2B/TT HAPPY ROCKYANDOYASAMBITIOUS CHAMPION2:18.323.7 88.73 25.88 24.463-1-1-84.25105862119
13-12-15245ST tf g A180038P. F. Yiu119K. Teetan6CP-/BHAPPILABABYGOLD DRAGONSERGEANT TITANIUM1:48.223.7 59.90 24.79 24.602-3-3-86.251070621420
29-11-15214ST tf g C160033P. F. Yiu109H. N. Wong11CP/TTCLASSIC EMPERORENORMOUS HONOURPO CHING TREASURE1:34.922.6 48.30 24.25 23.194-2-3-35.251076631315
25-10-15136ST tf g/f A160035P. F. Yiu117K. C. Ng6CP/TTSERGEANT TITANIUMKIRAMLAUGH OUT LOUD1:35.723.0 48.23 24.62 23.353-3-4-52.751061651425
14-10-15110HV tf g B180035P. F. Yiu119R. Fourie1CP/TTDALWARITRIUMPHANT DRAGONWILLIE INVICTUS1:50.524.2 62.28 24.67 24.194-5-6-53.5107166109.1
23-09-1553HV tf g C165034P. F. Yiu122R. Fourie2CP/TTWIN ITSPEEDY LONGWAHWILLIE INVICTUS1:41.024.1 51.49 25.92 23.924-4-7-41.5107166108.5
13-09-1528ST tf g/f C160035P. F. Yiu120R. Fourie2CP1/TINDUSTRIALIST WAYANTICIPATIONPHOTON WILLIE1:36.322.6 49.17 24.56 22.821-1-1-511074661511
21-06-15712ST tf g/y C160038P. F. Yiu124N. Callan6B-/TTCHEEKY TOOLITTLE DRAGONSUPER TALENT1:37.123.9 48.86 24.40 24.712-2-1-851048701713
07-06-15678ST aw g -180038P. F. Yiu127N. Callan5B/TT WINNIE'S HORSEINDUSTRIALIST WAYTURBO JEWELLERY1:48.423.4 61.37 23.93 23.673-2-2-831039721221
31-05-15658ST tf g/f A160038P. F. Yiu124M. L. Yeung4B/TT SECRET WEAPONCHEEKY TOOSUPER MAN1:35.523.0 48.58 24.23 23.521-3-4-851046721516
03-05-15585ST tf g/f A+3160034P. F. Yiu122M. L. Yeung5B/TT1CHARITY KINGDOMBEAUTY LEADCHEEKY TOO1:35.922.8 49.60 23.44 22.941-2-2-4N1052712520
19-04-15551ST tf g/f C+3160038P. F. Yiu127N. Callan6B SECRET WEAPONSO CAFFETERRIFIC MASTER1:34.022.7 48.19 23.59 23.516-6-8-881048731921
07-04-15521ST tf g/f B+2160039P. F. Yiu127K. C. Leung2B UP AND COMINGJAEGER BOMBSERGEANT TITANIUM1:35.223.1 48.06 24.11 23.841-1-2-94.51043751328
25-03-15494ST aw f/t -1800312P. F. Yiu130K. C. Leung11B VERDANETURBO JEWELLERYCARTOON FAY FAY1:47.522.7 60.81 24.00 23.552-1-1-125.251048772331
04-02-15372HV tf g A1800310P. F. Yiu125N. Rawiller9B EXECUTIVE MANDATEROYAL PARTNERWRATH OF FIRE1:50.623.6 61.84 25.44 24.002-2-2-103.751048771920
10-01-15309ST tf g/f A160033P. F. Yiu131N. Rawiller13B RED DANCERFLYING UNICORNPO CHING TREASURE1:35.623.8 47.67 24.27 23.902-2-3-31.251039763599
14-12-14234ST tf g/f A180038P. F. Yiu131N. Callan7B GOT FLYMONSIEUR MOGOKINDUSTRIALIST WAY1:48.123.8 59.75 24.55 25.114-1-1-87.751050782949
09-11-14149ST tf g C+3160027P. F. Yiu118K. Teetan5B BEAUTY ONLYFLAME HEROTABLEAUX1:34.423.2 47.90 23.75 23.5311-11-13-75.251050803299
26-10-14114ST tf g/f B+2200038P. F. Yiu128H. W. Lai5H-/B1WAYFOONG EXPRESSLUCKY OMENSAMBITIOUS CHAMPION2:01.223.6 73.80 23.84 24.791-1-1-87.51041824599
01-10-1456ST tf g/f C+31600212P. F. Yiu115H. W. Lai2H1 KHAYAHELENE SUPER STARPACKING LLAREGYB1:34.422.3 48.79 23.84 22.996-7-9-127.251044824599

HKJC Comment

Scrubbed along to be chasing the leader, came under pressure 600M from home, out of contention early straight, eased final 150M when no chance.