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ROMANTIC TOUCH (S393) 醒目名駒 (Retired)

A. S. Cruz / Rating: 108

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PP / b / g / 9 yrs / AUS
Owner: Ming Shui-sum & Alice Ming Bo-ting
Last win: 09-09-18
Health: Lame left front leg on the day after racing. (29/04/2019) Left front medial suspensory branch injury, proximal sesamoid bone avulsion fracture. (20/05/2019)
Sire: Northern Meteor
Dam: Dearness

Past Performances
Total Starts: 56: (3-7-6)
ST 1400m: 15 (1-2-1)
ST 1600m: 15 (0-1-1)
ST 1800m: 10 (1-3-3)
ST 2000m: 3 (0-0-1)
HV 1200m: 1 (0-0-0)
HV 1650m: 5 (1-0-0)
HV 1800m: 7 (0-1-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
28-04-19617ST tf g A1600G16A. S. Cruz126M. Chadwick1TTBEAUTY GENERATIONSINGAPORE SLINGSIMPLY BRILLIANT1:33:6322.3648.49 23.10 22.702-2-3-6411551083276
07-04-19564ST tf g/f B+22000113A. S. Cruz130H. T. Mo8TTDARK DREAMINSAYSHABLEHO HO KHAN1:59:6622.7073.32 24.28 23.951-3-4-12-1311.7511511084099
27-01-19372ST tf g B+21800G33A. S. Cruz114M. Chadwick2TTEXULTANTDINOZZOROMANTIC TOUCH1:45:6823.7259.26 23.30 23.407-7-6-8-31.7511581082984
01-01-19309ST tf g C1400G310A. S. Cruz120A. Sanna2TTCONTEMORETHANLUCKYRATTAN1:20:8522.6136.71 22.41 22.5710-10-11-105.2511631093399
25-11-18205ST tf g/y C160018A. S. Cruz133S. De Sousa5TTSIMPLY BRILLIANTWHAT ELSE BUT YOURISE HIGH1:35:6424.3448.35 23.87 24.198-10-11-84.7511671092634
01-10-1862ST tf g A+31400G310A. S. Cruz116C. Y. Ho12TTBEAUTY GENERATIONPING HAI STARBORN IN CHINA1:20:6222.2836.50 22.84 22.249-10-11-10611621092342
09-09-1820ST tf g C140011A. S. Cruz121K. Teetan3TTROMANTIC TOUCHRATTANJOLLY BANNER1:21:7221.6637.02 23.04 21.661-1-1-10.7511641044.98
15-07-18804ST tf y A160016A. S. Cruz124C. Y. Ho6TTRISE HIGHRIVETJOLLY BANNER1:34:4523.4048.55 23.54 23.728-9-10-68.511631061418
24-06-18744ST tf g A1800G34A. S. Cruz120J. Moreira4TTEXULTANTGOLD MOUNTDINOZZO1:46:0923.2660.05 23.14 23.785-5-5-7-45.511671087.37.4
03-06-18701ST tf g/f B1600G33A. S. Cruz116A. Sanna10TTTHE GOLDEN AGEBEAUTY ONLYROMANTIC TOUCH1:33:1322.9447.67 22.72 23.143-2-2-32.511541091216
12-05-18647ST tf g C140016A. S. Cruz132D. Whyte11TTCALIFORNIA WHIPRACING SUPERNOVATHE GOLDEN AGE1:21:1523.3036.09 22.52 23.079-7-8-63.2511661091119
29-04-18606ST tf g A140012A. S. Cruz125D. Whyte2TTWHAT ELSE BUT YOUROMANTIC TOUCHDUNDONNELL1:21:9023.2136.24 22.93 22.817-9-8-20.511591071122
28-03-18535HV tf g/f C+3180014A. S. Cruz124D. Whyte11TTGOLD MOUNTEAGLE WAYDINOZZO1:47:8023.6260.12 24.06 23.891-1-1-1-41.7511621071153
18-02-18434ST tf g A140015A. S. Cruz126U. Rispoli2TTDUNDONNELLJOLLY BANNERBOOMING DELIGHT1:21:0623.2535.68 22.81 22.918-8-7-5211651021311
10-01-18334HV tf g B1800G311A. S. Cruz127P-C Boudot8TTEAGLE WAYTHE GOLDEN AGEDINOZZO1:50:1422.6863.21 24.41 23.462-2-2-2-115.7511741041121
26-11-17222ST tf g C160016A. S. Cruz130D. Whyte5TTFIFTY FIFTYEXULTANTCITRON SPIRIT1:34:5822.6448.20 24.18 22.839-9-8-6411761062432
05-11-17169ST tf g/f C+31800G33A. S. Cruz122D. Whyte1TTNASSATIME WARPROMANTIC TOUCH1:45:4123.6859.01 23.04 23.724-5-4-2-32.2511811064460
22-10-17134ST tf g/f A1600G210A. S. Cruz114K. C. Ng4TTBEAUTY GENERATIONBOOMING DELIGHTJOLLY BANNER1:33:5622.5648.62 23.14 22.858-6-7-106.511761082699
01-10-1780ST tf g/y A+31400G310A. S. Cruz116M. L. Yeung7TTBEAUTY GENERATIONSEASONS BLOOMTIME WARP1:21:8022.5736.36 23.59 22.727-8-11-105.511761103168
10-09-1725ST tf g C140015A. S. Cruz128J. Moreira3TTJOLLY BANNERWINNER'S WAYHORSE OF FORTUNE1:21:1521.9636.54 23.01 22.285-5-5-54.2511691109.411
16-07-17804ST tf g/y C160014A. S. Cruz128D. Whyte5TT TIME WARPBOOMING DELIGHTBEAT THE CLOCK1:35.323.1 48.77 23.74 23.494-3-4-43.7511711101217
25-06-17753ST tf g/f A1800G32A. S. Cruz130D. Whyte1TT HORSE OF FORTUNEROMANTIC TOUCHHARBOUR MASTER1:48.022.8 62.31 22.89 23.111-1-1-21.2511541101815
04-06-17703ST tf g/f B1600G36A. S. Cruz126C. Murray1TT BOOMING DELIGHTEASTERN EXPRESSCIRCUIT LAND1:33.922.6 48.19 23.06 23.471-1-1-6511271108.512
05-03-17468ST tf g/f C140013A. S. Cruz132D. Whyte13TT INVINCIBLE DRAGONSIMPLY INVINCIBLEROMANTIC TOUCH1:20.722.5 35.73 23.07 22.3412-13-13-32.2511561081425
05-02-17396ST tf g C1800G33A. S. Cruz128D. Whyte9TT SUPREME PROFITBASIC TRILOGYROMANTIC TOUCH1:47.022.8 61.63 22.97 22.882-2-5-32.7511591096.76.3
04-01-17314HV tf g A1800G35A. S. Cruz129M. Chadwick3TT HARBOUR MASTERCIRCUIT LANDPACKING DRAGON1:49.824.1 62.53 23.44 24.067-8-8-51.2511411101111
11-12-16256ST tf g A1600G18A. S. Cruz126M. Chadwick4TT BEAUTY ONLYHELENE PARAGONJOYFUL TRINITY1:33.423.4 47.74 22.89 23.346-7-8-8311501152853
20-11-16200ST tf g B+21600G22A. S. Cruz123M. Chadwick2TT BEAUTY ONLYROMANTIC TOUCHSUN JEWELLERY1:33.722.9 48.26 22.96 22.594-4-4-2SH11551033697
06-11-16164ST tf g/f C+31800G311A. S. Cruz115M. Chadwick1TT HORSE OF FORTUNEHELENE PARAGONEASTERN EXPRESS1:47.123.3 61.04 23.33 23.456-4-6-11411481057.16
01-10-1674ST tf g A+31400G34A. S. Cruz113C. Y. Ho8TT JOYFUL TRINITYBEAUTY ONLYBEAUTY FLAME1:21.122.4 35.76 23.38 22.246-7-8-41.7511491052314
11-09-1627ST tf g C140014A. S. Cruz127N. Callan8TT TWIN DELIGHTJOYFUL TRINITYI'M IN CHARGE1:21.122.7 35.67 22.96 22.703-4-4-4111631051310
10-07-16781ST tf g/f B+2160017A. S. Cruz126M. Chadwick7TT HELENE PARAGONJOYFUL TRINITYFLAME HERO1:33.322.3 47.37 23.59 23.401-2-2-76.511501072217
19-06-16727ST tf g/f C+31800G35A. S. Cruz122M. Chadwick5TT HELENE PARAGONFLAME HEROSECRET WEAPON1:45.822.2 60.70 22.90 22.751-1-1-53.2511481091311
29-05-16675ST tf g A+31600G38A. S. Cruz120M. L. Yeung2TT RAPPER DRAGONBEAUTY ONLYSECRET WEAPON1:33.822.0 49.18 23.44 21.896-7-8-8411481102314
04-05-16615HV tf g C+3180016A. S. Cruz133N. Callan5TT JUN HUOTWIN DELIGHTSTAR MAJESTIC1:50.822.6 64.08 24.76 22.385-6-6-62.5114511098.2
16-04-16566ST tf g/f C+3140012A. S. Cruz128N. Callan2TT RAPPER DRAGONROMANTIC TOUCHPACKING LLAREGYB1:20.522.3 36.57 22.05 22.154-5-5-21.511491091214
23-03-16506HV tf g/y C180017A. S. Cruz120N. Callan7TT HORSE OF FORTUNEGOT FLYFAT CHOY HONG KONG1:49.423.9 61.59 24.16 24.662-2-3-7611481107.56.6
24-02-16429HV tf g C165016A. S. Cruz133N. Callan6TT HORSE OF FORTUNETWIN DELIGHTFAT CHOY HONG KONG1:39.822.9 53.31 24.11 22.825-6-6-62.511561103.25.9
06-02-16385ST tf g B+21800G32A. S. Cruz120N. Callan5TT SECRET WEAPONROMANTIC TOUCHFLAME HERO1:47.223.4 59.52 24.26 23.501-1-1-20.511431065.24.9
06-01-16308HV tf g A1800G32A. S. Cruz120N. Callan9TT FLAME HEROROMANTIC TOUCHKABAYAN1:48.523.8 60.30 24.37 23.951-1-1-20.511491057.65.9
13-12-15250ST tf g A1600G110A. S. Cruz126N. Callan8TT MAURICEGIANT TREASUREABLE FRIEND1:33.922.6 48.24 23.32 23.135-5-6-104.7511401124246
21-11-15191ST tf g B+2180021A. S. Cruz133N. Callan8TT ROMANTIC TOUCHANTICIPATIONSELKIRK STAR1:47.922.6 61.59 23.67 22.681-1-1-11.751142985.25.5
08-11-15157ST tf g C+31800G32A. S. Cruz114C. Y. Ho3TT TOP ACTROMANTIC TOUCHENSURING1:47.023.2 60.92 23.32 22.873-4-5-2N1147964.56.2
10-10-15100ST tf g C140024A. S. Cruz127N. Callan7TT PACKING PINSGURUS DREAMAMAZING KIDS1:20.923.5 35.18 22.66 23.576-6-7-43.251143979.312
16-09-1536HV tf g B165025A. S. Cruz133M. Chadwick6TT1 FAT CHOY HONG KONGGOODHEART SUCCESSTOP ACT1:40.423.8 53.17 24.48 23.219-9-9-52.751150977.57.2
05-07-15756ST tf g/f A+3200027T. P. Yung131B. Prebble12 ENSURINGDYNAMISMPREMIUM CHAMPION2:01.722.6 76.81 23.38 22.2512-12-12-74.251126997.77.7
17-06-15706HV tf g/f C180015T. P. Yung116M. Chadwick11 RAINBOW CHICFLAME HEROJAZZY FEELING1:48.323.1 61.29 24.54 22.9111-11-11-52.7511281009.48.3
06-05-15597HV tf g/f A165024T. P. Yung133J. Moreira7 REGENCY KINGBRILLIANT SHINEOBLITERATOR1:39.423.8 52.57 23.82 23.219-10-10-40.7511201009.76
12-04-15534ST tf g C1600213T. P. Yung133O. Doleuze10 APOLLO'S CHOICECELESTIAL SMILESELKIRK STAR1:34.122.7 48.81 23.27 23.2613-14-12-137.511101001412
15-03-15467ST tf g A2000G13T. P. Yung126T. Angland10 LUGERGOT FLYROMANTIC TOUCH2:01.222.9 75.18 23.68 22.6012-11-12-311100908699
15-02-15400ST tf g A160024T. P. Yung123J. Moreira14 LUGERARPINATISANTA FE SUN1:34.922.4 49.68 23.55 22.269-9-10-43.251119904.94.7
21-01-15336HV tf g C165021T. P. Yung121J. Moreira9 ROMANTIC TOUCHENTHUSIASMSANTA FE SUN1:39.623.2 52.50 24.70 22.4111-11-11-10.51123844.14.5
07-01-15300HV tf g A165034T. P. Yung131N. Rawiller8 REGENCY KINGCHATER DREAMGOOD CHOICE1:40.923.7 53.53 24.79 22.8012-12-11-411124838.611
30-11-14203ST tf g/f C140026T. P. Yung122U. Rispoli14 FULL TALENTARPINATIREGENCY KING1:21.122.3 35.44 23.41 23.011-1-1-64.51118841113
15-11-14166ST tf g/f A140035T. P. Yung133U. Rispoli9 BRILLIANT SHINEDINING WORLDFULL TALENT1:21.923.4 35.73 23.44 22.9811-10-10-51.51134858.38.8
19-10-14102HV tf g/f A120025T. P. Yung112M. L. Yeung8 PENIAPHOBIAIMPERIAL CHAMPIONMY NAME IS BOND1:09.523.3 24.73 22.56 22.5011-11-51.51122851539

HKJC Comment

Chased the leader to straight, weakened. (Lame next day)